Nutrisystem Diet, does it actually work?...?

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Quick question... Nutrisystem Diet, does it actually work?...? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: Help! The Men's Room has been so slow lately I accidentally started posting in estroland. If that isn't bad enough I've let myself be dragged into debates with crazy people. (I mean that with love).

Luckily, I swam out just in the nick of time to avoid the estro-undertow..

Please, next time this happens, someone throw me a lifeline...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Just don't start talking about your TOM and bloating as an excuse for not losing this week. Be sure and wear cotton crutch underware and the soreness in breasts is only in your mind..

I can honestly say my cup size has reduced.

Feel better now?..

Comment #2

That is the funniest "Talk me down" speech I have heard in a while. Funny and effective..

It ranks right up there "get down or jump but for God's sake stop the whining". lol..

Comment #3

I find that the clashes on the OT board have to do with points of view and personalities rather than hormones...

Comment #4

Oh, you guys! You're so silly!!!.

Actually, I ventured over there once and got, as Damon said, caught up in a great debate over some nonsense. It's not a safe place to be. Reminds me of a poem I had to memorize in high school -.

"Beware the jabberwock my son,.

The jaws that bite, the claws that scratch.".

Anyway, I'm sure I spotted a frumious Bandersnatch while I was there. Be warned!..

Comment #5

OK, guys, there's a female in the house! Just saying that not all of us estrolanders are as nit-picky and not so smart as the "last encounters". In fact, some of us agree with you guys. I'm outta here..


Comment #6

A lot too much fluff. A lot too much gushing!.

Damon this ought to help! Suck it up and drink your water!.

Feel better now?..

Comment #7

Give me 7 Hail Wizz's....drink your water....and you are forgiven my son...

Comment #8

One of my favorite quotes from the simpsons relates to how we deal with emotions here in the mens room:.

"c'mon, c'mon...less chat, more splat" (moe to homer as he is deciding whether or not to commit suicide by jumping off a building)...

Comment #9

Or as one of my raid members said in World of Warcraft raid in Ulda,.

"Less QQ More Pew-Pew".

Which is to say, less crying/whining, more discipline and concentration on what needs to happen...

Comment #10

There are many good reasons for visiting estroland....

But arguing about who's going to pay for Michael Jackson's funeral isn't one of them.....

Comment #11

Estro-nazi-troll-beasts. BLECH. I had my fill of them January 2008 before I found out there was a Men's Room. It almost turned me completely away from NutriSystem...

Comment #12

3 Hard modes from Rusted Proto Drake.

I actually find now that I moved my desk upstairs I eat less playing WOW than I did before...

Comment #13

I had a same issue. An Estro-nazi-troll-beast started a forum debate - I took the bait, and replied with my thoughts. What I was not aware of was if you speak your mind and have a differing POV from said Estro-nazi, you will get the wrath that no man should be subjected to. Since that thread I only read threads in this subforum...

Comment #14

WoW contributed to much of my weight gain. As part of my Nutrisystem plan, I took that mouse wheel of game to the mattresses:.

Sharded all my gear (yes Ulduar hard mode gear);.

Sold all my mats on AH for a fraction of it's worth;.

Stood around in a lowbie zone passed out free gold;.

Deleted all characters;.

Deleted all data from computer;.

Took all my WoW disks and put them into my microwave for a free firework presentation..

Since doing all of that, my weight loss rate has actually improved a lot. Working out for 4 hours, or basically anything other than WoW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sitting on phat ass playing stupid video game..

Comment #15

Doing much better, Thanx. I just dropped by to hose the deck down with some Testosterone...

Comment #16

Yep. This picture will also help bring some testosterone back:..

Comment #17

Roflmao you really should know better than to get into some of those "debates"..

Comment #18

Luckly college football season is right around the corner so you can having meaningful arguments here in the Mens Room..

And just since Im linking college football and a diet forum dont eat here..

Comment #19

I mostly post in estro-land. More action there..

I do find that the search advanced by titles answers a lot of my questions, so I don't need to post...

Comment #20

This seems to be the only safe haven on the entire site. The rest of the Nutrisystem site is highly chickified with cutesy pastels, flowers and almost no bikinis, explosions or lesbo pron..

Thank God for Dan Marino wherever he is...

Comment #21

How politically incorrect may we be here? I was a sailor once.....

Comment #22

I mispent my youth drinking with soldiers, sailors and hockey players.....

Comment #23

Just don't mention Sarah Palin. Those posts tend to disappear..

Ps. Read fast...

Comment #24

Politically incorrect? What is that?.

Go read the men's rooms rules and you will understand!..

Comment #25

I quit coming to the website because they brought estroland in here. I just don't need the drama. Stopped in tonight to see if anything is new. Other than Damon's new avatar (looking sharp), I guess not much. Best wishes to everyone on their weight loss...

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