Need someone to help in nutrition diet and thinking on Medifast Diet,?

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Question I have... Need someone to help in nutrition diet and thinking on Medifast Diet,? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... Happy December!!!!! It is a dance we are learning ~ of how to live healthy, happy and still have our lives! One.


Dictated by food..

It is a dance - we sway and move to the rhythm of life. Sometimes in partner with others and sometimes we dance alone. But it is always.



There will be many challenges this month but let's face it ~ every month has it challenges. It all goes back to our mind and our abilitly to say no thank you to those things that do not serve us well..

December the ending of the year. The beginning of a new season. Into the darkness, let us bring light!!!!!.

Daily let us commit to what we will do for mind, body and spirit to be out best selves!!!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good Morning.


And all the Melters yet to post!!!..

Comment #2

Morning Ladies.

Love your thoughts today Pamela!!!! You are absolutely right..

I'm with you....for today I will not open that door that loosens the reigns for being OP. That leeway or option that I can give myself. I'm in! Let's all huddle..

I'm with you on that Spaghetti Squash as well. I just had it for the last two days, bring it on!!!! Speaking of which, do you think it's "okay" to have more of it at times or is it a higher carb food. I don't weigh it......


Good to see you boobie! How's the restaurant working out with you and DD??.

I will need to be strong these next few days and not lean on food. DD is going to Disney after school with her Drama class until Saturday. We are very close. I don't like my birdee leaving the nest, lol!..

Comment #3

Morning All~.

Pamela~I agree 100%, it is usually the 'maybe' thinking that starts to give ourselves permission to cheat before we even do it..

Not sure what we will do today. Could just stay home and DD and I spend time together or we could go to story time at the library....not sure which. Kind of feel like I should take her to story time as we haven't gone much since preschool started up and won't go much through winter once baby comes. We'll see. Some days are just nice to stay home. I work this evening, too..

Have a great day all!.


Comment #4

Thank You Pamela for posting a positive dance spin to December's trials and choices!.

I choose to dance through December with new resolve for my goals even in the toughest times to come. JodiNY..

Comment #5

Okay I'm ready......Pamela got this ball rolling. Can we get more specific?.

Who's up for a Challenge?.

For me, this is "GET ER DONE DECEMBER". It's time for me to finish this first part of my journey, lose the last few pounds, commit to this tail end and move onto transition..


Comment #6

Wow such positive energy! I LOVE IT! My scale showed 215 this morning, almost back to my ticker weight and then it will go back on the downslide from there. Git er done December!! A part of me is still hoping to be in ONEderland by the end of the year and start out the new year under 200!!..

Comment #7


Yes! Use that energy and Go for it!!! Strive for it! Worst case scenario is you will be much closer to it and Get Er Done ASAP in January!.

Your off this week right? If so enjoy your baking and getting those orders ready...

Comment #8

Marie~I say hope for that and do your darndest to get there by staying OP all month, BUT also don't get your hopes up soooo high that if you aren't there you feel like a failure and then have a slip up b/c of being disappointed. good luck to you!!!! Know that even if you aren't exactly there by the end of the year, you know that each OP day is a step closer and it's right around the corner!..

Comment #9


How's the temp by you? STaying in or snuggling at home?.

How are you with your weight gain thus far? I remember dreading getting on that scale but I also gained an elephant, lol..


Good to see you, and ready to rock this thang! That's what it's about the long haul and riding the rollercoaster of life with grace not with our food..


Where you be???.


How are you feeling? Did you get those test results?..

Comment #10

Hmm, no baking for me. Must have me confused with someone else?.

I won't be disappointed if I'm not there. I still have the can do attitude, I'm ok, better than I was a week or two ago. Thanks chickies!..

Comment #11

Sorry Marie...maybe it's PamelaBEB that has the candy business?.

Yes attitude is key. We are women eating low us ROAR...

Comment #12

So remember I told you all about my winning the Michael Buble' concert ticket auction? 4 tickets in the front....



Is the concert in Buffalo NY and it is SNOWING uncontrollably! First HUGE snow storm this year! WHY today why not tomorrow????? We have a 4x4 truck to take us I hope it soen't get cancelled. The snow is that bad....

I hope Buble' has a 4x4 truck or dog sled to get him to Buffalo too!.

This is my luck and life in a snow ball...really it is!Jodiny..

Comment #13

Pamela - I'm going to a potluck dinner Saturday night and am bringing the spaghetti squash dish for a main entree! Yum!.

Just made it the other night as well and totally enjoyed it once again. XXOO Judy..

Comment #14

I loved Pamela's thoughts as well, and I'd also like to commit to love my last 7 lbs. this month! It is a "GET ER DONE DECEMBER" for me too! Looking forward to starting next year on total maintenance..

Comment #15

Hey everyone, here's an update on my test results so far ....

Everything from my blood and urine test looked perfect except that my liver numbers have gone up significantlynot alarmingly, but signficantly enough that he pulled more blood to do more specific liver-related tests (like for hepatitis).


I have an ultra-sound for my liver tomorrow. I will get with the doctor this Sunday for the results of both tests and will know more then. XXOO Judy..

Comment #16

JodiNY I'm going to believe that you are going to get to that concert and have the time of your life! Enjoy it to the max!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #17

Marie - The main thing is that your eating (and thus your scale) is moving in the right direction. You go girl ... let's hope for ONEderland in December and take whatever you can get!!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #18

I think it is PamelaBEB who does the baking side business..

Comment #19

Ha!ha!ha! The closer I get to retirement (2-1/2 years left) the more I dream about staying at home curled up on the couch with a good book! It was warmer this morning here in So Cal ... in the 40's instead of 30's!.

Next week I'm off to Portland. I fly out Monday morning at 6am and then return Wednesday morning, so it's only a partial week which is great since I have so much stuff to do to get ready for Christmas..

Love to all XXOO Judy..

