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First question I got is Medifast Diet sign-up fee coupon? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Welcome to the home of the SHORTIES all those vertically challenged MFers!.

We are newbies and goals-met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced. We are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones. You know the ones - the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small, but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner code, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


Of course, you are free to make your own SHORTIES banner, if you like..

The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

To see November's posts, go to:..

Comments (95)

Yes, there are Medifast coupon codes available you can get through email. Awesome chance to save cash on Medifast now. I suggest you to subscribe for their weekly newsletter so you can receive their most recent online deals. They usually send them out once a month..

Comment #1

Thank you for moving us.


I like your slow and steady marathon training plan. You are right to get into it slowly. While there are a few folks whose bodies seem to withstand all types of abuseand can run without consequencesI am one of those who have been running on and off since my 20sand I am now 48 years old. When I started, I would walk/run/jog, and even then got SHIN SPLINTS!!!! (Painful). One of the things I just learned in my orthopedics class is that whatever terrain your train on, be consistent. Once the body can accommodate the surface, distance is then the challenge.


-I am a gym rat and an outdoor exercise fiend. You are right about taking it inside when it gets too cold. For me, the gym is a safe haven when the pollen counts are too high. I become the 7th dwarf "Sneezy", puffy eyes and stuffy nose. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

My latest recipe creation? Try cooking 1/2 cup shelled edamame beans, 1/4-1/2 cup green peas, and the whirling in the blender with just enough water to make a thick purree. A shake of season or garlic salt, freshly ground pepper, and warm again in the microwave. Serve in a lovely soup bowl and you have what I call "Yummy 'Shrek ' Soup." You might dress it up with a scant teaspoon of Parmesean cheese. FABULOUS and so comforting in this cooler weather...

Comment #2

Ooh, I started the C25K training tonight and I LOVE it! I'm in the kitchen afterwards, fixing my L/G and realizing that there IS a smaller, fitter me insideand everyday is one day closer to that person being on the outside as well. Like I'm peeling layers off and getting to the healthy me. I am so excited. And what a motivator..

On the other side of happy stuff, there's my mom. Last year she went through chemo for Non Hodgkins and beat it back. She went in a week ago to see her doctor and the blood tests shows the lymphoma is back, but not in her spleen this time. This time it is in her lymph nodes but again it is a treatable cancer. She started chemo today and they were at the clinic all of 30 minutes. Apparently this new drug takes 3 seconds to administer in IV and has much less side effects.

So she does this for 2 weeks, takes a week off, does 2 more weeks and then a blood test to see how effective it has been. And she turns 86 a week from today. Yeah, my parents are pretty amazing, but they could use all the prayers they can get. Medifast is also blessing their lives because they are thrilled with how much weight I and DD2 have lost. Christmas is going to be a blast!..

Comment #3


- thanks for starting the new thread..


- prayers for your mom - so glad that this time it seems like she's having less side effects..


- I did get to the DR today - and yahoo! she prescribed a bone density test (along with a blood test to rule out anything else). On the way home, I had a flat tire. I've had 4 flats in my life - 3 in freezing weather and one in a monsoon..

Thank God for cell phones, and parents, and AAA!..

Comment #4

Morning Shorties! Ah a new month! I do love the holidays but hate the stress it brings. I've got the bug to rearrange the furniture in the house again. Once that is done then I'll set up the tree for Christmas..

Have a Great Day!.

Drink Water...

Comment #5

Hi, Shorties! Happy December! (Already, yikes!!).

Donna - prayers for your mom. They come out with new and better cancer treatments all the time. Glad your mom can benefit from them..

AFM, WI today has me down 1.5!.

Woo-hoo! I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. As a matter of fact, I have been considering changing my goal weight downward. We shall see when I get closer...

Comment #6

Thanks for setting us up with the new thread, Shelly!.

Happy December all!..

Comment #7

Morning Shorties! I was wrong - I've had 5 flats - 4 in freezing weather and one in a torrential downpour! Why do flats always come in inclement weather?.

Apparently no one has my tires in stock either. And I think I really need to replace two of them - one has already gone and the other is gonna go soon..

More $$$$$..

On the good news front, my surgeon (for the arm) has seen me for the last time. And then the other doctor's office (not the new one) called because now she DOES think maybe I need to get checked out. I told them thanks for the confirmation, but I've already found someone else. My surgeon also approves of me getting a bone density test done...

Comment #8

Donna - Sending positive thoughts to you and your mom, glad the side effects are not as bad and the treatments are quick..

Kerry, congrats on your continuing loss..

Gkrism, yeah, what's up with things going wrong during bad weather and on holidays?! So, your previous Dr. decided to come to the party, a little late, tho. Good for you for finding a more responsive Dr..

AFM, I got my first NSV today! A friend just commented that I had lost weight and gave me a "good for you"..


Comment #9

Happy Thursday Shorties! Hugs to all in need. Busy week!..

Comment #10

Shelly, thanks for moving us into December!.

Donna, positive thoughts for your mom and happy she is tolerating the new treatment so well..

Gkrism, glad your arm is on the mend. Hope they can figure out whats going on with dem bones! Sorry about the flat. Do you have some sort of unusual tires?.

Kerry, woot, woot on your loss!.

Chena, isnt it nice when people notice?? And what takes them so long???.

Shorties! I need your help. My Plan shows my calorie deficit is only 400 + change a day, 100% OP. I am now losing a pound every other week, tops. My measurements arent changing much either, at least now where Id like them to! I am 3.5 lbs away from a conservative goal of 125, at 5 1 3/4. Normally, Id ramp up exercise, but when I tried that 6 pounds ago, my loss stopped dead for 3 weeks, so I quit working out. Tomorrow I leave for a weeks vacation with my sister, who has already recently gained back 7 pounds of the 40+ lbs.

I will be facing temptation in a big way and am feeling a little frustrated by my slow losses. I know it's easier for me to stay motivated when I see results. Should I call goal and start transition and hope the extra vegs. will allow me to exercise AND see losses? Stay on the 5&1, exercise and ignore the scale? Keep doing what Im doing? Ive already shipped my Medifast food down there, and our condo has a kitchen. Scoped out all the restaurants and their menus and know where and what I can eat and have a list.

Feeling like I need to goose my loss somehow..

Comment #11

That would be my measurements aren't changing, noT where I want them to. Need more coffee.....

Comment #12


, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother! She will definitely be in my prayers!.


I know what you mean about flat tires! I haven't had many, but I remember each one very clearly/ You're right, they DO seem to happen at the worst possible times!!! Glad you had AAA! But I'm glad the Dr. is listening to you and hopefully you'll know what's wrong soon!.


Congratulations on your loss!!! Yay for lights at the end of the tunnel!.


, grats on your first NSV!!!!.


, what made you set 125 as your goal? Are you happy at 128.5? I think that would be a primary factor in deciding whether to call goal or not...but I'm not there yet.

, so I'm probably not a great person to give advice...I'm sure the other ladies will have better insights! If you really REALLY want to get to 125, I would stick with it. And totally ignore your sister when it comes to food!!! Even in transition you're probably not going to be able to keep up with her eating habits! And you might even be a good influence on her...showing her how to have non-food focused fun rather than joining her in sabotaging herself. I wish I had better advice..

AFM, I went sweater shopping yesterday, and bought a Medium shirt!!! I don't know how long it's been since I could do that! I got a bit teary eyed, and the sales lady and I bonded over it LOL..

Comment #13

Good morning everyone! I'm just joining your group (if you'll have me - I'm 5'1"). I am restarting today after a 2 year hiatus. I originally lost 30 lbs and was only 15 lbs to my goal of 115, but I screwed up in transition. Just started thyroid medicines and I'm hoping that will help the weight come off a little quicker since I am starting 12 lbs heavier than last time..

About me:.

My name is Amber and I am married and a mother to a 6 year old named Paige. I normally work full time in Construction/Engineering Management, but have taken some time off to be a full time parent without the distractions. Our permanent home is in TX and my daughter and I are here for the school year while my husband is working in WA (that's where I was when I decided to take a break). He comes home 1 weekend each month so we count down the days..

