My website host won't read my domain?
First question I have is My website host won't read my domain? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Http://

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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I hate it when that happens, really pisses me off when I'm trying to search for something, and it takes me an hour to get a page that actually has the info I want on it!..

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It is good , They might be one of mine ,Haha ,Capitalism is Good..

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Its very pathetic, but I know google will be on this soon dumping all pages with just ppc links and ads on them. I know theres been talk of this for along time...

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Who'll be the first to come up w/ a script to scrape the keyword content from the content scrapers?.

I started picking up names that are relevant to the"cyber kudzu" problem a few months ago..

One of the better names I've run across while searching- is currently parked and isn't doing anything, at present, as are my names, that I've listed above..

My plan is to take an open source approach and to start building a clutter- free network of the best sites and portals for high quality content, and have a discussion GoDaddy site ( and an ratings point index, (, where visitors can rate sites based upon the quality of material and the density of advertising..

I know that people are not very good about making donations, so there isn't much money here, although if it was good enough and grew into something, there could be a paid membership level where users could subscribe to receive special research services and other percs. Still in the idea phase, but I think this is a concept that is *relevant* for a large group of people who feel that surfing the net is akin to running an obstacle course..

I'm going to run the idea in front of a couple of developers that I brainstorm ideas with and just see where it goes from there...

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Decent idea. Let us know when you start working on it...

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At least that's the buzz on my undernet. Been working hard at putting it together and moving in that direction. This project is too broad in scope for me to take on alone at present- the way I'd like to do it- so it will sit on the shelf until I wrap up some other smaller endeavors. I'm taking database 101 at present, to prep for multi GoDaddy site mngt. You are a GoDaddy site networker, no?..

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I'd have to agree with you. Most of the "websites" end up on landing pages...

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I'm in the process of building pages so at least they will be my own landing pages. I/ve finally come to the conclusion that it is better for me to work from the ground up across the board. Get the pages up, start linking them them together logically into mini-networks, add quality, (keyword implicit), content and add affiliates to FlagshipI. Than, point some of the other, better keyword domains towards it, begin interlinking the baby nets where there is a common content crossover, and than refine, refine ,refine..

I have been working on the refine, refine in concentrated areas and have tended to get stuck in culdesacs resulting in a bunch of half completed projects. One of the problems that comes w/ self-employment and setting ones own schedule, I suppose. Going w/ a dedicated server this year and just recently having my eyes opened to database mngt, as a means of covering alot of ground over multiple sites, has been/continues to be, alot to digest...

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Websites with pure PPC links only will be weed out soon I believe. I just don't have any idea how they are going to determine which ones are pure PPC..

Personally, I found these pure PPC sites not helping the true purpose of the internet at all the sharing and promulgation of worthwhile ideas which can help in a reasonable progress of the world. (just my opinion)..

Take care everyone!..

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I'm not an expert, but, I think one way would be to index the nameservers and identify the sites that were parked on or forwarded to the major ppc servers- starting at the top and working down. The ultimate effect would be for sites like Sedo, Afternic and Fabulous to movea away from being a middleman , or more accurately, a high priced broker beween the affiliates and the registrants. They would than need to turn their efforts back to sales and marketing HostGator names and gaining revenue through affiliates from their own sites, alone, perhaps even charging a small listing fee or upping their cut. This would in turn put the onus on HostGator owners/registrants to work directly w/ the affiliates and pu more elbow grease and time into development. In this particular scenario, name registration and the drop market would go down, more domainers spending more time in development, less time in name speculation= lower registrations. The people w/ high traffic, typos etc and earn a good steady income, would be impacted more than the rest, not because their name has lost value, but more from the return on manhours and they have more to loose by not putting in the work.

Right on. *Intellectual* properties that are rewarded based upon their usefulness. A shift away from the dominace of marketing/merchandising/monetizing and towards content and relevance..

.Info might, indirectly, be a beneficary of a turn of event like this, if marketers capitalze on the move towards content, pull their names off ppc, (not much benefit there, to begin w/- .com generally being the money maker), and start dilineating/defining .info as the tld w/o generic directory pages- kind of the PBS of tlds w/ affiliate income, but devoid of generic directory landing pages..

