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My 1st question is: Medifast Diet SUCKS! what do you think? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

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As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

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But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

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Last weeks thread:..

Comments (88)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Good Morning everyone.

Wow it sure is windy here this morning..

Comment #2

Hey Amy! How are you doing? How was your weekend?.

I played Kinect for the first time yesterday, SO much fun. *wants*.

Had a good weekend, the Roller Derby bout was fun, it was cool to help, I took tickets. Only bad part was we didn't get to see the first half because we had to be in the lobby until half time. After seeing a bout, J isn't as concerned about me getting hurt. It is NOT as crazy as the RollerJam he used to watch on TV. It's pretty tame compared to that..

Had a solo at church yesterday, went well. I'm not used to be complimented on my voice and I almost feel like people are patronizing me or just being nice. Hubby and parents assured me they are not, but I still have my doubts..

I NEVER had solos in HS, although my class was unusually talented. My parents came up for church and stayed for lunch, had a wonderful time with them..

Didn't skate yesterday at an open skate, my knee has been bugging me and I don't want to hurt it anymore unless it's at official derby practice. So I will also skip Turbo Kick tonight to be safe...

J and I leave for FL in ONE week. This will be our very first REAL vacation in our 4.5 years of marriage. Yes, we have gone places, but it was for a wedding, family reunion, etc. Might have taken a couple days here and there around the event, but that was it. We will be staying with my grandma M-Th, renting a car and driving to his cousin's in Miami and staying Th-Su, then driving back to Mimi's Sunday and leaving Monday morning. Roomie is taking care of our puppies (one of the perks of having a roommate!).

YAY! I need to go through my wardrobe and start packing...

Comment #3

Morning Mer.

My weekend was pretty quiet, Sat we went to church then had the pastor's family over for dinner sat night, Sunday we stayed home all day, I did laundry & dishes and watched a couple movies with my Hubby, we watched Date Night & Eat, pray, Love (ive seen but he hadnt) Oh and then I finally got to watch Amazing Race while he watched something with the kids before bed time..

Comment #4

Im excited for you guys & your vacation.

Sounds like so much fun, Ive never been to FL..

Comment #5

Morning Girls!.

Mer - YAY for your upcoming vaca!.

Amy - Glad you had a restful weekend and got to see Amazing Race..

I am finally starting to feel better. I had my reward facial Saturday, but for some reason now my face is red and puffy like a chemical burn or something.

I think it's by fault as after the facial that night I washed my face and put my new night cream on. I think the facial + cream was too much for my sensative skin. So now I'm all blotchy...

Comment #6

Morning Tiff.

Congrats on your reward but booo for red face.

I get really red when I get waxed, I did my lip and brows last Friday.

Im in the middle of watching Last nights amazing race, I paused it to get my kids up for school..

Comment #7

Morning lovelies!!.

Had a great weekend away at the beach! It was cold but still beautiful. Really liked OC, MD! We want to go back. Ri's team did well too. We did some antiquing and outlet shopping on Saturday with Iz and took lots of walks on the beach and boardwalk. We went out to dinner w/ the team on Friday night, and that was the most we saw of Ri! She kept in touch but they were busy w/ their own stuff. She had fun but is exhausted and lots of the girls were sick on the bus coming home.

Yesterday we took one more walk on the beach, packed up and checked out. We stopped for breakfast on the way home. The ride back was easy. We had pretty bad storms on the way there..


Your trip sounds soooo nice! I'm excited for you guys. * jealous*.

You are funny about feeling patronized about your voice!! I'm sure it's worthy of compliments!!.


I want to see Date Night! Sounds like you had a nice weekend too..


Sorry about the blotchies..

I love getting facials, so relaxing!..

Comment #8

I'm so excited, just got another giveaway opportunity for my blog!.

I did lots of laundry last night and watched the red carpet for the Oscars..

Kids are in school and it's so quiet here today...

Comment #9

Good Morning Heather, Im happy to hear you guys had a good trip. I saw all your pics on fb looks like you guys had a nice time..

