My godaddy email login screen is now sent to workspace email v 5.1?
First question I have is My godaddy email login screen is now sent to workspace email v 5.1? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... Check Sedo's recently sold list. I think the buyer got a good deal (although gambling is illegal in India)...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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SHOWS not sold on SEDO.

Now it does show on the German GoDaddy site sold WEIRD..

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Hmmmm isn't that pricetag a little low? I'm with JH on this one, thought it would've sold for more....

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It is up for sale an a min offer of $30K...

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Probably an error on Sedo's part. Saying that isnt gambling illegal in India?..

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I think could have been sold for more...

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Unbelievable ! it is really a cheap price for such a name !..

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I hope my poker domains.

Do well in the future, personally if that price is true for then they guy lost out that would be worth a lot of money in a year or 2...

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Is gambling really illegal in India, can anyone verify this? And also anymore info on the subject?..

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I've been doing some reading on the subject lately, and it appears that (for the most part) it.


Illegal, but it also appears that gambling on the.


Is something that's nearly impossible to stop. I've even found directories of web casinos (etc.) published on Indian sites - for Indian visitors..

I'm still researching, and would love to hear from people who actually live in India, Indian citizens etc...

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Yes it is illegal, as is sex , well almost, certain aspects! This is where the power of the internet overcomes all odds, if you want to gamble or ogle naked women /men etc it is just a click away..

However, I do believe that the that the authorities have the power to cancel certain unacceptable sites, whether or not they would act in the same way as China with misuse of .cn / is yet to be determined..

Caveat emptor...

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Gambling is not illegal in India at all. Several hotels in Goa have operated in-house casinos for years, and there are soon to be casinos opening in other Indian states..


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Yes and no! Probably depends on certain gov officials in particular states and their share of the pie..

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The guy who purchaes this is apparently crooky on afternics forum.. he posted on one of my posts stating that .in was alot more popular that at the moment. I have to disagree, even though I believe in time they will even out..

Seems the price it did sell for is 2650?? would of never let it go for that cheap as most of you have said. So no GoDaddy error even though he mentions he was annoyed they took credit for it...

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Tips is correct, although now I am Crooky here and at DNForum too! I actually came here because he said was a target of discussion elsewhere, and before he mentioned the sale in the Afternic forum, I had no idea GoDaddy published it..

I am actually upset that GoDaddy would publish that sale as if it sold AT GoDaddy if it did not. I merely used their aqcuisition service by request of the seller. The seller was 1 of a number of owners I emailed directly. Like the others, he didn't have the name listed anywhere and had no website on the name, and like most of the others, was interested in selling it. You'd be surprised that people will generally answer those emails wanting to sell the name and will give a price. I sent out about 20 emails just inquiring about whether the names were for sale, got about 15 back, and about 12 or 13 of those had prices.

The seller initially said $5,000, but I wrote a long email persuading the price down, and he put it down to $2,650. With Sedo's fees (all paid by me), it came out to about $3,000. I wish he would have gone with just using Sedo's escrow because we had already agreed to a price, but he wanted me to use their aqcuisition service, so I was like "oh well, I'm getting a bargain anyways.".

Well, the fact that GoDaddy published the sale angers me quite a bit because they DID NOT SELL THE NAME and really did not help me aqcuire the name either, as the seller and I already agreed on the price. I believe a private sale should remain as such unless one of the parties wants it published, and I'm sure the seller didn't tell GoDaddy to publish it. This is one thing in a long line of things that GoDaddy has been poor with. This transaction took a while to complete because GoDaddy was very poor with contacting the seller quickly, and (which I sold earlier this year for $2,000) took over 3 months to complete at GoDaddy between the buyer taking forever to pay and the transfer taking forever. In that transaction, I loved how GoDaddy thought the name could be transferred to a GoDaddy account!.

Also, as I posted at Afternic, regarding .in and name popularity, # of registrations of each speaks for itself. The lists I looked at weren't all encompassing I believe, but the .in list had just over 75,000, and had just over 5,000. Since the extensions aren't new, sales numbers shouldn't really be compared yet, as I think holders of prime .in names are specifically that: holders. Over time, I believe there will be plenty more sales in the .in extension over the extension, but nevertheless, I think as of today, better registrations could be had in over .in due to the better availability...

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Welcome to NamePros Crooky..

That's true, and I just acquired - - using the same.

Cold contact.

Email method...

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Hey Crooky.

Welcome to Namepro's.

I think I speak for the majority here in giving you support over your rough time with Sedo. Seems they can not get a lot right lately..

Grats again on a nice purchase..

And DB nice score grats bud.


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Interesting, welcome Crooky!.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to this thread!..

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I am suprised it didnt sell for a higher price..

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Very nice buy congrats.

I never go anywhere but if it is a private purchase, never had a problem..

I tried a few direct emails but only got the outrageous, for 30,000 euros for example..

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Well, it's no secret now...DNJournal even mentioned it. I guess I better develop it now...thanks Sedo! Sheesh.....

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