My 123 reg website is not responding?

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Question I have... My 123 reg website is not responding? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: Yea I regged it last summer. Its for sale though of course, lol...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Well Pear is an island and qatar is place. :-).

So at least 3 words. Weird that nobody offered you anything for it...

Comment #2

Yeah, I think pearlqatarrealestate if perfect!.

I believe is still available if anyone wants it..

By the way, Valerie, do you have examples of sites you have created as reference just in case I decide to develop some sites..


Comment #3

Sorry Damion, I could'nt help myself.

- I would'nt mind knowing what the affiliate programs for the palm islands were if you find them again.

I think affiliate programms are they way to go - PPC is very limited.

I'd definetly be up for swapping links eventually, me and Tetrapak have already done it, he's another NP's Dubai Addict.

And owns.

I have at least 10+ in the pipeline for development & just bought another one in the drops yesterday - DubaiGolfVacationsc * m.

I gotta stop buying and start developing, hmmm - I think I may have said that one before.


Comment #4

Wow, some more offers already.

Please let us know how you get on.


I'd agree with that, sometimes it needs to be long to describle it exactly..

This is loooong. - sold for $33,250. DnJournal said "That may be the longest name ever reported above the 30K mark".


Comment #5

I'll dig up something and I'll send you a PM tomorrow.

Okay, cool - I'll explore the development angles for the domains I have in mind and will definitely PM you and Tetrapak for interest in networking the sites...

Comment #6

Here's the Qatar HostGator names which I own. If any interest, just pm me..

Comment #7

Actually, I was able to snag.

- so if there are any Dubai addicts left - give me a holla..

The pace of construction in Dubai possibly rivals that of Beijing but should we go running to buy lots of Dubai construction names?..

Comment #8

Nice one bigc, I'm just finishing an escrow sale of a dubai .biz HostGator in the midxxx$ region, so imho it was a very nice catch..

Edit:. is not yet registered, but all other tld's are...

Comment #9

I just read an article on the this evening about the first resident of JUMEIRA PALM ISLAND you can see the link here @.


So of course I regged: JUMERIAPALMISLAND.COM not realizing it was JUMERIAH PALM ISLAND...well if MSNBC gets it wrong, maybe it is a good typo....

So I became Dunbai dumbfounded, what a project! And of course I regg'd some more....




Any good?..

Comment #10

It's Jumeirah.

Both versions you had used are typos..

1: There is only one Jumeirah palm island.

2: It's incomplete,.

Oqyana World First.

Is the correct version.

3: That's one is the best of your list..

That linked article was a little bit outdated (Aug. 8, 2006), anyone know what the current status is on the Palm Islands?..

Comment #11


And the rest are typos or incomplete?..

Comment #12 is correct, that is... the island is called Jebel Ali and is one of the palm islands..

It is mostly referred to as Palm Jebel Ali though..

Still, a nice one..

Comment #13

Thanks Damion..

Well that is the one nice thing about go daddy, I can cancel....

Picked up a few more:.









However, after really researching I see that alot of their sites are using their extention .ae, so I am not sure these will really fly. Also the cost of one year reg, from what I see is $150.

They claim that they are going to have an "Internet City", but with rates for 256k @ $100 /mo that is pricey, at least compaired in the US, for that rate my customers are getting 5000k..

Hopefully they are running a ton of fiber in those new buildings....

Oh well, so much for my Dubai portfolio, I will go back to my .us an work on that, I think that is in the near future.....

Comment #14

Just noticed and were available and regged them..

For anyone who is interested, these two are still available:.

Let me know if any NPer takes it.

Cheers, John...

Comment #15

256k @ $100 /mo that is pricey..

It is elite real estate for rich people. They don't really care about $1k/mo..

Comment #16

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