Medifast Diet questions, please help!?

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First off, Medifast Diet questions, please help!? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Morning!.

The best SB commercial IMO was the little kid in his darth vader outfit 'starting' the VW, too cute..

Nothing new from here, notice the title of the thread is now for the entire rest of the month. Have a good one!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Ditto on mini Darth Vader...I saw the longer version on you tube and it's hilarious.. just a few more seconds.. but it really shows his defeat with not being able to "use the force" until the car.. LOL!! I crack up every time I see it. And the little boy was on the Today show, and he is too cute! looks like a mini Luke Skywalker. LOL!.

JOan rivers was creepy. I liked the Beaver commercial the Beetle commercial, and the Ozzy/Justin Beiber. Those were funny..

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Yesterday was a gorgeous day and the Pea and I spent it outside. Had a little retail therapy as well. Of course it's back to gloom today, but I'll take what I can get!.

Down 3 pounds this week! YES!.

Sandy, sorry about your Steelers...

Comment #2

Woo Hoo..great job on the weight loss Red! I forgot to weigh myself this morning so I'll have to wait until next Monday!.

Dentist tomorrow..bridge work came loose..thank God it didn't break. Just have to have it glued back down..


Comment #3

Thanks Ali!.

The never ending snow!!.

Really.. it's enough already!!.

Yikes about the bridge work coming loose!!.

I'm glad it just needs to be glued again...

Comment #4

Good morning Ladies.

]I would have sworn I posted sunday, probably forgot to submit or was going to say more and got distracted LOL. So easily distracted these days, especially with all I was doing this weekend LOL. Finished painting one wall, put up some small mirrors over the aquariums. They are circles so it looks kind of like bubbles, I like it. Cleaned carpets etc not that you could tell I cleaned up ne=ow but it was nice for a day.

Red WTG on the loses woot woot.

Am going to work on inches since pounds are not going anywhere, wish I had your drive Charly, have to find something I can do without aggravating my back. Slim pickings, trying the walking videos I think Pattie was talking about. Hopefully I can walk after doing them, can't seem to do much of anything and it's starting to really tick me off, not that that does me much good either LOL.

OK back to work.

Have a grand day..

Comment #5

Monica, the mirrors over the aquarium sounds really cool!! I like a fresh coat of paint, but I hate to do it. ha ha! Can you do pilates maybe? I know it is supposed to be good for people who need therapy and I thought maybe that might help? There is no good out of a hurt back...

Comment #6

Morning Girls! Ewwww it's a cold one here this morning! With the wind chill minus 4 degrees. BURRRRR!.

Charly hope the new batch of snow missed you...Monica the painting sounds like fun. I love to paint, just hate the cleanup mess. Red....did the snow through NC get ya?.

Shout outs to Patti, NA and Sandy too!.

Have a great day ladies...stay warm!..

Comment #7

Oh geez Ali!! Stay warm girl!! =D.

Uh, yah, the snow totally missed us.. at least my part. I did hear freezing rain hit the windows this morning. But as for snow.. NADA..

The funny part is that this is the most snow we ever get around here..and frankly, I don't think the base knows how to deal with it..normally they wait until the last minute to give a 2 hr delay or make people stay home...well yesterday Natty says the bus driver told her they weren't going to school the next day. And then all of base was notified only essential personnel were to come in. And guess what.. everyone got a free day off of work and school today. LMAO! I figure they said, screw it, let's just be extra safe this time and the weather said, oh just kidding!! I was messing with you! LOL! hey, what can you do? it's the weather...

Comment #8

Hey ladies!.

Hope the sun is out wherever you are! It has been cold and damp here, but.

Today it's 50 with sun, yahoo!.

I have been busy at the barn and such. Time just slips away. My BF and I walk.

2 miles now, power walking, M-TH, it has really made a difference in my energy.

Level. We take off Fri. and Sunday. Saturday I do some sort of workout..

I feel good and pants are feeling better. Haven't weighed though. I am going.

To give it another week of walking before jumping on that "thing.".

Have a great weekend everyone! Thought SB was ho-hum, music sucked big time..

It was in Texas for heaven sakes, so much good music out of there. Commercials.