Date Night is super cute, I think you & your Hubby will enjoy it, my Daughter watched most of it with us but it does have some sexual humor, so you may not want Iz to watch.

I did lots of laundry yesterday also, had the kitchen all clean and my Daughter decided she wanted to make a cake, she made a devils food cake from scratch, she did really good but had troubles getting them out of the pans..

Comment #10

Thanks for the heads up on Date Night.


I don't think Iz would be interested but you never know. I'm sure Ri will want to see it b/c she loves Steve Carrell. That is awesome about S making a cake!! I hate when the cakes stick to the pan!!.

I watched AR but I was doing other things too so I wasn't totally focused. Iz likes watching it. She was laughing at the cowboys and the Chinese dad, he was so befuddled..

I don't want to spoil anything in case you're not done watching it so I won't say anything else...

Comment #11

Yeah Im not done watching it yet, my youngest likes to watch Netflix in the mornings so I stopped it for him. we only have DSL so we cant stream both at the same time very well.

Im so glad I dont like Chocolate cake.

I am not tempted at all, I tasted 1 bite last night and thats it..

Comment #12

Hi Tiffany and Heather!.

I really liked Date Night. I love Tina Fey and Steve Carrell..

Aww, thanks about the vacation, I can't believe it is finally almost here! I bought the tickets way back in May..

Tiffany- glad you are starting to feel better!.

Heather- I love the beach, so much. J does too. It sucks that we live so far away from the ocean, the lake beaches just don't cut it..

Amy- wow, I've never made a cake from scratch. I'm impressed with your daugther!..

Comment #13

She did a good job Mer, but made a huge mess haahaa she cleaned most of it up but I will have to mop today because the floor is all sticky..

Comment #14

There's always a mess at my house too! It's good for them to learn how to cook/bake though. I don't care for DF cake either, but it smells good baking I bet! Good for you.



Ok..I really need to go work out! BBL!..

Comment #15

Did you guys see that I ordered my son a DSi with my tsfl points yesterday..

Comment #16

Amy thats cool!.

Hi Heather..

Why is it that the people in charge are always slightly clueless as to what is possible or impossible?.

I didn't find the facial very relaxing. The extraction really hurt a lot and I still have one place that is hurting cause it bleed a little so it looks like a huge zit but is just from the extraction and it's a little scab. But my face just look horrible right now, so mad too cause facials are NOT cheap...

Comment #17

So I normally log all my meals, but yesterday I didnt even turn on the computer. So now I am trying to remember what I ate. I remember my first 2 meals and my last 2 meals but nothing in between. Odd don't you think? Oh well. Its not the end of the world...

Comment #18

Amy- that is AWESOME! I wonder if I could get a Kinect with mine......

Edit- OMG, I CAN I CAN!!!! It's 5139 points and I have 6048. Has anyone ever gotten something with points? How long does it take to ship?.

Tiffany- because they are stupid, especially if you work with them and have told them multiple times before..

The VP is being very needy today and asking STUPID stupid questions. I have been venting about it to my boss, we can both laugh about it at least, but it's still annoying..

Me: Do you think that I should just write an e-mail saying "don't know don't care"?.

My boss thought that was hilarious. He knows I'd never do anything like that, but the thought of me sending something like that to his boss amused him..

As for logging meals, if you can't rememeber, I'd pick a higher carb and calorie one just to be safe, like a bar...

Comment #19

Also- when you redeem your points do you have to pay anything? Like shipping or taxes?..

Comment #20

Nope, Merz all you do is put it in your cart & check out, it didnt ask me for a cc or anything.

Charla ordered some baby items for Cooper but I have no idea how long it took.

Im sure they will send me an email when my thing ships but I just did it last night so nothing yet..

Comment #21

I ordered something last month and it got here in about a week or two. No need for anything extra. However my points are WAY WAY lower than the $s I have spent ordering food. I'm frustrated with my points right now...

Comment #22

I'm really glad the site is now working! YAY!..

Comment #23

Me to Tiff, last week was so frustrating.

Im cold but dont want to start a fire when I am leaving for work soon. I'll make one when I get home..

