Need iPage web hosting that meet my following requirements:?

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First off, Need iPage web hosting that meet my following requirements:? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Besides IE and netscape, what browsers should I make sure my page is layed out properly for?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Don't worry about Lynx, I have had 50 hits in the past year so it is not even worth it..





Konqueor (Linux browser).

The linux browser should work almost like NS so no worries there. if you can get it to look good in NS then you should be set as that is the brwoser to really code for. it is more strict than all the other ones and if it runs in that one you will be fine...

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Wow. Thanks for all the useful information.Im still very new to html so a little bit was over my head but you all more than answered my fas as screen res goes I kinda have a grasp on how to fix things and to my knowledge it's not a problem.A specific concern I have is on this temp iPage site I made.

(wanted folks to be able to see where were playin for now) when viewed in IE it looks fine but when I view it in netscape 6.2 I see black lines at the bottom and top of the iframe that continue through the table..

I want to have all the major browsers so I can check for little things like thanks again all...

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Well now when you talk about iframes that is an IE only thing. sure NS6 will see it, it doesn't support it thoroughly. so just make sure you know what tags you are talking about before you use it in different browsers..

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I had no idea that iframe was a IE only thing also the iPage site I'm currently working on uses iframe and looks fine in netscape 6 except I cant color the scroolbar.So what should I use to make it more universal and achive a similar effect?..

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There really isn't one. NS6 will use the iframe, but IE is the only browser that lets you color scroll bars of any kind..

To do anything like what you want you can try SSI (server side includes) but you won't have the scroll bar...

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You COULD use multiple frames, setting the automatic scrollbars to OFF on all except the center frame..

But that is a pain in the arse...

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Yea I thought about that too, but yes it would be a pain.I think I'm just gonna stick with the iframe, the scrollbar in NS6 dosent really clash with the new page.

And the code is still there for the coloring for IE users.besides that are there any reasons I shouldnt use iframes? ive read a few places not to use frames at all but I dont know I dont see the problem with em...

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If you really wanna use 'em, I say go for it. it's the public's responsibility to upgrade their OWN g-d browsers.

...anyway i'm starting to see iframes used more and more..

Just think about who your core audience will be, and go from there..

Use a good stats thingie like.

So you can see what your users are capable of. you might decide later on that it's either worth it (to keep the iframes), or not...

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