Were 50/50 some good, some dumb! LOL.

Congrats on the weight loss ladies, seems like you are all doing really well!.

Hope NA is okay, has anyone heard from her?.

Waving at all of you!..

Comment #9

Hey girls!!.

Where to start, Oh I know......nowhere!!.

Nothing rolling here, we did finally purchase a new mattress set yesterday and I'll be honest that I went into shock over the cost!! Was not expecting to have to pay that much but what do you do. We got a 2-sided set so we can turn and hopefully get more years out of it. That dollar amount ruined the rest of my day and I had such good plans, so after that we went to Applebee's for our V-Day dinner, ho hum. Nothing much seems to get me excited lately..

Was headed to Michigan this coming week for work and that got turned down as fast as I had made the reservations, was looking forward to getting away. Seems someone on the project team didn't provide the documented request exactly as they should have and IT Exec mgmt shot it down. This is the type of red tape they don't allow to be re-submitted for permission again so it's a no, period..

Charlie is well, Rob is well, Ma and Dad doing well. Weather is a non-subject, we still have tons of ice on the sidewalk, drive and front entry...again, ho hum!!.

Off to do my cardio and then try not to bounce off the walls again today........

Comment #10

Hey Patti! IT's nice you have a friend to walk with.. I miss my old walking buddy. but I get mine done to the Martha Stewart show... keeps me interested and not looking at my time..

Glad it's starting to warm up and get sunny there! Same is happening here.. we should havea whole week of sun! And next weekend is looking to be in the 70's!!.

So happy!.

Charly, I am with ya on the double sided mattress. I refuse to get one of those one-sided ones. I am 100% convinced you are getting cheated with those. But you do pay the price now. It sucks! Boo hiss to Ice..

Go away already! Man, seems like you got shot down all around, huh? Hope that's the end of the bad and onto the good!.

NA, hope you are doing well! You too Sandy!!!.

Hey Ali and Monica!!..

Comment #11

Morning Ladies.

Busy weekend here brother bday, lots of shopping and more house cleaning..

Sam old stuff LOL.

We did FINALLY get on offer on my old house, so hopefully we can get that sold and be done with it. But I got a bad feeling, am thinking the AHole bro and sis amy be up to something. Sis called and AH sis was being way to nice, last time they were this way, was just before we got a lawyer notice from them. We will see, we are not going to make any money on the house, so that will **** them off but hopefully when they see how much money they have put out over the last year on this house they will just shut up..

I can hope anyway right? LOL..

Comment #12

Ooooh, you can smell the shady going on. not good. I will hope with you Monica. Good to be over and done with it already. Happy birthday to your brother!.

I am dragging today, I have a cold and it just clogs my head. the good news is, it is sunny and in the mid 60's as we speak. And that is just beautifulness. I am going to do my treadmill and then take the dog for walk.. no playing out back until the ground dries up. A whole week of sunshine and no rain in the forecast is so awesome..

I almost forgot it was Valentine's day.. so Natty didn't wake up to anything special, but she never said anything.. she has a little something waiting for her when she comes home..

She made cute little valentine's for her friends on the street and her teachers..

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day today and I love you all!! =D..

Comment #13

Happy Valentine's day!!.

I'm with Red, I can smell the shady going on, keep us posted Monica! I've not had any good thing to chew on for a couple of weeks (LOL). Need to know something is going on outside of this hous (LOL).

RED - We hit low 40's today but lots of wind, and soppy yard (LOL) as I walked thru it yesterday or attempted to.....mud city.

Love to all!!..

Comment #14

Yuck! I hope you have some galoshes. Both Natty and I have them. Ryan calls it the swamp..LOL.. but I think soppy yard is a pretty accurate description. LOL!..

Comment #15

Well greedy bro may just shut up, seeing an extra hundred a month hopefully will do it..

I thought I was ready for spring, but dang forgot about the wind.

I'm not looking forward to that. At least it's still daylight when I get home that does make me a happy camper..

My sense of doom has disappeared, I'm even looking forward to drumming tonight. Still can not dance, I tried a walking video and that was not good. I may try water aerobics hopefully less stress on my back. Being lame pretty much vacuums LOL.

OK time to get my bum outta here laters..