Comment #24

Tiffany- if your points aren't right I'd give them a call. They should be more than what you have spent dollar wise on food because there are bonus points you get..


Comment #25

Mer - I think I will. I am going to print off my orders at home and my points at home and compare to see what is missing...

Comment #26

Thats awesome Mer.

We played Dance Central on Sat night and it was so much fun doing the dance battle..

Comment #27

Morning gals! Trying to pop on a bit before Coopman freaks- he is SO NOT good at entertaining himself drives me freakin nutso! He will purposefully throw his favorite toys behind the couch so I have to get up and get them or listen to him go "AH AHAHA AH AH AH AHA H" on the top of his lungs!!!!!!.


Glad you are getting better- your face should clear up soon.. take it easy on it for a day or two..I bet in a few days it will look so good!.


- thats sooooo cool on the Kinect! Yeah when I ordered Coops boucy seat it took like 2 weeks came from Amazon....Sweet on Fl too, I really am jealous...


More than you ;P!!!!.

Your pics are great.


I love love the ocean one... did you artsy it up or is it like that on it's own? I bet you are tired! Cant wait for your blog giveaway.. I am gonna win that someday damn**!.


I ordered on ebay the Jillian Micheals shred dvd so we can do it in the am's sometimes when it comes! I also got the beck diet solution.. thoughts anyone???.

My weight has seriously stalled. I have only lost 1 lb in a week and a half.

Maybe it's the nyquil or coughdrops??? IDK? I went and worked out with Tanner twice this weekend, he needs to be 140 for state qualifers this weekend ( which he is now) he normally wrestles 145 but state doesnt have that either 140 or 150... state qualifiers are Sat.. I am excited!.

I LOVE the series Spartacus! Man those guys are HOTTTTTT yeah it's kinda like free porn with a good story attached!!.

We watched the first season on netflix and just finsihed season 2 last night.....


Cant wait for your weigh in 2morrow I bet you lost alot this week! NO MORE CHOC CAKE TALK, you know it's my favorite.

!! .......

Comment #28

Good Morning Charla, LOL sorry about that I wont talk about it anymore. I am excited about my weigh in also. This weekend I had a little trouble eating all my Medifast meals and 1 day I actually skipped my L&G because I wasnt hungry at all.

My appetite has been really weird.

Well I gotta head to work, catch up with you all this afternoon..

Comment #29

Hey girls!.

Groupon is having a nationwide Redbox deal. $1 for 3 DVDs at any location in the USA..

Http:// n&utm_source=uu6239683..

Comment #30

Hey Charla!.

Are you taking liquid Nyquil? It has a TON of carbs, switch to the gelcaps! I know that extra carbs always act like a sponge in me and soak up lots of water weight. I bet that you will see your weight drop after you get better!.

Tiffany- I saw that Redbox Groupon last night. LOVE it!.

*smacks forehead* I totally forgot my QODs today. I'll just do them tomorrow, I can't think of anythiung and Carolyn has been MIA lately..

Anyone doing anything fun tonight?.

My plan is to watch Season 1 Disc 1 of Weeds. Got it from Netflix and J doesn't want to watch it, so I'll do it on my own. Got a few random chores I got to do, and I'll make dinner for roomie and me. Chicken stirfry YUM!..

Comment #31

Hey Mer! I love it too! So glad they are doing it again! I definately snapped one up!..

Comment #32

Okay so last night I didn't take my narcolepsy meds cause I was still really sick and wanted to take my muscle relaxers and other meds instead. Being so sick had given me a bad migraine. So about 2 hrs ago the extreem tireness began. I am serious...I am literly fighting to stay awake..

I'll be taking my meds tongiht for sure...

Comment #33

*hugs* That sucks. At least it is near the end of the day! Sometimes it's crazy to know the effect that taking or not taking medicine can have on you!..

Comment #34

Yep Merz.. it was liquid... I didnt take it last night so lets hope it starts to come off!!!!.

Also I skipped my pb tsp today too to see if that will help... sigh.....

Get some rest Tiffany!!!..

Comment #35

Im sure it will start coming off again Charla, no more cough syrup & up your water chica.

Brb bus time..