Comment #20

GOod afternoon lovelies! Never had a chance this am.....arrived at work, soaked, sweaty and late! The day stayed pretty harried - but hey I can always laugh at it = that's the beuaty of working with kids and no spell check!.

Just had Peanut butter....not sure what came over me - I didnt fight it enough and gave in. Perhaps it is the stress of the upcoming outlaws visit later today. Anyway - it has been accounted for adn I can still have soup and be in the carb zone and slightly higher cals..

JodiNY I really hope you get to see Buble! The weather here is awful but it is only rain - I cant imagine if this was snow. FIngers crossed for you bc he is terrific...I could listen to him forever..

Judy - Please keep us updated on your liver results..

Ok gals, gotta go pick up JOlie from a playdate and bring Abby to Brownies. bbs.


Comment #21

Exhausting busy day and there is no end in site AGAIN!!!! However part of it is getting away with my DH this weekend for an overnight in Boston ~ someone handed me a $75 GC today to go and have champagne on her.

Seriously ... so whilst it is busy I am NOT complaining .....

It is Pay it Forward Day .....

Comment #22


It's good to get it all checked out and see what's what. Good luck with that..

Hanukkah....began tonight and lasts for 8 nights. Hmmm rats....that's another holiday I won't be partaking in with my family. Oh well those fried latkes will probably kill me now anyway!.


Ohhhh get Santa to help guide your sleigh and the star! I hope you make it!.


How far of a trip is it for you? Very nice.......Enjoy your little getaway!.


You are accounting for the PB, kudos to you! Don't let the outlaws or stress with them coming throw you. You are on the path that you have been striving to be on. STay there.

Happy Hanukkah.....hope I keep spelling it right. Are you frying latkes or what?.


Stop in and say Howdy..

Comment #23

Oh how much fun Pamela! Enjoy -are you going this weekend?.

Judy - no latkes....just got Abby to bed after all the excitement - she will be tough to get up even earlier than usual to make it to her test review in the am..

No latkes here....not worth the temptation and did I ever tell you I suck at cooking - even box recipes. Made a cake which I will frost in a little bit - half of it stuck to the pan!.

Off to frost and then tired..

Nite all.


Comment #24

Happy Hanukkah everyone!.

Only one person showed up at YogaDance tonight but boy did she need it and appreciate it!!!.

We are just trying for an overnight in Boston ~ I bought tickets for us to see Pilobolus on Sunday ( one of my fav dance troupes and Jeff has always wanted to see) and would love to go hear some live jazz Saturday night. It is so hard getting the house and kids and everything ready so we can but it is a good friend so she understands and the kids love her!.

Sending out metta to Renie ......

Comment #25

I did hear from Renie....she says her regards to everyone.


Not much of a celebration here...when we can get together with my sis and her kids which may be xmas we will do the latkes..

Some days are cooking isn't your thing. I'm missing a few domestic genes myself..


It's nice that your DH shares some of the same interests as you. Hope it works out for you.. this the same gal that came recently when you said it wasn't advertised? You made a difference in her life.

I'm sure your sis is also loving you right dishwasher, and not much help from her DH is not a good combo!..

Comment #26

Nite all, I hope you all sleep well!.

Jodi~i'm doing well and doctor's appointments are going well. Yes, I dread the scale as well...I mean who really looks forward to standing on it in front of anyone, let alone for nine months as you grow bigger?! Not really wanting to say how much I've gained, but my cravings lately seem to swing from craving fresh food (carrots and fruits) to sweets....pretty big swing there, huh?! I can't even say I've been extremely good with keeping the sweets at bay, either....sigh..

Sleep good melters,.


Comment #27

Good morning Melters ... it is chilly this AM. I am so a hot weather kind of gal.

Funny I am missing those domestic genes too DH knew what he was getting when he married me though!.

Today is class, class and though I should come home and clean I will hit a noon yoga class. That way I can be relaxed in my chaos house - LOL..

Funny I got on the scale and knew exactly what it was going to say ~ not good but a reality. I am heavier than I have been in a year. Today is another day to make it right...

Comment #28


Okay well the scale didn't have to reflect our GET ER DONE attitude yet I knw you are a woman that goes after what she wants. So tell us dear, where do you want to be ultimately in your weight loss journey and what is your goal for the month of December?.

My DH knew what he was getting into as well. I remember when we were dating he spent like seven hours helpig me clean my room..


You just take care of yourself in your pregnancy. I would never ask what you gained...I just wanted to open the door in case you needed a forum to talk about your pregnancy and how it changes your body etc. It's lot us women go through.xxxooo..

Comment #29

Good questions - I would like to be down 10 solid pounds by the end of the month ~ really I want 15 ( here is hoping those first 5 just quickly drop) ..

My challenges - cookies - LOVE THEM - though this year I won from 2 different people cookie trays so I won't have them delivered until my party..

Alcohol - I love me a good drink ~ what can I say?.

I will not indulge in a cookie until Christmas Eve - not one..

This weekend is hard - considering I am taking my DH to our place ~ what else a martini bar? Have not decided on this one yet but I am definitley not liking how my clothes don't fit me right ....

The funnier part is no less than 3 people asked me if I lost weight this past week..

Comment #30

Morning Jodi and Pamela and Melters to com`.

Off to get Delaney to preschool and make up that case that missed our apt on Tuesday...then HOME the rest of the day!!! I'm so ready for that!.

Pamela~have you thought about what is different now than for the last two years that you've kept the weight off? Why the struggle now? I know you can do's sort of odd, but when I first started the melters, I had this perception that you never struggled with OP...stay strong, you can do this and we all know you can. Jodi's right...what are your goals for DECEMBER...start there and then go forward. What is your obstacles and how can you overcome them? Have you thought about calling Medifast support to ask what you should be doing since you do so much activity (5/1 vs. 4/2, etc)?.

Alright, see you all later,.

A (I'm becoming michelle with this!)..