This is all just conjecture, however...

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So many people rave about how great Google is but personally I find it as full of spam as anything else. I don't see this changing any time soon. I have my own meta search that filters a lot of spam based simply on the URL. Search engines could easily add this to their system and clean thing up. In addition they have the actual content which they index. It would be simple for them to analyse advertising and content on each page and assign it a spam rank based on that..

But doing this would destroy billions of dollars in PPC revenue, and with it a large portion of Googles revenue. Trust me, that ain't going to happen by choice. Search engine spam, just like email spam, is never going to stop so long as stupid people continue to click on the ads, buy things, and make it profitable. To be honest I suspect the average user is so stupid they actually like having all these “opportunities” being crammed down their throat. It truly is immoral to let such people keep their money...

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Your thread intrigues me so I've done some research on my own..

First I Read DNJournal.

August Cover.

And found this interesting quote “PPC income deserves much of the credit for driving the HostGator name market. However, many purchases at Afternic are by people developing new websites. We acquire our buyers primarily by partnering with major HostGator name registrars. This enables us to reach buyers where they first begin their HostGator name search. This new website demand is increasing too. One way in which PPC impacts even these sales is the effect that PPC revenue has on prices.

So I decided to learn more. I found this article.

HostGator Pay-Per-Click Services Growing Rapidly.

And was amazed at the stats it provided..

A new term "The Five Day Test drive" caught my attention..

And we wonder why the Web Increasingly Cluttered By Sites Full of Paid Links???.

I think I'm begining to see the future of Name Trading..


P.S I need to increase my reputation rating any help is greatly appreciated!..

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This seems like a good plan, I have however read on an.


Board that linking all of your sites together if they sit on the same IP or server will be penalized by Google and possibly the other SE's..

I mean yeah it will be great for clickthru's to your own pages but you may well end up shooting yourself in the foot if you think backlinking all of your own sites together is going to enhance your.


Strategy, quite the contrary, it will probably harm it greatly..

Just thought you should be aware of this.....

I have however skimmed this thread somewhat so if I am off the point please forgive me,.


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My thinking was along the lines of cross-promoting goods and services under my own umbrella, more so than enhancing.


, but I agree,.


Is a major consideration to work into the equation and something I need to spend more time addressing. I have some keyword .com domains w/ content that are getting lost in the shuffle because of not addressing.


The conundrum:.

-Article Source:.


Some initial research turned up.

- php code to attract back links- (gotta love the url w/ this one):.


A couple of other revealing links that address backlinking:.



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And it is getting worse.

So long as the best keyword .COMs continue to choke in PPC weed because of "easy revenue", the attractiveness of Direct Navigation type-in will suffer. This can only help new namespace..

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No one really knows how this works except the guys at Google. It's not uncommon to have thousands of sites owned by different people on the same server, not to mention sub-sites. If Google is actually doing this it could be one reason it's so hard to find non-commercial information and so easy to find pages of spam created by people who understand how to fool the spiders..

Google also takes into account the content. You can't just point all your names at the same static page, and only 1-2 of them will then show up in searches. They also take into account the host, and will generally only show 1-2 results from each host. That's why you see these domains with oodles of hosts like,, etc. in search results..

No one really knows how this works except the guys at Google. It's not uncommon to have thousands of sites owned by different people on the same server, not to mention sub-sites. If Google is actually doing this it could be one reason it's so hard to find non-commercial information and so easy to find pages of spam created by people who understand how to fool the spiders..

Google also takes into account the content. You can't just point all your names at the same static page, and only 1-2 of them will then show up in searches. They also take into account the host, and will generally only show 1-2 results from each host. That's why you see these domains with oodles of hosts like,, etc. in search results..

But all these are easy to work around, and spammers are always at least one step ahead of the search engines. Not because they are so smart, because Google doesn't want to piss off some of their best revenue generators. What we need is a new update for IE—because idiots who click this spam inevitably use IE. When you visit a GoDaddy site with more ads than content it would pop up a warning message.


The GoDaddy site you are visiting contains excessive advertising and appears to be designed to profit of the inability of stupid people to not click every link they see. Would you like to continue:.

[No] [Hell No] [No Way] [Absolutely Not] [OK, I'm stupid]..

