Medifast Diet Question. Important.?

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Quick question: Medifast Diet Question. Important.? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' SUNDAY- FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that new members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and FUN!.

We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (79)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Thanks for starting a new thread for us Ang!.

Hope everyone is enjoying their 1st day of spring...we have had rain, hail and thunder/lightening. Guess spring is really here! Now the sun is shining...I am off to look for a rainbow!.

Enjoy the rest of your day shammies!..

Comment #2

Thanks Ang for the getting the new week started. I've been missing ya hookerglad to see you back. I ventured out alone for the first time today. Went to grocery store and got my car washed. I used the cart like my walker and it worked out ok. Pretty tired once I got home cuz I also did 2 loads of laundry so I laid down after putting groceries away.

Of Les Miserables which I could listen to forever. I liked the people in the 10th anniv. much better but the music is just terrific. Nice way to spend an hour. Hope capt.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone...

Comment #3

Hey Shams,.

Hope everyone is well..

Thanks for starting the new thread, Ang..

I'm home and ready to Medifast and hit the gym starting tomorrow..

I'm super tired - so I'll catch ya'll then..

Mad love...

Comment #4

Hi all..

Barb - glad to hear you are out and about. Listen to your body, please..

Lori- pictures? Love your plan for tomorrow. I am going to get back to full exercise. I slowed down because it seemed to help the WI but not lately. So time to start living the way I am going to for now on..

Dawn - maybe some time you can share how you are doing with maintenance. I am so interested in how that has worked for everyone..

OK, off to chat with Mom and then piano practice. Had a wonderful brunch with DH...

Comment #5

Hey Shammies,.

I am in Oklahoma visiting my daughter. This was a reward for hitting my -20 mark. I am totally on plan. I haven't been able to do Zumba. I think my allergies have me feeling a little under the weather and I have no energy. I have got to start a routine that I an live with for the rest of my life.

I just can't find the energy. Hope all is well. Again, ladies thanks for checking in on me and taking me into the fold. My daughter is thrilled at the transformation my body has already undergone. My profile pic was taking Jan.

I going to put up a new pic in a couple of days. Everyone, have a great week and Happy Spring!!!..

Comment #6

HOLY SMOKES SHAMS... I LOST 4 pounds this week... thats right FOUR!!!!.

I have been so excited all day to get on and share. I hit my challenge weight, a few days late, but Ill take it! Amazing how your body can drop several pounds in one week and have slow weeks at other times....

I hope you are all having great day/ evenings! We are watching Californication and I am procrastinating some paperwork..

Comment #7

Jill - wtg on the loss this week!.

Ang - great to see you here today.

Dawn - hope you found that rainbow today..

Barb - I saw the 25th anniversary les miserables advertised the other day on PBS but haven't had a chance to watch it yet..

Capt - glad you made it back safely..

Sandy - hope you had a relaxing Sunday!.

AFM - been a busy weekend. Passed my algebra final yesterday, yay! The teacher looked at it before I left and said I had an 84 without going back and making any changes. I only need an 80 to pass the class as it is a pass or fail situation, percentages don't make a difference, so I took it. Then lots of other running around, massage with sis and mom on Saturday. Moms bday today. I am exhausted! Catch you tomorrow Shammies!..

Comment #8

Morning Shammies!.

Back to my regular routine, so I'll be here in the mornings again before waking up the munchins..

Capt- Welcome home. You've got this Medifast thing down!.

Jill- WTG on 4 lbs. I love those weeks..

Kori- jealous of your massage. I need one..

Ang- Thanks for starting us off yesterday. I'm so glad you are back with us. Hopefully your order will arrice soon..

Sandy- Its time for me to get exercising too. My goal is to hit the gym tonight before a meeting and vball game..

Barb- As an OT I super proud of you for getting out and doing your "chores" but please be careful and don't over do it..

Hope everyone has a great Monday. I'll catch you later...

Comment #9

Good morning everyone..

