Now Finding the cheap and reliable iPage web hosting ? How can Choosing?

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My 1st question is: Now Finding the cheap and reliable iPage web hosting ? How can Choosing? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hi there!.

Is it possiable to make polls on your iPage site without having banners or anything there?.

' <form ACTION="">.

<input TYPE="radio"> Option 1<BR>.

<input TYPE="radio"> Option 2<BR>.

<input TYPE="radio"> Option 3<BR>.

<input TYPE="radio"> Option 4<BR>.

<input TYPE="radio"> Option 5<BR>.

<input TYPE="radio"> Option 6<BR>.

<BR><input TYPE="submit" cLASS="bt5" value=" Vote ">'.

Whats this all about?! how do I make this into a actual poll that works?.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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By the way, check out my dartclubs page. Its in Swedish, but maybe you wanna look at the design. I pretty happy with it, actually.....

My dartclubs page..

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Yea. I've been on the forums......

My brother works there,but hes to do with the computing..not the site.... damn! it's toooo hard!.

+ thanks for the link..but you see, that would be no good for me!..

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(uhh.. ever considered changing the name ??.


A webpoll require that you collect data from many independent visitors and collectively store the results. Client side language (including html) is not good for this..

You would need server side language like asp, perl, php, etc because you would need to store something on the webserver or a database with the information submitted. Remotely hosted scripts (webpolls) do just that except they store the data at their webservers instead of at yours. In return they put advertisement on your page (as payment for the free service). Your only other choice is to pay for the poll (in which case they often remove the advertisement)..

If you have anything interesting to offer, such as designs, programming skills etc maybe you want to trade or barter with another htmlforum user in the buy/sell section ? .

Maybe you can convince another user to host your poll for free for a period of time against some other service (e.g. say you are good at designing images, maybe you can create a banner for free in return. Just an example)...

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I have my own server...and dont mind iPage hosting the information with MySQL (is that right?!) or a database..

But all I need to do is know how?!.

Any ideas?!..

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MySQL is the database.. do you have php installed ? .

Affirmatively you can write very good polls in php with mysql storage as backend support....

Scoutt.. this is the time for you to come in and show your briliance....

(InDeathWeFall.. I am moving this thread to the server side forum.. you will find it there)....


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Sure thing about moving it....

Damn! all I want is a poll! I got all the things I need. my own server... enough space to fill a football stadium.... I just have the knowlage of a moose with rollerskates..

I just need a step by step guide on how to make a poll with NO adverts... and it fits with my site. is that so much to ask?..

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I just have the knowlage of a moose with rollerskates..

Hehe that was good,.

Anyway you didn't lok very hard if you want one without a banner. I am using one taht came from.

It doesn't have a banner. if you want to make you own then you will need to be knowledgable in some form of serverside coding..

If you want one pre-made then that is fine too. the one I use is called sympoll I think...

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Yeah. I have been there.....and nothing! I got one.... and the text file was useless....tell me what one you used... and can you tell me step by step how to install it?!.


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I done it! whoo hoo!.

Thanks! Im now using Sympolls!.

Thanks again!.


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