Comment #31

I'm with you sistah Pamela....this cold weather is for the birds. My electric blankee saves me! It feels like a big hug!.

I like the plan with the cookies. I think ten pounds is very doable. The drinkee poo....hmmmm........if it will knock you out of kestosis is it worth it?.

Do you usually wear looser clothes? Maybe your clothes are more fitted now so people are noticing? The important thing is you know what feels good and what doesn't! I'm all for feeling good in your own skin...and jeans!..

Comment #32

I think the struggle right now is trying to find the balance with all the extra exercise I am doing... a lot of research says the body needs carbs for intense work-outs ... hence the problem. but no excuses here - I am just going to do it. One day at a time ... for for now I must go dance ...

Love you guys...

Comment #33


I'm sitting here reading all the Melter's postings and just keep smiling. I love the warmth and love among all of us. I'm home for a few hours then will return to my sister's..

I hope to return to the boards soon to share the upcoming holidays, family stories, laughter and different strategies to eat in moderation this month..

My dear Melters, please take care, be healthy and safe, and hug your loved ones..



Comment #34

Renie - So good to hear from you even if it is a "fly by". You are missed and loved ... can you feel the love???.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you had at least a little bit of time to rest up in Hawaii and enjoy the tropical atmosphere. XXOO Judy..

Comment #35

Pamela & Jodi - Ha!ha!ha!.

I'm also missing a domestic gene ... the housecleaning one! I love to cook and am an excellent cook and love to try new recipes all the time. I'm constantly searching cookbooks and the Internet (love.

) all the time to see what's new that I can try. I probably have 30-40 cookbooks on my bookcase.

But now I'm eating simpler than before, but I can still "jazz it up" enough to make it interesting for me. I hate "plain" cooking. Like I cannot grill a piece of chicken that hasn't been marinated at least 2-3 days! I really don't like the taste of plain chicken. So with low carb diet, it gets tricky, but I've managed to find things that workthanks to all the great cookbooks out there..

I was just telling someone here at work today that I need a "wife"! With all the traveling I just can't keep it together. I think I'll sit down with DH tonight and have a talk about what he can do to help me. When I'm gone and then come back and the refrig is empty, it takes me 3-4 days before I can get my act together to plan meals and buy groceries. That results in too much eating out. I know if I talk to him he will step up to the plate; he just needs to be "told" that I need help and what I need help with and then he can do it. Without me telling him, he's just "lost in space!"..

Comment #36

Hi Melters! Went for the ultrasound today. The technician did say that nothing "jumped out at him" which is good news. Really that's about all they can say. I meet with the doctor on Sunday to review my results. His wife is a Seventh Day Adventist and they celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday rather than Sunday, thus they open their office on Sunday. She's a pediatrician, and he's a GP and internal medicine specialist.

He's very practical, too, which I really like. So I'll know results of the additional blood test and ultrasound on Sunday. Once we eliminate that, though, we still have to figure out why I'm so tired and why I'm retaining so much dang water. One step at a time!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #37

Pamela - I like the fact that you wrote down your year end commitments ... it inspired me.

So here are my December commitments as well:.

- Lose the 6.6 lbs. left to reach goal.

- Exercise at least 3 X's a week (I must get back on track with exercise!).

- Drink no less than 64 oz. of water a day.

- Absolutely NO sweets (which I rarely indulge in) until Christmas day.

There you have it ... my December commitments!.


Comment #38

First, Judy I hope your test results on your liver are nothing!.

Also Judy I love to cook too! Although it is harder while dieting..

One more thing Judy, my sister and brother both live in Portland OR and I have not seen them in forever...when you are outside there shout Hello to them for me...Linda and Scott! Thankx.

Second, Pamela cookies are my favorite sweet and I do not buy them or make them unless I have a houseful of folks who eat them and can take them away!.

Third, the Michael Buble' concert was fantastic! He is soooo good! We had seats in the front only 3 rows away from the stage, I felt as if he was singing to me sitting in his lap all night. Wonderful.

And then on the way home...we were in Buffalo NY, the crazy terrible snow storm raged and the traffic crawled inch by inch just to get onto the thruway, never did happen, because it was closed. We sat from 1130pm and didn't get home until 430am. It usually takes just 2 hours! Some folks were not as lucky as us, my neice got stuck on the thruway and was picked up an hour ago by the Red Cross! 20 hours she sat alone in her car in the blizzard!.

I am hanging on the Medifast wire right now. Still losing weight but barely. I shopped the other day and was loving the fact that I am in a misses size and not a womans XX size and I am smaller all around. It will keep me going because I am not where I want to be yet. JodiNY..

Comment #39

Hi All,.

Real quick evening post before bedtime routine for DD..

Michele~so what are you and the family doing for Hanukkah? what traditions do you have, etc? Never known anyone that celebrates it, so would love to hear what you and your family do!.

Renie~glad to see your words back on here. Positive thoughts and prayers your way. We do hope to have you back soon, but more importantly, I hope that you are taking care of you and your family and that all is well with everyone. Hugs to you!.

JodiNY~Good to see you posting! Glad you had a great time at the concert...that is a looong time for your niece to be stuck in a storm like that...I'm sure it was a little scary-I hope she wasn't alone! And what a long trip home for you and DH, but sounds like it was well worth it!.

Jodi~how'd your day go down for you...anything big that you did today or just take it easy..

Just when I have one report left, I get 7 more faxed-eek. They really don't bother me, just was looking forward to that sense of 'being done'. Ah, well, I'm thankful for the money. They forgot to pay me one week of reports on my last paycheck, so had that extra week on this check yesterday plus with having been swamped with them really made the additional money from doing the reports noticeable!!.

Have a relaxing evening lovelies,.


Comment #40

Hi girls - quick fly by before someone claims the office/guest room - funny - we got wifi and got an extra computer from my step mom - BUT we need to buy a part to have it work so alas one computer..

