Nonono youve got it all wrong you overweight blob, try Nutrisystem!!! jeez?

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First off, Nonono youve got it all wrong you overweight blob, try Nutrisystem!!! jeez? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Alright men, today is Memorial Day, so do YOUR duty and honor our fallen heroes! Take some time out today to remember them, pray for their families, and thank God that they sacrificed their lives for us. Without them we'd be living in the Soviet Socialist Republic of America, Comrade, and you wouldn't have the choice to even consider NutriSystem..

After all they gave for you, the least you could do is to honor their memories today..

And while you're at it, put down the chips and sloppy Joe you lazy, no count, nancy boy! After all those brave souls gave, and the sacrifices they made so you could enjoy NutriSystem, the least you do is at least follow the plan today!.

Don't you dare cave in just because it's Memorial Day! The day is about honoring our great nation's fallen warriors, not pigging out on crap their enemies wouldn't have fed their dogs. Today is NOT about picnics and corn dogs; it's about honor and family..

So pick up a Blueberry Gut Grenade and attack your fat! Drink your water you sissy, or forfeit your man card! If you give in today, you'll never reap victory over your habits that got you here in the first place! Put on your big boy pants today and do the right thing: Honor the fallen, and honor yourself! Now go get 'em men!.

I'll lead the way!!!! Alba gu brath!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Did you see Rolling Thunder arrive in DC yesterday? We started so long ago to honor the fallen and lost of the Vietnam conflict, and it has grown to encompass respect and honor for all men and women who have taken up arms on behalf of the country and paid with their lives..

There is still time today to get out of the house, and drive to a veterans' memorial (unless you live really out in the wilderness, there is always at least one close enough to drive to) and pay your respects..

I live near the Antietam battlefield and the small towns all around have long ago erected statues and memorials to their sons and daughters who died so we could continue to act collectively like idiots and spoiled brats..

All I lost in service to the country was some mobility and the ability to do cardio (which the VA might fix sometime this year, finally), so I've always felt like I was truly blessed. Not just to have not been hurt worse, or killed, but to have known, and served with, some of the best of the best this nation has ever produced..

Just remember the 9,000 who fell dead in the first 60 seconds of the D-day landing, and the mile after mile of dead bodies around Bloody Lane in the Civil War, and the Seal who jumped on a grenade on a rooftop in Iraq to save the two snipers flanking him, and all those who put aside fear for their lives and replaced it with unlimited love for country, and their fellow soldiers...

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Thank you for your service to our country privateer3..

And thank you to all who have fallen in service to the United States of America...

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Hope everyone stuck to your plans and had a wonderful Day...

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Had a wonderful day. Honored our heroes with named flags, a reading, and prayer with a gathering of friends. As for staying on plan, well, that's a different story. I'm 5 lbs heavier today than I was Friday. Bad Boy. BAD..


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Me too. Had a whole crew here and well ............................

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