Need free iPage web hosting space service for mp3?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Need free iPage web hosting space service for mp3? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Good morning,.

Great forum. Where would I post a question about generating the hand icon when the mouse is moved over a link. The page that I cannot get to work is the following....


The greyed box on the bottom left of the screen is not currently behaving like a link (though I haven't actually linked it yet - I was planning on linking it to bookmarks further down the page - which also have yet to be included)..

The second question is ... I get errors on the following page....


On my own computer the forward and backward buttons and go button all work fine without errors. But on some computers I get errors for line 116 or 117 telling me that prev and go are not defined..

I would appreciate any help you could give me - and feel free to trawl through the code used. I have only been working in html and javascript for about a week and am trying to teach myself how it works, so please forgive me for the poor layout and bad style.

Thanks a lot..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Correcting on the cursor thing, change it from "cursor:crosshair;" to "cursor: hand;" instead.....

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3 posts in a row? couldnt you make those into one post?..

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Ok, firstly, who are you to talk? You post in every thread, even if you know anything about the subject or not, and this post is not much different. I have 46 posts or so now, since December '02, you have 550 since February. But sure, I can explain why I posted three times. I posted post #1, and thought I was done. Then I thought of pasting the W3C links, and I agree, I could have added that into the first post, but it just happened like that. And after that, I wanted to make a correction about the cursor, and If I would have edited that in the first post, that could have been overlooked, if he had already read the post, which I think he has, since he made the changes I suggested to the code already.

You won't gain any respect by spamming and increasing your level, you gain respect by knowing the answers and being friendly. Couldn't you have PM'ed me instead of posting an irrelevant post? Oh, please..

I'm trying to merge the posts, but the forum won't even allow me to delete my own posts...

Comment #4 those now..

I would also like to say thankyou again for the amazingly fast reply!!! For that I have bookmarked this page in favourites.

I will make those modifications and check out the validator site..

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Hehe, nah, I just found why the hand doesn't show up. There's an error where you define the name of the class "tds"... There's a space between the dot and "tds".. so it.


Read ".tds"..

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Im not sure what your talking about "grey box",i suppose your talking about the iPage site map. well, the hand curser is the standard mouse-over curser. IF there is a link there should be the hand, unless you change it..

Actually this is the reason right there. you need it to be a link if you want to see the hand to show up..

But I will GARENTEE(sp) that your errors on the second page are coming from a script conflict. one of your scripts are messing with the geocites Dhtml dropdown menu thingy. it happens quite often...

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Nah, did you look at the code? He's not using common HTML anchors, but the onClick event of the table cells. Therefor you have to set it with style="cursor: hand;".

And they are linked by the way, to "#" which is just the top of the current page..

BTW, I did suspect the same as Legwon about the GeoCities code. At the bottom of the page they include a whole lot of remote .js files, and they might be messing with your other scripts, since for example function names should be unique. Unless you want to look in all those files and compare the scripts, I'd suggest that you rename your functions.. Give them longer names, that more clearly state what they do, and the chance that you experience scripts conflicts is a lot smaller. E.g. 'go()' could be renamed to 'viewFullImageInPopup()' or something of your likings.

My two cents on that topic...

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...or at least it did in explorer when I last redid it... Thanks again to you.

I have to work on bringing up a description of the picture on the right hand side of the viewer along with text to explain how to use the viewer... then I have to get the pictures that open to actually open inside a new javascript window.. Both of these I am not sure about and will try to learn this evening... I hope.....

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I believe that the attribute value 'hand' won't validate (but that might be only xhtml, not sure). Instead you should use 'cursor:pointer'...

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