Soooooooooooo sleepy..

Need more coffee..

Will check back later..

Happy Monday!..

Comment #10

WTG Jill!!!.

And Barb- I agree with Lara - ya gotta get out there but ya don't need the marathon this week... Excited for you to get so much done tho. and I agree - Les Mis is AMAZING!!!!!.

Got tons done yesterday and had some fun doing it so pretty good day. and long week ahead. work until 7p tonight so won't be back on... have a GREAT day!..

Comment #11

Good morning shammies... it's snowing in NY...



Hi andi.. hope you have a great day at work..

Lori.. welcome home capt..

Barb... I liked social network movie but felt the same way you did. I heart les mis too!.

Sandy..glad you had a nice brunch. hope you have a nice day today too..

Kate.. yes things are weird with my ex and i. for a few years now he has been regretting his decisions. I just smile. like your perspective... live great.

Lara... triple yea for your good stuff and you being back. look forward to seeing you in the mornings..

Dawn... boo for rain. we are getting nasty weather here too..

Hi terri... glad your having fun with your daughter and you are enjoying the big change with MF..


4 pounds.

Way to go. I'm so excited for ya!.

Kori... great job passing your class !!!! you ARE a rockstar!.

Ang... always glad to see you here any time of day!..

Comment #12

Ugh, lori. bummer. any good stories ? .

Confession time for me... last night was the first time I have not been OP. I dont mean a BLT, I mean a half bag of chips. sorry to vent, but need to get it off my chest and mind. All my usual triggers, alone, late at night, watching tv. the bag has been there for weeks and didnt bother me, but last night my attitude was.


, why not ? well the 1.5 gain for this week should have knocked me the head to remind my why not. not sure if I need a kick in the azz or a big hug. maybe both. feeling guilty as sh*t, but not going to dwell and make it worse. movin on peeps... thanks for listening...

Comment #13

Lori, Congratulations on passing your class!.

Andrea-Shake it of and don't dwell on it. Get back on plan and Just do the dang thang. We are not perfect and we will have moments of weakness. Don't beat yourself up. Here's a big *HUG*. Have a great OP day!.

I go back to St. Louis n the morning. I have really enjoyed this time with my daughter. She is amazing..

Ladies, have a GREAT Day! I'll check ya'll later...

Comment #14

Thanks Angela! I can't wait to be just like you. You guys keep me going. Wonderful inspiration!..

Comment #15

Happy Monday shams,.

WTG Jill on the 4#we're all so proud of you. Don't you just wish your pets could speak to you at times. Last night while making my cat get off the bed so I could go to sleep, she screamed when I touched her and me being totally stupid and thinking it was nothing, kept holding her to get her down. She screamed several times and sunk her teeth into my hand letting me know I was really hurting her. I'm fine this morning though hand is a little sore but you still can't touch her without it hurting her. Guess we'll watch for a few days and if not better, back to the vets with him.

She seems slightly better so I'm trying to give the pills time to work. It was only Fri. afternoon that she was seen at the vets. I thought it was bad how much Doug and I were going to the docs and now thislol. I can't believe my baby girl is turning 37 this Fri.

And I'm so thankful we live fairly close to each other. She's really become my best friend (next to my twin) as she's gotten older. I miss my son so much every day but he's about 850 miles away so I cherish the time we can spend together. Doug and I may try to get over to my dtrs. this week if I think I can handle her porch steps, etc.

Thanks Lara & Andi for reminding to still take it easy with what I attempt. I often feel I try to do too much too soon and then suffer later. I have PT this afternoon but that's about it. Lori, can't wait for pix and all your tales of debauchery. See ya later shams...

Comment #16

Terri, glad you got the visit with your dtr. Safe traveling home...

Comment #17

Thanks hun, and you take it easy don't overdo it. Just remember "slow and steady"..

Comment #18

Dang, I was just reading the weather report for this week. They're saying we could get.