Comment #36

Happy Monday everyone. I wanted to pop in and say "HELLO"...super busy right now at the office....I have a long day today After work we have my daughter's end-of-season Cheer Banquet. Should be fun! She's a freshman. My 20 year old daughter (who moved out last year) and my 19 year old son (who moved back home temporarily) and my boyfriend are all coming to the banquet, so that should be cool for my daughter who attended all of my son's wrestling banquets when he was in highschool. Now it's his turn to show support to her :-).

I'll try and ck back in with everyone this evening if it's not too late when I get home..

Exhausting weekend but all positive!!! Found a dress for my niece's wedding and had a fantastic time shopping with one of my sisters and my two daughters yesterday..

100% on plan at this very moment and very happy!.

I'll ck back soon! I have lots of reading backwards to do!..

Comment #37

Hi Ladies,.

I was up at the Pentagon today for meetings. My morning started at 6 am being at my home office and working through issues. Left for DC at 10:30 and was behind closed doors the rest of the day..

I had to have cheese for dinner tonight which I hated to do because of the sodium but I had zero defrosted meat and needed to eat something. I get out of work at 3 tomorrow and will do some shopping...

Comment #38

Hey Girly-whirlies!!!.

Grasshopper. did the cheer banquet go? We have that in a few weeks w/ our daughter..



..nbd on the cheese..better that than something off plan..


....we should go to Florida, right?.

I want to see you and.


Doing the Shred, I'll skype with you guys!.

I have Beck audio and I think it's worth listening to. I don't know if I'd read it but the audio cd is good...

Comment #39

Haaahaaa Heather, I dont think I would let anyone watch.

My Hubby and I have been playing Dance Central this evening, my legs hurt LOL he's still playing crazy guy.

Well I will chat with you all in the morning..

Comment #40

Morning Girls!!.

Going to be a busy day today. I believe next year I am NOT going to tutor anyone. Just too much...I want to start getting involved in fun community stuff like classes or something instead. Just got to make it to June...and then I am done!..

Comment #41



I know..just picturing you and.


Doing it together...

Comment #42




I have to go work out and then I'm working at the school libes...

Comment #43

Morning ladies! Had a nice evening last night, J's test went well and Sarah came over for dinner..

Hi Tiffany and Heather!.

Tiffany- are you having issues with tutoring or is it just getting old?.

From backreading:.

Hi Joy! Hope the banquet went well..

Amy- I can't WAIT for our free Kinect!..

Comment #44



! How many points was it for the kinect?.

Yay for J's test!!. to shower...

Comment #45

Im so tired this morning, my Daughter has been coughing at night and the last 2 nights ended up in bed with me. Really makes it hard to sleep..

Comment #46

Good Morning Ya'll!!!!.

I am finally back at work after missing several days. I had a wicked painful cough & fever that just wouldn't quit. I am still recovering but couldn't miss anymore days. I am already an entire week behind.

Did you miss me???? Cuz I know I missed you all!!!!!!!..

Comment #47


Of course we missed you.

Its been way to quiet in here lately..

Comment #48

Heather- it was 5100ish TSFL points. J is PSYCHED!!.

Hi Amy!.

Ashlee- YES, of course we missed you!.

QODs on the way (since I forgot yesterday)..

Comment #49

My back & legs are so sore from playing Dance Central last night lol..

Comment #50

I've missed you all sooooo much!!! I've been so busy these past few weeks I can hardly see straight. After having a few of my designs shown a few weeks ago, I decided to move forward with applying to get into Little Rock Fashion Week this year. I've been working like a crazy woman to get my app in this week. The deadline is March 5. I had a photo shoot at my house Sunday evening that went very well but WOW!!!!!!!!!! It took almost 4 hours and I only had two models working with me. Lots of work but so exciting that it didn't feel like work at all.

I want this so badly and it's just within reach. I've got to get my bio done TODAY as well as a few other things before submitting...

Comment #51

Hi All,.

Today I am not herding cats at work..

