Netfirms VS 123 reg VS Yahoo Webhosting , , , , who is better ?

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Question I have... Netfirms VS 123 reg VS Yahoo Webhosting , , , , who is better ? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. I'm getting ready to reg a site that has a high ppc score (and I'm very interested in developing. The name is available in .cc and .ws..

.cc is 20/year .ws is 10/year. I really know nothing about either extension...what would you choose?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

Comment #1

If you've regged the domain, mind telling us the name?..

Comment #2

If you do go down the .ws avenue you can register them at Dynadot for $7.99 per year...

Comment #3

You should also know that .ws cannot be transferred from one registrar to another later on. It's a rule at the registry level...

Comment #4

Good reg!.

PromoCode.WS actually sounds good.

Good luck with your development...

Comment #5

Thanks! I'm going to start dev'ing it after is done (hopefully this week)...

Comment #6

Good move.. I think I'd go with .ws before .cc as well.. I did well with those I had in the past...

Comment #7

If developed, it doesn't really matter. Both extensions work well, but honestly I would have taken .cc.. and .ws are still available...

Comment #8

I'd go with .WS as I am. They are promoting them as "web site" so even though it wasn't it's original intent, it's still much better then .cc which doesn't really stand for much..

I'm inlove with .ws right now..

I also think the .ws will be easy for your visitors to remember since they are going to a web site, ha so you can promote it in that way..


Oh yeah, for cc you could promote it as "bring your CREDIT CARDS" ha.. uh....

Comment #9

I agree.WS (if branded properly) has a pretty bright future...

Comment #10

I have one right now, It's slotted for development in about 2-3 weeks and will contain all the info I can find on sustainable energy...

Comment #11

I would not spend money on neither of them unless.

1) all better TLDs are taken.

2) you have no alternative keyword that may be available with a better extention.

.cc and .ws are overhyped IMO and I don't see much value in them.TV is the only pacific HostGator I really like, .fm could be good if it wasn't so overpriced...

Comment #12

I think the .cc and .tv are way overhyped and I don't know anyone in real life (who isnt a domainer) that'd pay anything for a .tv, I don't get why people even like it..

Out of the 3, is till think .ws is the best. Mainly because of what you can make the meaning into...

Comment #13

A TV is an established word, everyone knows what it means. Few people link WS to 123 reg website or WorldSite so that makes it a bit artificial to use it in that context. Hence why I think .TV is a lot better: it is an actual word everyone knows and remembers. Unlike .WS and .CC...

Comment #14

Well I could understand the entire thing about having a .tv HostGator if the HostGator is related to something on tv or something, doesn't make much sense to use it for a general website, which is why I don't see the value in it.Same as .fm for a steaming radio show or something..

TV isn't a word, it's an abbreviation..

It isn't complicated for people to see that .ws stands for website. I've asked alot of people about this, and almost all of the people I know in real life aren't into computers or anything like this, and they got it just fine..

I also asked them about .tv and they asked me about shows on tv ha,..

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