New domain name for a new shared iPage web hosting company?

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First of all New domain name for a new shared iPage web hosting company? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... I tried searching previous posts for this info but could not find it..

First, the iPage site is.

The problem is that no matter where you go in the site, the title of the page and the URL always remain.

.........thesite works fine so far but whenever you press refresh, it takes you out of whatever page you are on and reloads the index page..

The iPage site is designed for the top frame and image to remain static through all pages, only the bottom frame changes. How can I have the URL and title of the page in the bottom frame display when loaded?.

P.S. I am somewhat new at this so if I done anything really stupid please feel free to berate me.



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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You assumed correctly with #2. Sorry if I wasn't 100% clear. I reread #2 and see it was poorly (misleadingly) written..



As long as your iPage site stays small, ie, your visitors don't mind starting from the INDEX page every visit, then keep the frames. It's like the logo is branded, constantly in view, and the contrast is.

To me..

In the past I've debated using the same frames design, logo ontop of every page, but now-a-days I prefer the exactness of non-frames sites... For people who (now rare) design two version, a Frames iPage site and a Non-Frames site, they are just duplicating the work for the same content. You may notice some sites now LOOK like frames (a panel of links on the left), but are done on just one HTML file. Take a look at HTMLforums, they have the same "BIG RESSOURCE NETWORK" 'bar' design on every page..

P.S. If, you just wanted a black picture, other than reediting the image, you could surround the IMG code with a TABLE code, that has background color = black..

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Completely unrelated. If a browsers' so old it doesn't know frames, this is shown, not because it knows what a <NOFRAMES> tag is, but because it ignores any unknown tag..

Since frames are entirely coded WITHIN the tag, like <put frame there>, then it will be ignored. So is the tag <noframe>. But, the stuff BETWEEN the tags, <noframes> Click Here Etc... </noframes>, will show, because ANY browsers understands plain text..

It is Frames-Capable browsers that see this tag, and say, don't show me, 'cause I can do frames! Ya!.

That's the beauty of HTML. They can make up new syntax, and it won't crash older browsers. They're simply programmed to ignore any unknown < tags >...

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Gotcha.....well, I am dumping the frame, it is just too my friend who I am making the iPage site for cannot figure out how to refresh individual frames so he is still seeing pages from a week ago that now have missing pics and tell him to look at the new updates and he says..."yeah..looks great"...ROFL...he can't even see the frikkin new page!.

Thats some funny stuff.........thx again and check the site, I got rid of the frame.


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With IE 5.5, Right-Click in the offending frame, Refresh..

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