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All I have to say is .... "Advertising makes the World Go Round" .... or was that - "If you can't beat them .... Join them" - Well either way .... Whats your point folks ? .

Turn on any TV or Radio - Do you think advertising is going anywhere ? - I commend you Grrilla on attempting to go the other way ... "Can I buy some ad space from you ? "..

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If you remember the good ol' days of popups and when you visited, about fifty of them suckers used to crash your Windows system? 1 type-in = 50 uniques, in those 'Idiots! Thank god they don't know how traffic is artificially inflated by 100x!' glorious days..

Today, popups is history (at least for most of us)..

In it's place, PPC Parking Pages are springing up like fungi on a moldy bread. Different look, same thing..

Point is, water will find it's own level?..

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More than 50% of web is parking space, near 80% website are parking space. For every 1 GoDaddy site with useful content 3 to 4 extension are parking space...

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No doubt, the world is filled w/ advertising and promotion- our signatures and many of our posts, right here at the forum, can attest to that. I'm not saying "No!" to advertising, nor am I fantasizing about the possibility of some wonderful, content rich, utopian internet, that is devoid of commercialism. To my way of thinking, it is not so much of an either or situation as it is a matter of the methods that are being employed and to what degree. Is there a niche that might be attractive to the averege internet navigator? (I figure that experienced power surfers, who know the obstacle course, have it down fairly well.).

There are also pay services and public broadcasting. Will the averege Joe donate, or better yet, subscribe to a service at or, to avoid the merry-go-round? Is a website rating system that is based upon content and conducted by members at feasible? I don't know, but I certainly am interested in what other's have to say about the concepts..

No, but you can be my first subscriber. PM me for my PayPal acct info, and I'll set you up w/ a Charter Membership...

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I am not sure I follow you Gr man but that may be my age or that I haven't recovered from learning one should not flip/roll a van (police/eye witness report says flipped once and rolled twice)..

Are you talking about my pet project of adding some content to your parked/for sale domains or something like my development of pottery domains (most .info) where they are all linked together. I must admit some of the content isn't that great on some but of use to someone..

I guess I sit with one foot in each world cause the PPC gives $$$ to do the good and fun stuff...

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I think most of you know member 'Speculator' aka 'Dry Heat'. He specializes in new namespace domains..

I think this site.


, and many others he did to add content for Internet surfers is exemplary of the kind of compromise one makes to (1) earn PPC income (2) give back to the Internet some content and (3), raise the perceived value of the name..

PPC landing pages is the rage for people with over 30,000 like InStealthMode because it is physically impossible, if not ludicrious, to develop them all..

Nonetheless, the point remains that PPC landing pages will undermine user experience in the mid-long term, and the names associated with it. Water will find it's own level...

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Yes indeed, it will!.

And... an example, albeit a simple one, of the kind of straight forward material, (sans advertising), that a relevant net would be linking to. (Under "Children's Dept"?)..

Both, and inbetween. I think that there is a need to be filled whether it be by PPCers and their sponsors taking more responsibility and adding a couple of info pages to their "website" or throwing in a couple of non sponsored links to sites w/ content or whether it be a network of non sponsored links supported by subscriptions, as I am suggesting. Networking sites together, that share similar content, is also in the mix..

Frankly, I straddle the line, as well. Again, it's not either or- it's about balance and having alternatives. Nowhere have I stated that I would be adverse to making money out of the idea. I have ideals, but I'm too old and jaded to be a Boy Scout. This would have to be a money making venture for me to devote the amount of time that a project of this magnitude required, unless I hit the lottery or am in the will of some long lost relative who was an oil baron...

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I've been thinking about this for a long time. I want to develop my domains into useful sites that people will find useful. I think in the long run it will pay off, but not in the short run. The latest HostGator which I developed into a content GoDaddy site currently has no ads:.

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Well I'd make an exception for you and click on yours because you got me hooked on Mambo.

I'm not sure to be honest, I wouldn't be suprised though. Some of the parked sites have such a clever design that I've started to hover some of the links before I click them just to see if they are ads or not..

