My cat is 14 that healthy or does he need Nutrisystem ?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... My cat is 14 that healthy or does he need Nutrisystem ? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... One week on Nutrisystem and I am committed to the program. Can I eat pickles"? Can I eat watermelon? Seems basic, but I can not find any information..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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The meal plan pamphlet which comes with your food lists all this information. Reading it will be a great start...

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This is a good question FOR THE DIETICIAN. I DO NOT see.


Listed. Being able to rationalize the way I can, this either means.


Or since cucumbers and vinegar are both unlimited.... Then so are Pickles..

Seriously, I would assume they are not allowed...

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Using advice search by titles, I found this thread:.


(pickles are ok if you can take the sodium)..

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If no one knows it, pickles are good for reducing night cravings. Just increase the water intake because of the sodium...

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I'm not sure what the Nutrisystem problem is over salt. I don't have blood pressure problems so I can normally eat salt. If it causes me to retain some water, so what? I'm trying to lose fat, not water. The scale can't tell the difference but it's better to be fat conscious, not scale conscious..

If the low salt Nutrisystem food tastes worse than other food, It's going to be harder to stay on 100%...

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Im sure there's a deeper medical reason for Nutrisystem's distaste for sodium but Im not smart enough to know much less understand it. I would think it's because the prepacked foods are already fairly high in sodium and they'd like to keep customers from receiving an unpleasant surprise when they step on the scales and become discouraged..

I just know Nutrisystem tells me to avoid it and it's working fantastically for me...

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I'm not sure Nutrisystem dislikes sodium, they sure put enough of it in their foods...

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The sodium levels of Nutrisystem foods puts the total amount of sodium per day at or below the recommended daily allowance as set by the USDA (2100 mg)...

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I don't buy the water weight argument. Fat cells are mostly water. All weight loss is water weight including sweating and evaporation. The by-product of burning fat is urine and gases. Thus, more peeing, more farting..

That's why drinking large amounts of water is so helpful. Water keeps the kidneys lubricated so they can do their elimination job. If the kidneys do not get all that water then the Liver has to do extra duty and pick up the slack for the kidneys. While the Liver is distracted doing the kidneys job it, the Liver, can't do it's fat metabolism job..

Salt throws a monkey wrench into the works and slows down everything. Nutrisystem if anything has too much sodium. I'm glad they are reducing it in some recipes...

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I was going to say pretty much the same thing as every body else. Nutrisystem has a lot of salt in there meals. As a chemist, salt will buffer your system and not allow for proper weight loss. Follow what Damon says, drink your water and do NOT add additional salt...

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You are indeed on the right tract. Water in inexcess will overload the system and DOES infact cause increased water retention. More importantly, this causes an imbalance in water and electrolyte concentrations between the inside of the cells and the fluids outside the cells. In turn, this inbalance causes the whole machine to slow down (fat burning, metabolism, etc). Increased water can help flush the system but can also overwork it as well. When it comes to to much salt....

Finally, this electrolyte imbalance creates other problems. Better to keep the salt (Sodium and Chloride) low and water high to reduce electrolyte imbalance and oil the machine...

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[pedant] I think you have to have a weak acid-base system for a buffer. Not NaCl. [/payed attention in HS chem class]..

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Nutrisystem meals aren't actually high in sodium. Compare Nutrisystem meals with what you used to eat - chances are you're eating a lot less sodium now..

That's said, there's no need to add a lot of extra salt to your diet. However, the occasional pickle won't kill you, either. Well, unless you have a heart condition or something like that.....

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Not true. A buffer also effects change from additions of water, not just changes in acidity or basicity. {Have too many degrees on the wall!}..

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