Hope everyone realizes their goals and appreciates every ounce that comes off. Have a great day!!..

Comment #14

Welcome Amber!!.


I hope your mom gets through this "bout" of cancer quickly and easily..


I second what Cat said. If you're happy at your current weight, call it goal and start transitioning. If you want to drop a few more pounds, stick with 5&1 no matter what your sister chooses to do to herself on vacation. Never let other people's behavior toward food negatively affect your behavior. Keep in mind, that since you are so close to goal, your losses will be much slower than before. It's normal.

Check with Nutritional Support. They should know some ways to keep your losses from completely stalling out or ways to kick it up a notch...

Comment #15

Welcome Amber!.

Thanks, Shelly and Whimsicat for your advice. I'm in a size 6 or 8, mostly small tops, and look like a deflated balloon. So, you young 'uns, take it off now, while your skin still has some elasticity left! Maybe continuing the exercise would have had me looking better. When I spoke to Medifast before, they advised either backing off the exercise (I do walk dogs for a living, so this was in addition, hard cardio and weights and boot camp stuff) or adding 2 oz. of protein and a snack and see what happens. I was so afraid of increasing my calories, I stopped the exercise.

I won't let my sister affect my eating. My DH and I will be very active, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, biking and lots of walking, so maybe I will try a 4 & 2. That should still leave me with a 200 calorie+ deficit/day, won't throw me out of ketosis, and maybe curb hunger enough to help me resist temptation! Unfortunately, in the 25 weeks on MF, I am always counting the time til my next meal, and it is real hunger. Other possibility is just to add the 2 oz. extra protein. A snack is just too scary for me, unless it's just the two sticks of celery..

Will let you know what happens..

Thanks again...

Comment #16

Hi Ladies! Happy holidays to you all..

I've had no changes in the scale this past week, but I've had two people at work say -.

"Have you lost weight?" in the last two, I'll use that as my success for this week..

I'm feeling great and staying OP. IT WILL COME OFF!..

Comment #17


, as we get older, our goal weight goes up. It's a normal part of how our bodies are when were of a "certain age". If you're happy, call it goal. If you're not, keep going. I like your idea of 4&2 while on vacation instead of following your sister's lead. This way you get to relax a little and yet still feel secure in your eating.

It sounds like your head's in the right place and you have a good solid plan. Go for it and call it goal when you're ready..


, welcome! I love your daughter's name. Very pretty..


, sometimes the NSVs are the best measures of success!.

Hugs and happiness going out to the rest of you Shorties!..

Comment #18

I am having an issue similar to this one...

Comment #19

But I imagine without the sister who already has reservations at "Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant!" ;-)..

Comment #20

Hi Shorties!.

Thanks Shelly for getting December started! I have been so busy at work it has been hard for me to visit you all this week..

Sue - It does look like you have gotten the same advice I would have given. Yea, I'd stay away from "eating my way through Key West".

I think the 4 & 2 is a great idea, plus with the extra activity (that sounds like fun)! So, who walks the dogs when you are away?!.

Cat - congrats on the MEDIUM top!.

Kat - great NSV for you too! It is fun when folks start to notice!.

Amber - WELCOME!.

Hello to all the other shorties, WOozy, DOnna, Mia,Kerry, Adrienne, Chena! Everyone have a great Friday! I have another 5K to run on Saturday, then it is my usual day to work at my CHurches Thrift Shop, so a busy day! Hopefully get some R&R on Sunday. Sorry about the typing, I am on my DHs laptop and not as familiar with the keys...

Comment #21

Marble, I have a married couple who work for me. Have for 10 years. They allow me to have a life. They care for our pets and my clients while were away. Of course, I give all my clients a long heads up when we plan a vaca. No last minute getaways in my business!.

I cant believe all the running youre doing. Thats amazing!..

Comment #22




Little elephant.

The Shorties are here to send you our biggest little hugs. If nothing else, if we try really hard, maybe we can squeeze a few pounds out for you?.

Hmm, as you well know, our bodies are relatively smaller than the "average" person. I was learning about an "effiency gene" theory in my nutrition class. It goes something like this: the smaller the physique, the more efficiently the individual must be in utilizing her calories. In this case, the notion of "effiency" means our bodies are less likely to metabolize calories at the same rate as our taller buddies. In terms of survival theory, because we start smaller, there is less "excess" energy storage for us to rely upon in times of scarcity..

Now, however, much of us live in (over)abundance, and thus the need for groups like MF. We are learning to return to a "healthy" survival mode while balancing life's enjoyment. Food is only one of the many ways we can enjoy our time with self and others..

All of this is theory, of course, but it has helped me think about why weight loss can be slow/stalled. Couple this with agingeven slower metabolisms!-and you can see why things are not happening at the same rate as others who post on different board. I don't mean to be a downer, but I wanted to raise the possibility that some of what we face as "less quick weight loss" frustrations may be biological accommodations geared to ensure the survival of the fittest..

At the end of our time on this planet, we should ask ourselves, did we make enough time to love our special people, animals, and selves? Did we become our best and healthiest selves? Perhaps we need to rethink our notions of "love" (and not associate love with FOOD) and health (not associate health with a particular number on a scale.).

I know that when it comes time to close my eyes for one last time, I will not care if I am 100 lbs (my current T & M goal) or if I weigh a little more or less, BUT I WILL BE SAD if I have not given our son his requisite 1,000,000 daily kisses, our dog his 10,000th jog, and laughed at every single one of my DH's corny jokes..

In essence, I am hoping to bring a little perspective to this Medifast journey. Most of all, let's remember to be kind to ourselves in this season of giving. Give ourselves the grace to enjoy the journey..

For what it's worth...

Happy Thursday fellow WONDERFUL, AWESOME, ONE-OF-A-KIND, Grateful that you are here, SHORTIES!!!!!..

Comment #23

Woozy - LOVE YOU! That was exactly what I needed to hear tonight, especially this time of year. The hardest thing I am needing to learn on Medifast is how to love me, no matter what I look like or what I weigh. I really want to lose these last 19 pounds, but if I had to call it done right this very minute, I think I could. I am more active now than I've ever been in my life and I like it. I have more control over my eating than ever. For the first time in years I feel like I am becoming healthy..

I know the frustration of a weight loss stall, it is the reason I left WW. I don't have any magic cures for that stall, just lots of hugs and a listening ear...

Comment #24

Maybe not, petlady, but meet the fam for this holiday break:.


: Works for major international fashion magazine. She is the editor in chief and is Manhattan skinny..


: Won statewide beauty pagent in Florida..

Sister in law.

: Teaches pole dancing (could that count as "better than sex dessert"?). Literally. She is in very good shape..


: She is in film school and has an all-round perfect body. She is also the most confident, popular person on the planet..

So, as much as I love them, the intimidation factor is high. (Especially since mom insists that there Will Be Family Portraits because FIVE generations will be there. I don't want to look like the fat sister.).

Call me shallow... comparison exists. It will be present. (Whether I admit it or not.)..

Comment #25



, welcome to the group! It's a real challenge to be apart from your hubby for so long, I've been there! I hope we can all be a good support system for you for that...and for your weight loss goals and struggles! It will be nice to get to know you!.


, I think that having people notice our weight loss is often more rewarding than seeing the scale go down! Congratulations!!!.


, thanks for the congrats! I'm still in a little shock about getting a Medium! Saturday sounds like a busy busy day! You must have MUCH more energy than I do!!!.


, I didn't say it earlier, but it's awesome that you get to go to Key West! I'm glad you have a couple standing by to help with the critters, so you can vacation worry-free!!.


, what a beautiful post! I have learned alot from this group about the special challenges of being short...and thanks for the reminder of what's really important!!.


, what a family! I would imagine that IS a little challenging!.


