Medifast Diet? what to do/ any results?

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My question is Medifast Diet? what to do/ any results? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Would anyone like to start a nursing mamas buddy group with me?? I am just about to start the program and would like to talk with other moms who are also breastfeeding their little ones!! I look forward to meeting you all!!!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I would love to join! I have a 7 month old. I tried to do the nursing mothers program back in January and lost just over 6 pound in the two weeks I did it. I just started again this morning. I am going to stick to it because I am NOT going to be buying bigger clothes for spring ans summer. I have two pairs of pants that fit me, but my capris and shorts are all a size or two too small for me...

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I'm with you Jennifer - the only bigger clothes I want to be buying are in the infant's department! I am actually (sadly) in my maternity pants still - not with the big elastic panel, but still - just not a happy feeling to see my old jeans, even my "fat" jeans just hanging there in the closet... We are all really close together with our goal weight loss - I want to drop between 40 - 50. I haven't actually checked how bad the damage is, I'm sure I will feel like giving up if I know it already - I need to wait a week or two of being on Medifast before I face the scale - silly, but that's how my brain works...

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I got rid of all of my 16's after I lost the weight before I got pregnant. So after I had Little Man I had to go out and buy the two pairs that I do have. So yeah there is no way I am going to buy anymore 16's. I still have some 14's I don't know why, but I do. I don't think I have any 12's though I think I gave those to my sister. I still have 10's, 8's, 6's and some 4's.

I was 10lbs away from my goal when I got pregnant and gained all of it back during my pregnancy. So I know that I CAN do it! I am hoping to be pretty close to goal by the time he turns 1!.

It is really nice to know that I am not the only one on this journey while nursing! Good luck ladies and I can't wait to get to know you!..

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My little guy is 11 months old today. Where does the time go??.

I am still nursing him but I am trying to wean him. We are still nursing morning, 1st nap, and then at bedtime. He doesn't seem to want to give those up yet..

I kept putting medifast off but I finally decided I needed to get with it. I've increased my calorie intake a little bit to make up for the change in food..

Did anyone lose weight while nursing? I lost some of my pregnancy weight but I didn't think that my weight changed that much with nursing. I am so jealous of those who lose it so quickly!..

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No I have never lost weight while nursing. This is the first time that I have "dieted" while nursing in the first year. Good job on the loss so far!..

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I've never lost weight when nursing either, which is sad, but I know it's worth it. Are you guys doing the nursing mom's plan or just straight MF? I find it harder to do the nursing mom's version - having more choices available is more difficult than just knowing what I'm going to eat everyday..

I need to lose my ticker....doesn't apply anymore..

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Yesterday was hard, but I did it. Today was slightly less hard, and I did it. Tomorrow will be easier (at least a little)..

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I am doing the nursing program. Even though my son is 7 months old he still won't eat solids so I am his only source of food and I don't want to take anything away from him. I figure once he starts eating solids I might switch up to the 4&2 plan, but I am not sure yet. I will see how I do on the nursing plan..

I think once you get used to the nursing mom's plan it gets easier. I know the first time (back in January) I tried it I was really overwhelmed with how much was involved. Our lives are just so busy with little ones that adding more for us to worry about is too much. This time around it isn't so overwhelming and I have to say I am doing pretty good and have stuck to it 100% Last night I got my older boys fast food and didn't get anything for myself. I didn't even pick at their fries which I normally do...

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WTG Jennifer! McDonald's french fries are something that I would gobble down premedifast. We avoid them in the house so I am not tempted. We haven't had any fast food since I started Medifast and the kids haven't asked. yea! Good for you for not getting tempted!.

I looked at the nursing program and decided that I wouldn't realistically stick with it. I guess I am doing something like the 4+2. I eat a chicken breast with my soup at lunch and a piece of cheese (although it varies a little each day). So far this has worked for me. I've read that your milk production will decrease if you do too much..

Good luck today ladies!!..

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I have lots of milk, for now, but my little guy is only getting breastmilk too - rice cereal made him throw up, so his pediatrician said to wait a little while to try again. He was 19# at his check up today, so he's not really needing to add food yet... I will try to stick to the nursing mom's plan till he's more independent, food wise..

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Hey everyone!! I am so glad to see so many mamas here! That certainly makes me feel better! I just went to my first appointment today at the Medifast center and signed up. The lady was really nice and I felt pretty comfortable there. I will be starting it on Saturday since I have a colonoscopy on Friday that I have to prepare for... ugh! I will not be allowed to nurse for about 24 hours and it's freaking me out a bit since I have a four month old major chow hound over here. Anyone go under anesthesia while nursing?? How did you amp up your supply so it didn't dwindle?? Any advice would be appreciated! I look forward to getting to know you all!!.


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Candice I had surgery while nursing my 3rd son and never had to stop nursing. I was told to pump and dump before I nursed him though. Sorry I couldn't be of any help..

I am still doing the NMP and have been 100% all week. I weigh in on Monday so we will see how well it is working. I am doing the 1800 calorie rather than the 1500 calorie to see what happens and if I need to move down to the 1500 I will. Friday nights and Saturday's are usually the hardest for me since DH is home and we usually eat out. He won't be home for dinner tonight so that won't be hard, but tomorrow will be. Oh well I will just have to cook at home this weekend. Who needs a break anyway!!..

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Laura I think the oatmeal cereal was making my little one sick. I gave it to him with bananas about a month ago and he got sick and he hasn't eaten anything since then. I just tried giving him cereal again on Sunday and he ended up throwing up most of the day. I just thought it was from him teething and being a little stuffy at first and then I remembered the last time he had cereal. Not sure how much he weighs now, but I am going to wait and see how he is at 8 months and go from there...

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Well I am down 5lbs for my first week!! I am very happy with that. I am out of the 170's! Hopefully I will be out of the 160's and well into the 150"s by the end of May!.

Hopefully you are all doing great!..

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Where did everyone go? Still doing good and OP. Just thought I would check in and see how everyone was doing.....but you all disappeared on me...

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Nursing mama here would love to join this group! Just ordered my "package" so no Medifast stuff yet. I'm nursing my 9mo old just weaned my 2 year old so I have alot to lose. I have 6 children total and I've just let the pregnancy weight build up over the years and now I need to lose 75lbs!..

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Just wanted to get this active again!!!! I've been MIA.. you know how life is with the little people! How's everyone doing?? I am SUPER frustrated because I am not losing.. any advice??..

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Anyone still around? I just ordered my package and will be starting ASAP. My daughter is 5 months. I have over 40 pounds to lose. How are your results on the nursing plan? Did you notice any difference in your milk supply..



Mom to boys 7,5 and daughter 5 months..

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