Medifast Diet - what did you eat in phase one?

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First of all Medifast Diet - what did you eat in phase one? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Do you want a.

















Group for support? venting? questions?.

Join us!.

Tell us a lil about yourself!.

Let's all go through this together, one packet at a time!..

Comments (98)

I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I am still here but I haven't been on plan lately. Shame on me. Hubby is back in Afghanistan. We had so much fun on the cruise and during his two week leave. I am so sad to see him go but 6 more months and he will be home for good! Hopefully I will make goal by then. Then I headed over to my parents and I am still here until Tuesday which has been hard to stay on plan.

Right now I am fighting a cold. I lost my voice so I am not sure if it is Laryngitis. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I know I did. I will write more later when I feel a little bit better. Has anyone been staying op during the holidays? Have a great night everyone!..

Comment #2

Hi all!! Thanks for the new thread kat!! Hi Sandy, welcome back!! I am so glad you and hubby had an awesome time. I just know the time was too short!! I hope you feel better soon. A bunch of us stayed OP over Thanksgiving and now we are on to Christmas and New Years!!! Join us!!!.

Kat I lost 3 pounds this week. For Nov. I lost 9 pounds!!! Thanks for the definition of nsv. I just couldn't figure that out!!!.

Tabitha, have you started exercising yet??? I find that when I exercise, I lose more. Just wish that would be enough motivation to get me to exercise regularly... LOL... just can't seem to get there but I will keep trying!!!.

Have a good day tomorrow!!!..

Comment #3

Hi Guys!.

I'm still around too....I've been reading, just didn't have much to say! I've been on plan, but I seem to have one week little or no loss, then another week of a fairly good loss. I know it all evens out in the end, but it sure is frustrating! It's been nice though, because everyone is making comments on how good I'm looking. I guess it's finally starting to show! I had to go buy new pants 'cause the old ones were falling off..

Have a great week, ya'll!..

Comment #4


Yay!! you're coming back! I wish you a speedy recovery so you can get back on the wagon strong. Great to hear you had a wonderful time with the hubby..


No need to not participate lets try for 10lbs by 2011.

Every loss is a good loss! Tabs have you tried changing your plan a bit? 4/2? higher/lower cals? every one is different so you kinda got to experiment and find what works for you under 100 carbs. Do you have a coach? They will look over your cals and excercise and try to modify so it works better for you..


Woo hoo! 3 more pounds gone!! starting december off strong.

And 9lbs last month WTG!!.


Glad you checked in!.

Woo hoo for new pants!! I had to buy some too. It's so much fun to downsize. Stay strong girl you're doing great no matter what the scale says from week to week as long as you are OP it will all come off..

Julie,Jilly,Everyone else.

You are missed!.

My NSV that I am still amazed with is I can't handle salt anymore. Now this is crazy! I came from a family which put salt on everything WITHOUT even tasting it. Salt just always had to be added to the food. Needless to say growing up like that it turned into a habit and I discovered Lawry's seasoned salt & garlic salt and my addiction grew. I was a saltaholic LoL but now thanks to Medifast I can't use it or if I do 1 tsp is more than enough. 1 tsp is even quite overpowering..

Whats a NSV you still can't believe Medifast made happen?..

Comment #5

Hello all my weigh loss this week is 1.2 pounds that puts me (I think) at 7.0 pounds toward the Christmas goal..

Willow - I keep saying I'm going to start exercising, but I never seem to get it done. Ah well I want a big number before Christmas, so I guess I'll have to get going..

Offline for the weekend - see you guys Monday (maybe Sun night, but I doubt it,).


Comment #6

Good morning everyone!.

Sandy - glad you're back and I hope you feel better soon. Bummer about your DH leaving again, but I'm glad it won't be long before he comes home for good..

Willow - I haven't really started exercising yet. Oh, I've done a few days of my Walk It Out game and taken some extra long walks with the dog (too cold for that now, though). However, DH and I joined the Anytime Fitness that will be opening up in January right down the road from us and I'm looking forward to that. Maybe that will help. I also need to make an appointment with my doc to have some bloodwork done. I had my annual checkup in August and my A1C had gone up to 7 and my triglycerides were 200.

I just don't want her to give me any grief about Medifast - she wasn't overly enthusiastic about it when I mentioned to her that I was thinking about it. She gave me a card for a nutritionist instead. I knew I couldn't get motivated about that, since I'd have been lucky to lose 1 pound a month, knowing my body. I believe Medifast has been much better for me as far as the motivation to keep going and not give up. Honestly, I really don't think my doc knows very much about Medifast, since her main concern was that "you can't eat like that the rest of your life".

Soxley - great to see you again! And way to go on the pants!!.

Kat - okay, I'll try for 10 lbs instead. I am going to talk to my coach, but she actually lost at about the same rate I'm losing. We're both short and I think that has something to do with it..

Elaine - nice to see you! Hope you have a great weekend...

Comment #7

Good Morning Everyone! I've definitely been around, but the times I've checked our thread, no one else had posted. I'm very happy to see more activity!! So I re-started birth control pills after being off of them for more than two years...Needless to say, my uterus has not been happy. I'm finally feeling a bit better today, thank goodness. I'm pleased with what the scale has been showing me, and am excited to officially weigh in on Sunday.

My NSV for the day...I went shopping at Marshall's yesterday since some of my clothing is becoming too big. I went to the clearance rack and picked out some size 10 jeans. I bought them without trying them on, thinking that they would fit in a month or so. I brought them home and then tried them on. They fit!! Okay, so they don't look good yet, but I was able to get them up and zipped!! I can't believe that I am going to fit into size 10s soon! Amazing that about a year ago I weighed over 250 and now I'm solidly in the 190s and wearing size 12s!!.

Anyhoo, I'm so glad to see our regulars here! Please keep posting even if you are struggling. We are all here to support one another through thick and THIN!!.

Have a fab OP day everyone!!..

Comment #8

Happy Sunday, everyone! How are you doing? Doing okay here, just getting through each day on plan. We're going roller skating tonight so I should get some exercise if I can manage to stay on my feet, LOL! I haven't skated in YEARS..

I got a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath and Beyond and I think I'm going to go today and buy a new scale. Our cheapie from Target is one of those that is supposed to register your body fat and water percentage, but that portion has never worked. I figured that since DH and I are going to be seriously watching our weight from now until we die, a good scale was worth the investment..

I finally got our tree all decorated yesterday and it snowed Saturday, so it's beginning to look like Christmas around here! I did have a few moments of sadness, though, while going through the ornaments. Several of them are ornaments that were handpainted for our son when he was a baby by a close friend in Florida. She died last year unexpectedly, and I got a little catch in my throat when I unwrapped them. Holidays for many of us are such a mix of joy and pain, aren't they?.

Well, I need to run. I hope you all enjoy your day!..

Comment #9

Hello All! Very sad to see only one person post since I was last here...I weighed in today and am at 195.8...HELLO! Lost 7.8 pounds this week...Of course 3 of those were gained over Turkey Day weekend. We are going to get our Christmas tree today. Very excited about that!.