, I'm having an odd challenge recently. Part of it is probably triggered by just TOM and the Holidays (I always feel a little sad, missing my family that is no longer here) but also there's some weird angst about losing all this weight. I think I'm a little weird! I seem to be fighting emotional cravings more than I usually do, and I feel almost like I'm trying to sabatoge myself..

I haven't given into the cravings...but it's a challenge some nights..

I've always struggled with this mentality that says bad things will happen if everything is going too well....and I think I've used my being overweight as a protection against's not going "too" well, I am fat. Well, if I'm not fat...then something bad is going to happen. Not that I'm wishing this on anyone else...but has anyone else struggled with something like this?..

Comment #26

Morning Shorties. My emotions are running on "high". Bread with butter would be my answer! Not anymore! Ah the thoughts that are running through my head. I can't bring them to the writing table. Just know that I'm with you and Yes I understand how you feel. There is so much more in my saying "Drink Water"..

Hugs and Warm Smiles to everyone!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #27

Of course, Mia, we all realize that "Drink Water!" means "I love you all!" (Right?)..

Comment #28

Cat - I hear you on the mental thing. And how karma fixes things when everything seems to be going smoothly. (I hate karma! I'm naming the next plant karma, so when it dies, I will have a bit of revenge! giggle).

Ltlelephant: yup, you have a tough family. But you can do it, I just feel it. I have one sister and she's been fit for about 20 years. She does Breast Cancer runs and competitive yacht sailing (think America's Cup stuff). Even at goal I am going to look heavy beside her. But I am becoming ok with it.

She always has one more thing "if you like doing that, I do _____ and you might like that, too". We won't even talk about some of the aunts I won't see until after goal. And family photos are on the agenda for this Christmas, too. Sigh..

And a big HI to all the new people! Love having you here...

Comment #29

The funniest thing happened. So, I've been weighing-in only on Thursday mornings recently, and like I said yesterday, no movement this week. But this morning I thought - what the hay, I'll just weigh in again this morning and make sure that I didn't lose anything (even though I have never been a daily weigher). And guess what? Down -1.2 pounds!.


Comment #30

Huzzah for weird, kat. We'll take a minus anyway we can get it!..

Comment #31

Flying in to hand out hugs to all in need. Busy day here...

Comment #32

Hey Shorties!.

Here is a quick excerpt from Wikipedia (yeah, not a refereed source, but still very useful and easy to read) that explains the "thrift"/efficiency gene. Enjoy!.

The thrifty gene hypothesis [1] was proposed by geneticist James V. Neel to resolve a fundamental problem. Diabetes is clearly a very harmful medical condition. Yet it is quite common, and it was already evident to Neel that it likely had a strong genetic basis. The problem is to understand how a phenotype with such negative effects may have been favoured by the process of natural selection. Neel suggested the resolution to this problem is that genes which predispose to diabetes (called 'thrifty genes') were historically advantageous, but they became detrimental in the modern world.

Neel's primary interest was in diabetes, but the idea was soon expanded to also encompass obesity. Thrifty genes are genes which enable individuals to efficiently collect and process food to deposit fat during periods of food abundance..

According to the hypothesis, the 'thrifty' genotype would have been advantageous for hunter-gatherer populations,.

Especially child-bearing women, because it would allow them to fatten more quickly during times of abundance. Fatter individuals carrying the thrifty genes would thus better survive times of food scarcity..

However, in modern societies with a constant abundance of food, this genotype efficiently prepares individuals for a famine that never comes. The result is widespread chronic obesity and related health problems like diabetes..

Have your best Friday, yet, Shorties!..

Comment #33

Interesting info, thanks Woozy. Have a great weekend all...

Comment #34

Hi Shorties! I'm hosting a Ladies Christmas Brunch this morning, so I can't spend a long time - but welcome to any newbies that have joined our group in the last several weeks..

I'm happy to report that the losses (while slowing down even further) are still continuing. I'm down 1.0 this week, now for a total of 57.8 since I started in May. So my average is now 1.9 pounds a week..

I hope that you have a great weekend!..

Comment #35


-A loss is a loss. We'll take'em any (healthy) way we can get them. Brava! Keep focused, especially during the holiday, party-hosting season. Speaking of, tell us all about the SUCCESSFUL.

Holiday brunch you hosted this morning. What did you serve? What strategy(s) did you employ to stay on track?.


-glad you found yesterday's info-blog interesting. As you may well have surmised from previous posts, I am a nutrition-a-holic hobby-ist. The irony is that I did not apply what I KNEW for the past 5 years; too often told myself, "it is just one bite, one extra serving, a special occasion and a chance to splurge.." I am grateful that two events conspired at the same time. First I was not happy with what I "saw" in the mirror as I appraoched my 48th b-day in early spring, AND I was ready to retake back charge of my body and eating. Tada! Medifast AND the Shorties to the rescue..

AFM-today is a mellow day. I am fast approaching a 2-day exam (12/18-12/19) and trying to stay focused; I can easily psyche myself out with seminal events such as the one I referenced. My past (and probably will forever battle) tendency to nibble is strongest during study time, so Trident gum, water, and a zillion trips to the bathroom are what keep me distracted..

Hope all of you are well; CARPE Saturday, Shorties!..

Comment #36

Good Morning Shorties!.


- It would make for an awesome MF'ing story how I hosted the Ladies Christmas Brunch and served MF-approved Lean and Greens and personally stayed on plan. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I wasn't in charge of the food (I just opened my home for everyone to come), the food wasn't MF-approved (except for the scrambled eggs, which I did eat) and I did stray from the eggs and ate some of the other items, too. My strategy (if you could call it that) was to avoid some of the foods (the highest carb items, like breads, pastries, fruits, juices and yogurt) and eat mostly eggs and more "protein source foods". I won't go into the gory food porn details....

But the good news was that I forced everyone to take home left-overs so there isn't a scrap of the off-plan food left in the house! Now I just need to get rid of the aroma of bacon that has permeated the place!.

So, to take a cue from.


- attach a hose and GUZZLE water today!..

Comment #37


Ok, so I know that many MFers lose 10 lbs in their first WEEK of Medifast but I am 5' tall and it has taken me over a month. (Ok, I'm almost there. I'm 1/2 a pound a way but I'm deciding to count it!) However,.

I lost another ONE HALF POUND last night!!!!.

(Oh sleep, do your wonderous magic!) I think that's 2/12 pounds since my great plateau. I'm not used to seeing numbers move more than once in a week but I thought my fellow shorties could relate!..

Comment #38

Dear l.



BRAVA! What more can we say? In my first week I enjoyed a similar loss and came to think that was "typical." In retrospect, I resent that my counselor calculated my "target" date using that rate of loss. She projected that I might hit my ideal weight by late July. Well, I began T & M in early October, though I admit to also have lowered my goal weight than origianlly targeted. A few of the weeks (as random as they were) I enjoyed a.

1 3/4-2 lb loss. Mostly, I creeped along and hoped for 1-1.25 loss each week. Stalls, a few upticks and many supportive e-mails from fellow Shortsters later, I nearly began crying when I finally hit my mark this fall..

Whatever the cause for your lovely loss, keep focused on the journey AND celebrate the all that you have accomplished via the scale, NSV, and within your mind!!!!!! We couldn't be happier for you..



: glad you ate the eggs! (they continue to be one of my "favorite" foods now that I am in T & M. Nothing better than sitting down with a warm plate of egg whites (you can add a drop or two of yellow food color if you want to psyche out your visual cues!) on a chilly, hungry day. Sorry about the other temptations, but also appreciate your sharing the strategy you employed. Life happens. Part of the Plan is learning how to negotiate life in REAL terms. I am glad that you had a PLAN, amended your plan, and then gave the leftovers away! Just think what could've happened had you returned to pre-MF strategies..