I had a productive meeting at 8:30 and we got some issues resolved. There may or may not be some staffing changes if things don't improve. I will be fine it is the other team that will get affected. We also may end up outsourcing this application because of the magnitude of building it. We just don't have enough staffing here to cover it, and it is hard to find that staffing. My upper level management is pushing for that option.

The good part is that if that happens I will be the head techie that oversees the outsourcing company and the progress. This is good for career..

Hubby was ill last night. He had massive heartburn and hurled a few times last night. Which led him coming into the bedroom to get his blanket. In that effort he woke me up. 2 am, my brain turned on and I couldn't fall back asleep. I was up at 3 working at documents, and went into work at 6.

Heck I do it for horse shows, why not do it for work. the nice part is I leave at 3 today for a 9 hour day or 8 for a 8 hour day. Not sure which one I will do yet..

I am getting over bronchitis. I got the Primatene Mist stuff for bronchitis. It works ok but takes a few days to kick in. I think that is what kept me up last night because of the ephridene in it. Mental Note - Don't take after 3.

I am noticing the more weight I lose the less PMS symptoms are. I started yesterday with zero cravings, only a little witchiness which I chalked up to my meeting, and no sore back. Granted today I have cramps but hey that is life...

Comment #52

Morning Gals!!!!!!!!.


Congrats on the 5 lbs lost!!.

Awesome week, sorry Sis is sick.


Ok when are we planning our trip.

? Yeah I need to hook up a cam so we can skpe sometime that would be fun! Thanks for the info on the Beck book, I bought it cheap on ebay but I want to see what it says...Hows Ri?.


How awesome to have all the family support for your daughter! What does your new dress look like?.

Morning Ash, Mer, Katie..!!.


Awesome!!!! I will def think good thoughts for you! How cool!.

We had FRESHMAN orientation night last night for the HS we are planning to put Tanner in. The HS is a 30 minute drive from here, which SUCKS and will especially suck since he plays so many sports w/ all the practices.. the bus ride is SOOOOOOOOO long too.. it was wierd being there because I went to HS my freshman and 1/2 sophmore year there.. TRIP, I wasnt fond of school then ..Theres about 1,500 kids at the school. The wrstling coach already knows Tan so they chatted and the football coach he got info on the camps this summer..

Or track.. they are at the same time, and he has to choose between basketball and wrestling- thats going to be wrestling... and I think baseball is going ...

I went with a friend and her son, they have been friends since they were 1, it was alot of fun ..didnt get home until 9:45 .. pooped!..

Comment #53

Merz - I am saving my points up for a Kate Spade Purse. It will be a while but I love purses...

Comment #54

Thanks Sheila, it's an old pic but I like it.

Morning Charla, wow what a long night. I went to Bend High my Freshman and 1/2 my soph year but the school has grown a ton since I was there, and yes it is a long bus ride.

My week probably would have been better but oh well I'll take the 5lb loss..

Comment #55

Sheila- good luck with the fashion show app!.

Hi Katie! That's good news about being the head tech for the project!! Hopefully your company will outsource it..

Glad you are feeling better, but that's crazy you were up so early!.

Hey Charla! I know my parents couldn't WAIT until I could drive and they didn't have to shuttle me back and forth to practices- and my school was only a half mile away! The track was a little farther, maybe 3/4-1 mile, but I walked it many a times..

Baseball and track are both in the spring here too, are they usually different? Maybe he could do track for the school and baseball for a local league if there is one?..

Comment #56

I didnt know you ever went to Bend High.. yes it's changed alot..( except the old building lol!).. dude the 5lb loss is super awesome!!!!!..

Comment #57

Yeah I wont be letting TanMan drive in the winter around here for sure! Nasty!! Mer- yeah he prob could but the practices always conflict- he did that last year here, they worked with him, but it was hard..

He always played soccer too, but thats during football here, so hes talking about a summer league, he loves soccer too.. hey I think the more sports the better!..

Comment #58

I am just feeling Blah today, whats up with that?..

Comment #59

Later Mimi have a good day, hope the blahs go away.. no sleep will do that.