Hi Tabitha! I hope you enjoy your Sunday!.

Everyone else: You are missed!! Please post even if you are struggling..

I hope you all have a fabulous OP day..

Comment #10

Wow, way to go, Julie!! Man, I'd like to even lose 3 pounds in a week, let alone almost 8! Great job!..

Comment #11

Hello again ladies Just returned from a weekend at the beach with the family Sat. was warm and beautiful and the kids had a blast collecting shells and swimming in the surf (in full wetsuits, of course!).

Long drive Fri and Sun but we're back and unpacked - kids in bed and getting some rest before school in the morning..

Very short on water and high on diet soda all weekend back on track tomorrow will see if any damage was caused in the morning..

See you guys tomorrow so tired!..

Comment #12

Good morning, everyone! Just stopping in to report on my first doctor's appointment since starting Medifast - it was a great one! I last saw her in August, where I weighed in at 199 on her scale. Today the scale said 180.4, so according to her scale I've almost lost 20 pounds. (My scale at home has always been different than hers, though, and I'm going by my scale). Anyway, she was thrilled with my loss! She asked what I was doing and I decided to just be honest and told her it was Medifast. She didn't say anything negative (which was a relief) and encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing. I go to the lab in the morning to have some bloodwork done (thyroid, A1C, blood lipid panel, etc.) I'm excited to see how my numbers compare to those I had done back in August.

Just wanted to share that little bit of excitement of my day! Hope you are all doing well. Check in when you can - I love hearing how you are all doing...

Comment #13

Congrats Tabitha!!!! A good doctor's visit is one to celebrate..

I survived the weekend travelling and my weight was under 220 this morning -'s the teens and I'll take it!.

Still having trouble getting back to drinking my water today. Those blasted diet sodas that were left over from the weekend keep calling me from the fridge!!! While I don't get too concerned about the diet soda itself it's that I don't drink any water when I'm drinking soda.....

I still have several hours to get it all in today - so wish me luck...

Comment #14

*Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug* Just pretend like you're playing a college drinking game and you'll get it all down, Elaine, LOL! (Not that I ever did that or anything...)..

Comment #15

It's an idea - I'm still about 24 oz behind for the I'll be up all night!!!..

Comment #16

Hey ladies!.

Elaine, Tabitha, Julie.

Thanks for keeping the home fires burning.

WTG on the WIs.

Sorry I've been so MIA this holiday season is kickin me in my booty without a minute to rest or get online I hope that is the case with everyone else if your just to busy pop in as soon as you can y'all if your struggling let us know what we can do for you!...I got to update our 15lbs by 2011 chart so get your #s to me..

Comment #17

I'm at 7 pounds down - 8 to go with my next WI on Friday....Hoping for a good one.....

Tabitha - don't let the numbers get to you if I remember, you're hypothyroid?? the weight is just going to come off slower b/c of the medications....nothing to do about it except keep on keeping on and good things will happen..

Now I have no excuse for lower numbers I just haven't been able to get motivated enough to start any kind of exercise - I keep saying tomorrow but tomorrow is always busier than today right now I'm shooting for Weds. start at the gym - tomorrow (as always) is way too hectic wish me luck!.

And I'm STILL trying to get my water in today....still about 16 oz short...

Comment #18

Elaine, yes, I am on thyroid meds for hypothyroidism. I *know* in my head that it affects the rate of my weight loss, but I still get frustrated at times. That's why I've taken to only weighing myself every other week. That way I get to see a bigger number, LOL! Just trying to trick my brain a bit. I've even considered only weighing once a month, but I think that would be too hard - I'm just too curious to see what the scale says..

Congrats on hitting the *teens*! You'll be under 200 before you know it!..

Comment #19

Hellooooooo??? Is this thing on?.

Just popping in to say hi to everyone! I hope you guys are staying warm and enjoying the holiday season, if you celebrate. We're supposed to get some snow this afternoon/evening, and there's nothing I like better than sitting by the window and watching the flakes fall..

I haven't weighed myself this week, but I don't feel like I've lost much, if any. It's TOM and I feel soooo bloated, even though I'm drinking tons of water. My new scale is coming by UPS today and hopefully it will work better than our old one..

Have a great day, everyone, and if you all don't stop by and post something I'll just keep chatting with myself, LOL!..

Comment #20

Hi all who are still posting!!! Sorry I have been MIA all week, my Internet has been giving me HUGE problems (stupid Charter)... it still isn't fixed but I seem to be online for now, so I ran and logged my meals and my weight. I am down 3 more pounds which puts me in the 130's....woohoo!!! I went clothes shopping (I had to) and am in a size 10 pants and down from a 2x top to an xl or even a large!!! I am so happy!!! One more big hurdle, into the 120's and I can't wait to start transition... just got knocked off line so will sit here until I am on, so I can post this!!.

Tabitha, I am so glad you are getting a new scale. I would certainly believe your docs before yours!!!.

Julie, I am so impressed that not only did you take off the weight you gained but you got lower than your previous weight. A shout out to you at 195!!!.

Elaine, great that you made it through the weekend and your only "issue" was diet soda instead of water. I too am a diet soda addict. What I do is I promise myself diet coke once I have completed all the water I need to get in for the day!! It is a nice treat for me in the evening. The other thing to remember is the sodium content of soda and how that makes you retain water....

OK everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!..

Comment #21

Good Morning Ladies,.

Glad to see others posting! Not much to report here...I pretty much am a daily weigher and it's nice to see numbers on the scale that have been eluding me for the last four years! I have also turned into somewhat of a shopping addict...Even though I'm about 40 lbs from goal...I feel so good in clothes now!! But they don't fit me for long so I must stop shopping! One thing I did do is go to Marshall's and found the cutest pair of seven jeans in a size 8...Yes, I bought them. They are now my goal jeans! I cannot wait to post pics with those puppies on!!.

Tabitha - Sorry you're feeling the bloat. I can so relate to that! Keep up the bi-weekly weigh-ins. They seem to be working for you.

Very jealous about the snow in your neck of the woods. Here in Portland, we are supposed to get 1-3" of rain on Saturday alone. yay...blah..

Willow - Ugh! Internet problems! Glad that you got online long enough to post! Thanks for the kind words on my weight loss...You aren't doing so shabby yourself.

I can't wait until you transition. I do hope you'll continue to post here when you do. I'm very nervous about T & M, so seeing someone go through it will be helpful. Yes, you are my guinea pig.

Have a fabulous OP day all!..

Comment #22

Hello all my official weigh in isn't until tomorrow - but I may not be able to get online so for this week - I'm at 217.0.... I've lost track of the tenths - but that puts be at about 5 pounds to my 15 pounds for Christmas I'm so gonna make it!!! You guys have a great weekend I'm always sketchy getting online while the kids are home.....we still haven't put up our Christmas tree - so that's a goal this we're going to the live Nativity in Burnet, TX and then to the Christmas lights in Marble Falls....if we can squeeze it in, we'll get over to Wimberley as well......gotta hit all the small town Christmas festivities - they're the best!..