AFM, FREEZING! Haven't gotten around to getting the long underwear but will order as soon as I am done with this posting. Mostly, feeling mellow and balanced. What a good place for the mind and heart. In the mean time, perhaps the body is burning a few more calories trying to stay warm? Yeah, I read another therory that suggested we drink cold water for that very reason; the body needs extra energy to warm the water within? On the other hand, when I am cold, the LAST thing I want is ice water! I also read a theory that in cold weather, folks have a tendency to eat more fatty foodsto create insulation for increased warmth..

In the end of the day, I am resigned to the notion that our bodies are still going through changes. Perhaps the "cold" thing is a result of the body working to readjust it's thermostat according to my "new" weight? Can hope that this time next year, my internal "furnance" will be recalibrated to keep being a lean, mean, fat burning WARMER machine..

In the meantime, my latest favorite drink! Get a quater-sized slice of fresh ginger root. Steep in boiling water for 10 minutes or so. Serve HOT with a shake of stevia (if you like sweetness) and/or milk, and a shake of cinnamon and/or nutmeg. In many cultures, ginger tea is drunk to address vomiting/nausea (not my issue) and also believed to warm from within. In Western research, Cinnamon is reported to help regulate blood sugar and is showing significant effect with some diabetes patients (not my issue either, but regualting blood sugar is a part of the Medifast program). Whatever the rationales, I am CRAZY about this hot drink right now..

Happy happy Sunday, Shorties!..

Comment #39

Woozy, love what you say about perspective. Reminds me of the one about lying on your deathbed usually not involving wishing youd spent more time at the office or kept a cleaner house. I used to tell a slightly OCD friend that in 10 yrs her kids would remember the fun they had with her and not so much how clean the kitchen floor was.

As for the thrifty gene thing, years ago my doctor slapped me on the butt (dont freak, we had that kind of relationship after his saving my life and 20 yrs) and said, youd be the last person to starve to death on a desert island, with your metabolism! Oh, goodie. Neels thinking reminds me of a similar theory I read about the survival value of the gene for sickle cell anemia..

Ltelephant, OMG, just reading about your family gave me self-esteem issues! Thats not shallow, thats human, especially in our appearance-driven society. I believe in you..

Cat, after a tough life in many respects and a history of disastrous relationships, I met DH. At first I was sure he wouldnt stick around, that he would leave. After 2 years, I thought maybe hed stay, but since the other shoe ALWAYS drops in my life, I started worrying hed have an accident or dire illness. For some reason, we dont feel we deserve to be happy, perhaps? But we do. YOU do..

Mia, hope whatever it is has resolved and that youre feeling calmer and happier..

Kat! Whoot on the surprise loss!!.

Gkrism, by the time I get home,you maybe very close to -60!!! Wow! Good for you for gifting the other ladies with the bad food. As for the aroma, I think it's OK, no calories, so inhale deeply. It's the closest we'll get to bacon for a while..

MT_CUP, HI! (waving madly).

As for me, were in Key West! Not as warm as wed hoped, but still better than RI! Went deep-sea fishing and caught two huge gorgeous fish, which they filleted for us. Enough for me to eat for the rest of the week for L&G! Have been OP doing the 4&2, while the DH, my sister, and her DH are eating whatever (all the while her telling me that when they get home, she is starting the cookie diet, which is 6 meals of diet cookies and thats it a day.) I dont say anything, because she is telling me while eating regular cookies that have 140 cals a piece. I have also told her I will be skipping the reservation at Better Than Sex Desserts..

Miss you all, so had to drop by and visit a bit. Drink your water! XXXOOO..

Comment #40


- congrats on the loss overnight! Amazing how sometimes it seems to go so slowly and then "BAM!" a loss!.


- thanks for the kind words - yes, pre-MF my strategy would have been to keep all of the left overs and eat my way through them over the following day(s), rationalizing that I wasn't "wasting" the food and was being "thrifty." I still don't like doing eggs for L&G - I can't figure out what "G" to go with the eggs..

I also think our bodies adjust to temps in following years. I know that when I moved to Georgia (from Germany), I was HOT the entire first winter. But by the following year, I had adjusted to where I could wear turtleneck sweaters in 70 degree weather. Hopefully, I adjust to less insulation this year too - or else learn to layer better..


- enjoy your trip to Key West! Hope it warms up for you. I just had someone at church comment today that her husband wants to try Medifast - but she's resisting the idea because she "knows they will gain it all back again." The inference, obviously, is that I'll gain it all back too. I know I would if I go back to eating what I did before. I'm not sure if I (on any of my yo-yo diets in the past 20 years) ever came to that realization that reaching goal wasn't permission to eat everything in sight. I'm hoping that I've learned that this time..


- I've got another strategy for this afternoon's church annual ice skating party and bake-off. a) I'm not bringing any baked goodies. b) I can't skate this year (as I normally would) because my surgeon (for the broken arm) would be VERY UNHAPPY with me. c) I don't want to spend 2 hours standing next to the baked goodies while I have the hungries from yesterday's offplanness. d) I plan to stand around talking to people eating a Medifast bar and drinking water and then e) I'll slip out to go to the bathroom and instead go shopping in the mall and come back when it's nearly over..

I'll let you know how it works out. So far today (it's only 2pm for me), I've already finished 8 glasses of water. I should be fully lubricated by the time I get to the ice skating rink. Now I need to attach the hose to the other end!..

Comment #41


, the hot ginger drink sounds wonderful! Your story about being cold reminds me of a friend who has lost over 60 lbs since he started 6 weeks ago. He was always too hot and now that his body is changing, he has been saying how cold he is; I tease him about losing insulation. I think youre right about our bodies changing and readjusting; it may take a little time to get back in sync. Thanks for the thrifty gene info, too..


, Welcome back OP. How did your skating party go? Were you able to escape to do a little shopping?.


, feeling a bit envious here, in the rain, wind and dampness! Congrats on staying OP. And theres nothing like fresh caught fish!.

AFM, after 2 weeks of significant losses, Im down just 1 pound this week, but had an NSV today. Im the treasurer at our local Elks Lodge and this afternoon was the annual Elks Memorial Service. The officers are supposed to wear tuxes for certain occasions and I had purchased a cheap $99 online suit a while back. The shirt and vest were a bit tight and the pants had an adjustable waistband, which was at it's largest size. Today the shirt and vest werent straining at the buttons and I had to take in the waist!.

Ive got 2 potluck dinners this week, most of the food will be prepared by pretty health conscious folks so I should be okay, food-wise. The hard part will be staying away from the good wine available. Ill be serving the beer and wine at one of them, so drinking wont be an issue. Maybe some kind of spritzer at the other one..

Cheers, all. Have a good OP week and to quote Mia,.

Drink Water!..

Comment #42

Hi Shorties!.

Knowing I was going to report back to you made it easier at the ice skating party to avoid the goodies. I also ate a Medifast snack (apple crisps) on the way to the rink, and then ate a Medifast chocolate mint crunch bar while there. Drank water..

And then slipped away to the mall. While there, I stopped in at Macy's and found two skirts on clearance - with an additional 25% off, so I ended up getting two skirts for under $22 (after tax). Not quite the deal that I've been getting at Kohl's but decent. And one was a size 4 and the other was a 6! And it's not "buying down" - I can actually wear both of them right now!.

The added benefit of slipping away when I did is that I was able to avoid unplanned babysitting duties of my 4-year old niece. It was her first time to skate, and I could tell that it wasn't going to last long, and also that my Brother & SIL would want to continue skating....

At any rate, thanks for the encouragement to establish a plan, and then for being here for the accountability factor!..

Comment #43

Happy Monday all, hope you have a great week..

Wow you guys were chatty this weekend! With the holiday season here, I'm out of the house a lot visiting, getting holiday gifts together and more so not here so much. Sounds like everyone is doing great, which is always good to hear..

Sue, enjoy your time in the sun, nice of you to check in..

Found out my sister who lives in the UK will be here for two weeks around the holidays so I'll be scarce after the 17th until after New Year's. *Does the happy happy joy joy dance*.

Hugs to all in need!..