Comment #16

Another week come and gone.

At least the inspection on the house are scheduled for Thursday, all we can do is hope everything passes, so need this done..

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time, in the pre spring weather. The winds have started here already..


Comment #17

Down 3 pounds this week! YES!.

Red, that is wonderful. I am so proud of you. You rock, Gal. Hugs, NA..

Comment #18

Dear Friends, sorry I have been AWOL for so long. Life has become very complicated and I was not handling it very well there for awhile. But I am back on track and with it again..

I will try to get caught up tomorrow and see what you all have been doing, not doing or wish you were doing. Hugs, NA.

PS: I have a couple of cute pictures of Sage I will send to Monica and ask her to post for me...

Comment #19

MONICA - Hoping all goes well with your inspections and sale. Piffles on bro and sis..

CHARLY - I don't understand nit picking by corporate. Maybe they just didn't want to spend the money anyway, and used that as an excuse. Sorry you didn't get your get away..

PATTI - How have the horse shows been going? I am way behind on what you have been doing..

RED - How sweet of the little one not to pout about nothing for a valentines breakfast. I'll bet she was happy when she got home from school though..

ALI - How are classes going? Have the snows left yet? The guy who is living in our house says there is 5 feet of snow in our yard - - it has snowed off and on the whole time we have been gone and so cold it never melts. I thing we will stay away a few weeks longer..

SANDY - Think of you daily in prayer and hope thing are better than last month..

Hugs to all, NA..

Comment #20

I think I went back far enough to where I left off..

MONICA - I agree, good thing BF is gone and your Niece can look around. She is too young to take first out of the box. And glad the accident avoided you. I hate icy streets. I would rather drive in two feet of snow..

SANDY - How awful for your Mom (I know this is very late) and you to have to deal with all this. Winter East of the Rockies has been brutal for you all this year. Prayers that all will be dealt with smoothly for you..

PATTI - Aw, poor Peanuts. I am glad the trainer recognized what was happening and called a halt. Imagine having a saddle across your tummy at 'that time of month'..

CHARLY - I think it was a good idea to go to monthly now. With so few of us it should work out really well..

EVERYONE - Thanks for worrying about me. I should have at least let you know I was OK and just in such a terrible mood I didn't want to talk to anyone. That was not a good way to treat you lovely ladies and I am sorry..

Hugs, NA..

Comment #21

NA - glad to see you are fine, we do worry but understand the 'going it alone' path we all chose from time to time..

All is well here, as Ali & Red are aware Rob had a heart attack Monday 14-Feb but is here and doing well. They kept him Mon-Thursday last week, needless to say it was an ugly week but we all came out on this side and are still here. Prognosis is good but he's yet to return to work a few outstanding tests to complete for medical purposes before he can get into the truck and drive..

Was doing really really well food wise and then those few days last week became a 'grab/go' and not well balanced foods or even eating in a timely manner. Back on track this week but feeling the pain of returning to the gym.....ugly ugly ugly...

Comment #22

Good Morning Ladies,.

Charly - OMG, I am so sorry about Rob. I hope he is recovering smoothly. I know that must have been a very traumatic experience. Prayers for all of you, life can really throw us some curve balls. Did he have an existing heart problem? I wish him a very speedy recovery and peace and calm in your house..

NA - Glad to see you back on the board. Hope that whatever your journey was about that you have come out happier and clear of mind and your heart is light. Looking forward to pics of Sage!.

Hi Red, Monica, Alli and Sandy. I haven't caught up with the posts but sending you tons of hugs and well wishes and warm weather. It was 84 here this week, miserable, not ready for that kind of weather..

Quick update - Peanut is great, we just won Reserve Champion at a Horse Show near Orlando, 3 days of dust and riding but lots of fun and ribbons, silver "platter" on a stand as the prize. No new pictures, hoping one of the mom's took some at the show of me, but I doubt it. Patrick is well, playing BB round the clock, eating us out of house and home. AJ and his wife will be here in 2 weeks, even Law School has Spring Break. LOL.

Puppers are fine, DH is fine. No complaints..

My weight is high. Not sure what has happened. Thinking I need a good old timey physical. I have kept up my walking religiously, no sugar, no white bread, etc. and I have not lost an ounce. Very depressing.