JodiNY so glad you got to the concert....was thinking about you when I heard the news about the snow in BUffalo..

RENIE!!! SO missed. So loved!! CAn you feel it? We are sending it by the bucketloads your way..

Pamela.....Totally can be 10 lbs lighter by the end of the use your words.....HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT???? muah!.

Crazy two days with the in laws and Hannukah and prepping for the girls bday parties this weekend on Sat and Sunday. I really think I may take Monday off....tho the in laws will be here...perhaps I will just fit in a pedi on Tuesday and have them get Jordan from school..

So Amanda - I didnt come from an very observant home. For many years I thought I was Christian and Jewish bc we celebrated Xmas with my Catholic cousins every year. My kids have a much stronger Jewish identity. We light the candles on all the menorahs....say the prayers....sometimes play a game called dreidel where you win chocolate gelt (money). Tradition is to eat donuts or latkes bc they are fried in oil - reminds us of the oil that burned for eight days when there was only enought for one. I dont do the frying stuff! Kids get little gifts every nite - one biggie, one nite we give to others - THis year we are givng to the animal shelter.

The kids pick a charity every year. AND of course we get together with friends and have get togethers..

Ok gals..

So so tired..

Off to relax a bit..


Comment #41

JodiNY - I am so glad to hear that you made it to the concert and that you totally enjoyed yourself. That is so wonderful. I've actually never even heard of Michael Buble, but that's not surprising as I don't really listen to regular radioI listen to sports talk when I'm in the car.

Sounds like the weather was pretty darn nasty so I'm not going to talk about the Gardnerville weather over Thanksgiving anymore ... you have the weather award.

I'll definitely SHOUT hello to your sister and brother next week! I fly out at 6am which I'm not looking forward to because that means I have to be up at the crack of dawn.

I'll be back home by Wednesday afternoon, though..

I have cooked lots of different things on Medifast and have found lots of new recipes especially ones with fish, although I haven't cooked fish in awhile, but I need to get back into fish. The "problem" is that I only want to buy wild caught, not farm-raised fish and it's often hard to find but the local market can have it occasionally..

Sleep good tonight ... XXOO Judy..

Comment #42


Must just say it's good to see you here where you belong! I'm sure your exhausted...take some time and take care of yourself so you can take care of others, which you often do. Miss ya...xxxooo.

I've been packing all night..oye...Weighing pudding packets, took forever. I'm even schlepping my blender. STill not done. We are leaving tomo just going until mid Saturday to see my Cousins in Maryland. I'll be back late Sat. night, in time to greet my DD from Disney. I'll pop on and say howdy in the a.m......

Comment #43

HAPPY HANUKKAH to all those who celebrate this special holiday ... the Festival of Lights!.

Michele - It sounds like you do a lot of stuff to celebrate Hanukkah with your kids. That's wonderful. How funny that you also have Catholic cousins and that you thought you were Christian and Jewish. Well, at least you have your religious identity straightened out now.


I love the holidays because it gives me an opportunity to buy gifts for those less fortunate. I always participate in Operation Christmas Child which is run by Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son). They collect about 8 million shoe boxes filled with stuff for kids that include toiletries, clothing, toys, and school supplies. These boxes are delivered all over the world to kids in some of the most remote places. Our church collects shoe boxes every year to donate. Then at work we have a Christmas tree in the lobby with kids names from different organizations.

I really love doing that. I need to find some local agency to get involved with all year round, though, not just at Christmas. There are so many needs out there..

Have any of you read Three Cups of Tea? It was such an inspirational book. One "ordinary" guy did amazing things which tells me that I (as an ordinary person) can accomplish amazing things if I just open my eyes to see what the need is and figure out how I can meet it..

XXOO Judy..

Comment #44

Jodi - Have a great trip ... and safe travels. Weighing pudding packets ... what does that mean? Why do you weigh them? I don't get it.

Baltimore is one of my travel destinations. Enjoy yourself in MD. XXOO Judy..

Comment #45

Amanda - It's a nice time to get a little extra money, so that's great although I'm sure it's getting harder and harder because you're probably getting more tired at night. How long do you plan on taking off work after the baby? Since you work from home, that's gotta be so helpful although a new baby is a FULL TIME job. When my DS and DIL had their baby, they were just shocked. She had a really difficult time with breast feeding because the baby was struggling, so her whole day was taken up with feeding the baby in a number of different ways..

Thanfully, her best friend is a lactation specialist who really helped her though the whole thing, but it was very traumatic and a lot of work with pumping and finger feeding and on and on and on!!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #46

Morning Melters.

Love the Dancing through December Visual!.

Just wanted to say good morning. I have to finish gathering everything together. I have to say that I get freaked out a bit by going away...I always have so I like to pack my stuff. Used to be it's Medifast food. I don't want to rely on the bars, which make life so much easier, yet keep me hungry. I think I'll go make a salad and bring some veggies with me for the road..

Take care, and see you all soon...............xxxooo.



Comment #47

Sorry my Melters ... a quick fly by ... had an early morning meeting that through me way off now off to sing and dance and then dance and yoga .....

I'll be back. Everyone Be well today ~ok?..

Comment #48

Morning Melters~.

It's an on the go day here. Dr's apt late this morning, then will stay in town to take DD out for lunch, run few errands to use a good coupon up (spend $15, get $15 off-my goal to pay less than $5 for something-love shopping like that where it's almost free! and then to get part of DH Christmas present). will probably have time after that to chill at my parents until my work Christmas party at 4 today. This weekend, don't have much going on..

Jodi~did I miss something about you going out of town?! What are you going for or just for fun? Have a fun, safe trip..

Judy~yes, the reports from home are a blessing and a curse at times! Anyone that works from home knows what I mean. I also have cases, so I also work PT outside the home. I'm honestly kind of dreading the reports when the baby is here, b/c I didn't start them until Delaney was 1 year and I refuse to give up cuddle and play time with the baby to do reports....they will have to be when baby is sleeping. It'll all work out, will just be finding a new balance..