Comment #44

Morning Shorties. Feeling Better! I hate being sick! First bad cold in three years. I was on the couch for 4 days! 20 Days to Christmas and I have not done my shopping. OMG! I don't know what to buy. The kids don't believe in Santa any more and they really don't know what they want. One thing they are getting is another season of skiing/snowboarding lessons.

I work most weekends and they are doing homework during the week. Where is Hermoine with that "Time Turner" when you need her!.

Oh sorry for the rant!.

Have a Great Day!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #45

It's COLD here this morning! Brr! Without my blubber, I'm really feeling it. I'm off to Goodwill before my pants fall down...

Comment #46

Scored a beautiful pair of wool slacks for $1.50 at Goodwill. Only problem is I will have to grow 4 inches to wear them. Or I can shorten them, I suppose...

Comment #47


I have adopted the "gift that keeps on giving" motto. No more shopping for me! (Except for really little guys who enjoy having a present under the tree). I just hand out cash in cute cards. This is a one-size fits-all, no return policy, 100% guaranteed satisfaction way to go. I do not have to deal with crowds (unless you consider the lines at the drive-up/walk up ATM). Giving cash also allows me to stay within a budget and lets the recipient(s) to pick exactly what they want, add it to whatever they have saved for a grander gift, or save it /spend some.

Mostly, I am sooooooooooooooo over the shopping thing. I'd rather be at home reading, at the gym, jogging, going to the theater, traveling, figuring out new recipes, and of course, CHATTING WITH THE SHORTIES.


-$1.50 wool pants? Girl, you got it going on! I think you can hop over ot the tailor and have those suckers shortened with all the $ you saved! AFM, I can't seems to wear some wool, as I get too itchy. Then again, my sister who buys outrageously expensive clothes tells me fine wool clothing is FABULOUS and lined..

Not much else going on. Enjoyed a fun spin class this morning. Poor Dd. I am sure that if he could, he would have grabbed his leash and given me those "pity-me-I'm-not-going-for-a-run-eyes." A little walk later this afternoon will soon vanquish those otherwise, sorrowful beautiful browns of his..

Happy Monday Shorties!..

Comment #48

Woozy the pants are lined, and very soft. I usually don't like wool, but I love these pants!..

Comment #49


- great bargain on the pants. Pay to get them shortened and you are still ahead!.


- I did gift cards last year - I got a bunch of them (some restaurants, some stores, some home depot, etc), and put them in a gift bag, and then everyone got to draw one. I don't think I could get by with that again this year..

In fact, I guess we have drawn names, and I've got my brother and sister-in-law as a couple. Now I'll actually have to think about what to get!.


- has your sister seen you since you lost the weight? Nice that you'll get to see her again regardless!.


- good luck with the shopping!..

Comment #50

SCORE! Lined wool pants for $1.50? You win kiddo. That's awesome. Now take them to a good tailor they're worth it..

She's the only sibling who has not seen me since I lost weight. She's seen my before and after pics, though. In fact she was the other person in my before pic, that I cut out. I want a rematch!.

Off to bed. Hugs and sweet dreams all...

Comment #51

So, it's not official until Saturday, but I couldn't wait to take a peek. And as of today I'm NORMAL. Well, at least my BMI is normal..

Oh and I finally posted some "off with her head" pictures on my page..

Have a great OP day, Shorties!..

Comment #52

I am suffering from this feeling this year. And at our house it is not only Christmas, but birthday season, too. I just have no interest in buying presents. Some of that feeling comes from being a little short in the $$ department (we're shorties all the way around at our house) and some from the pressure of Christmas AND Birthdays. I know I will end up finding something for presents, but I haven't enjoyed Christmas shopping since the girls got too old for Toys R Us. I kinda miss shopping on the "pink aisle" (what DH calls the aisle with Barbie) and the Lego aisle. Tho' the oldest wouldn't frown at getting Legos.....hmm.........

Comment #53

Hello fellow Shorties!.

(Warning! A lengthy posting about how I am approaching the holidays in terms of money and time.).

So Curmudgeon-y as I may sound, I think the shopping thing is overrated. Perhaps it is the thrill of capturing a BARGAIN? (A return to primal instincts of hunting/gathering?) Is the challenge of negotiating fellow shoppers thrilling too? Call me weird, but I just don't get how I can be related to two sisters who make PLANS FOR BLACK FRIDAY OLYMPICS!.

In my effort to share holiday cheer I am consciously NOT giving in (recall, I am also the luddite who does not own a cell phone, PDA, pager, or have a computer chip embedded in my forehead) to what I perceive to be holiday craziness; I am going back to a simpler time when time spent with loved ones and/or engaging in simple activities is the value of the hoilday. For example, one week ago, I had 5 of the neighborhood boys (ranging in ages from 9-12) years and our son over for dipping holiday chocolate goodies. We had white and dark chocolate dips, sprinkles, stars, and all sorts of things: pretzel rods, dried fruit, marshmellows, fortune cookies, gold fish crackers, whatever I could think of! We had a blast and everyone got to go home with a plate of beautifully decorated, hand dipped treats to share with his respective family(s). Our son has fiinished enjoying one treat a day (and not noticed that nearly 1/2 of his "stash" was repacked and given to another neighbor who does not have youngsters around.) The biggest challenge was keeping them from licking their fingers before all the items were dipped..

My strategy involved starting with chewing minty gun, and then sipping fat free hot cocoa. That way my mouth was busy and I eventually got a chocolate fix, too. I was super "fancy" and put a shake of cinnamon and a shake of nutmeg in my cocoa. Watch out Starbucks! You have competitition from yours truly..

I daresay the health inspector might not have given us an "A" restaurant rating, but we were very careful and EVERYONE HAD A BLAST! (I really like the idea of getting our son comfortable around the cooking, preparing, and enjoying of food; and collaborating with family/friends.) I laughed when I was doing this week's housecleaning and found a few sprinkles two weeks later!.

What I am trying to sayand hopefully consistently live as per my previous blogsis that I am tryiing to remain focused on the balance and harmony that makes life meaningful, however self-defined. I no longer am victim to holiday debt and obligations to give/receive. In the end, I am choosing with whom to spend my valuable time. This is very much in keeping with the Medifast lifestyle; I am also consciously choosing what I want to eat and balancing with occasional treats; both strategies (being more strategic with time and food choices) facilitates deeper savoring of my choices..

Enjoy the season however you see fit, and make time (your most precious commodity) the #1 priority. Happy Tuesday Shorties!..

Comment #54

DH and I don't do the whole "shop 'til you drop" thing either. Black Friday is a day for staying home and playing computer games. The only gifts we buy for Christmas are for his parents and my mother. That's it. If Mom wants something particular, we get that for her. Otherwise, it's a gift card to Amazon or some other place she frequents.

Everybody's happy and nobody's budget gets stretched...

Comment #55

I stopped shopping on Black Friday a few years ago. I enjoy sleeping late! My kids and husband are the only ones I shop for. As my kids get older 12.75 and 16 1/2 yrs, they don't want toys.

CDs', cell phone $ and the DD wants clothes. This will be the third year for ski/snowboarding lessons. This is also part of their gifts..

The Sunday before Christmas I have my family over for drinks and dessert. No gifts! This works really well. We all have fun and enjoy each others company.The DH family lives in other parts of the country and the kids are sent gift cards. We see them when they travel back home during the summer months. We don't travel to them due to severe allergies..

I do miss the late night shopping and secret wrapping!..

Comment #56

I've been shopping on line for years now. I don't do the holiday crush. That said, I have a habit of picking things up throughout the year if I come across something that makes me think "that's so (insert name here)"..

Happy Wednesday all! Hugs to all in need. Local grocery store now sells small jars of French Cornichons. Very tasty and the jar has a few tiny pearl onions in it too. What a great snack no matter what part of the plan you're on! 7 gerkins are 5 calories, and no carbs. Not too tart so very satisfying those 7 little pickles...