I never got back into the groove of it after the initial weight loss, plus I get that terrible rash around my mouth. I am open to suggestions ladies!!!.

Miss hearing about all of you, I promise to get back on line more often..

Hugs and prayers for all of my sweet Medifast buddies...

Comment #23

Oh Charly, my heart is in my throat reading about Rob. I am so sorry, but so glad he is OK. Has he had signs of heart trouble before?.

Makes me feel like a dork for sitting around for two weeks, feeling sorry for my self, because things were not the way I wanted them to be.....when one of my friends was in real hurting trouble..

Lord, thank you for looking after Rob and Charly. Please help Rob learn what he needs to do to have a healthy heart and take better care of himself. And help Charly through what will be a transition time for Rob. NancyAnn..

Comment #24

PATTI - I am hearing all sorts of good things about the new Weight Watcher's program. You might check up on that one, after you have your physical. Sounds to me you are doing all the right things though..

Congratulation to you and Peanuts. I sure hope someone took pictures...a silver platter and all. Give that sweet Peanuts a hug and an apple from me..

Patti, have your ever been around a 70 year old brat. Well, that is what was going on with me. There was really nothing wrong with me that a swift kick in the butt would not have solved..

I have never in my life been depressed, but I think that is what I was for two weeks. I really hate it where we are this winter....all dirt and wind and flies. No clean place for Sage to play and she is a really stubborn little puppy and I was beside myself trying to figure out what was going wrong with the training I was doing, or lack there of..

I was in a royal snit and of course that helped a lot. LOL Well, I finally realized that the problem was not going to go away until we leave and decided feeling sorry for myself was immature and not in keeping with the person I really I snapped out of it and life is good again. Yes the dirt, flies and wind is still here, but the Lord and I are dealing with it differently. NA.

PS: Is anyone else having problems replying? I write a reply, click post and it just sits there and says it is posting. Finally I give up, go out of Medifast and come back in and there is my post...

Comment #25

Hi NA,.

Well depression can sneak up on anyone, good thing you pulled yourself up by the boot straps and got on with your life. I hope next year you can spend the winter in a more enjoyable place, life is too short to be unhappy. You know you always have an ear here if you need to vent..

We watched the space shuttle Discovery take off from KSC for the last time today. I just stood in my back yard with a lump in my throat. Funny thing is I was never a big space program fan, I mean I read up on it and such. Living 20 miles away from the launch pad really has been an awesome experience, it just takes your breath away to see them fly over the house. I hope this Pres. doesn't ruin the program.

Hope everyone is having a nice evening!..

Comment #26

Patti - NA.

Thank you both so much for the prayers and warm thoughts. It was a trying time for both, he does have an existing heart problem. Almost exactly 4 years to the day he had is first heart attack and they placed 3 stints at that time. This time 2 of the stints are completely blocked and without a life risk surgey to attempt to replace there isn't anything else to do. The good news in all of this is that he is 85-90% heart healthy tissue and only 10-15% damaged. The stint they would need to place for the two blocked would need to be 8-9 inches in length, Given those odds the risk of surgery is to great.

He has a treadmill stress test on 17-March to see his phycial max out, he's dreading it but knows that the nuclear medicine test they normally do is now not a good option for him..

I will be honest and tell you it was tough on me. Felt like every time I walked into that hospital room I was walking into a black hole cause something had always changed and it didn't seem to be in Rob's favor. But I bucked up, remained calm and listened intently to everything I was told. His cariologist even took the time to take me to a room and show me the DVD of Rob's cath. When I seen where/what was going on it was like a switch was thrown and I finally got it. Like following a line and then 'boom' someone took a pencil eraser and erased it.

Nitro pills and his ability to remain calm got him back here to the house so I could take him to the ER. On some levels a dumb move, on other levels some what heroic..

I think (don't quote me) that Ali and Red are doing WW. I am finishing up my product adding fruit or yogurt now/then. So don't feel bad if you aren't into the Medifast thing, we've all done it, don't care for the restrictions and are doing what we think works best for us. I bought the book called the '17 day diet' and am reading that. Have put a grocery list together to go to the store but have yet to do it. I was doing really really well until Rob got sick and then found myself in a the grab mode.