Comment #23


((((hugs)))) I missed you all! (along with everyone else that is MIA).

I hate to say it but I am probably going to be away from the boards till a next year.


I'm am ending 2010 with a bang moving to a different city, and preparing a 2 week trip home. I will check in as often as possible but I see no internet time in my near future..

Hope to catch up and see everyone doing well and closer to goal after the New Year.

Happy holidays y'all!..

Comment #24

Hi everyone,.

I think I am following Kat's foot steps and probably not restart until January 1st. When hubby came home I was 158.8 and I think I gained maybe 5 lbs from Thanksgiving, cruise and just him being here. Now I weighed myself today and I am 157.7 so I lost .9 lbs from when I last weighed in with medifast. I am still fighting a cold but after a week it is finally getting somewhat better. I just want the yucky cough to go away. With company coming from Texas and me spending 2 weeks at my parents house, I just don't want to restart medifast until January 1st.

I hope to see everyone still on the boards then!.

Happy Holidays!!!!..

Comment #25

Hi everyone, kat I hope your move goes smoothly, cuz I know how hard it can be!!! Are you planning on staying OP during that time? Whatever happens, please don't forget us here!!! Good to hear from you and have yourself a happy holiday!!!.

Hi Sandy, I'm so sorry you are not feeling well!!! Congrats on your wt. I do wish you were back OP of course, but you have to do what you need to do!! Know that we are here whenever you need us!!!.

Oh Julie!!! I have caught the shopping bug too!!! I literally had NOTHING that fit me and not much money but I bought 2 pairs of size 10 P pants (WITH ZIPPERS!!! yay!!!) one is still a touch tight, a pair of skinny jeans that I just love!!! But, I also love the pair of cords I got also in a size 10P. They fit beautifully!! I think the biggest nsv is that I can wear large and x-large tops (that's down from 2x). I am definitely excited!!! Any other clothes will have to come from Goodwill until I am at goal. I keep wondering what size I will wear by then!!! I am thinking an 8, but I already feel wonderful about how I look and feel!!!.

Elaine WTG on your wt. loss and getting so close to the 15 pound goal!!! Woohoo!!!.

Hi Tabitha!!! I forgot to mention that I can't wait to hear about your lab values!! I was thinking about your thyroid and in reality, if you are on the correct dose of thyroid replacement medication, you should be what is called euthyroid (normal... LOL)!! Be sure to check with your doc about that!! Not sure if I mentioned it, but with my last labs, my doc had to lower my dose of thyroid replacement. Not sure if that was the result of wt. loss or something else. Will talk to him about that when I see him again next week!!!.

Ok, I am off to my favorite game site Have a wonderful evening and tomorrow!!!..

Comment #26


I am OP all the way!!.

I received my last shipment of Medifast and didn't even unpacked to raid my new goodies because it's coming right along with me thru the move and the trip home already prepacked.

I'm still working on the 15lbs by 2011 sorry I can't keep track anymore. We can just keep track individually with our WIs.

Hope everyone had a great OP Thursday!..

Comment #27

Wow, I'm glad you all checked in! I love seeing your smiling faces when I check the thread! (Yeah, I know... I need to put my face on my posts too. I've been too shy to do it, but I think I just might go ahead and go for it.).

Anyway, got my new scale yesterday. The good news is that it seems to work much better than the old one. Bad news? It registers about a pound over the old one. I checked them side by side this morning. I don't care because I feel that it is more accurate..

Willow - wow, 130's? That is so awesome! I've got a long way to go to get there. As far as my thyroid goes, when I had it checked back in August it was in the normal range. I just wanted to have it checked again since I've been doing this diet for 2 months now. Just want to make sure it's still okay. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my bloodwork shows some major improvements in all areas this time..

Julie - I am DYING to get down to the next size so that I can do a bit of shopping myself. It is just taking soooo long for me to drop a size, but I know it will happen eventually. My body must have really changed over the past several years, because I have several pairs of jeans that are the same size I'm currently wearing that don't fit in the waist anymore. I know that at one time they fit because I bought the dang things, but I must have done the "middle age spread" over the past few years as these jeans now fit in the thighs but not the stomach. What scares me is that I was so in denial that I didn't even notice, or if I did, I just ignored it. Wow..

Elaine - You are sooo gonna make that Christmas goal! Way to go, girl! Have a great time at the Christmas festivities you are attending!.

Kat - good luck with the moving. We'll miss you too, but hope to see you soon after the new year!.

Sandy - feel better soon! See you again after the new year!.

Gotta run now, but everyone have a great Friday!..

Comment #28

Tabitha - all others our group has dwindled away here so I wanted to mention another group that I follow for those looking/needing Angie's Angels in the thread and you'll find it ..

Great group, though we have lost several with the holidays as well....

Just a thought since so many can't get anything extra done right now - inlcuding getting on the computer.

I will be very sporadic over the next few weeks all 4 kids home all day, travelling, spending time at parents (where they have dial up and about 6 people attempting to get online periodicallyand no, there is not a signal close enough - even if you use your cell phone to try to link in).

So - give them a look - it may be a good place for you if you're interested...

Comment #29

Just a quick note to say HI EVERYONE!!! Hope your holiday preparations are going well and kat, I hope your move is as smooth and stress-free as a move can be!!! Thanks Elaine for the information on the other group!!! I just kind of wish we were all back here again!!! I have some new photos on my page if anyone is interested in looking!!! Will continue to check in as I can!!! Take care everyone!!!..

Comment #30

Wow, Willow - you look FABULOUS! I cannot WAIT to get down to where you are..

I threw away my first 2 pairs of "too big" jeans yesterday! They were worn out in the inner thigh area or I would have taken them to Goodwill. I'm hoping to get to the place where I never have to worry about the inner thighs of my pants getting worn out ever again! I am hanging on to the largest pair of jeans I was fitting into at my starting weight to remind myself of how big I actually was..

Elaine, thanks for the suggestion of the other group. I too am hoping that after the holidays people will come back to this group - I like you guys, LOL!.

I've got the biggest challenge of my journey coming up in a week or so. The annual trip to Florida to visit family. On top of just trying to stay on plan, I'll get to deal with family dysfunction - oh joy. There's a major issue with my sister that I don't know how I'm going to handle. Wish me luck..

I'll be officially weighing in tomorrow and will report here - just so I can see my new ticker, LOL! The loss is not going to be too great since our new scale registers about a pound higher than our old one, but a loss is a loss. Next weigh in I'll be back on track..

You guys have a great day!..

Comment #31

Morning Ladies~I hope you all are doing well. I have been struggling a bit after going to a holiday party last Saturday night. I was back OP as of yesterday and feel much better. I don't think I will make my 15 lb holiday goal, but if I can get to 190, I will be happy. Actually, I'll be happy just maintaining the loss that I have right now! Such a fun and busy time...I can't wait for it all to be over!! Only 10 more days until Christmas! January looks so good to me right now!.

Have a fab OP day!..

Comment #32

Yes, Julie, January is looking good to me right now too. I enjoy the holidays, but it's always nice to get back to my routine. Glad you're back on track!..