Comment #57

I don't shop on Black Friday. My DH has convinced me to buy most of the kids gifts online, as all they want is tech geek kinds of stuff. I prefer to buy for my neice and sister in the store, as I want to see and touch and feel, if that makes sense to anybody but me and my sister..

WI has me down 2 lbs today! Only 11 from goal, but I think I'll be changing my goal before I get done...

Comment #58

Quick holiday hug to all.



, and.


Happy Wednesday everyone!..

Comment #59

Ok, I DO miss the shopping after Turkey Day. When the girls were young we would go stay with my MIL and my parents would do Thanksgiving for all of us. The next day the girls would stay with my parents while DH and I went shopping with his mom. We'd hit Toys R Us at about 7:00, because they opened at 6:00 (tells you how long it's been). We'd get all her shopping done (remember, we did Christmas AND birthday for each girl) and sometimes presents for us and be at In-N-Out by 11:30. Then we'd put up her house lights and tree.

And I miss her. But Birthday Season started in our family yesterday (my mom was 86 - she was the first disaster, as she puts it), so hopefully things pick up...

Comment #60

DS4 is sick today with a bad cold. On top of that, I have a busy day with work and a volunteer gig. And he has a concert tonight, that I hope he will be able to participate in. But I've got my meals all planned, and will have a great day!..

Comment #61


-So sorry about the sickness. Something was definitely going around the gym this past month. Despite those sani-wipe things, I could just see (and hear the hacking coughs/sneezes) of fellow gym rats struggling through various work outs. Yikes. The best that can be said is that once we survive these seasonal ailments, our bodies will have developed the "natural" (vs. artificial) immunity to the multi-faceted bugs.

But I am partial to enduring the disease and going with palliative careour bodies were DESIGNED to develop immunities. It seems too much of this alcohol-wipe/hand sanitation stuff may be resulting in even tougher/resistant forms of bateria/infections..

At the end of the day, it is a very personal decision and one that should be discussed with a variety of health care professionals. I, for one, however think that if we let our bodies DO what they are supposed to do (e.g., make snot to eject cold/flu viruses and infections vs. taking medication to dry up the phlegm, and thus likely prolong the disease process) , we will be a much healthier soceity, overall. Of course, practicing handwashing with soap and water, getting enough sleep, decreasing stress, AND EATING WELL (yeah MF) are equally significant contributors to our remaining healthy..

So, bug hugs to your DS4. Quick recovery and successful concert!.


-holiday traditions are fun, aren't they? I can see that for many, shopping is a ritual that can take on special meaning. I loved reading about how you, DH, and M would make an adventure of your shopping. As for me, my holiday traditions are less conventional. For example, this weekend the weather person is predicting 80 degrees!!!! Guess that means we head out to the beach in mid-December! Now, this is a tradition worth repeating..

My latest problem? Since I started Medifast in March, I treated myself to a "new" black (the all-slimming, tres chic color) one-shoulder (think Tarzan) swimsuit. Very cute especially because of the metal snake detail on the shoulder strap. When I went to try it on in anticipation of this weekend's outing, the butt was saggy and I just looked matronly in it. So the twofold question I pose includes:.

1. Where does one buy an even newer/equally cute swim suit in the middle of winter?.

2. Is it okay for this 48 years youngster to even think 2-piece? Shall I accept my fate as a now-age-appropriate one-piece wearer?.

Have yourself a merry little Thurday, Shorties! You can think of this (mischievous) elf as she makes plans to sit/wade/jog AND stare at the cuties on the beach...

Comment #62

1. Check online at Victoria's Secret and Everything But Water..

2. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!..

Comment #63

Shorties. Hello all! I can't believe it's Thursday!.

Woozy- try the sport store on line in your area. And yes, If you got it, Flaunt it!.

I was looking thru past blogs I wrote last week and thru the weekend. Wow, I have to remember not to go online when I'm sick. I don't remember any on it. Sorry.

I've got to run. lots of crunches to do and kids to pick up. Have a great weekend!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #64

Woozy - when you said 80* I thought you were kidding. So I headed over to weatherbug and sure enough. 81* the predicted hi for my little suburb on Sat. Mission Bay, here we come. It's time to do a bonfire/bbq night on the bay..

Ah, the perks of winter in SoCal!..

Comment #65

TGIF Shorties!.

Woozy, I second trying Everything but Water. I love their suits! I bought one of their tankini sets as a goal gift to myself. It's cute and it fits wonderfully...

Comment #66

I'm too cold to even think about swimsuits! Wish I lived someplace warmer. (Actually, I don't. I love the changing seasons!).

Have a great weekend, everybody! They are talking possible snow on Saturday night. No swimming for me...

Comment #67

Hi Everyone!.

Today is my son, Jamie's, birthday. I am now, officially the mother of a PRE-TEEN..


Wish me luck! hehe..

Comment #68

Kat - wait till he asks for the car keys! Honestly, I found the high school years much easier than the middle school years with my girls. Something about the hormones, etc. of middle school makes them utterly and completely stupid people..

But like my mom always says: "We're not getting any older, just the kids are". Amen...

Comment #69

Donna I totally agree. Middle school children are not human. It gets better..

Cold and rainy here. Not good weather for outdoor activities. Guess I'll haul out the WiiFit..

Have a good weekend, Shorties!..

Comment #70

Happy weekend all! My sister who lives overseas is coming home for 2 weeks for the holidays. My family is in an uproar over who her family is staying with for how long before we move them to the next household and who's cooking what meals... LOL it's really quite comical. I'm just quietly sitting back and watching the emails fly, not responding. Just wonder how long it will take them to figure out I'm sitting out of the arguments. LOL. Family is fun sometimes...

Comment #71

Hello fellow shorties! I am 5'1" if I stretch really hard. LOL. High weight 171.9. UGGG Current weight 153.4 in 8 weeks. I teach early childhood special education so I am with shorties all day. I love my job and have fun dancing around while we sing everyday..

When started working out I stopped losing weight my TSFL health coach told me to drink the 70 shakes. It helped some but not much. My high loss week was only 6 lbs and that was week 1. otherwise I haven't done much more than 2. However, the inches ARE coming off! 5" on my belly and 2 on my thighs. Maybe more now I need to measure again..

My husband and I are both OP and he is typically losing like a man. LOTS! I think he is down almost 60lbs in the same time. That is frustrating to me..

Oh well, we are planning and preparing for our daughters wedding on December 26th. Hoping it to be beautiful event in her life with 2 skinny parents. Praying she will see the need to get onboard with the plan as well. She is also a shorty at around 210. PLUS she is marrying one of the others...a skinny Tall. LOL.

Well I guess I better get with the day...I am going to check out my husbands gym..



Comment #72

Good morning Shorties!.



Welcome! 18.5 pounds in 8 weeks is right on target for a Shortie!.


- hope you continue to enjoy the family drama! Sounds like you've got your own family soap opera.


- I have to announce that I'm officially at a "healthy" BMI today - on my 7 month Mediversary! Just barely, so I'm not done yet, but wow, what a difference in 7 (relatively) short and (not so) pain-free months! (for you newbies - it was the broken arm that caused the pain, not MF!).

Speaking of which, I did have the bone density test - and I do have some osteopenia (sp?). The doctor recommended that I start taking Calcium Supplements (with Vitamin D) and that I start doing "weight bearing" exercises. I looked it up - the only 3 forms of "exercise" that I am most willing to do are non-weight-bearing exercises - swimming, biking and using the elliptical..

So I guess, I have to change the forms of exercise that I'm willing to do. Starting any form of exercise will be what I need to do next..

Thanks for sharing this journey with me, fellow Shorties! I know I couldn't have done it without you - knowing that Shorties lose slower is SUCH an encouragement!..

Comment #73

Howdy Shorties! I made it through my incredibly busy week at work, but I have to admit I did make some bad choices when it came to food, coupled with getting up at 5am to get to work and getting home anywhere from 8pm - 10pm each night. Oh, and not excercising to boot! Let's just say I am glad that is behind me - I actually did learn more about my behaviours through the week, and while I regret that I lost control of some moments, did make those moments teaching moments and hopefully that will make me stronger the next time I am in the same position..


