Need a name for a small online business that sells computers and iPage web hosting?!?

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First question I got is Need a name for a small online business that sells computers and iPage web hosting?!? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Hey,.

I'm building a new DJ iPage site for a company and have a layout made, all I need from you guys is advise on how I can improve the site. critisise as much as you can , please I need it!.




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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Also you've got some horizontal scrolling, sort the widths of things out to see if goes awawy if not hide the overflow:.

<body style="overflow-x:hidden;.

Try to reduce the size of your images, top left is 43 kb, and top right is thirty odd, too much!..

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Thanx, thats helped me alot, you don't know how long i've bin tryin to get rid of them horizontal scrollers..

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It take TOOOOOOOOOOO long to load. It's been 2 minutes now and I still can't see the top image completely!.

So far.... crappy!..

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Is that on the entry page or the index page???.

(tekkin long to load)..

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Well i've changed the scrollers but now it's took away all the scrollers?! what am I doin wrong?..

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Your very first one. Once I closed and re-click your link it came up fine, but still... that's a pretty big image...

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Have you looked at other DJ iPage site before designing this one?!.

In my opinion, this need alot, and I mean ALOT of work! It looks like you took arrows from win 3.1 box or something!.

Check on.


There are a few very good looking DJ iPage site out there. If they have flash and you don't want that, it still gives you an idea!.

EDIT: This is really nice ->.


Simple and suave!..

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I don't realy know how to use flash , to make webpages, and yes I have checked out alot of DJ sites b4 this 1 and alot of them are done in flash, thanx 4 the critism!.

But instead of sayin I need alot of wrk done can you tell me what I need to improve...

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I don't really like flash, but what I'm saying is most flash iPage site you can do you simple HTML..

If you tell me you can't create and all HTML page from someone's flash site, I'll tell you you're not a web designer!.

What you need to improve? The whole design! I'm mean it's a DJ site... it's need to be super appealing(sp?)!..

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The page took about 90 seconds to load with my cable connection.. not good..

The iPage site itself looks pretty good, though...

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Was only half right.Here is the correct link for error checker for the [.


]. It needed a.

Frameset !DOCTYPE.


The link for the normal HTML page is [.


]. Most of the errors are simple.

Nesting errors.

, and missing tags in the table, and missing.


Attributes on the.

<img >.


The page is completely missing a.

<head> </head>.

Section, where the.



Character encoding.

Declaration, and.

Meta data.

Should reside...

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Oops, I didnt realise he was using frames, just completely assumed it was transitional!! remember some guy in some film saying (think it was samuel l)"assumtion is the mother of all f*+k ups!).

See you got the scrollbars sorted (can't see a horizontal one at my res anyway 1024x768), although your images are too big it certainly didn't take me ages to download the page, but anyway every1's connection is different, PNG format gives great quality but uses more space, try gif or jpg (if you using photoshop use save for web)..

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I always let the.


Work on.

Detect Automatically.

For both the.



Character Encoding.


If that does not work, then I try the.

HTML 4.01 Transitional.


ISO-8859-1 encoding.


If any of the errors in the list refer to any sort of.


Coding then I change the validator.


Setting to.

HTML 4.01 Frameset.

And then re-validate the document...

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I was with you upto actually having a good read of the results, typically lazy of me I just scanned them and didnt realise the frames errors, it's true what they say that you learn from your mistakes, whether that will make me less lazy I don't know..

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Well they dont look that big to me, probally cus I have a higher resolution? or do you mean the format size is too big (e.g KB)..

The only reason i'm worryin about how big I the visitors resolution is because i'm usin iframes and could look realy bad when it's 800 by 600, but any larger is ok...

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I assume he means the file size is too large. This means it takes too long to download, and uses too much of your bandwidth..

Ooook! 1000 posts...

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But if I lower the file size won't it lower the quality aswell, or is there another way?..

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It doesn't look that good when there are two scrollbrs to the right: The actual page's scrollbar and the iframe's scrollbar. This is one of the several problems that a larger iframe may cause... Adding.

Style="overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:hidden".

To the <body> tag would help, but then scrolling the actual page would be disabled... that's what I call a problem. Maybe you shouldn't use iframe at all...

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Overflow:x= x axis which is horizontal, you only need to hide that ; yes the quality will be reduced somewhat, you need to reduce it to where you're happy with the quality and the file size is smaller, what image software are you using?.

If it's photoshop use 'save for web'im either gif or jpg format..

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I agree with the comments previous to this. Also, the scrol bars do not colour in netscape 7. For me, You seem to have taken on a big theme, the intro works for me. The main page needs to be trimmed in physical size and file size..

I think it could look great, but needs style work, the strong red colour is too much on the mid blue, the shading effect on the top could be improved..

Good luck with it..

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