Name for a fitness program ... eg Nutrisystem.. names like that?

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Got a question... Name for a fitness program ... eg Nutrisystem.. names like that? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... I just ordered the diabetic system in hopes to loose a few pounds and get my diabetes under control.

I feel like crap every single day, and the pills just dont seem to work. My doctor wants to put me on insulin, but that really worries me, because of the constant figuring out how much I need to take, so I'm hoping losing weight, and having a food plan that is for people like myself will take care of the issues..

My goal is to loose 30lbs and keep it off. I am 5ft 11.5 and I weigh in at around 210..

Wish me luck..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Welcome! Just follow the directions and you'll see results. Stick around and post some more on these forums, they're a great resource...

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I'm a type II diabetic. When I started this program, my fasting sticks went from ~180 to ~120 in a week. Since I lost 22 lbs, they are closer to 110 so Nutrisystem is definitely working for me. My A1c dropped my two also. I'm on lantus which is easy to use, twice per day but my doctor and nutritionist wanted to add more medicine to put me in the high-risk zone. When the nutritionist told me this, I flashed-back to my doctor telling me "If you lost this weight, this could all go away.".

Thus, here I am. I'm losing slowly but losing just the same..

Good luck with your journey..

Mickey M..

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Wow thats awesome. I cant wait to start the program. Im so excited!..

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Congrats on joining! I wish you the best of luck with the program. As Max stated above, the program does do wonders with Diabetics, my father is an diabetic and he is on Nutrisystem as well, it's worked great for him as well...

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Good Luck. I was on Actos and Metformin and got to drop both of those along the way. Woo Hoo...

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Welcome Sykosis!! (cool screen name!).

My wife is Type II and like others have said, Nutrisystem D is amazingly effective. Her A1C's are now normal and meds dramatically reduced. You should see a significant drop in your daily sticks (You ARE monitoring it closely, right?) in the first week. If you get symptomatic lows, call your Doc. It's better to reduce meds than have to add carbs to avoid the lows..

This horrible disease CAN be controlled. Nutrisystem D could almost be considered a "cure". It's amazing and IMO should be PRESCRIBED for all Type II's. Keep tight to the program and keep on posting!!.


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Welcome to Nutrisystem Syykosis!!.

While you are waiting for your food, please check out our community! There's lots of help and support available here! You may want to check out the General Forum as well. Good luck with the program and have a nice day!..

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Welcome Syykosis!.

I am new to this NS-D as well (started Oct 4). I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes in March, and am 50 years young. I was put on a very low dose of Metformin. Even though my average sticks were lower, the swings were pretty wild (going between low 90's to low 200's). My A1C is 7 (as of July)..

Here is (hopefully) the good news. All this week (remember, this is my first week on NS) my daily sticks are averaging around 121!.

WOW! I can't wait for my next blood lab test next month! Hang in there, Syykosis, and please keep us all posted..

I want to know where some of the guys here got that cool weight chart, that shows the linear progress on the left side, and the waist size % on the right..

(note to Gordon: you are a real inspiration. Nice job!).


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Just click on the chart in my sig, it will take you to the w8book site where you can set it up. Note that there is a fee for displaying the full chart (as opposed to one without numbers with PLEASE REGISTER written across it). In my eyes it's worth it..

Otherwise you can create a simpler tracker using the tools here on the Nutrisystem site...

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Hey Frank - Welcome aboard! So glad you're nipping the type II early. Way to go! Stick to the program and check in with the rest of us losers often! I'm with gibbous - the $$ for the full monte w8book ticker is peanuts for what it gives back in motivation, visibility and accoutability..


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Just changed my goal from 200 to 180 (this is temporary as a test - I'm putting it back right away!).


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Yep! It worked, but I really didn't like to see my flat line over my "new goal", so you didn't see it unless you caught my post within the past 2 minutes..

It's much more fun to keep that line UNDER the goal line, even if it was arbitrarily set a bit too high last November. Yeah, I'm bad..


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