My Godaddy domain name is .. does this name affect the way it's searched?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... My Godaddy domain name is .. does this name affect the way it's searched? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Without considering the HostGator name itself which is the second "best" TLD after .com.

If the dot com is taken - IYO which would be your second choice ( generally speaking) and why?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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Cctld (.de,, .ca, etc. but NOT include .us)..

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Amcy you poll doesnt have .info which inmy opinion can be very powerful..

I havent heard anybody giving any reasons for their preferences. So I guess is mostly just personal preferences...

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If you do a forum search for this topic, you will find a near endless supply of answers and opinions. It may sound clich, but it really does depend on the situation, the location and the application. There is no longer a single answer to this question, as there was a few years ago. IMHO..

With all due respect I disagree, and the .US facts and sales data prove it...

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It can only be personal preferences THERE is no Exact Scientific answer. Depends what are you using GoDaddy site for it is obvious ina country like Germany It is .de and .info not .net. For those involved in TV and Entertainment it is .tv. For those who are into b2b they Like .biz (MOLE).

.ca could not rank over .us IMO .ca name One meaningful .ca sale..

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Thanks for pointing that out..

I've added .INFO as an option..

BTW: my vote is for .NET as it is generic, very well established and open to all..


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Depends where you want to use the domain.

E.g. in Germany *.com is second best and *.de is first choice.

How about Great Britain ? .

For international purposes I actually do not really care about a second choice; if I cannot get *.com I would look for another *.com name..

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In Australia first .Com Second.


In Rest of World is My preferred option.

(I am biased 60+ .info's ,I get them cheap & like the Tld).


Only if Internet Related (My main GoDaddy site is a .net & yes I have the .com).


Never Considered.


Maybe if Business related.


Yes if USA Focused website (My Main HostGator GoDaddy site is .US).

But I agree with.


Above, maybe second choice should be a different name.

Then not having a constant battle to get traffic from the .COM..

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Use *.com as main HostGator ( as also product name ) but have *.net, *.info, *.org and a few country domains as well but main reason is to block off others registering..

Use the *.org as name server HostGator and will eventually use as support forum for the open source section..

Think for this purpose *.org is fine..

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I would have to say .net for pretty much everything. There are occasions where I would get the .info first though...

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I would say .NET. It is well established and somewhat general, as Amcy pointed out. It has a bigger scope and it's second, IMHO.



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I knew this was a loaded question and really all depending on the usage and plan and nature and field and and and... But this was still VERY helpful dialogue for me..

My favs are .net (since it's so global and widely recognized/used even beyond net sites).

.info to me as an advertising pro makes it VERY click friendly. How bad-for -you can a dot info GoDaddy site be. Certainly not a parked GoDaddy site with 57 viagra-pop ups.

My third really is .org - It's just very authority...(new word) I hope people wont abuse the two above. They should come up with .spam.

For the HostGator challenge I asked this questions for it's a HostGator in the health field so I think I will snatch .info, .org, .net, There's no .med is there?..

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.net but if I can reg .de i'll chose .de..

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Is it me or is .net not really commercially advertised that well? I.e. I never see .net's on tv etc..

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Have regged a couple of .info's when I cant get the .com or .net..

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It depends on what the business is all about..

I guess Country specific TLDs will play major role after .COM.

AND...For entertainment it goes with out saying : .TV..

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.de can be arranged if you need one :-)..

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Btw, I'm waiting for my country to release .my - just imagine, or

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Second best for what? Speculation? Parking for revenue? Developing a site? For the latter second best HostGator would almost always be a different .com..

An expired name in any extension with back links might be worth something..

You might be able to sell a .net or .info to the .com owner. Probably even their local ccTLD...

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CcTLD's.. will go with the local laws in the future and gTLD's will drop relative to ccTLD' is not really good for commercial use, net is ok but totally wasted for type-ins..

Only ccTLD I don't believe in > .US!..

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.net is 2nd best. I would also think about .ee, but as most of the people can not get them, then it is waste of time. But soon there will be .eu.....

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I just really like the .info extension. It's so descriptive...

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.org for me.

If I own the .com than second place would be .net than .org...

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Well if .com is not available then I'll choose .net...

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.net in my opinion ... and .us or after that .....

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In my opinion .info is second best to .com. I don't like .Net...

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