Ok - a shower is calling my name. Glad to see you here, check in as that's all I am doing from time to time along with Ali & Red. Wav'n at all of you..

(PS - Patti on the way to the gym last night the radio broadcasted the take off, I got goose bumps and was so glad to have been able to hear it though I know it's nothing like seeing it)...

Comment #27

((((Charly)))) all my prayers out for you and Rob, I was going to ask how you were doing but you answered.

Patti the new WW is good and very en-lighting, not fast loses but a good handle on staying where I"m at, or was that is..

NA so nice to see you and I"ll post those pic as soon as you send them. I was getting a bit worried as I hadn't even see you on FB.

Not sure what happened but 3 days didn't weigh and I ballooned 10# no way I ate that much but am retaining water and my BP is up, not bad enough for meds but high enough to have me a bit worried. Will see how next week plays out, not going back on Medifast either Ms P but may have to be a bit more drastic then WW..

Inspection on the house, yesterday, nothing from the Realtor yet so maybe that's a good sign..

Huggs everyone guess I had better do some work. So very happy the site is up and working today..

Comment #28

Charly, Thanks so much for explaining to all of us what had happened and where Rob is at now. I cannot imagine how tough that was on you. The fact he drove home shows he knew you were level headed and could help him. Ya'll make a good team. I am putting him on the Bible Study prayer list if that is okay, those "Prayer Warriors" as they call themselves have a hotline to the Heavens, everything helps! You take care of yourself and let me know about the 17 Day Diet..

Monica - Good luck with the sale of the old house. It will be a big burden off of you when it's all said and done. Hope the "family" allows the sale to go smoothly..

Well I made an appointment next Wed. for blood work and a physical. Oh Lord!.

Saggy and Baggy and I don't mean my pants!.

It sucks getting older, enough said..

I have a great incentive so to speak to get these 10 pounds off (I know, how did that happen?) You know all this Horse Show business cost a pretty penny. The entry fees,.

The hotels, the hay, stalls, etc. all add up. I am entering a new set of events "off the horse" - foot work with me and Peanut, pivots, backups, etc. Some of the classes are called Showmanship, Halter and Grooming. Well we have to wear a sort of matched set of clothing, side zipped slacks, jacket with collar usually and can be plain or ornate. I bought a beautiful cream colored set with aurora borealis beads on the jacket, it's fine if I don't breathe -.

So I have a 5 weeks to get into it. You know I hate to waste money so it will be a "have to" not a "maybe" -.

WW seems to have really come around to the 21st century. That Jennifer Hudson looks awesome. I will go online tonight and take a look at it all..

Okay, that's enough from me-.

Hi Red and NA and Alli - Hope you ladies are having a good Friday!..

Comment #29

Got the inspection on the house it's all good.

Family had their chance to say something they remained mum so they are out of it..

I'm so happy it's Friday..

Comment #30

Patti - we thank you for adding to the prayer list, that's awesome. Showmanship - with your blonde gorgeous looks that will be for GREAT pics!!.

Monica - congrats!! woohoo on the house!!..

Comment #31

Charly - I am so sorry to hear about Rob. He is lucky to have such a loving, caring wife to help in his recovery. You both are in my thoughts and prayers. I am only a phone call away if you need to talk. (((HUGS))).

Patti - I know you'll get your "Moxie" on and be styling in your outfit in no time!.

Monica - Glad to hear that the house drama will soon be coming to a end!.

Red - Wavin at you and the Pea!.

Na - Glad to hear you are feeling better. Looking forward to the pictures of Sage!.

This past week was a tough one, we buried my moms sister yesterday. Mom is the last one of 10 siblings..

Much love to you all...Sandy..

Comment #32

Oh Ali!...I'm so sorry I didn't give you a shout mind is mush. Hope all is well with's WW working?..

Comment #33

Hey Girls,.

I just walked in the bedroom and see I left you "on" - good I got to read 3 more posts!.

LOL Thanks Charly, not feeling so "cute" these days, but got the big girl panties on and ready to face the problems head on!.


Sandy !!!!! - Love to see your name on the boards. Miss you and all of your news..