Comment #33

Just reporting in on "weigh day"... I'm down 3.2 lbs over the past two weeks. Keep in mind that this was the first time officially weighing on my new scale, which actually registers about a pound over what my old one did. I am soooo close to the 20 lb. mark that I can taste it!! I'm hoping to hit it before I head to Florida on Christmas day. Keep your fingers crossed for me!..

Comment #34

WTG on your wt. loss Tabitha!!! Welcome back Julie!! Just keep hanging in there Julie, the holidays will be over soon!!!.

Today was my weigh in and I lost 1.6 pounds and I realized that I could set a goal of being at goal by Valentine's Day, with only about 12 pounds to go. So, that is now my new goal!! I can't wait to just eat a piece of fruit again (no one every thought they would hear me say that rather than pasta or ice cream... LOL) but honestly a good apple, okay with some peanut butter (and yes I know I can have PB now but not the way I eat it...) Anyway, I don't want to get ahead of myself, so I will settle for reading about the transition phase..

I am so thrilled to have those of you who have posted here. I just wish more would come back and at least check-in. I have written to a couple of our women from this thread but never heard back!!!.

I hope everyone is okay..

Elaine I hope you are doing well and Tabitha, I know all about family dysfunction, honestly, the good news is I know I must appear dysfunctional to them... LOL... enjoy your visit and just keep truckin....

Have a good one everyone!!..

Comment #35

OMG, you are so close to goal, Willow! I keep messing with my goal. I just lowered it to 115, but I may adjust it when I get closer. I felt like 122 might still be a bit high, but I'll have to see what my body says later in the game, LOL!.

I've decided that I am not going to weigh myself for another month. I've put the scale in the closet (out of sight, out of mind). I'm just going to stay on plan and let the food do the work. I'll keep trying on pants that don't fit yet to measure my progress. I might take my measurements again in a couple of weeks, too. I just don't need the added stress of worrying what the scale is going to say right now, know what I mean?.

Willow, I wanted to tell you that my blood sugar numbers have been phenomenal! I don't think I've ever had readings this normal since I was diagnosed 7 years ago! I'm still waiting on my lab report to come in. Can't wait to see if there was some improvement. This plan is a godsend for diabetics, I swear. I'm probably going to continue to use some of the food even after I go on maintenance because it is so balanced between protein and carbs...

Comment #36

Hello Ladies -.

Willow, you're doing great we're all following along, hoping we can do the same!!.

Tabitha I'm planning to continue the Medifast foods for a long time after goal as well I love the idea of keeping the bars around for quick snacks or meals anytime I'm in a pinch or faced with a really awful food decision. I think those bars will be my crutch for a long while!.

Julie - good to see you - down is down right!? Don't stress over the "goal" - though I'm one to talk!!!.

Anyway - I weighed in today and had my worst week yet - but I knew it wasn't going to be stellar by about Tuesday when the scale wasn't moving. I'm down 1.8 officially from last Friday - but I'm still short of my 40 pound goal (by .6 pounds) and my 15 by Christmas goal (1.2). So maybe this week will get me there..

So officially - 215.2. I really wanted to leave the teens by Christmas - but New Years will have to do!!! I don't see an over 5.5 pound loss happening this far into the plan - but we'll see!.

Very busy day today with school parties for 3 kids and babysitting for a friend all afternoon/ I'm working on a migraine - first one since starting MF.....taking a painkiller and chugging the water - hopefully I can fight it off early.....bleh!..

Comment #37

OOoo, I hope the migraine didn't materialize, Elaine! I get them too, but like you, I haven't had to deal much with them since I've been on Medifast. Good job on the 1.8 pounds - that's been about my average per week since I started, LOL! Even the first week. You'll make your goal my New Year's, I'm sure of it!..

Comment #38

Thanks Tabitha the migraine appears to be history. I took half a vicodin this morning while posting and right now I'm doing okay. Not even that sleepy, woozy feeling I usually get when I have to take something for migraine..

Obviously, I need to be better about my water and cut back on the splenda (in the coffee/decaf)....I think I'm going to make it without going full-blown this relieved!!!..

Comment #39

I'm so glad, Elaine! Um, Vicodin? Man, I love that stuff, LOL! I had some for pain a few years ago when I sprained my ankle really badly. I'm sure it works so much better on migraines than ibuprofen, hehe.....

Comment #40

Hi All, Glad your headache is gone Elaine and your nearly 2 pounds!!! Great job!!! Tabitha, I am so happy to hear about your blood sugars and I am sure your labs will look so much better. I think for you, it's a great idea to put your scale away for a bit. Whatever you decide, your attitude is right, as long as that scale goes down and you stay on program, you are going to lose the weight!!.

I am so excited today because usually I only work out when my daughter calls me to go with her to the gym...but today, I actually pulled out Leslie Sansone and ended up doing 2 DVDs and walking 2 miles in a half hour. WooHoo!!! For me that is great. If you are not familiar with her videos, she just has you walking and small variations on walking. She is very down to earth and though I have to push myself just do put the stupid things in the player, once I am done I feel so good. This morning after doing her DVD, I decided it was time to purge my closet (which in reality looked pretty much purged before I began cuz I don't have a lot of clothes) anyway, none of my old pants fit me, except 1 pair of Levi's that really are baggy but I love them anyway. I now have those, and the rest bought in the last 2 weeks: 1 other pair of jeans, 1 pair of cords and 1 black dress pant.

Pitiful, hope when I lose all the wt. I want to, someone will take pity on me and take me shopping... LOL... Also, none of my 6 dresses fit me any more, 2 skirts gone and lots of capris (but I still have a few of those left)..

It was fun, even if I'm left with an empty closet!!.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!..

Comment #41

Willow, I have some of those Leslie Sansone tapes! I need to pull them out and use them. We've been going roller skating on Sunday evenings for 3 weeks now and I am LOVING it! I always loved it as a teenager, but it had been a long time since I'd been on skates. Both DH and I are going to use our Christmas money from family to buy our own pairs of skates. We're going again this Thursday - I swear I would go every day if we could afford it and if the rink was open every day!.

On another note, I had my first "under 100" fasting blood sugar reading this morning! And by first, I mean the first since I was diagnosed with diabetes! HUGE deal for me! I was on 4 metformin pills a day when I started this plan and have now cut back to 2. So although my weight loss has been slower than I'd like, I am beyond thrilled with the improvements in my blood sugar levels!.

I hope everyone has a great day! I've got some cleaning and laundry to do, and I need to finish my Christmas shopping for our extended family as we're leaving on Christmas day to go to Florida to visit them. See ya'll later!..

Comment #42

Great job Tabithathe scale is not always the best marker for good health. So pleased you're having good results with your blood sugar!..

Comment #43

WOW!! WTG Elaine on making your Christmas goal!!! Great job!!!.

Tabitha, how awesome to have a fasting blood sugar under 100!!! And I know roller skating is great exercise!!! Now, just pull out those Leslie tapes and have fun!!!.