10-12" of snow by Wed. WTH??? It's spring people. I got my car washed yesterday cuz the roads were nice and dry. Mother Nature, you really know how to dampen a girls spirit. Guess I gotta hope it stays south of us but doesn't look like it. I'll keep you updated...

Comment #19


Barb - glad to have you around more again..

Lori - you will have this licked in no time..

Andrea - we are going to get this done. Let's move forward..

Dawn - thanks for your support.

Andi- glad you had a good day..

Hope everyone has a good day. It is piano lesson for me and get my golf league stuff ready for play tomorrow...

Comment #20


Lori - how is your OP day going? Slow on the exercise...

Comment #21


Jill, So, so, great! I really can't tell you how much I enjoy reading things like that..

Hi Terri, hope that you have a safe journey back home..

Chips Andrea? Gah! Weren't you just crowned Shamrock Queen?! I kid, You are still a weight-loss-bad-***** in my book. I like the idea of using this forum to come clean, if need be. Especially because I am a lapsed Catholic..

Barb, you are so kind to your animals. Always an indicator of a lovely person..

I feel like I have a Groundhog Day situation brewing around here. Still waiting on a contractor to come do the one job that has been put off day after day. Still forcing myself to sew curtains. Still preoccupied with Medifasting. Same day. Same day. But no Bill Murray.....

Comment #22

Barb- Watch that cat bite- cats have one of the dirtiest bites that can easily move into an infection- especially with your sx..

Andrea- Your ok now, back OP. Just don't let one slip up be two and so on. That is where I got in trouble at the end of the weight loss phase. I still have problems with that now, so nip it early girl!.

Capt- You at least faced the scale and can now do something about it. You've got this..

Kate- U starting to get the Medifast energy yet?.

AFM- At work- playing here. Have just about another hour. Need to get home and to the bank with cookie $$, go to mom's house (she just got back from a cruise yesterday) go to a GS leaders meeting and then to vball tonight. Would love to get to the gym as well, we'll see...

Comment #23

If by energy you mean completely fatigued all day long and then maniacally awake from midnight to four am, then yes, I'M THERE...

Comment #24

Hi from exactly the same spot I've been in for three hours. Leaving now...

Comment #25

Hey all,.

I've been sleeping - a lot..

Will get caught up soon..

I saw a great loss and a bag of chips..

Hope everyone's having a happy Monday...

Comment #26

AAAACKKKK! My boss is the chief on the bipolar express..

My food shipped..

Comment #27

Wanted to wish everyone a good night and I'll see everyone tomorrow. Gotta check out the new crop of dancers on DWTS...

Comment #28

We need to start posting WAYYYYY more. Me especially..

Today really sucked. My boss handed me my *** on a platter for something one of the attorney's messed up. Always fun..

My order shipped today....YAY. I'm scared to death to weigh in but figure it's better to get it done before I eat myself back up to 300+ pounds...

Comment #29

Unfortunatly not what I meant. Sorry about that it will get better...

Comment #30

Ang- definitely better now than 300. You can do this, look how far you've come. Sooty about your asshat boss..

Sitting at vball between games. I subbed for another team so now have time to spare. Have a great evening...

Comment #31

Evening all... I'm where I need to be. right here! thanks for all the good advice. gotta get some laundry done before bed. my bf moved into his mom's house this weekend and still no job. he is quite depressed.

Just gonna be supportive like a sexy VS bra!..

Comment #32

Andrea - love your sense of humor..

Home from piano lessons. I had 5 ladies cancel golf for tomorrow while I was gone. It is raining tonight but tomorrow is suppose to be nice. Oh well...

Comment #33

Hi guys, good day but busy. I have a migraine I just can't shake- it came on the heels of my flu.

I have kindergarten round up tomorrow.

I'm sooo not ready for that! Had a great op day, I'm going to have my last meal a nummy brownie and head to bed..

Rest well shammies!!..

Comment #34

Or you could be supportive by buying a new sexy VS bra....

Comment #35

Night Shammies!.