I am sorry about your aunt. Life goes by way too quickly. Prayers for all of you..

How are your pups doing? Is the snow gone? Hope Spring arrives shortly for.

Everyone who is still in a coat/jacket/boots!.

Okay, dinner time, have a great night all!..

Comment #34

Wow, 150 miles with chest pains...that is dedication and toughness too. I am sooo glad he is OK, but still will pray about the future for the two of you. It must be just a little bit scary for sure. Nice that the doctor took the time to show you the film. I have a film of my stent placements and heart attack on the table. I watch it from time to time to remind myself how lucky I am..

I have heard of the 17 day diet, but have not looked into it. Let us know what you think. I am sure that you will get back into the grove fast, Charly. You are not about to let all that hard work go to waste. Hugs...

Comment #35

Great new, Monica. So glad they kept their traps shut too. NA..

Comment #36

Oh, Sandy. give you Mom a hug from me. That must be really hard on her. Is the the baby of the family? Prayers for you all. NA..

Comment #37

Sandy - so sad for Ma, bless her heart, she's so lucky to have you. Give her hugs from me..

NA - thank you, I feel really blessed as I know that things could have taken a completely different path last week. I should see if I can get a copy of that DVD for us, throw it in as a reminder to Rob now and then :-).

Patti - Big girl panties, I like that! I'm putting mine on too..

Out the door to pilates in a few brutual as it is the stretching sure makes me feel good after it's done. Spring BC starts we go again...

Comment #38

Morning Girls!.

Snowed again last night! OMG, I am so sick of it already! So excited to see everyone posting again, it was a lonely time here..

WW is working well for me, it's a slow loss but I can handle that only for the fact that I can eat what I want and just deduct the points. I did learn from Medifast that I am a "carbaholic" so even though I can have that stuff on WW, I don't. I know if I ate a bag of chips or had a sandwich I would be screwed and until my mentality of being able to eat those foods again changes..I'm staying clear. I do like the fact that I can have fruit, that was a biggie for me, I missed it so much along with dairy products. I have kept myself on the eating 3 meals a day with 3 snacks...keeps me from being ravenous..

My cousin, who didn't have much to lose, dropped 12 pounds last month on WW which was wonderful, considering she was eating all her own food and walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes a night watching tv. I'm down 10 which I am thrilled about considering that I totally let myself go AGAIN once going off MF. ARRRGGHH! Said I wouldn't do it, but I did...a second time..

But there won't be a third. I realize that even though Medifast is a wonderful way to diet, it's too restrictive and once I am left to my own...I don't care and start eating again. So I made the decision to start WW and if it takes me a year to lose 30 pounds, it takes me a year..

Hope everyone is doing glad to see everyone!.

Talk with you all later....Hugs to you all!..

Comment #39

Happy weekend ladies!!! Chiming in here at the end of the month!.

Sandy, so sorry to hear about your Aunt. Hugs to you and your Mom, especially. xoxo.

Patti, Good way to get yourself motivated! nothing like a nice pair of diggs to get you going. Wishing you luck in yours and Peanuts future shows! I can't imagine what it would be like to really see with your own eyes the shuttle lifting off. That has to be just amazing..

Monica, LOL.. your vacuum comment earlier had me literally LOL. =D Glad your black cloud is gone and things are moving along with the house! That's good news. I hope that the water aerobics works for you, it has to be frustrating to be so limited..

Nancy Ann, so sorry you had a black cloud too!! I find that sometimes, we just have to live in the midst of the nasty before we can move out of it. You know? it's unfortunate and it does suck big time, but I think doing that is what helps get through. If we were all good and "Strong" all the time how would we know how to deal with things when a really bad time comes around? It'd all be kind of a sham, right? That's the way I see it anyhow. And no worries...we knew'd you come back in when you could...but don't forget, if there is anyone you can fell comfortable venting too, it's us..

It's been nicer here spring is definitely on the way! We've been busy with school work and the Pea has a friend (boyfriend) LOL, not really, that has soccer games on the weekends and we go to cheer him on. His grandmother is a teacher's assistant in her class, and the kids met last year at summer enrichment. He's a great kid. And you know that's saying a lot coming from me because there is nothing I detest more than unruly and disrespectful children. And Ryan will be home very soon, so I suppose I need to make some changes in the home to accommodate his living here. LMAO! I'm so used to the sorority house we have going on here.