Have a great day/weekend,.


Comment #49

Looks like a busy day for everyone since so few have posted today! I just now have an opportunity to check in to see how everyone is doing and it's 2pm PST (5pm EST). Jodi must be on the road by now and Pamela is dancing her way through the day.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I have a potluck dinner Saturday night, but I made the Spaghetti Squash Casserole which will work perfectly for me. Hope there's some left when I get in the line.

Don't know why I'm so gassy today ... wonder what's up with my tummy. Could be the fact that I didn't eat anything until 11am yesterday because of my test and then I was HUNGRY!!! Maybe I ate too fast yesterday at all my meals.

I've lost another 2 lbs. this week water weight again, I'm sure. That's a total of 8 lbs. of water. I guess I was a bloated piggie.

Funny how I didn't even realize it. We've got to figure out why I'm retaining so much water. I drink 64 oz. of water a day which I thought would keep my system flushing, but that theory isn't working. I don't over indulge in salt, either, so just not sure what's up with the water retention. Losing that 8 lbs.

From goal. Guess I should be able to reach that this month! BIG CHANGE is I simply MUST get back to exercising as maybe that will help me get more energy and I can use more energy right now! XXOO Judy..

Comment #50

Hi lovelies! I hope all is well. Will be a busy weekend with two bday parties.....MY GIRLS!!! One on Sat and one on Sunday. I need to take a rest....been going nonstop for a week and a half and it is finally hitting me..

Hugs to all..


Comment #51

I hear you Michele ... 2 parties this weekend - I am preforming at another one and Jeff and I decided NOT to do an overnight in the city ... and just go in on Sunday ....

Sigh ... hope you arrived safely Jodi..

How is everyone else doing? I need to get the kiddos to bed .....

Comment #52

Good morning Melters!!!.

It is official ~ the most important thing in my life is losing weight and nothing is going to stop me!!!! It was just easier NOT going into Boston ... I knew it would feel like a "special occassion" and I would want a cocktail or two so we decided just not to go. Sign of relief!.

Now I can get things done around here and catch up on work ~ I have this fantasy about the Christmas Season this year ... let's see if I can make it happen.

Got to get ready for work ... oh we went out to dinner last night and not even one bite of a french fry ... yeah me!..

Comment #53

Judy You are not ordinary ~ you my dear are EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!..

Comment #54

Good Morning.



So, what is your 'Christmas Fantasy'? I really would like to know! you sound relieved to have changed your plans from an overnight to just a day trip, sounds like you need the extra time at home..

Hello all you other melters!.

Is it going to be a slow weekend here?.


Has 2 bday parties she's putting on (you're sure to be exhausted Sunday night!~~this may be my reality next year with Delaney and baby so close together!);.


Is out of town and hopefully having a great time!;.


~what are your plans this weekend??;.






~what are your plans and how are you doing???.

Think I will start wrapping Christmas presents today. I just ordered DH's gift online after doing a lot of research~buying guy's gifts for their 'toys' is a lot of work!.

Enjoy the day!..

Comment #55

Good morning....goooood mooooooorning! Said in a sing song voice to the tune of whatever is going on in the musical that circumvents my brain - and I haven't even had a cocktail this morning in my coffee..

So Abby's pool party is today at 1:15 - luckily we just show up - kids swim and I give them cake. Easy peasy. I think 13 girls are coming which is very manageable and economical at 7 bucks a kid!.

Pamela - I know you want this and you can do can. First step is stepping up to the plate..

Ok off for now.

Amanda - enjoy wrapping.....fourth nite of hannukah and I have yet to wrap!!! LOL.


Comment #56

Pamela - Great job on making the right decisions for your life! It's amazing how easy they can be when we put our mind to them and how difficult they can be when we are wishy-washy! Today is the first day of STRONG DECISIONS FOR LIFE!..

Comment #57

Michele - When I read the words "pool party" I had to take a glance again as to where you reside and I saw it was NY.

Then I realized it's an indoor pool.

But still strange to hear that in the middle of winter New Yawkers are having pool parties..

Comment #58

Pamela - Amanda's right ... we want to know what your Christmas Fantasy is!.

My DH finally gave me a Christmas gift idea ... he wants a juicer from Costco. So, now I can at least get one thing done for him. He is a man of little wants (unlike me.

... I am a woman of many wants.

). I told him I want a Kindle since I travel so much and books are getting to be a pain to carry on a plane since I need 2-3 books per trip and then when I have to buy a book at the airport that gets pricey. So I'm hoping he's taking my request seriously!.

Michele - On each day of Hanukkah do you celebrate differently? Do you have different meals or traditions for each day or is there one big day of celebration and then the other days are just "normal" at meal times and with gift opening?.

We have a Christmas Potluck tonight for a group of people from church. I'm bringing the Spaghetti Squash Casserole and a Fruited Cheese Log for appetizer. Today is a busy day because I also have my hair appt (cut & color) at 1:30. I'm also getting ready to go to the gym to work out this morning!!! YEAH FOR ME ... finally back to working out after a 3-4 week hiatus. I'm committing myself to exercising the rest of this month (but not just this month!).

I just told my DH that I'm going to put out very few Christmas decorations this year because putting them out and then putting them away is almost an overwhelming thought. So now I'm wondering if my hormones are totally out of whack and I'm "depressed". This kind of feels like when I first started going through menopause and I did go through a very low grade depression. I'm going to also get to Lindberg's Nutrition (a great health store) and see what they have to offer for hormonal balance. I know they carry a progesterone cream which I'm going to get.

On Sunday for all test results, so may or may not know anything more at that time..

Have a great weekend everyone! XXOO Judy..

Comment #59

Where are all the rest of our lovely melters? Jo? JodiNY? Marie? Pamela BEB? Andi?.