Busy day, I didn't even get a chance to get on here..

Need to get to bed..

Mucho love chicas!..

Comment #36

Morning ladies!.

Sandy have fun at golf..

Andrea- I'm assuming bf moving into mom may extinguish night at his place. Guess he'll have to come to yours. Hopefully things will turn around soon for him..

Kori hope you slept well..

AFM- not much going on today. The usual work, gs, and I'm heading to the gym today. Need to work on getting my water in today also. I've been lacking lately. Have a great day!..

Comment #37

Good morning Shams,.

Hope everyone is doing well..

I'm still 1/2 asleep..

Catch up soon!.

Mad love!..

Comment #38

Good morning! Need to go make breakfast and get kids up..

Comment #39

Good morning Sandy, Andi(rea), Lori, Lara, ...expecting SNOW, as in INCHES by Thursday!! Whhhaaa. Horrible. Had my toes done for NOTHING. Soon enough I suppose...I'm ready for open toe shoes!!.

Also- Jack is FINALLY here...that took for EVER...I'm a B on wheels, thats fo sho..

XOXO- Got Water?..

Comment #40

OMG... you read my mind, Eileen. the biotch on wheels- love it!..

Comment #41

Good morning all... this is like day 3 of some nasty funk I'm in. just feel like cursing, screaming, and generally being a biotch. my poor kids got yelled at last night for no good reason other than their mom is a psycho nut job right now... well with that said... gonna smile and focus on other stuff.....

Good morning eileen,ang, lori and lara... where is andi, our other morning early bird?.

Kate... love the bra idea. it might help. how you doing today?.

Sandy... sorry about your golf cancelling peeps. can you still play without them. ? .

Lara... sounds like a good day on hand. get in that water. yes, nights at BF house are no more. his mom actually is in a nursing home, but the house is even futher from mine and wont make it to work on time if I stay there. maybe on a saturday.

Jill.. hope your feeling better today and work goes well..

Hey kori... hope you can chat more today..

Hi barb, andi, terri.... anyone hearing from muffy or erin lately???..

Comment #42

Oh no.. did my biotch rant scare people away.... ? this moment calls for more coffee!.


Comment #43

Am going to head to the shower and out for the day - I have a long list and am packing five bottles of water to take with me..

Will check back later..

Mad love to all!..

Comment #44

Hey lori... hi dawn..

Have to head out of my office soon to a psych hospital...thinking about checkin in for a while but thinkin I might miss my cable tv shows, so not going to do it. it's just like visiting someone in jail... they dont ask you if you have committed a crime lately. I should be ok... LOL..

Have a great day, peeps. much love.....

Comment #45


Just watching some Y and R and doing some paperwork. same ol same ol.... Anyone around to chat?? Im bored..

Comment #46

Haaaaaaaaaaaaay Ladies..

Feeling GOOD over here. Which means that whole shebang took the full 5 days for me..

The contractor brought over the bookshelves (that were called "built-ins) and they didn't fit. Yeah. We have a house on a hill, and it has shifted considerably, which I thought he was aware of. So, the measurements were off in some places. I had a feeling when he insisted on building them elsewhere that it was going to be an issue, but I didn't say anything because I figured he was a professional and noticed it. It had a LOT TO DO WITH WHY WE JUST DIDN'T GO TO IKEA IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So, I have yet another day today of not being able to leave the house and waiting for him to show. Not to mention the 4 other projects that haven't been done. I am just at the end of my rope with this guy..

Despite all of that, even though I know it sounds like I just unloaded a lot of anger, I'm really very happy today. I've been weighing myself everyday, I have a bad feeling that it might start to be a habit for me. Something about Medifast feels so proactive...I just feel like I have a goal and a vision and I am able to proactively do something progressive every two hours to attain it. Not to mention that I can SEE it happening everyday. I swear that my stomach and face look different. I should also add that all of this "positive thinking" is good because on first weigh in I found out that I was about 5 lb heavier than I thought I was, I was feeling a bit dejected about that..