I have 2 firsts, I jogged on the treadmill for the first time in my life!!! It was very exciting!! And today, I used the elliptical for a 1/2 hour (that thing kills me!) and I went 2-1/2 miles in that time. I am thrilled. What helps is that my daughter and I go together. She is such an encouragement to me!!.

Oh also, I went to the doctor yesterday and he took me off the medicine I had been on for years for high triglycerides. Yea!!!! Will check in for sure on Thursday to report my wt. loss. We may be a very small group right now, but hey we are going strong!!!..

Comment #44

We need a cheerleader girl emoticon or something. Willow, one more medicine discontinued - WAY TO GO!!! That is absolutely wonderful! I'm glad you enjoyed the gym too. I sure don't like the elliptical machine - wow, what a hard workout! Our gym will open at the end of January/first of February and I'm really looking forward to it..

Elaine, congrats on meeting your Christmas goal!! Isn't it great to be losing instead of gaining at this time of year? I really want to hit the 20 lb. mark before we leave for Florida on Saturday, so I might dig the ole scale out of the closet and hop on for a quick peek. I'm very close, but I might not make it..

I'm getting a tad nervous about being off my schedule next week while I'm visiting family, but I am determined to stay on plan. But the thing I'm most concerned about is getting my food through security, as you never know what the freakin' TSA is going to do. I'd like to carry it all in a carry on so I can be sure I have enough meals in case we're delayed or end up staying overnight in Atlanta because of a missed flight (happened last year - was not fun). I know other people have said they've had no problem, but I'm still concerned. I need to chill....

Hope you all have a great day!..

Comment #45

Best of luck while Travelling Tabitha .... and congrats Willow on getting rid of your medication!!!.

I'm heading out of town now and will be gone until next week my weigh in will be late!!!.

Wish me luck and the same to you all Merry Christmas see you before the New Year!..

Comment #46

Safe travels, Elaine! Have a wonderful trip!.

Willow (and everyone else) - I got my latest lab results and here is the good news. I'm comparing these results to the lab work I had done in August. I had been on plan 7 weeks when I had the latest lab work done..

Fasting glucose went from 141 to 96 (I was under 100 and didn't even know it!).

Cholesterol went from 150 to 99.

Triglycerides went from 205 to 150.

LDL went from 61 to 25.

A1C went from 7.0% to 5.7% - I am over the moon about this one!.

I also had my thyroid checked, and while my TSH and T4 were normal, my T3 is low. Haven't heard from my doctor yet to see what I need to do about that..

Anyway, I wanted to share the good news. I am just amazed! What a great Christmas gift for me!..

Comment #47

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TABITHA!!! Good lab reports are THE BEST indicator of good health!!! I am soooo proud of you!!! Chill is the word of the day whenever you travel!!! Your food will get through and so smart of you to plan ahead for any contingencies!!!.

Safe travels as well to you Elaine!!!.

I also wanted to report my weigh in for today. I am down another 2.6 pounds and now only have approximately 8+ pounds to goal!!! That makes for a very merry Christmas for me!!!.


Comment #48

Doing the happy dance for you, Willow! You have definitely been an inspiration to me. I can't wait to see you do transition - I'm sure you are going to do well. Me being as close to goal as you are seems sooooo far away. I just have to keep taking it one day at a time..

I just love reading about everyone's successes here!..

Comment #49

Okay, all, I'll be heading out of town tomorrow, so I wanted to with you all Happy Holidays! I'll check in when I get back...

Comment #50

Just returned from trip weighed in this morning (really, really late - so it weighed less than would be right)....scaled said 211.4 = but I'm going with 212.4 since it was nearly 11 am when I got up!!!..

Comment #51

WTG Elaine!!! Just believe your scale if it is weigh-in day girlfriend!!! You are so close to Onederland I can feel it for you!!! Hope your Christmas was merry and blessed and hope your New Year is OP and wonderful and bright!!! Happy New Year and thanks for being here!!!.

Hope Tabitha is having a wonderful holiday!!!.

As for me Christmas was easy because we celebrate Christmas on New Year's Day when everyone is home but my plan is to remain OP and do no damage because I am so close to my goal of 125. Today is weigh-in and I am down another 2 pounds and am so thrilled!!! Just 6.6 pounds to go to goal and another cup of veggies... LOL....

Hope everyone comes back after the new year, so our board is full and active once again!!!..

Comment #52

WTG Willow I can't wait to get there but right now I'm just focused on leaving those 200's behind....Valentine's is my goal for getting out of the 2's for the last time!!.

Can't wait to see your goal pics and to hear from you as you go through transition and maintenance!!!.

I know you must feel great I already feel so much better, I can't imagine how good I'll feel when I get down into a healthy weight range!.

Happy New Year (Christmas, too!)..

Comment #53

I'm back and am happy to report that I managed to stay ON PLAN while I was gone! I was soooo worried about this trip and the difficulties that I might face, but you know what? When you make *you* a priority and just say "da** the torpedoes, I'm goin' in" and do what *you* need to do for yourself, everything works out. Instead of worrying what others would think about my diet and how many times I was eating, I did what I needed to do to make my time away as close to my regular pattern as possible. That in itself is a huge accomplishment for me, as I've always been one to think about myself last when I'm around extended family. (Yeah, there's some "baggage" there, LOL!).

Anyway, I'm glad to be home and back on my regular schedule. It looks like you two did well over the holidays too, Willow and Elaine! Willow, I cannot WAIT to see pics of you when you reach your goal weight!.

I hope you both have a wonderful New Year's Eve and Day!..

Comment #54

Weigh in today at 211.8....down from last week - but not enough still need to hit that 210 by tomorrow to make my goal might be the first one I don't make!!!.

Well - the last two weeks have been slow - but down is down!..

Comment #55

If it's any consolation, you made MY goal!.

I wanted to hit 211.8 by the end of the year. I missed it by 0.8 pounds. Be of good cheer, you are rockin' this! Tomorrow is a new day, a new year, and a NEW YOU! Health, Happiness and Success in 2011! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #56

I'll take it EMT!!!! At least I made A GOAL - even if it wasn't MY goal!!!!.

Happy New Year!..

Comment #57

Woo hoo, Elaine! You are sooooo close to being under 200! And you are right - down is down!.

EMTFreakGirl, you are doing so well! I'm thinking that 0.8 pounds will be gone by tomorrow!..

Comment #58

Okay, where are you guys? I hope everyone is doing okay - we've almost made it through the holidays! I don't know about all of you, but I'm ready to get back to my normal routine. I'm ready for all the goodies to go away, LOL!.

I hope Kat, Sandy, and the rest of our gang check back in soon. I miss them!..

Comment #59

Don't know - but I saw 210.8 today not 210.0 - but it's closer.... I'm focused on Valentine's Day now - and under 200!!!.

I'm so ready to get these next 10-15 pounds off.....I'm in my 16's now - but problem is - I only have one pair of jeans in I'm wearing old leggings and sweats mostly while I try to get enough weight off to get comfortably into my 14's - which I have quite a few of..