I know Renie and Jodi are "out of pocket", but what about the rest of you???..

Comment #60

Aaaahhh My Melters....


Wow can I get a directic too? Go girl go..take it and run! Seriously, hope you get some answers tomo...still it is nice to see that number go down so much eh?.


Good deal on the swimming party! Happy Birthday to your girls.

Quiet today eh? I just skimmed but I'll go back and reread later. I have to take care of some business at home....Aaaaah I love being home! Guess I'm a little nuts like that! I'm also in a weird place my recent blog if you want more info. While it was nice to see my cuz, I left there uncomfortable.....some things to deal with..

I'll come back later....maybe talking to myself but that's Okay!..

Comment #61

Okay here is the y'all time:.

Okay you can all STOP noticing NOW.

So a few blogs ago I was waiting for people to notice my weight loss...Well that was a few pounds and sizes ago, and now I'm VERY uncomfortable with the attention, the glares, and jealousy or envy that I feel (from women). Sure they may compliment me, but it doesn't feel good to be looked up and down lately and stared out outright..

I just came from visiting my cousin who hasn't seen me. I know it's a shock, but why is it that with some people it feels okay, and some just make me feel like I'm under a scrutinizing microscope. Can it be that those that make me feel that way are feeling insecure themselves? I do have to say some of those that I am talking about, definitely aren't looking slim lately!.

It's alot to come to terms with losing the weight, looking like I haven't looked like in twenty five years, having people tell me that I look 15 years younger and dealing with people's reactions which range from complimentary to "OMG are you sick"? I feel like then I'm explaining myself lately and I just don't want to get into that conversation unless it's someone who wants to know about Medifast..

I guess it will take time to adjust to it all. It's alot to swallow. I am not going to be gaining it back either to take the heat off subconsciously, which I'm sure some do..... I just need to deal with my sensitivity, my new shape and reactions from others and put it into perspective. Right now though, I'm not looking forward to running or seeing anyone, especially family, that hasn't seen me. (It's kind of interesting to think before I wanted to hide because I was heavy, and now I want to hide because I'm uncomfortable but thin!).

I'm wondering if other people who have lost alot of weight can relate to this, and how they made peace with it.........

Comment #62

Good morning everyone!!!.

I am in the groove of the plan and loving it!!!! Now to see those pounds drop off and the life expand even more.

I am off to see Pilobolus today with Jeff and I found a cool place for brunch ~ crab omlette for me ....

Jodi - I read your blog yesterday and still am tryin gto think of how best respond ~ I guess I have more questions ~ what blocks you from wanting to be seen? I think that is key in finally unlocking the secret to keeping it off forever ....

I think mine was the opposite ~ this new shape just become the "normal" for me and I missed the glowing comments so to get that back I need to get the rest of it off but I don't think I was ready for it before. I had to adjust to this weight and body so I did not go off the deep end and do something really dumb ....

I need to get ready to go ~ I love a sleeping house & me awake with a freshly brewed cup of coffee..

Comment #63


The jealous and scutiny that some women are giving off........I'm sensitive and observant (can't think of the word) to people. I pick up on things.......If someone loses weight it motivates me and I'm so happy for them, whether I am in a good place or not. This jealousy thing doesn't sit well with me and is making me very uncomfortable, although I am loving the new me! So in order to avoid these interactions, I guess that's why I said I'd rather "hide". Although my first reaction is pride, like hey, I can go anywhere now and feel good!.

I find it interesting that you and other's still want and desire it after your long journeys. Sounds like you are in a good place to push through that wall!..

Comment #64

Let them look Jodi - and be jealous - that is their problem NOT yours ... relish in the wonderful you ... perhaps you will inspire them to be better too~!!!..

Comment #65

Jodi sorry you are feeling that way right now! I know you are a beautiful person inside and out and you should feel that way all the time. Other people have the issues, you just be their inspiration to make the changes they need to make and if they do not see it that way well phoooey on them!!!.

Thanks Judy for the shout out to my family in Portland!.

My DH and I had a family funeral to attend yesterday in snowy snowy never ends there. And early this morning I said good bye to DH at the local airport as he has business in Atlanta GA this week..

I am gearing up for lots of snow fall for the next 3 or 4 days here at home. I really need to get out and finish shopping for the Holidays! Maybe tomorrow?.

I am struggling with the Medifast right now but hanging on to the same weight for awhile now 209. I am happy with that. I will start back with it as soon as my head gets back into gear. I was planning to do it right while my hubby is gone. JodiNY..

Comment #66

Hey gals....quick hello before we head out to Jolie's bday party..

Jodi - I didnt lose over 50 lbs like you or Jo or 100 like Pamela, but the reactions you are getting I got. Some people are genuinely complimentary others compliment but there is that sneer underneath it all. I think you should chalk it up to as you said, insecurity and jealousy. You will get used to your new skin soon enough adn realize that you deserve to feel this great and look this beautiful. Screw what anyone has to or for that matter doesn't have to say - ( those peeps are the worst you know....they look you up and's obvious you've lost a ton and they say nothing)!.

We Love love yourself some more and know you desever this!.


Comment #67

Hi Melters~.

Jodi, I read your post last night before bed, but was too exhausted to collect thoughts well enough to respond...and now everyone has taken them! I just want to let you know that I think it makes sense what you are feeling. I felt like I felt it from one particular co-worker when I had gained weight and again when I had lost almost 50 lbs....she totally did the whole look up and down thing. I understand where you're coming from, but everyone's right, it is the other person's problem, not yours, even though they make you feel uncomfortable or insecure (? right word, not sure?) in the process. We all love you!!!!!..

Comment #68

Quick flyby............Michele, that song is from Singing in the Rain or American in Paris? It's a Gene Kelly movie....what a dance scene!.

Judy, bummer about not feeling like doing things. I can so relate. I'm due for a gyn checkup! It's good that you are noticing and in tune..

