Need help in "html"and iPage web hosting........!?

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Got a quick question: Need help in "html"and iPage web hosting........!? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... I was a total illiterate when I started 1 year ago, had just got an email address. I learned a few, then I downloaded a template including text and graphics – just changed my particulars following the instructions. By copying I learned a little html (very little) and now I want to make a page of my own (!).

My son showed me how to play with Microsoft Powerpoint and I...created a graphic that I saved as a .png file. I also copied a page on the net and managed to upload it too with WS_FTP, so now this page shows as.

Now I would like to put the png graphic on a page and upload it, before I input any text – just to see it. I can see it as Mysecondpage.htm on my pc, but I try to upload it and it doesn’t come out..

I’m probably doing one hundred mistakes, but which ones?.

Thank you for your patience!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Ok, a couple of things I can see that are potentially wrong. try not to use capitalization. your Images should be images and then when you upload make sure it is in binary format. if you load an image in ascii mode then it won't show up..

It sounds like you are doing it correct as far as uploading. just make sure you have a image folder under your main root folder and the index.html file. also that should not be capital either...

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Hi Maria - I see a couple things here that brought to mind things I had trouble with when I was new, too that I thought I'd just mention in case something rings true for you - you just never know!.

First, I can't get my BG color to work without the "#" in front of the hex code - but you didn't say that was a problem so I'm just mentioning that...

Second, be sure your FTP folder "Images" has the capitol "I", too, (or be sure they're both lower case) or that could prevent your image from showing, which is what scoutt was saying. In other words, your Images folder has to be typed EXACTLY the same in the FTP directory as it is on your computer - if it's capitalized on your PC, check to be sure it is in your FTP directory as well. If it's not in the FTP directory, that could be why you're seeing it on your computer all right, but not on the Web. The same applies to the name of your graphic file, like scoutt was saying..

Hope that made sense. If none of this helps, those that are so much more advanced than I am will have to step back in, because I don't know what else could be wrong!?.

Your code looks fine otherwise..

Let us know if you get it, okay? I had the same problem when I started adding graphics to pages and went batty and here all it was, was a capital letter in the wrong place...

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Although you should check the filenames for capital letters and make sure the reference to the file, from inside the HTML code, is spelt exactly the same way as the file itself, please note that it is far better to write all filenames in lower case to avoid this sort of problem occurring at all..

It looks like your problem also includes telling the browser that your image is in a sub-folder called "Images" on your web site. I'll bet that you haven't made the folder, and the image is sat in the.


Folder instead. Either adjust the HTML code to suit, or else make that folder and move the image file into it. Now is the time to change every name and reference to lower case, before you do too much more new work..

The next thing you can do, is add another little piece of code so that a little piece of text is shown in place of the image if it doesn't load. This helps people using browsers with images turned off. The code changes to:.

<img src="Images/MyLogo.png".

Alt="a quick description of the image here".


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Great piece of advice boy - my life got a lot easier when I learned to put this in practice!! Probably learned it here, too...

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Hmm, I just realised that recent versions of Windows have a "feature" where it automatically makes the first letter of the filename into Upper Case. Maybe this is a part of the problem as well?.

As for the lower case thing, it is also recommended to type all of your HTML tags and attributes in lower case(so.


Instead of.


Is used). This is a.


Method when you migrate to XHTML and XML...

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Really? I'm still using WIN ME, but would like to upgrade to XP as soon as I can - you can change it, can't you?..

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Yeh, I believe you can, but I don't know how - yet (I'm still on Win 98SE for the next month or so.



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I think if you rename the file in XP it will be exactly as you type it..

As for filenames on servers - my host won't accept filenames with upper case characters in them. that is, the files can be downloaded, but the links won't work - even when they match character for character..

And like everyone else has said - all lower case is just better - it's simpler because, while Windows is not case sensitive, I believe Unix is (a lot of servers run this)..

Also, like giz said, the future extensions of HTML require lower case tags and attributes...

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Thank you guys all so much!.

Sure a problem was in lower case and upper case. My images folder was typed with a capital "I" and in the FTP directory it was with a small "i". I corrected this but it seems I had also made another mistake. I uploaded a .files file together with my page which contained an Error page. I'm not sure about what harm this may have caused, but I just deleted that file and now everything is fine..

I want to wish everybody Merry Christmas!.


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I'm so glad you found the problem, Maria - feels good to get it working, doesn't it!.

Thank you for the Christmas greetings - Have a Merry Christmas yourself and a great New Year - and don't be a stranger around here!..

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