- congrats on the healthy BMI! You really have done so well with MF, slow and steady wins the race!.



, glad you found us. The wedding is so close, how exciting! My DH did/is doing Medifast with me too (I really did it with him - it was his idea). It is much nicer having someone else at home on the same plan!.


- good luck with the family! I am sure it will all work out!.

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone else. I will be around more next week I am sure! Things at work not so crazy - but it sounds like our weather will be. Cold, rainy, freezing rain, sleet and snow all in the 5 day forecast - yuck! I really HATE winter!..

Comment #74


, love cornichons. I have a jar in the frig. right now, but didnt think I could have them until Maintenance. Had limited myself to dills. Yay! Another OP treat. Thanks..

Hope you have a wonderful time with your sister and that the family can peacefully agree whos doing what to whom when. Where does she live?.


, sounds like wonderful memories with a close and loving family. Dont know how old your girls are or where they are, but maybe you could do something similar with them and theirs..


, hope your son is better and no one else has caught it!.


, the natural immunity thing is one argument I use with the vets about over-vaccinating my dogs. And I dont get flu shots, myself, but I wonder what I would do if I were a teacher or nurse or some other profession where my exposure would be much higher than it is spending my days with dogs and cats.

Wow, congrats on out-growing (or would that be out-shrinking?) the Tarzan bathing suit! Since I sincerely believe this is an item that absolutely must be tried on, buying on-line could be problematic. Even here in boonie RI there is one shop that sells suits and only suits, all year long, but I do live in a coastal state. Dont know/remember where you are, but check to se if you have something similar or whether any of the department stores are selling them as part of their resort wear collections. As for a 2-piece, honey, if it looks good, Id go for it. Did you tell us where this beach with all the cuties is? If all else fails, you could certainly find bathing suits there.


, congrats on Jamies birthday. Youve both made it this far, and having had four step-children, 2 of each sex, I found adolescent boys MUCH easier than girls of that age. Hang in there!.


, welcome. You know you cant compare your losses with a mans. Just another advantage they have. Congrats on your losses so far! Youve averaged 2.3 lbs a week, by my calculations, which is super for a shortie!.


, yay for your healthy BMI! That is a wonderful milestone. You might be surprised to find you enjoy working out with weights. It also can raise your metabolism, which is a good thing..


, glad for you that week is over. Sounds very wearing. Any advice for the rest of us based on what you learned about coping with situations like that?.

Greetings and hugs to the rest of our fellow Shorties!.

So, back from Key West, where the weather was record-breakingly cold, so not as much activity as Id planned, other than walking. BUT, I was adamantly OP, albeit 4&2, while my sister ate such an assortment of sludge all week, my DH and I were amazed. All the time she was stuffing her face with fried foods, carbs, booze and sweets, undoing much of the progress shed made on Optifast, she talked about how she was going on the cookie diet as soon as she got home. Sigh. :-(.

I was terrified to step on the scale this AM, but I actually lost 1.25 lbs since we left for vacation!!! I am totally psyched. Now to incorporate exercise back into my routine. I am definitely skinny fat and need to firm up whats left and hope it decreases the deflated balloon stuff. Checking in with you all while we were away definitely helped me stay on the straight and narrow. Bless you all...

Comment #75

Hi again shorties! How come when I have time to play everyone else has left the sand box.



- glad to see you around this weekend! Basically for the week with training, I let the emotion "poor me working so hard/long hours/etc..." be my mantra and I felt I needed some special treats to reward myself. And really, everyone was working hard, the hard work was recognized and none of the "treats" were really that good. I learned the better way to reward myself is to still feed my body well, which includes better planning ahead on my part. And if I can, to still get the excercise in, but this week that was really a challenge. Yea for you for having a great time on vacation, enjoying the foods a little bit with a 4&2 plan, but losing weight while away - woo hoo! I do feel sad for your sister, because I could see that being me a year ago. Until she is ready, there really isn't much you can do.

Woosh - this is about the first full 5 minutes I have sat down today (except for in Church, and even then it is Stand, Sit, Kneel - repeat often! My BIL calls it Christian aerobics!). I just finished making 15 loaves of Pumpkin Bread (well, 6 loaves are still in the oven). I LOVE my convection oven this time of year. "Back in the Day" I could only cook 3 at a time and it literally took all day to get the same amount done that I did in about 3 hours today! While not measuring, mixing, pouring and washing dishes I am doing laundry. So it finally looks and smells like Christmas at my house now! Oh, did I mention, I did get the tree up and put out most of the indoor decorations yesterday- so I am almost ready! Better spirits than a few weeks ago, so that is good!.

I do have a little Christmas affair to get to this afternoon - one neighbor has lots of pine trees on his property and he actually let's folks come and cut them down for their christmas trees. I think this may be the last year they will be "house size", but I don't get my tree - just go for some Christmas Cheer (and this year I may have a glass of wine)! I just need to wait for that last batch of bread out of the oven, and I am off (just a walk down the street). Of course they will get one of the freshly baked loaves! It is actually a very yucky day - rainy and cold - so I don't imagine that many will be chopping down trees today, but maybe!.

Oh, also, I did run again this morning and it felt GREAT! I did 3.5 miles and then a little bit of work with hand-weights..

Hope everyone else is doing well and not to overwhelmed with the Holidays!..

Comment #76

Hi fellow Shorties, happy Sunday..



, congrats on your loss, you're doing great!.

A combination of stress and too many temptations this past week led to my own loss of control,.


I was rather disappointed in myself for succumbing so easily.

I'm off to see the local production of "The Nutcracker" this afternoon. Should be fun, especially since I know several of the kids performing this year..

Best wishes to all, have a great week!.


Comment #77

Happy Monday all! Insanity continues to reign in my neck of the woods, but I'm not eating my way through the stress. RAWR! Hugs to all in need...

Comment #78

Yay! The scale was kind to me this morning and registered a LOSS of 2.2 lbs! I've been battling with the scale FOREVER, especially since my doctor pulled me off Medifast a few months ago. Finally! Progress!.

I did over 4 miles of walk/run on the treadmill this morning. I still can't run very long at a stretch, but there's improvement there, too. Slowly, but surely, the excess fat WILL come off!..

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A number of years ago, DH and I went to see the Nutcracker performed by a local ballet academy. DH's boss's little girl (12 years old) played the Sugar Plum Fairy, beating all the older girls for the part. She was fabulous! So professional for such a young girl! She even danced the whole thing in her new toe shoes! (Normally, that school didn't allow anyone under 14 or 15 to use toe shoes, but she was soooo good, they started her early - with strict instructions that she was never to wear them without her instructors present.) She got a standing ovation at her curtain call - a truly outstanding performance. She's probably dancing for the NY Ballet or something by now......

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Hi One and all!.

I have been MIA from the boards (hey.


, now we can play in the sandbox!) because of this final week of testing for the semester. I have a gi-normous 2-day exam (written one day, practical the other) and I am working on the emotional eating temptation. Seems if I drink alot of water, there is no room for temptations! Then again, with all the miles I trek to/from the restroom I can only imagine what my body is thinking..

So, you were all so chatty this weekend! I am thinking about the comment of the Nut Cracker Ballet. I heard a few of the tunes on my classical station and immediately wanted to put my toe shoes on, too! Then with all the talk of The Black Swan (new film with Natalie Portman and Mila K) I can see that a MEGA reward for having finished my test will be to go to the movies (and maybe a small diet Coke.).

Not much else for now. Just glued to to the books and notes. Remembering to be grateful that I have the chance to be in school. Not many other 48-year youngsters have the chance to retool themselves and their careers..

By the way, never did make it to the beach this past weekend. Thanks for all the feedback on the swim suit question, but never found the time to shop. One more fun thing to do this break! (And yes, if I find a cute 2-piecerWATCH OUT WORLD!).

Happy Monday, Shorties!..