I'm feeling a bit better gals.......I have been telling myself and will take out The Four Agreements that what they say, don't say or stare says who THEY are not me, what they are feeling about themselves..... I'm definitely sensitive now, but I'm ready to build a bridge and get over it. I will NOT let them steal my thunder!.

Going to pick up DD and bring her to a little holiday jazz thang that her vocal jazz group at school will be performing outside....oye it's Winter! See you all later....xxxxooo thanks for all your kind words...

Comment #69

Jodi - Because they're still "stuck" ... and you're NOT ... you are a reminder that they could do it if they really, really wanted to. So be a blessing instead of a curse and remember where you came from, how it made you feel, and how they are still feeling. Don't let them get you down. You have achieved a significant goal, and you worked hard to get there.

Just remember to let your mercy triumph over your judgment! XXOO Judy..

Comment #70

JodiNY - Don't let this great opportunity slip by you! You've made a commitment to be OP while DH is gone. YOU CAN DO THIS ... I KNOW YOU CAN.

Keep up the good work and be an OP girl for the week. XXOO Judy..

Comment #71

Health Update.

Just got back from the doctor's appointment, and he had the second blood test results (which were taken 10 days after the first set of results) and the ultrasound..

1. The ultrasound of my whole abdomen area showed that everything is in perfect condition, and that I don't have any problems in my whole abdomen..

2. The blood results showed that ALL my numbers are NOW in the normal range, even my liver numbers!.

I'm going to stay on the diuretic for a long time because we just don't know where to go from here since EVERYTHING on my blood tests and ultrasound look great. The diuretic is also used for patients with hypertension. According to the doctor's scale, I have lost 9 lbs. since I started using the diuretic. My husband told me that's what a gallon of water weighs about 8 lbs. (I looked it up and it weighs 8.35 lbs.!!!).

That's totally astounding to me..

It will be awhile I think before I will be able to tell whether I'm losing real weight or water weight, but I don't care, as long as I hit my 140 number and reach goal. Once I reach that number I will be in the "normal" BMI range, which is what one of my target numbers..

I did get to the gym yesterday and felt fantastic. Today I'm going to walk the dogs for 30 minutes..

BTW, I colored my hair.


! I'll take a picture and replace my current photo when I can. Tomorrow I fly out at 6am so my available time to post will be limited. Have a blessed day ya'll! XXOO Judy..

Comment #72


Did you get to the supermarket? Sounds like you made up your mind while DH is gone to get into it and get er time like the present with him being at the airport.

This week is all about you.


Love the JC Penney coupons that they send out $10 off of $10. Just received one today. Did you pick up anything for yourself in your travels?.

Trip to Maryland was to see my cousin's daugther that was in from Mexico. It was such a quick visit less than 24 hours, so it was good that we sailed there with no traffic!.


That's a ton of water! Are your clothes much looser because of it?.

Glad to hear everything is A okay! Still, keep an eye on that mild depression and your tiredness. Maybe the gym will help give you energy. Great going getting back there. You are on your last leg of the weight loss journey. GO GIRL! That's terrific!..

Comment #73

Hi All,.

Quick, quick before supper....

Jodi~my coupon was $15 off when you spend $15 or more , so I went and got some slippers...originally $25 on sale for $20, so paid $5.29~~can't beat that!!!! I usually get that JCPenney coupon you were talking about right before Christmas and use that as another way to treat myself to something with the goal being to hardly spend year, I paid right over $1 for what I way of shopping!.

Judy~~so, so happy that everything came back great...that was a LOT of water, lady! You have to be feeling it, I'm guessing..

Ok, off to eat supper as the fam is waiting!.


Comment #74

Good morning Melters!!!!.

Rise and Shine ~ make this a fab day!!!!!.

I am off for another EARLY morning meeting .... I am soooooo not a morning person. The show yesterday was fabulous! The bodies on these dancers were sick ... I just loved watching them move ... need to get ready..

Comment #75

Morning Melters.


I'm with you. Morning and cold....not a good combination! Does leave you with a high eh? Such talent........ So you and DH just enjoyed the day together no overnighter?.


Penney's does it a few times a year, ususally Mother's and Father's Day. I used one two months ago, and now one sitting in my meaty draw. Yes, I get cheap too and try not to spend much of my own money on the freebie. You did good!.

Did you both come to an agreement on names? I think early on that wasn't happening, lol..

See rest of you lovely Melters later...I'll check back...

Comment #76

Girl I hear ya loud and clear...I WILL do it and get back on track!!!.


And so happy to hear about your tests results...prayers were answered!! Yahooo.

Hey gals I get to shovel tons of snow for my exercise all week!!!!!!..

Comment #77

Hello all ~ I'm still around. This morning I was at 213; one more pound and I'll be able to move my ticker in the right direction again. There's cookies in the work kitchen but I'm not having any, I just made my brownie..

Judy - glad your test results came out clear..

Jo - screw 'em all..

Comment #78

Freezing ... so why didn't I get serious in the heat of summer ~ I cannot get warm that darn ketosis thing.


Event this am went well and tehn I shopped and shopped ... just about done ~.

Oh my Christmas fantasy ... the house is all aglow with white twinkle lights & gingerbread candles wafting their delicious scent through out the house and not a sign of clutter anywhere ...poof ... it is all a dream ......

Comment #79


I'm glad you didn't go away for the overnighter if it may have compromised your will to stay OP. I know you like your "insert drink of choice". I believe you are ready to take on the next chapter of your personal best.

I share your fantasy kinda sorta....I am having the family over for Hanukkah on Xmas, way after it's over. I need to get a handle on my crap!.


Good to see you......keep at it, your making progress!.


Has her Father in law up her a** when she tries to post. Let's tie him up and ship him back to Florida okay?.


Wants to make sure we are all towing the line and being good MFers.....


Where are you????????????..