Comment #60

My hubs is still sooooo sick, he just cant kick it.. uggg and he is the coach and we have regionals this weekend! our Dean called and he told my Hubs that he got approval from the other 3 boys parents for my Hubs to drive them into Bend today at 2:30 to practice with another larger school, since we only have 4 boys in regionals and they are all diff weight classes.. hes sleeping hes gonna be THRILLED when he wakes up.. hes been on antibiotics but the workout with the kids killed him yesterday hope hes better soon..

Comment #61

Wheres everyone been? Like Dawn and Taylor for a start!..

Comment #62

Jane Russell passed away yesterday.. wanted to share this link I got a kick out of her sassy old school video!.


Comment #63

Charla!!! Ashlee!!! SheShe!!!!.




..h/s freshman talk. Can ya believe?.

I have to go pick up Ri, speaking of driving kids to and from school. BBS..

She's feeling better, btw. Thanks!!..

Comment #64


- My bus ride to my "regional" highschool took over 90 minutes after I boarded the bus. I could NOT wait til I had a car of my own. I had pity on my fave busmates & picked up a carload on my way to school so they weren't stuck sucking fumes for that long. I feel for TanMan!!!.


- That is EXCITING!!!!!! Good luck & I will def be saying a prayer for ya!..

Comment #65

I am slammed at work trying to catch up for a whole week's worth of ToDo lists but I did see that.


Is in her 2nd week & lost 5 lbs!!! Congrats!!!!.

Did I miss anything huge? I don't have time to backread over a week of PinUp awesomeness, unfortunately...

Comment #66

Sorry I've been MIA it's a busy day at work..

Honestly both. I have a girl right now I REALLY don't want to tutor. I thought we were no longer tutoring as I havent heard from her in 2 wks. She just isnt getting it and I don't want to take anyones money without results so I feel bad. Her mom said it sounded like I couldnt be bothered to tutor her, and said last session she was really upset and thought I hated her or something. I dont hate her she just doesnt listen.

I want to do fun stuff after work like hang out with friends, catch a show or something but I ALWAYS have tutoring. I have kept 4 students (inc the one who thinks I 'hate' her) and have told them I can only tutor on weekends..

That just make my weekends kind of suck but right now with work I really cannot do weeknights anymore. And teenagers are completely inconsiderate and such. Like I got a txt yesterday at 9:30 am saying she wanted to tutor last night at 6 pm. I have a life and plans, they all seem to think my life revolves around them..

Sorry to rant. Off to backread more while I am doing my lunch thing...

Comment #67


- CONGRATS!! That is awesome. I am sure you will get in!.


- Yay for Tan!.


- hope the blahs go away soon.


- I only worked 2 days last week due to being sick so I feel you on the catching up!.


- glad you are NOT hearding cats..

Comment #68

Thanks for the love girls! I really do miss you all!!! I just hope life starts to slow down just a little within this next week. I just need to relax for a few days. If you all want to see the pics I plan to submit, send your email addresses to me at.

I would love to get your feedback. You have seen all but one of the looks on my blog but you haven't REALLY seen them on an actual model so if you're interested shoot me an email! Gotta go. I'll do my best to get back on here this week!.


Comment #69


, I'm so super excited for ya!!!!!!I will send you may email! Can't wait to see!! You are ON YOUR WAY!!!!..

Comment #70


That really is a shame about your tutoring. I don't blame you for not wanting to deal with teenagers. They do think the world revolves around them...

Comment #71

Thanks Heather. It wouldn't be so bad if they didnt get all huffy when I said I cant tutor on weeknights anymore. I told everyone this 2 weeks ago, then got the txt message yesterday. I just have to last until June and then NO MORE! This summer I am going to try and get involved with a few groups...

Comment #72


- Ugh. So I am a LITTLE peeved that your tutoring student's mom said that to you. As a tutor you are not there to befriend her (though of course it is nice when that happens). It shouldn't matter if you like her or not, it should matter if she listens & is able to follow your advice & instruction in terms of the EDUCATION. Argh...

Comment #73

Good afternoon everyone.

Thanks Ash, Are you excited for your march weigh in?.

I feel a little better this afternoon just a little tired.