Gym tomorrow thoughwe're going to get this thing moving along again I hope..

I've checked Kat's page a few times and haven't noticed any activity in the last few days - but I can't be sure....Haven't checked on Sandy. Willow's here - she'll pop in when she's ready to say something. Not sure about Kim and the others..

We'll see - a couple may show up again in the next week as things settle back down to normal...

Comment #60

Way to go, Elaine! You'll be under 200 soon, I'm sure!.

I haven't "offiicially" weighed myself yet (still trying to do the once-a-month thing), but I did sneak a peek this morning and I am under 170. I haven't been this weight for at least 13 years. I'm working my way towards 30 lbs lost and it feels so good!.

Willow, where are you, woman? Have you made it to goal?..

Comment #61

Way to go Tabitha don't know how you go so long between weigh ins. I'd probably be a happier person if I could but I'm a scale slave.....every day - at least twice a day unless I'm out of town!!!.

Hoping this week will see things moving along betteractually looking forward to weigh in Friday....just want to get under 210 for this seems to be a stumbling block for me and I'm ready to move on past it!!!..

Comment #62

Hi everyone! I am back from a long holiday vacation. I just got back this evening. I have no idea how much I gained since I have been off Medifast for the past month and a half. I will weigh myself tommorrow morning. Not looking forward to it. I may have gained anywhere between 5 - 8 lbs.

That is more time to for me to reach goal than the 1 1/2 months I had beginning Medifast before his 2 week leave. I am glad the Oct Opers still exits. I guess not everyone went into hiatus during the holidays. I can't wait to chat with you guys again! I hope the next 3 days goes well for me beginning keotosis. I didn't really get any headaches but I was tired the first couple of days.

Happy Oping!..

Comment #63

Yay, welcome back, Sandy! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you haven't gained much!.

I did have some side effects when I started the program - mostly headaches and some nausea and feeling tired. But I woke up on day 4 feeling great! For me, the icky, yucky feelings I had trying to get into ketosis kept me on plan through the holidays. I certainly don't want to do that again! (Not to mention the insane amount of money I'm spending on this diet, LOL!).

Keep plugging along, Elaine - you'll get below 210 soon!.

Now, where the heck is Willow? Am I gonna have to send out a search party or something? LOL!..

Comment #64

HERE I AM!!!! Hi Elaine, Tabitha, EMT, and Sandy!!!! I am thrilled the holidays are over!!! Happy New Year everyone and may it be a much thinner, healthier one for all of us!!! WTG on all the losses and Tabitha, you rock for staying OP during your vacation!!!! Sandy, you know girl you can do it, cuz you have done it!!! And hey Elaine, making EMTs goal is better than gaining, right!!! LOL... Congrats on getting to 210.8!!! Awesome job!!.

As for me, I stayed on program through it all and it got me to within 3.8 pounds of my goal of 125. I could not be happier. I realize that I haven't been on the site as much because I am no longer logging my meals in, so I just don't hit the site. I will try to be more faithful to you all by stopping by more than once a week to log my weight..

I am hoping my granddaughter, the photographer-like person, will take some photos of me when I reach goal but honestly, over the holidays, some people did not recognize me. Now, that is a pretty darn good feeling!!! So, onward and DOWNWARD for all of us!!!..

Comment #65

*Waves to Willow* I am jumping up and down with excitement for you being so close to goal!! Please do visit more often - I really want to get your feed back on going through transition...

Comment #66

Congrats Willow so close can't wait to celebrate your success!!!.

I've been experiencing very slow loss over the last few weeks and I know everyone will assume I've been off plan but that's what makes it so awful!!! I have been on plan and I totally get Tabitha's frustration with the scale you restrict keep the calories below 1000 theoretically you should lose weight just on calorie restriction alone so when it's not happening very difficult..

I'm trying not to get discouraged and to get my water intake back up to at least 100 oz sooner or later the scale will begin to move again!!!..

Comment #67

Scales are evil, Elaine! They were sent here to torment us! Hang in there!..

Comment #68

Hi all!!! Don't be discouraged Elaine... that emotion (among many others) is our enemy. I have found a new group that I resonate very well with. I came on today to see you all and there it was, like it was a message... it is called Tough Love group and I highly recommend it!!! It is a no nonsense 100% OP support group and has a bunch of gals who are in maintenance and have been for a while... I think you will find excellent support there and many more like-minded people!!! Give it a try.


Yesterday I went shopping/looking just to check sizes... and I am now into a size 8 pant and honestly for the first time in my life my bra cup size has gone down. In the past, whenever I gained wt. those gals would get bigger and if I lost the weight they did NOT go down accordingly but this time, for the first time in my adult life I am in a size D cup. For my entire adult life I have been in a DD and before Medifast was up to a 44 DD. Yesterday, I was comfortably in a 38D. What an amazing program...

Comment #69

Woohoo great job Willow I'm sitting here posting this in my size 14 jeans size 10 is my goal - so I'm feeling pretty good - esp since these were still too tight a few weeks back. They are my NSV!!.

I know what you mean about the girls mine got to about an H during pregnancy and breastfeedingthey are a D right now (a very saggy and unattractive D - but still!) I'm pulling for a C by the time this is done.......

We're off to a soccer game in a bit - so I'll check in later!!.

And Tabitha yes, the scale is EVIL!!!!..

Comment #70

Willow, it seems that EVERYTHING on my body is shrinking except my danged stomach. I had to go down a cup size on my bra already (from a C to a B) and if this keeps up, I'll be flat as a board up there! I've always been fairly well endowed, so this is kinda disturbing! Maybe the stomach loss will kick in here soon and everything else will slow down a bit - sheesh!.

I'm going to go check out that Tough Love group.....

Comment #71

Happy Sunday!!! I had stopped writing down everything I ate BUT I read on the Tough Love thread about someone who has been successfully in maintenance for several years and still writes every bite down, so I am starting again. As I said there, I want NOTHING to derail my success on MF!!! Have a wonderful day!!!..

Comment #72

Hey everyone! I know I said I was restarting earlier but it just didn't happen that way. I caught a cold again and was taking cold medicine so I officially started today. I gained 10 lbs back! But I am okay with it because I know I am going to lose it once I restart. I am just not looking forward to the next three days of getting my body back in ketosis and trying to drink all that water!.

Willow I am so proud of you! I can't believe you are only 3.8 lbs away from goal. That is so inspiring. Congrats to you!.

Tabitha my stomack is the last to go too! I hate that. What can I say my tummy loves me. 23.8 lbs down is awesome. Good job! Especially during the holidays..

Elaine congrats on your NSV. Size 14 jeans is what I would like to be in right now. I went up to a 16 for the month and a half I was off medifast. Shame on me. You are almost to Onederland! Yay!.

Have a wonderful day everyone! It is great to be back. Our group is so small now. I wonder if anyone else is going to return?..

Comment #73

Hi Ladies! Yesterday was my first day back OP...It feels good to be back in control.