Hope that you are all having a good day, although, it does sound like many of you aren't...

Comment #47

She's Baaack!.

Hey shammie sistahs!.

I'm home! I'm back at work. We rolled in at about 8pm last night and I began Mt Laundry. So I've just made it here to see ya..

I'm up 1.6 pounds from my 5 days of decadence. I'm back on plan and it will likely take me some days to get back into ketosis..

Let's just say... I was made for the Nashville nightlife...

Comment #48

Morning lovelies!.

I'm here from job #2 where my lecture is done! Testing (them -I'm grading) this afternoon..

Andi - glad to see you are back on track..

Barb -are you feeling better today? How are the fuzzy babies?.

Lori - that water going down smooth for you???.

Catch you lovelies later. Gonna hit the gym after work.....

Comment #49

Whats the curtain count these days.

Your contractor sounds annoying.....

Glad you are feeling good!!..

Comment #50

So glad your back!!! Glad you had a good time, but get your bootay in gear!!..

Comment #51

Yeah, I'm just not going to talk about those for awhile....

I used to watch Y&R with my mom when I was little. Sometimes I'll stop to look if it is on, but, soaps seem impenetrable if you haven't watched one in a while. I've been watching Desperate Housewives reruns (never watched it before) on my iPad while doing curtains, which might as well be the same thing though.....

Comment #52

So, gosh, too busy with your eighteen million jobs to start a new challenge ???..

Comment #53

Hi everyone,.

Our winter storm warning is still on and we're expecting up to 10" by tonight. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!! DH ran into town this morning and get me more pain meds since mine were out and everyone says I should continue on them regularly for awhile. Then when he gets home our cat comes out from hiding and we see this big old gaping bloody hole in her side where she's either been biting at it or whatever. Remember I said it seemed like she was hurt a couple days ago. Needless to say, DH had to run back into town to get him to the vets. No word yet on what it is.

He's so tired of this and I am too. He needs to do better with his nebulizer. Besides, he's not used to doing all the running (I usually do). Hope it's nothing serious with our cat. Also, our Maltese still has the hacking but it's much better.

As I'm sure alot of you have noticed, I haven't commented much on how I'm doing on plan. That's because I haven't been. My head has got to get back in the game and I've been eating a little more regular food lately due to all the pain meds but that's still not an excuse. I will continue to be here to encourage others and work on getting myself back in the game. Please bear with me and know that I know what I have to do, just have to do it.

I'll check back later...

Comment #54

Hey hookers,.

I'm here to order some Medifast food and then back to my stuff..

Pretty productive day...lots of water (Andi, my dear) and a boob squish appointment at 11:15, stopped at the gym to ask about my membership, grocery store, walked dog, made turkey meatloaf and salad and fresh asparagus....

Still need to get on TM..

I just need to get on it..

Just once and I'll be okay..



Mad love...

Comment #55

Vet said he can't be sure but a wild animal may have gotten him so they're keeping him overnight and hopefully it's nothing too bad. I don't think so cuz he wasn't do the non-stop crying that cats can do. Keeping fingers crossed all the pets and people in this house start feeling better...

Comment #56

Agreed to do a chapter for a nursing book. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!.

Thanks for listening.....

Comment #57

Word of warning....first week weigh in is usually fabulous - 2nd week SUCKS. For most there is little to no lost - this is your body stabilizing itself and is NOT an indicator of your future weight loss. Everyone gets completely worked up during Week 2 weigh in so remember that I told you this and take nice deep breaths..

Comment #58

Vet just called and said it was probably someones cat that had bit him and caused an abscess that finally burst causing the infection. He pumped him full of antibiotics and stitched him up and they'll observe him overnight. I'll have to give him antibiotics for a few days which should be fun with a catlol...

Comment #59

Love it that you are through the rough patch we all experience in the beginning. I completely agree with Ang about week 2. But proactive is how you should feel about doing something healthy for yourself..

