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My first question is Need help connecting FILEZILLA with 123 reg? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... Anyone have any major/minor successes they'd like to share? It would really help me out. Thanks..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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It would be nice if some of the NP members would share that kind of information with us, but I doubt it if they will do that..

Sometimes, when you know some member sold a certain HostGator in the past, a little research on the internet (if it was a big sale and not ultra-private) you could snap some details.

And when you do a lot of WHOIS lookups, certain names are recursive..

Comment #2

It takes a lot of research, time, effort and study before people will honestly start to share really juicy details with you. Provided you can offer something in return usually..

You'll find plenty of useful information if you just stop to take the time, to read and search. It'll save you plenty of money in the long run too. I like to read about successes as it helps to inspire and balance out the mistakes but the actual thinking and planning behind them are rarely revealed (besides the occasional ‘fluke’).

That said there are one or two people I’ve met who go above any beyond that and I genuinely consider open, honest and good people, I was chatting with one just today for a few hours. As such when I'm on to any new idea, I often share it with them, so it works both ways I hope..

NB I'll throw you your first point of research to get you started:., (sales/prices). - A basic start to sell to the.


Market and a good source of proven successes...

Comment #3

So you're saying give to get. That makes perfect sense to me..

I wish I had some success stories of my own to share..

Thanks for the leads. The search is on!.

Thanks for the tip!.

I just now read.

When You Wish Upon A Star: How Domains Made Sahar Sarid's Dreams Come True.

That was a great story!..

Comment #4

Man buys names, man sells names, man makes profit. The End...

Comment #5

The thing that helped me the most. Buy aftermarket names, good available names for a good.


Are very rare, while there are many good deals on the aftermarket...

Comment #6

I think I understand. But I have one question. Do you mean mankind?.

Or are there fewer women in domaining than men?.

Makes sense. I had been holding out hope that maybe a couple good domains were still out there, untouched, but it would seem that my time could be better spent looking at names that had definitely held someone's interest at some point. Thanks for the advice!..

Comment #7

Look for niches others did not touched before. For example cctld's.. third level cctld's.. o things different (do not sell that much in the aftermarket, but find end-users). Look at things differently..

But me I am not a succesful domainer yet.. so I think others could share more..


Comment #8

Would you mind saying a little more about "third level cctld's"?..

Comment #9

You may want to start trying things. Some worked for others may not work for you. The good thing about domaining is that it does not take much money to try things..

You can't loose too much if you are just starting learning...

Comment #10

And in chapter 2 man realizes he should of made some PPC to balance out chapter 1, in the trilogy I hear man even goes as far as to develop and brand themes, scary stuff...

Comment #11

Started in 2004 when I was poor, driving a crappy car, with an entry-level job, and now even though I'm a client servicing manager in that same company, I make 3 times that on domains, and it's allowed me to buy a condo, here in San Diego of all places where a cardboard box costs a ton of money. Yea, it's pretty much changed my life...

Comment #12

Thanks for sharing. and Congrats, keep up the great job, your an inspiration to the community..

Rep added..

Comment #13

You fogot about the women on this forum, they're probably gonna complain because you didn't mention them..

Comment #14

Believe it or not, it's still possible to do things with domains that no-one else is doing..

Think outside the box...

Comment #15

Did alot of research and instead of investing money.. but mainly time into new reg and development, purchased a few good generic .coms a few years back.. still waiting for the success story to have an ending..

Comment #16

Fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration..

Good luck to you!.

Right on. That gives me hope..

Thanks for the tip. I can also see some subtext in which you might be hinting that a trial and error method can be successful only so long as you don't start pouring all your capital into an unproven project..

I like it! So buy and sell, investigate PPC, and create themes...I think I heard ShoeMoney recommend something along those lines. If I remember it right, his example was to branch out from a ringtone page in a similar vein, expanding the phone theme...

Comment #17

If you are not already doing so be sure to visit:.

Frank Schilling's blog.


You will get quite an education in domaining..

Also less prolific blogging but very important:.

Rick Schwartz's blog.


These are 2 major HostGator success stories and attract and reference other successful domainers..


Comment #18

I started learn domaings on last Aug. Started with about $4000 investment in the business, and buy domains, sell them, then buy again..

I don't earn any money yet, but have a portfolio includes 250+ domains. Hope could sell more domains this year and really enjoy some profit..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.