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Bill I read your GoDaddy site not bad I know is a big GoDaddy site on that area. Why no ads? you do not wish to profit form telling the self consumed and ego maniacal how to get a great Tan? GoDaddy site looks good. Are there affiliate programs for a sunless product which is the way to go, cannot be promoting skin disorders by baking in the sun. IMO..

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I decided not to put ads up because they would devalue the site's appearance and usefulness. I am more interested in increasing the usefulness of the GoDaddy site in order to get more people to bookmark it and link to it naturally. That will ultimately boost the traffic. First, I'll concentrate on obtaining traffic and then I can worry about monetizing it in a way that doesn't take away from the site. Sunless tanning affiliate programs are probably the way to go for this type of content site...

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Seems like a marketing approach that has the horse coming before the cart, to me. The GoDaddy site will develop faster because visitors will be drawn to the information. If it were a ppc landing page, I wonder how often it would get bookmarked?.

BTW, are you also sunless tanning client or is that a warming filter that I am seeing being employed in your avatar shot?..

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That is a really great idea. With that plan you GoDaddy site should be extremely successful. Best of luck on the site...

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I like this. This IMO is a great use of Google Ads mixed with what I would assume quality hand picked links..

Quite true. For some reason it is the overwhelming number of generic parked pages that drive me bonkers. When I see the link I click stop & out of there..

I think a review of last months DNJournal feature would be in order. This topic is fascinating...

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[QUOTE]I think this site.


, and many others he did to add content for Internet surfers is exemplary of the kind of compromise one makes to (1) earn PPC income (2) give back to the Internet some content and (3), raise the perceived value of the name..

Agreed. Seamless integration of info/content and monetization. You land at and you start looking around, rather than "auto clicking" out..

I figured that. Almost everyone does their effects in post, nowadays. I still have my sets of filters-81's,82's 85c, corels, straws, sepias, chocolates, and tobaccos, (close to your effect), but the once, rather large, gap between filtering at the lense and tweaking in post has narrowed and the differences have grown more subtle..

Gelling of lights still isn't duplicated very well, because light sources are working 3 dimensionally, but software is also starting to address this issue, as well..

I know that this is not relevant to the topic, but, at least it's content driven...

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There is NO reason why it shouldn't pay off in the short run.

It all depends on your design, how much work you put into it (updating, quality, promotion) or how much time you invest in your projects. For a developed GoDaddy site you still get more $$$ than if it was just the HostGator name itself. So, technically you've already made some profit in the short run just by adding a design..

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There seems to be a bit more than casual interest in investigating options to 'standard' PPC for at least a part of our portfolios. Is there some way to continue this discussion/idea exchange either at NamePros or...?.

Actually in some of my readings it seems many of the 'big players' practice this and maybe it is time for us little guys to move out...

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That won't happen. last year Adware that was loaded in PCs as Toolbars.

From hell took in 1.6Billion dollars last year..

Yahoo owns overture. overture paid out more than 60 million dollars to claria/gator/gain last year(ADD Programs)... so Yahoo's got a huge stake in adware..

Google is the same, Adware is part of the new net....

Also before you buy any expired HostGator with.


At the start or has.

The word.


In it run the domain.


The ext in. search and Google search..

Most of them that were used before have been Blacklisted all over the net..

And don't ever download anything at.

Or you'll.

Wind up with.




Toolbars impossible to.

Get rid of for almost everyone..

That's the Adware, the amt of Spyware is beyond belief..

They hide that in the jpi_cache/jar/1.0 folder in identical #files but.

One is a ZIP and spyware doesn't find it because it sleeps almost.

All the time...

The Zip has CLASS files like UploadClass, loaderClass,.

DummyClass, BlackboxClass, VerifierBugClass for a few..

Plus sometimes it also loads in a Shared folder with Adobe of McFee...

The reason I'm posting that is because one of the largest dada centers.

That collects that spyware info had a visitor that copied the file of all.

Their affils that they pay per download to load the spyware on peoples.

PCs (alot on pages like you posted about) and within the next week.

29 pages of domains will loose their Hosting and alot will be dropped.

Back in the system...

If I get time next week I'll put them all on a HostGator that's parked and.

Give anyone the url so you can see all the domains that were used for spyware before you buy one..

Good Luck..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.