Comment #80

Good morning Melters ... today is my DH's B-day and off to indoor sky diving we go !!!!.

I am going to report my food here - all of it ~ struggling in weird ways ... yesterday only got 4 Medifast meals in and nibbled on protein all afternoon. Today by the book. It is written and it works ~ no more of my own plan ... let's see how this goes!..

Comment #81

Morning Melters.

Have a great day...what a lucky DH that has you to play with!.

I hear you.....After Maryland I started playing games with the bars..I was so focused! Looking foward to readying your food log, and perhaps I will hop on with you!..

Comment #82

Off to take care of the cats.....must warm up the car first. I hate winter! See the rest of y'all later..

Comment #83

Okay so where is everyone hiding out?? A party I wasn't invited to.

Really when you are not here I worry that you are not doing well ... so the good, the bad the ugly ... let it rip......

Comment #84

You shouldn't say let it rip with MFers around....I mean we do it naturally no?.

I know it's sad and quiet here.............I think Judy said she was traveling and couldn't post much. Renie pops in via text now and then.

.........Michele's being held hostage by her inlaws........Andi?, Jo? JodiNY, PamelaBEB, Marie.............It's lonely here!..

Comment #85

Jodi - I got up early this morning and worked out. It really is making a difference although I did go to bed at 9:30 last night, but I fell right asleep, so who can complain? I weighed Monday morning, and I'm now 144.4 lbs. so my clothes are a little looser, but now I only have 4.4 lbs. to lose to reach goal weight of 140..

XXOO Judy..

Comment #86

Hi everyone! It's been a heck of a busy week. I got up at 4am to fly to Portland, landed, checked into the hotel, and then schlepped over to the regional office to get to the meeting. Then that night we had a business dinner (which was at a great restaurant in downtown Portland and it was delicious)..

I'm feeling good because of my test results and am going to just adapt my thinking to this new season in life that I go to bed early and get up early..

Why fight it? It's working okay except in my head!!.

I made a commitment to exercise through the end of the month, so I got my exercise in this morning. My flight doesn't go out until 11:40 am tomorrow so I should be able to get my butt to the fitness center at the hotel tomorrow as well. If not, my plan is not to go straight home once I land, but to drive directly to 24 Hour Fitness and get my work-out in before I go home.

I feel so great after I exercise that I simply should NOT give it up and become a lazy slacker.

Hope ya'll are doing well. It sounds like it. XXOO Judy..

Comment #87

Judy you are doing great! The exercise is probably helping your mood as well I would imagine. Just four pounds....WOOOOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO..

You are really kicking that exercise and making it a priority. I need to jump in there with you!..

Comment #88

JUDY - You are truly INSPIRATIONAL!!! WOW!!!!! yeah for you ~ you have been working sooooo hard!!!! It is paying off my friend!.

Sky diving was FAB.

What a rush! And out of the 7 of us flying I was the only one who the instructor paired up with and went way up high and spun around and around!!! It took your breathe away literally and figuratively!!!.

Push, push push ... through all the "have tos" so I can enjoy the season ... today I declare war on my beautiful countertop that I swore would NEVER get cluttered. I was wrong but with right myself today..

I am getting tired of eating L&G and missing my fresh right from the ocean fish ~ ahhhh summer......

Comment #89

Morning Melters.


Did DH enjoy it as much? My DH and Son did it in Vegas. Sounds like you had a blast!.

Countertops:..I feel your pain, struggle continues, lol.

L&G: my barbeque is not working, hopefully out of gas. NOT that I want to freeze my a** off out there, but at least I can make veggie burgers that I love. It does get boring after awhile, I'm there too! To find something yummy yet filling......I'm still making my squashes!.

It's so quiet here..............I can hear the wind blowing!..

Comment #90

Good morning Jodi ~ Looks like it is you and me baby - LOL..

Everyone enjoyed it but it was a real push for my daughter ... she choose not to go high up with the instructor and struggles with letting go ( interesting observation) but persisted and went back in the 2nd time. Told her I was proud of her for working through her fears..

So how is everyone doing??? What is everyone doing????.

Today I just have a massage scheduled ...though lots of work to get through ... and breathe ......

Comment #91

Together through thick and thin Pamela.

I just tried the tomato bagel recipe made with Medifast eggs...ugh..not my cup of tea. People are raving about it. Too salty for me. It also laid in my chest as I was eating it. Oh well it was exciting and fun to try something new!.

DD did good......

I am going to go for that massage one was it?..

Comment #92

OH MY! I could never sky dive; I don't even like roller coasters!..

Comment #93

Hi Marie - It was indoor sky diving and totally different than a roller coaster but I really have always wanted to sky dive so this was a little test of what it would feel like ~ I think I could jump out of a plane!.

The massage was amazing ... whe found scar tissue ( I knew it was there) and worked on relieving it ~ I never knew you could massage away scar tissue ... my leg feels like a new leg .....

Comment #94

Hi Melters~slow days around here lately, huh?.

I guess it would be with just a few popping in unless you're going to talk to yourself all day!.

Not a lot going on, regular work routine and stuff around the house. It's naptime now. With not working tomorrow or Friday, my goal is to get some phone calls done for around here that I've been putting off..

Jodi~no, we haven't decided definite names. I'm pretty sure we have a girls picked out, just haven't said 'this is it' and have two boy names that we have narrowed it down to..

Hope you are all doing well and that Michele is surviving the in-laws!.


Comment #95

MElters!!!! I miss my posse! Really I do. Tomorrow I am taking the in laws to the airport! Woo hoo. They are now in separate rooms - one in the playroom and the other in the den, watching television. THey had a big argument over who would watch what and in which room....sigh LOL! They really aren't even as old as they sound !.

ANyhow - I hope all is well. I will catch up on everyone sometime tomorrow. Judy I did just read your post taht your blood results came back ok - so glad for that!.

Hugs to all.


Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.