Medifast Diet point system question?

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First of all Medifast Diet point system question? Many thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' MONDAY.



For anyone stopping in, please know that new members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and FUN!.

We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group.


I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves.




Comments (57)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Good morning sexxies wanted to get on before work and get my daily motivation going. Have a great OP day! and as Andi would say water, water, water..

Tonight I have to meet with the GS leader to plan our invest/ rededicatiohn ceremony for tomorrow night and I have a vball game. Would love to get to the gym also at some point but we'll see what time will allow...

Comment #2

WOW - the good news is that it was REALLY easy to catch up... the bad news is that it was REALLLY easy to catch up... What's up today Shammies???..

Comment #3

Manic Monday is right - off for hte first Skills day session - working with a Grad student who is coming in to help and always great to have extra hands on teh first day... can't wait for this Manic Monday and crazy week to be complete - one more day - lots more water..

Comment #4

Hi Lara and Andi - I do not remember it being this quiet. Hope you guys have great days. It is piano lesson day for me..

Hi to all the shammies when you get here...

Comment #5

Hey... good morning. feeling tired and out of it... again. gotta get in a meeting and get my stats to sandy asap... much love!..

Comment #6

Andrea - thanks if you can get me your stats. Have a great day...

Comment #7

Thanks for getting us started Lara! Have fun planning the ceremony for GS. I have done way too many of those in my time. Good luck with the Vball game tonight!..

Comment #8

Morning Andi! It is really sad that even when you are on the West Coast, that you are up and on here before me..

Comment #9

Wow sounds like you have a crazy teachin' week this week Andi. Wait...that's usually my line!.

I am with you, can't wait for the week to be over already! But...a busy week nonetheless. IEP at another school tomorrow, training Wed, holiday Thurs. I am going to be out of my class a lot this week.

Which means more work for me writing lesson plans..

Comment #10

Have a great day Sandy! Good luck with the piano lesson!..

Comment #11

Morning Andrea! I think the whole Day Light Savings time thing screws our bodies up. I know it does it to me. Mucho love!..

Comment #12

Checking in at work. Came in a little early trying to get grades finished. They are due by 3:30pm. Then have to leave work on time to go to the dentist.

Mucho love ladies!..

Comment #13

Quick good morning-.

Off to morning cha cha for Tim. I woke up really hungry and thirsty. I think the shrimp on the salad had wonderful seasonings but lots of salt? It is amazing as you decrease the salt and sugar going in how strong they taste when you have some..

Hope everyone is ok out there. bbl..

Comment #14

Hi kori and darlene... great to see you guys here.

Sandy... post my results for week one on challange board. sorry for the delay..

Hi lara and andi.. hope you guys have great days today..

Hi to all shammies not here yet.....

Im not feeling great today. my stomach bothered me yesterday and now today. have to go out to court later, so may not be back soon....

Love to all and stay OP..

Comment #15

Man it's slow around here today with lots of Shammies missing. Where is everyone? This seems to always happen when I start the thread, so maybe I shouldn't start it any more. I'm starting to get a complex..

AFM- just found out that the GS leader probably won't be able to do our original time and wants to push it back. I have vball so I told her if not before we's have to wait until after the game. Nothing like last minute huh? Hate that. Hope everyone is having a great day. Can't wait to get the analysis of week one...

Comment #16

Lara - I like to have a plan and do not do well with change either...

Comment #17

Hi lara... sorry about the change. that stinks. my kids soccer games were not good. 2 kids, 3 games and 0 wins. just not their weekend.

Sad soccer times at my place..

Hi was piano?.

Yes it is really quiet here today. Monday? I'm just workin, eating Medifast puffs and thats about it. yes... pretty ho hum boring....

Let me put a question to all....ideas about how to make turkey day more managealbe on MF? I know it's still a 5 and 1 day, of course. just trying to plan ahead and stay focused. my bday is the next day and it's my first one on MF. first bunch of holdiays too. advice?..

Comment #18

Hi all,.

Nev is demanding attention from me this morning. Daddy was home all weekend to play with he expects it from me!?. lol.

Just wanted to say, I'm here; alive & well; OP; etc..

I will be back later..

Much love to you all,..

Comment #19

Miss Lara ~ You did a beautiful job getting us started. I know what you're feelin' though. If I was in school, I'd think it was closed and I was the only one who showed up. Sorry to keep you hangin'..

Everybody have a GREAT OP day!.