I weigh daily but only report to the group weekly (unless I'm whining...). Works for me...

Comment #60

I'm sufferin' the get yer azzz back into ketosis headache. 5 days of fun requires repentance evidently...

Comment #61

I'm Irish Catholic, so YES, there is always repentance...

Comment #62

The scale says that I lost 6 lbs in under a week. If I lose ANYTHING on week 2 that is just gravy. Extra gravy. MMMMMMMMMM gravy..

Really, though, call it water weight or whatever, but I DID not even come close to losing that for an entire month on the Jillian Michaels thing...

Comment #63


Did it..


Going to feed Sparks and me..


Comment #64

Kate- yeah for the energy and feeling great. I've had it up to here with your contractor and I haven't had to put up with him- good luck..

Andrea- hope you start feeling same again- I hare feeling psycho..

Andi- just think you will mow be a famous author and we can say we know you! You can do it!.

Capt- yeah for the TM. I finally got back to the gum and on the elliptical today..

Ang- how r you doing today?.

Barb- sending you feel better vibes for the whole house!.

Muffy- so glad you are back, we've missed you. Super proud of you for getting right back op..

Hey Jill hope you had a good day..

Ok gotta run to the gs meeting, hoping I stay awake, had a stressful day at work that was just exhausting!..

Comment #65

Just finished turkey meatloaf with asparagus and salad..

Feeling stuffed and strangely...normal..



Not a whole lot on the agenda for tomorrow, so I will absolutely positively definitely catch up then..

Have a great night to all...

Comment #66


Sorry i've been MIAour internet WAS down at the house due to some work being done in our basement...but it's back now....BUT I have to log in to work and play some catch up...had to fire someone on Friday, hired a new person yesterday, training always puts me in the weeds....and I think the dude I fired made a voodoo doll cuz I f-ed up a few times yesterday, types of f-ups I don't usually do......ugh, I hate f-ing up.

I miss you guys...i hope to catch up tomorrow night.


Comment #67

Hey Lara! How did you do on your water today? I have finished my 64 and am starting on another 32 right now! Hope you got to the gym today...

Comment #68

Sorry you are in such a funk. Hope you snap out of it soon. It is really crappy when you feel like shitz!.

Sorry about your BF too, that sucks about him moving in with his mom. It is time for you to catch a break, chica! Fo'Sho!..

Comment #69

Hope you didn't check yourself in, but today I swear I was there in my classroom. My kids were off the wall crazy! Glad the day at work is over...

Comment #70

Great job hopping back OP! Glad you had a good time in Nashville! We missed you..

Comment #71

I was so thinking the same thing when I read about all her projects and the contractor!..

Comment #72

Sorry things are so crappy Barb!.

Brrrr!!!! Stay warm with all that snow and stuff coming your way!.

Hope you, hubby, and the animals are on the mend real soon...

Comment #73

You were thinking what we always think....that you are a freakin' awesome, super smart, nurse chick who knows her shitz! Who wouldn't want you to do a chapter for a nursing book? I know I would!..

Comment #74

Glad they figured out what is wrong with kitty. Hope antibiotics with kitty isn't too much trouble after tomorrow...

Comment #75

LOL!!! I'm not Catholic, but there still is that whole repentance and responsibility for your actions thing! Damnnnittt!!! Why can't it just be easy??? Whinnnnnnneeee!!!! WAHHHHH!!!..

Comment #76

I don't know about feeling normalish but it sounds like you are feeling better then you had which is always a good thing!.


Comment #77

Get some rest tonight! You are a crazy, busy, madwoman!..

Comment #78

Glad to see ya chica!.

Sucks about firing the person and having to train someone new. That always sucks and slows everything down..

Do we need to make a Shammy voo-doo doll for this guy, because I bet between all of us, we can get some really bad ju-ju on this guy!.

Oh....and don't f-up! It just makes you feel like crap!.

Hope to see you more tomorrow night!..

Comment #79

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.