I did gain about 6 lbs over the holidays, but I'm okay with that. I have about 45 pounds until goal and am hoping to lose that by June 1st (or before!). I have so much admiration for those of you who stayed OP during the holidays. It just wasn't possible for me. I will need to learn how to manage that in the upcoming months. It's good to see everyone! Have a wonderful day..

Comment #74

Hi, everyone! Just popping in to wave at you all. I'm currently sitting here in my chair, with my long undies on under my clothes, wrapped in a blanket and watching the snow fall outside. Did I mention I was cold? LOL!.

Anyway, we had another great night at the roller rink last night. My new skates came in (my Christmas present) and I started breaking them in. We've been hitting the rink every Sunday night, and I think it's going to be a permanent thing with us. I absolutely freakin' LOVE it! We're still waiting on our gym to open - it's a brand new Anytime Fitness and they are supposed to open at the end of the month. Can't wait to start working on some of my flabby areas, LOL!.

Hope you guys are having a great day! It's nice to have Julie and Sandy back! I wonder where Kat is? Miss her too!..

Comment #75

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a good start for me. 100% OP. It feels great to be back. I am just trying to get my water in. I have always had a problem with that aspect of MF.

Julie it is good to see you back. Looks like we restarted about the same time..

Tabitha you are so lucky to see snow. I love snow atleast when it first falls and everything is white. I am just scared to drive in it (never have). This summer I will be moving to Colorado where my husband will be stationed so I can't wait. I haven't went roller skating in ages. Sounds like a lot of fun!.

Hope everyone has a great OP day!..

Comment #76

Good morning, everyone! How are you all doing this week? I jumped on the scale this morning and have lost 1.4 pounds this week. I sure would like a week where I lost 3 pounds - that would be so exciting for me. Guess I should be thankful it wasn't a gain, though!.

So what's going on with the rest of you?..

Comment #77

Hi All, Good to see you both Sandy and Julie!!! Congrats on being OP....

Tabitha, good for you that you are once again down in wt. and up in exercise!!! I have never been a good roller skater so I am definitely jealous!!! I am cold all the time too and for anyone who knows me, their jaw drops when they hear that. For most of my adult life I have been horribly HEAT intolerant and just couldn't stand feeling hot... NOW??? Just the opposite. I am always wearing sweaters and to go out in this 19 degree weather is just too much for me. I have never been so happy to work from home...

I had the best workout ever last night (speaking of cold weather), I walked shelter dogs for 2-1/2 hours, nonstop... Oh my God, it was intense!!! These are all feral or totally abandoned/abused dogs who are not the best leash walkers so, even the gentlest ones are pullers. Nothing like a dog pulling you on ice!!! LOL... I did fall once but no damage done, thankfully. There were a group of 5 of us, 4 walking and 1 cleaning kennels while we walked. I am hoping it gets to be a regular Wed.

Stray-Rescue has been desperate this week because of the weather... now tomorrow is my regular volunteer day and I am sore as heck so, think I will wash bedding or feed or something, just to rest my sore legs and shoulders...LOL... but let me tell you, if any of you want a fantastic workout, volunteer to walk dogs at a shelter!!! Oh, and I forgot to mention, I am down another pound, to 127.8 today. I just keep plugging along here, anxious to get to eat another cup of veggies!!!.

Have an awesome OP day everyone!!!..

Comment #78

Hey y'all!.

I didn't forget about you. I just don't have time to get on the boards much anymore or the internet for that matter. I guess I went through a early mid life crisis LoL I quit my job and will be wasting my savings account traveling for the next few months until April. Just call me Julia Roberts because i'm doing my own version of Eat, Pray,Love mine is Medifast, Pray, Love.

I have lost 60lbs since I started and am at a weight I haven't seen in at least 2 yrs made it thru holidays, traveling, and a early midlife crisis all OP and it paid off nicely. I hope everyone keeps pushin to their goals. YOU are worth it! Always remember you only fail if you quit..


Look at you so close to goal! Wooo Hooo! Can't wait to see your success pictures..


Your ticker has moved alot since I saw it last! Congrats!.


Glad to see you didn't quit..


Size 14 Woo Hoo! Only 2 sizes away from your goal size.

Well till I find my way back on the boards again...Happy Losing Y'all..

Comment #79

Have a wonderful time on your trip, Kat! Good for you for sticking with the plan!.

Willow, I've fallen on ice before because my dog was pulling on the leash, and he's only 15 pounds! That's a wonderful thing you're doing with the animal shelter. My son and I volunteered for 6 months working with the rabbits. I was fine until one of them bit the crap out of me - then I was done, LOL!..

Comment #80

Morning fellow Medifasters!!! Finally moving out of my plateau was stuck for almost 3 weeks b/c I was having too many artificial sweeteners and boom - I went out of ketosis and into starvation mode..

I've been off the sweeteners for 2 days and amy down just over 2 pounds in that time to 208. That put's me past the 1/2 way mark!!!!.

Still pulling for 199 by Valentine's and I have hope that I will make it now that I've figured out what was going wrong!!.

Have a great OP day Willow wanting to hear if you've made goal?!!..

Comment #81

Wow, Elaine - how many artificial sweeteners were you doing a day? My greatest fear is being kicked out of ketosis..

Glad you got that figured out and are back on the losing streak!..

Comment #82

Tabitha - I started drinking hot tea or coffee when it got cold...I figured I could stay warm and get in my water at the same time. Unfortunately, I hate coffee or unsweetened tea so I started adding sweeteners and heavy cream (counting as my healthy fat). Well, in order to enjoy my coffee, I was adding at least 6 sweeteners to a large (16 oz) cup and having about 4 cups a 24 sweeteners right there..

On top of that, I was having an occasional diet sode at restaurants so artificial sweetener and adding sugar free syrup very occasionally to my Medifast cappuccino or HOt Cocoa.....

So I was having a ton of artificial sweeteners!!! I've had them all along b/c I was adding sugar free kool aid to my water to make it drinkable for me now I'm having the calorie burn infusers 2-3 times a day - plus at least one bottle plain...

I get my water, my calorie burn infuser and not additional sweetener and voila!!! back in ketosis!..

Comment #83

It does add up, doesn't it? I used to drink 2 cups of coffee in the mornings, with 2 packets of splenda each. I had to cut it back to 1 cup a day when I started MF. I just don't like unsweetened coffee - my husband can drink it right out of the pot, but not me!.

Glad you're back in ketosis!..

Comment #84

Glad to see you're all doing so well and that your tickers are continuing to free fall!.

I'm doing fine as well! Been OP since I've left the forums and the losses have slowed up a bit, but still losses! Turn 30 on Monday, and I haven't been steadily under 240 in around 10 years, unbelievable...

Comment #85

HI everyone! I just got back from Macaroni and Grill and dinner was yummy. I was nervous about going out to eat for awhile because I always thought I would be tempted to cheat but I stayed OP. I had grilled chicken skewers and roasted veggies. Had a great time. My 4th day being back OP and I lost 5 lbs so far. I love medifast.

Tabitha congrats on your 1.4 lb loss. Thats fantastic. Who wouldve ever thought rabbits could be so viscious. I guess I wouldve stopped volunteering too if one bit me..