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Happy NOT Monday!.

One more week of work and then a 3 week holiday. (And I am calling it Christmas Break, not Winter) DD2 will be home on Friday afternoon and that will be so much fun. We were planning on having my parents and sister/BIL at our house for Christmas, but those plans are on hold. My mom is doing a short round of chemo again for her Non-Hodgkins (did I tell you that?) and now she has developed shingles. (At least we know she had chicken pox as a kid - ha) It is a side-effect of the chemo drug but they've caught it early and she's doing ok. But they may not be able to do much traveling.

As far as Medifast - I'm down another 1.5, with about 16 pounds to go. At what weight do I start thinking Transition? Within 3 or 5 pounds of goal, or should I wait till I hit goal on 5/1? NSV - went shopping with DD3 yesterday and for the first time in living memory I was not embarrassed to look in the mirror. Shirts actually made me look thin. Why would anyone not stay OP when things like this can happen? Medifast has made me so happy and content...

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- sorry to hear about your mom's health difficulties. I hope you are able to see her after all this year. As for Transition - I'm not going to start until after I reach my goal. My losses have already slowed down to a crawl, so I'm not sure I'll lose anything else in Transition. But I'm not there yet - I still have about 16.4 pounds to go....


- awesome that you finally had a loss - and a big one at that! Congrats!.


- good luck with the final final!.


- Sand boxes bring up certain memories - I was about 5 and we begged my parents for a sand box. Got one too, but didn't take into account that the neighbor had 12 cats, and that we created a giant outdoor litter box for them....


- I'm plugging along. Wasn't completely on plan over the weekend, and I actually DO understand that the off-plan-ness is a contributing factor to the slower losses. Head knowledge, though isn't translating into action. I'm sort of wondering if I'm also thinking that it would be easier to be on 5&1 during tax season, so, if my losses are slow, then I'll still be on 5&1 then? Could I be sabotaging myself?..

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It's cold here, and I find that I have more trouble getting warm without the additional insulation. Not that I'm wishing for it back, though..

Changed my goal (downwards) today. Might do it again after the first of the year. When I started, 134 seemed like it was so far away, but now I see that I can get there and keep going. I can do this!.

Gkrism weekends are hard for me, too. Not as much structure, and if I'm not careful, I forget about my plan. Along with my husband's desire to continue the fast food lunches! I have gotten really creative about figuring out what to eat at fast food places! Now we are in party season, which brings new challenges. Good luck! (I think I'd rather be on 5&1 during tax season, if I was the one doing everybody's taxes!)..

Comment #84


- congrats on the next pound gone! Yes, I prepare tax returns (about 120 or so each year) and I think the simplicity of 5&1 appeals to me. But if I am in transition, then I'll deal with it..


- I did a mid-week peek, and it looks like I may have finally hit my original goal of 60 pounds gone. But I want to make it to 75 gone, so the process is continuing..

Have a great day, Shorties!..

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Hi Shorties! Great to hear everyone doing so well during this challenging Holiday Food Fest time!.


- so exciting that you are almost to 60 pounds down! Yuck on the Sand Box memory! I guess that is why now-a-days they have lids for them!.


- I was cold all the time BEFORE I lost weight, I am pretty much cold all the time now, except for a few weeks in August - LOL! And inside at work it is ALWAYS cold. Last week there was trouble with the AC and it got to like 75 degrees, I was in heaven (but everyone else was whining)!.



! Wow, a 3 week break sounds lovely, but I am sure it will fly by for you. Wishing the best for your Mom!.

AFM, I am at work today, but taking tomorrow (thurs) off for hopefully what will be my last shopping trip for Christmas. After tomorrow, gift cards are looking like a great gift! I work then on Friday and M- W next week - then off until the 28th. I am hosting brunch for my family (Mom, two sisters and their families and an Aunt & Uncle, and maybe a cousin) on Christmas Day (around Noonish), so after Christmas Day I can veg - looking forward to that!..

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*waves* Hi everyone..

Donna, transition starts 1 week after you reach goal, as per the T&M guide..

I'd download it now and start reading it. It's not as simple as 5&1, so the more you read it and know it before you start, the less anxiety you'll have..

Off to do more holiday gift shopping. Hugs to all who need them!..

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Hello Shorties! I guess I've been MIA. I forget sometimes where I've blogged. Looks like everyone is doing really well. Not much going on here just work and family..

Got to run. Have a Great week and weekend if I don't pop back in...

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There's alot of running around this time of year! DH, DD1 and I went out tonight looking at replacement cell phones. Just phones, not a mini keyboard or a wanna-be laptop, just a phone. (in fact, we turned the texting feature off on our plan) Then it was looking at luggage for DD3 and now home for a gingerbread oatmeal muffin and some cinnamon apple tea..

NSV - I love washing my face and applying lotion now. I have a jawbone and contours on my neck, like a little adam's apple (or do we have eve apples?). And I have a waist that isn't being eaten by my baby-fat tummy. And a sports bra actually holds the girls in place - wahoo. I'm just a whole lot of happy tonight...

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A happy Thursday all. Shopping was a semi-success last night. I'm almost done with gift buying. Woohoo! I'm really looking forward to the next two weeks off from work. I love the idea of being able to sleep in and it also means the arrival of my sister and her family. Still have lots to do, but at least after tomorrow I'll probably have time to do it..

Hugs to all in need...

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Your evening snack sounds wonderful, hope it was enjoyable!.

Congratulations on the great NSVs. LOL on the eve's apple!..

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Hi to all!.

Yes, having curves and definition in places only formerly imagined are some of the best things about living the post-MF 5/1 and T&M life. As weird as it sounds, I am psyched about my arm definition (not crazy vein-y Madonna-ish weird man arms) but I now have delicate wrists with ulnar bones, and a visible anatomical snuff box! I am also super excited about starting to see lateral rectus abdominal muscles. Never did have a six pack (but sometimes looked like I was packing one with the mini pooch!). Now things are flattening outeven as the weight fluctuates a few pounds up/down from goal, the fat loss continues. I am excited for my next weigh in, as it will be one that my counselor will put me on the fancy Medifast scale and calculate body fat, muscle mass etc..

Even so, one of the hardest things for me now is to accept the reality that weight fluctuates. While on 5/1, seeing the stable and/or losses were super. Now I am learning how to live AND accept fluctuations, but to not let fluctuations go beyond a lb limit I feel comfortable. To that end, my goal weight is 100 lb, so my range is 98-102 lbs. With many taller people, they allow a 10 pound range (+/- 5 lbs from goal weight) but I figure that I am a Shortie, so my range should be relatively smaller. Anyone else have thoughts about their ranges?.

Not much else. Rainy weekend, but since I'll be holed up for my 2-day exam, shouldn't matter too much..

Congrats on all the losses and NSV!.

Much aloha to all the Shorties!..

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Hi All, not much news from me. Just wanted to say hi and have a great weekend..


, I agree that we shorties have less "fudging" room when it comes to ranges..

Glad to hear so many are doing well. Congratulations to all of you...

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Hi all. I have just started my first day of Medifast. A little about me: I'm 17 (a fish in college), 4'11", and just found my starting weight to be 133.6lbs. My goal weight is 107lbs! 26.6lbs to go! Just wanted to join the shorties community.

I'll weigh in every Saturday, and I can't wait to see that scale! I'm technically only 10 pounds away from being in the healthy bmi range, so I know it will be tougher for me to lose the weight, but I'm not expecting 5 pounds a week! Slow and steady works for me, as long as I am consistently losing the weight. Wish me luck!..

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Welcome Razan!.

Slow and steady is correct thinking for a Shortie. Remember, 1 lb lost on a Shortie is like 2 lbs to a tall person...

Comment #95



! Welcome to the Shorties! Oh, you really need to measure too - because sometimes that scale may not move, but the tape measure might!.

I'm also a Saturday weigher - I'm down 0.6 for the week. But a loss is a loss!.

I hope you all have an awesome day!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.