=( Give the man something for himself. HA HA!! We are excited for his return..

Ok ladies, have a lovely end to February... it is usually a doldrum month anyhow..March is always a good month to bring smiles back and the warmth!! xoxo..

Comment #40

CHARLY - I thought you were not going to do boot camp anymore? Did you decide you needed to get into the swing again? Have fun. LOL NA..

Comment #41

ALI - So glad WW is working for you. It has always seemed like a sensible plan to me, real food and classes to help you learn how to control impulse eating and binging and things like that. I missed fruit also...I have always eaten 3 or 4 fruits a day. Hmmm....think I'll go have a banana. LOL NA..

Comment #42

RED - Thanks for the encouraging words..

How nice that Ryan will be home soon. It must be quite an adjustment having him move in and out of your physical lives. Do you have any idea how long he will be home this go around?.

Military wives have such a warm place in my keep the home front safe for your children while your men keep our country safe. (Yes, I know, there are some stay at home Dads too, but I personally only know the wives). It sure cannot be easy making all the decisions for major parts of your lives while the honey is gone. Bless you all too..

I wear a red shirt each Friday for our military - - maybe I need to get a pink one for Wednesday for those family folks left behind. Hugs, NA..

Comment #43

Hey all,.

Just a quick hello - so glad to see all the posts!.

Red - Hubby's return will be exciting! Yes, the girls have to make way for Ryan!.

Ali - Great success on WW, way to go. I hear you about the carbs..

Went to a baby shower today, what a great group of ladies, mostly teachers..

It was nice to just get away, play silly games and talk. They had a lot of good.

Choices, fresh fruit, assorted low fat cheeses, veggies and yogurt dips..

It was so "non-threatening" to not have crap on the tables..

Tomorow will be a week without eating the "bad choices" and working out every.

Day. I can't tell you ladies how better I feel Mentally as well as physically..

Spring is on the way and we are all going to bloom like the flowers that we are!.

Hugs to all, sleep well -..

Comment #44

Sage had her first ride in the Joyner today and she seemed to love it. No pictures as I was holding her and Roger was driving. But there was no fear and she was just watching everything go by. I think she will make a great 4 wheel companion..

We leave a week from this coming Monday. There is still over 4 feet of snow at home and more on the way. I am not sure we will even be able to get down the driveway. But, that is OK. As long as we are going north, I don't mind us stopping to let things warm up a little at home. And we have friends and relatives to see on the way home and that is always fun..

We all went shooting today. I really like my new S and W pistol. Well, not new, but sort of new to me. Today is the most I have shot it since buying it this summer..

It fits my hand much better than the Bersa did and it is much easier for me to shoot. I did really well today and was very pleased with myself..

Says she with a sly smile on her face..

We didn't take Sage to the range with us though...I didn't want to worry about her being in front of the firing line when I was shooting and not watching her. Not that Roger is not reliable, but feel she is really my responsibility at times like that. And, I don't have any way to protect her hear from the loud noises. I wonder if they make noise canceling ear muffs for dogs like the one I wear? LOL That would make a great picture..

See you all tomorrow. NA..

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PATTI - Good for you and your friends for making good choices so much easier..

I wonder what kind of flower each of us is. One of my favorite ladies at church, who had a wonderful flower garden each year, thinks of her friends as different types of flowers. She says that I am a Sunflower...standing tall, facing the sun with brightness on my face..

What type of a flower are you?..

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NA - I like that, you are a Sunflower!.

Sounds like you have been busy with the riding and the shooting, Sage seems to really be fitting in nicely with you and Roger too..

It is 84 here today, too hot for me in Feb. I was coated with suncreen at the barn and sweated like a pig..

Peanut thew a shoe in the lunging pen so I didn't get to ride, the farrier will be out tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. She isn't due for 3 weeks but since there are 18 horses now at the barn he comes once a week, always someone to shoe..

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday!.

I am off to clean out my car, trunk, pockets, looks like someone lives in there..

Enjoy your day ladies!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.