Willow that is awesome that you walk shelter dogs. That is so sweet of you. I feel so bad for those dogs. I am a dog lover myself. I bet you got your exercise in for the day. Also, congrats on being close to transitioning!.

Kat I hope you have a wonderful trip! I wish I could just get up and travel. Where are you heading? Are you travelling US or International?.

Elaine I am glad to see your off your plateau. Atleast you found out what the problem was. I love the infusers, especially berry lemonade. Yum!.

Conrad Happy early Birthday! What a way to celebrate your birthday being a weight that you were 10 yrs ago! You are on a roll with your weightloss with 80 lbs. Keep up the great work! What are your plans for your birthday?.

Have a great night everyone!..

Comment #86

*Waves to Conrad!* Holy crap, dude! You are burning up this Medifast thing! Glad to see you again and I'm waay excited for your losses!.

I'm glad you conquered the Macaroni Grill, Sandy, LOL! Sounds like you are getting into the groove again...

Comment #87

Glad you're staying OP Sandy!!!.

And CONRAD Happy Birthday!!!! and Congratulations on the fabulous weight loss!!..

Comment #88

Yes 100% OP and I lost .6 lbs since yesterday and 5.6 lbs since Monday so I am happy I didn't gain from going out to dinner. What is everyone up to this weekend?..

Comment #89

Good job, Sandy!.

I've been busy cleaning/decluttering the basement all day. I've at least got it to where we can walk down there now, LOL! Took a carload of stuff to Goodwill. I've been putting off this chore because I just never had the energy to tackle it. Now I do!..

Comment #90

CONRAD!!!!! KAT!!!!! So glad to see you both and thrilled that you both have just whipped that weight into shape!!!! Kat, I did the same midlife thing...took my youngest child and my van outfitted like a home and just traveled. It was totally awesome for me but not sure my daughter liked it at the time, but it, in part, made her what she is today....

Elaine, thanks for your encouraging comment on my page, I not only appreciate it, I really need that..

Tabitha, isn't it amazing how much more energy we have when we weigh less and get all our nutrients in??? I have to fight that urge to clean the house constantly, LOL....

Sandy, how brave of you to go out to eat so soon after getting back OP, and good for you that you stayed OP. And, Julie, where are you?????.

As for me, I took some Christmas presents (too large workout clothing) back to Nordstrom Rack (their outlet store) and was able to get some clothes. What a treat to find myself in size Medium tops, size 8 bottoms (and those are a little loose) and (cover your ears Conrad) size C bra cup size, down from DDD and/or DD (I didn't even realize that my last bras were 44 DDD until I looked at them just before shopping) Going down in bra size is unbelievable to me because that has NEVER happened to me in all my years of losing and gaining weight..

I am so happy that some of our members are returning!!! I really am so happy for it!!! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!..

Comment #91

Hey Elaine and Tabitha, I realized I forgot to mention my 2 cents about artificial sweeteners. I have always loved coffee and have NEVER, in the past, been willing to alter how I drink it with 1 sweet n low and LOTS of skim milk. Then I started on Medifast still believing that no matter what my coffee drinking habit would not change. How wrong I was. I found out I couldn't have milk, BUT, I could have Medifast cappuccino!! And, from that moment to this day, every morning I make the cappuccino with 1 cup of cold water and I make my coffee. I manage to make that 1 cup of Cappuccino (cold of course) work for 3 cups of coffee.

It has been my breakfast for 3 months and it works for me. I have to say I have made the cappuccino heated for a late night meal and it is also delicious that way!!! Just thought this might give you some choices.....

Comment #92

Willow - Your suggestion on the cappuccino is a good idea and I will try it tomorrow morinng. I though at first that I wouldn't be able to stand the cap. but I'm able to get it down now and actually ordered several boxes of the calorie burn capp in my last order. I'm adjusting to life without my coffee over the last few days..

I'm still not a fan of the cappuccino - but I can do what I need to in order to get these pounds off once and for all!!!.

I am moving down again - so apparently I've corrected the problem... 207.6 today which in another .4 pounds in the last couple days...

Comment #93

Thanks for the suggestion, Willow! I've been a little scared to order the cappucino as the reviews are mixed, but I may order some next month. I can't eat right away when I get up, as I have to let my synthroid start working, but I usually have one cup of coffee and get started on my water. I wouldn't be able to drink the cappucino right away..

Willow, I've "shrunk" a cup size too. In my case I went from a C cup to a B. If this keeps up, they're going to shrivel away to nothing. Why can't my stomach shrink that fast? *stomps foot and has a hissy fit*..

Comment #94

Just checking in to give my loss for the first week which is 6.8lbs! I am not too surprised considering the first week is always the biggest loss. I still have 3.2lbs to get to where I was when I stopped being OP. Maybe by next week or the next week after. Today is such a gloomy wet and rainy day here but I have a few errrands to run. I just want to cuddle up with my blanket and watch movies on days like this lol. I will check back later! Happy OPing today!..

Comment #95

Congrats Sandy!!! Back OP and working it!!.

Willow - tried the cappuccino as creamer/sugar can't do it!!! I don't like the taste of coffee and the capp doesn't mask the taste enough....I'll stick with my hot tea w/lemon for the duration I suppose!!! It's better for me anyway - and the point IS to drink something warm. It's not so important what I drink. And I have oodles of Hot Cocoa and Calorie Burn cappuccino.....I will persevere!!!..

Comment #96

WTG Sandy!!! Oh Elaine, sorry!! I like the cappuccino but sorry to hear that it didn't do it for you. Stay warm however you can!!!.

Tabitha. My health coach gave me a great tip when I first started about Synthroid. I put it and a glass of water on my path to the bathroom (really it is on the kitchen counter which is on the way) and when I get up in the middle of the night, I take it and my statin. Then I can have breakfast (my cappuccino and coffee) as soon as I get up. Works for me....

Well, I am heading to bed. Will check in tomorrow hopefully!!! Have a great OP day Tuesday!!!..

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I thought about doing that with my synthroid, Willow, but I don't always have to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Sometimes I do, but not every night. I have so much trouble sleeping these days anyway that the last thing I want to do is set an alarm to get up in the middle of the night on those nights when I can actually stay asleep, LOL! Are you still on your synthroid? I'm really hoping that with weight loss I can go off it, but I don't know if that will happen or not. My main wish is to get off all diabetes meds (metformin and ace inhibitor) and get off the simvastatin..

On another note, I have been decluttering like a FIEND! We've taken 2 carloads of stuff to Goodwill so far, and have thrown out tons of trash. We're trying to get a section of the basement set up as a place for our teenage son to play his Xbox. It's really annoying when he's sitting right in here in the living room talking to his buddies on Xbox live REALLY LOUDLY, LOL! And this way, when we have friends over who have kids that play Xbox, we can shove them all down in the basement and have enough peace and quiet to be able to have conversations, hehe....

Hope everyone is having a good week so far...

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Just a note - I put up a couple of pictures on My Page showing my progress. I do not photograph well, so be warned, LOL!..

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