Tiff so sorry your having issues with your students they need to understand that you have a life also and cant drop everything at the last minute..

Comment #74

HEHEHE browsing thru facebook, found one of my ex boyfriends from when I was at Bend High- he was a senior I was a freshman.. yes this is how he looked then!! HAHAHAHA.

Circa 1988!..

Comment #75

Haaahaaaahaaa Charla that is hilarious.

Is he wearing your shirt LOL..

Comment #76

Good Morning Ladies.

I slept really good last night but my back is still sore, Im also getting some extra time at work on Friday, the gal I usually work with will be gone so I get to work her job.

Im excited but a little nervous. Next week I get Thurs & Fri off though because of conferences..

Comment #77

Good morning ladies!.

Ugh, I hate my job. SO sick of this crap! If I wasn't going on vacation next week I would need mental health days for SURE..

Random- today is the one year anniversary of me having my appendix removed..

Roller derby practice was okay, I'm just not improving as fast as I would like. I know that's because I haven't worked on my own and gone to open skates. I did have a skater point out that my toe stops were hanging really low and if I moved them up I'd have an easier time doing toe stops, she was totally right!.

Off to backread!..

Comment #78

From backreading-.

Tiffany- I don't blame you for not wanting to tutor anymore. Sounds like a lot of work for very little rewards. My mom had a great saying- "procrastination on YOUR part does not make it an emergency for me"..

And I really hate how a lot of parents these days think that there children's poo doesn't stink and that everyone's out to get them..

Charla- LMAO on the man belly shirt..


Comment #79

Hiya Merz.

How long have you been skating now 3 weeks maybe? It will come in time silly you cant learn to skate in a few days. Your doing awesome..

Comment #80

I keep looking at the picture charla posted and just laugh, Haaahaaa it's so hilarious.

What was he thinking??..

Comment #81

Aww, thanks Amy! I've skated 5 times with the team (3 on my new skates) and 2x before that at open skates. Thank you for putting it in perspective!..

Comment #82

You've got alot of will power & guts, I would be way to chicken to even try out especially after only skating a few times..

Comment #83

Morning Lovelies!.


..we have to keep that photo up as our mascot or something, it just cracks me up!! What's he doing now?.


You are a "bit" of a sounds like you are doing great and be patient with yourself. Love your mom's quote too!.

It does sound like you need a vacation. Perfect timing!! Wow, a year since your appendix?!.


..that is great about extra hours and days off!!.

I am so sore from my workout yesterday, don't know why but I think I will take today off. My mus-kels hurt!!.

Ri's b'ball team won last night so they are going to the finals and playing at a big college gym!! I hope we can get tickets! It will be exciting to see her cheering there!.

I have to get moving...need to get to the store...

Comment #84

Morning Heather.

My back is still sore from playing Dance Central, lol I'm such a baby..

Comment #85

Hello Ladies. I would love to get "in" with some groups while I wait for my food to get here (ordered it last night) I know I will need the support from others who have BTDT!.

My name is Noelle, Im 29 and married with 3 kids. I grew up in southern NH, but moved to GA last summer..

I wanna be a pinup girl cause Im OBSESSED with all things PINUP! IN fact my GOAL prize is to go get pinup pics done professionally at a local place that does them. (SO EXCITED for that).

Look forward to chatting with you all. I dont know exactly how these groups work?? do you come on and read everything every day? Is there a way to get to the group link faster than going to the discussions tab, then finding the message board page, and then the group?? that seems long winded to me lol!.


Comment #86

Welcome Noelle.

All you have to do is hand over your bra for the freezer and use the word Skunk in a sentence.

Im Amy.

30 yr old married mom of 3 (12,9&6) from Oregon. I recently started working in the kitchen at my kids' elementary school..

Comment #87

Heather have you ever put a roast in the crock pot that is still a little frozen? I took out a beef roast the day before yesterday and it's still kinda frozen, I was going to toss it in before work..

Comment #88

LMAO... brrr bra in the freezer would be a bit nipply!!!.

Ive put frozen chicken in the crock pot and it cooks fine... not sure on a roast though (I know you werent asking me)..

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.