Medifast recipes that do not cost much to make and are simple?

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My first question is Medifast recipes that do not cost much to make and are simple? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... I had beautiful shoes (well, as beautiful as a 12W can be and expensive) with heels, but I could not wear them because I was too overweight. I wear one pair all year, sandals. Now, I could not wait to wear heels again, so this morning I tried on a nice pair of black shoes with a medium heel.....AWWWWWWWWWWW! It flips on and off my feet. I mean you can get your hand between my heel and the shoe heel...I went through the whole closet...I can't wear not one damn shoe..THEY ARE TOO BIG! lmao...this is wonderful, absolutely amazing and wonderful.

God, is this great! I know, wait a while, but I need at least one pair! lol..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Hehehehe, just got myself 3 new pairs of shoes. 4 inch heels, some knee high red boots and a supe cute pair of short boots. Shoes are my sin, but I feeeeel soooo gooood! Shoes make the world go round. hahaha.



You fine some sassy heels that make you smile!!!..

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There needs to be an edit option lols..

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I can't wait to have this experience. I had a pair of red suede sling-back pumps that I absolutely loved. I gave them a way a year ago because my knees hurt so bad when I wore heels. Now I'm relagated to flats. There aren't a lot of sassy flats in 11W..

Congrats to you! Buy a kick-ass pair of super sexy shoes for me :-)..

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If shoes add to your enjoyment, then get out there and buy at least one pair.... Part of this is treating yourself to rewards along the journey..

Me? I've never enjoyed wearing high heels all that much.... :)..

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Wahoo! Shoe shopping is the best! Congratulations, Joy. That's soooo good!..

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LOL I can so relate... lost a lot of great pairs..

Congrats!! Enjoy shoe shopping...

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I had 4 pairs of brand new shoes that I had in my closet for a few years - they didn't fit and I never sent them back. They fit now! One pair is actually too big - I had to stuff cotton in the toes to wear them to a wake. LOL! I was shocked that I lost weight in my feet too. That was a nice surprise...

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