I'll be back later...

Comment #20

Week one of the challenge is done.

And boy did we have fun.

We are all stars.

And Maybe from MARS!.

G O S H A M M I E S !..

Comment #21

We as a team lost 37.4 pounds and that is 2.25% of our start weight..

Great Job, ROCKSTARS!..

Comment #22

We all got bonus stars for posting our start photo. I loved see everyone and think it will be great to see our finish photos...

Comment #23

Top loser sorted two ways:.

First by pounds lost:.

#4: Lara 4.6 pounds.

#3: Kori 6 pounds.

#2: Lauri 6.2 pounds.

#1: Barb 12 pounds.

Now by % of weight lost.

#4: Lauri 2.72%.

#3: Lara 2.99%.

#2: Kori 3.43%.

#1: Barb 4.33%.


Everyone did great this week and won on the first week of our challenge...

Comment #24

Now, in terms of stars earned..

Kori earned the most stars.

And is the Star of the Week..

Everyone did great with their stars and the race is really close. Next week I will announce the star of the week and star of the challenge (total stars earned since the start of the challenge)..

Let's keep our focus on our special challenge. I think we are making great progress. We are doing this...

Comment #25

Big Challenge News.

Lara is .8 under goal..


Comment #26

As a team we logged at least 60.32 miles for the first week..

I am proud of everyone.

I wonder how far we will go by the end of the challenge...

Comment #27

Sandy YOU ROCK for making this so fun and taking such good care of our stats and need for cheers!..

Comment #28

Wow great job shammies...I am getting ready to put my little one down for a nap and then go and logg some miles on the treadmill & can't wait for zumba tonight..

Comment #29

Amy - do you have a step counter. If so, take it to ZUMBA..

Maybe we will go around the world...

Comment #30

Waking up thirsty probably means too much salt last night. Just drink, drink, drink today! Water that is..

Comment #31

Lara - That sucks about the late notice..

Hope Ang, Lauri, and Capt. are doing ok. They usually pop in here at least once in the AM. Thanks again for starting the thread. Don't take it personal, it has been kind of slow around here. I wasn't here last year during the start of the holidays so I don't know if this is typical. I know I need to be here for the constant daily support so...slow or not...I'll be here!..

Comment #32

I plan on:.

Turkey Breast (Maybe in 2 sittings).

Green Beans (1 veggie serving).

Salad +1 Healthy Fat (1 veggie serving).

Celery (Snack, if I need it).

Olives from relish tray (1 Health Fat).

Mashed Cauliflower (1 Veggie Serving).

Plus my 5 Medifast meals.

That's the tentative plan...

Comment #33

Glad you are alive and well, OP, etc..

Mucho love..

Comment #34

OK, need to get back to grades..

I totally went over my 5 min break for Shammie time!.


Comment #35

Kori - thanks for joining us during your break..

Love the Thanksgiving plan...

Comment #36

Good afternoon shams,.

Internet service down all morning which throws my whole day offlol. Then we had dr. appts. and just got home about an hour ago. I got cortisone in my knee and so did hubby. He's having his knee replaced next month and the dr.

I had my right knee done about 5 yrs. ago and know you need help to get back on your feet. Will try to catch up on some earlier posts and I'll try to get back on later...

Comment #37

Hi barb... I was mia, so I was really sorry to hear about your SIL. glad you are home..

Sandy... thanks for the encouragement by posting all of our stats!.

Hey kori... great turkey day plan. forgot about mashed cauliflower! great idea!.

Lauri... love that you are alive. nev is a lucky guy!.

AFM: dinner is in oven and kids are almost done with homework. cozy night at home!..

Comment #38

Sounds like you have a plan for you and DH with the knee help. Sounds like a lot of recovery going on in that house for the future...

Comment #39

Would love to have a cozy night at home but again...have a bunch of things to do. Dentist, gym, other errands...

Comment #40

AFM - Grades are finished..

No getting things done so I can leave on time for the dentist..

Then errands..

Then gym..

Maybe to bed early. LOL!!! Ok, you know that isn't happenin'..

Comment #41

Hi all...boy it is quiet around here..

Today was absolutely insane for me...

8:00 a.m. Sam had ENT appt and hour away...still no decision on tubes.

11:30 made whole house lunch..

12:15 Sam to pediatrician for well visit and shots.

2:30 School Conference for Olivia.

3:45 School Conference for Kaitlyn.

Then rushed dinner so Hubby could get to work on time..

Topping all of this off was the fact that I slipped and fell down my stairs last night and I think I may need a butt transplant. Seriously, I either seriously bruised or cracked my tailbone...I can't see straight it hurts so dam bad..

Hope everyone is doing better than me right now and Hope you are feeling better Andrea!..

Comment #42

Hi Everyone hope you all had have a great sexy, silly,sunny,shamrock day!.

I'm rocking my 4th day!..

Comment #43

Hi All,.

Ang ~ Sorry 'bout your azz. Just what you needed! NOT!.

Nev is having MAJOR meltdowns today, so I haven't been here. Sorry. He just bit me; made his 18 year old brother cry; and it's just plain hell here today, too..

Love you all though,..

Comment #44

Laurisorry your day is hellish and Ang, so sorry to hear about hurting your tailbone. My dtr. did that in high school and sorry to say it was very painful for a loooong time. Hope yours isn't too bad. Let's also hope everyone has a good, quiet, relaxing night. Again Sandy, thanks for all your hard work on the challenge...

Comment #45

Dang it...things were quiet for a moment, so I started to get caught up...Nev started again..

I guess I'll try in the middle of the night..

Much love to you all...

Comment #46

Hey lauri... hang in there. my house has been that crazy before too. sucks azz big time. it will pass..

Ang... poor you and your backside. ouch. you get the award for supermom today..

Hi kori... ugh the dentist. rather have the tailbone pain then the dentist. have fun at the gym..

Hi renee... wtg on day 4!.

Just made oatmeal muffins and realized I didnt follow the recipe at all! still came out yummy but very dense. little ds is playing video games and oldest ds is studying. dishes are done and now on to laundry... (real laundry....


Comment #47

Thanksgiving Plan for me:.

We have a big outside informal thanksgiving mexican style and they deep fry the turkey for tacos-.

So my plan is:.

Taking some vegetables to grill in case I want to have something..

Possibly not cooking anything to take this year to make it less temping to "pick at" while cooking- and we always have too much food anyways! Maybe I'll donate 5 meals at the Salvation army and tell everyone that's what I did instead of cooking/bringing too much food..

Take some Perrier water and limes to drink..

Eating when I get home-stick to my plan...

Comment #48

Great ideas, Renee. a few years ago, the kids and I volunteered at church that made a thanksgiving lunch for the needy. we set tables, served and cleaned up. my oldest couldnt beleive there were people that "looked like us", who needed food/companiship. he was about 9 years old and it had a big impact. plan to do something like that this year.

My poor mom is not a good cook, so ill be cooking for all and not eating much of it. my kids will be with their dad most of the day...

Comment #49

Evening Shammies!.

Kori - you make me tired..

Ang - feel better..

Lori - you OK? worried..

Sandy - ROCKSTAR challenge coord! THANKS!.

I had more but the TM is calling..... BBL...

Comment #50

Angela - sorry about your butt. I hope pain is under control soon...

Comment #51

Lauri - hope you get some quiet time. sorry about your day. Hope tomorrow is great to make up for today..

Andrea - how are you feeling?.

Barb - sorry to hear about knees. I have to have both of my knees done at some time but I am putting it off as long as I can. I hope you don't put too much pressure on your knees taking care of DH..

Has anyone heard from Lori? I think about her a lot and hope she is doing OK..

Had a great piano lesson and now time for L&G...

Comment #52

Back. happy with my TM time - didn't run but SO glad to have gotten it done!.

And 32 more oz water always happens on the TM so life is GOOD!.

Hope all are having a great night..

Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks!..

Comment #53

Tomorrow is my ladies golf league. I have a 8:22 tee time so I won't be a round until later in the day. Hope everyone has a good OP day...

Comment #54

Sounds like you had a busy day Ang. Hope your butt feels better. I have serious issues with stairs so I totally get it...

Comment #55

Awesome job Renee! Can't wait to see how your first week back weigh in looks!..

Comment #56

Sucks about the muffins not coming out right. Dentist wasn't too bad. Half my face is numb right now which makes eating my L&G a little hard to eat but it's starting to wear off now...

Comment #57

Back from the dentist. Struggling through eating my lean and green with a numb face. Note to self: when I go back to the dentist on fri, eat L&G for lunch..

Need to get this done so I can get to the gym before I pass out. I was falling asleep while the dentist was working on me..

Mucho love...

Comment #58

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.