Nutrisystem, Ediets, Nutrisystem- which one best home delivery diet?

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First question I have is Nutrisystem, Ediets, Nutrisystem- which one best home delivery diet? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I'm really proud of myself. I did great restarting, but then I fell into a once a week rut where I was having an off plan meal once a week, thus destroying any progress I had made. When I say off plan, I'm talking pizza, Chinese delivery, Burgers, Kentucky Grilled blah blah blah..

But for the last week or so I haven't cheated. I'm on day 10 of strict compliance. I haven't stepped on the scales either. My "expanding waist" shorts no longer expand and are actually getting very loose. I may have to start wearing a belt with them..

I'm not stepping on the scale until I have 21 days str8. I believe I can actually tell when I'm in a burning mode cause I get the "soft serve" effect. This morning has been glorious. I've had 3 since I got up, must have been the extra spoon of peanut butter last night.

We need a challenge! Not just pound-loss challenge either(everyone loses at different rates and really isn't fair), we need a stay on plan challenge like we had last year. Or something creative like that. If anybody wants to start and manage a challenge I'm sure we could get e1 to participate. I've hosted my share. But, if no one starts one I may..

Remember the "On the Verge" thread?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I'm up for it. I went off-plan this past weekend due to a couple birthday parties (not mine), but I'll be willing to check in daily for being on-plan starting today...

Comment #2

Damon: Wishing you the best. Like to roll a firecracker under your rack every now and then, but that's how I show affection. Be strong. We are all in support mode...

Comment #3

Oh...I'm in on the challenge. The str8 rock is in the house...

Comment #4


I am coming into Maintanance here soon, but my maintance will have a continue to try to lose twist. So I am in! I started on Monday with the big push to lose the last three pounds. 2.8 down and still driving ON PLAN!..

Comment #5

I'm up for it. I just rebooted into the plan today. Day one, once again. I gotta keep that motivation up...

Comment #6

I'm Psyched Let's get this party started. Heck yea!..

Comment #7

I like that it is not weight related, but staying on plan related. If you stay on plan, you will lose weight. We have all proven that...

Comment #8

My past couple weeks have been pretty close ~90%, but yesterday was exactly 100% to the gnats ass. No taste of this or little more of that. Hunger woke me up at 4am, that's how I can tell when Im following the meal plan closely. I'm determined to stick another daily tracker page today too...

Comment #9

Alright boys let's do it! It's funny that you posted this Damon as I just recommitted myself Monday to being absolutely 100% for the next few weeks. I had gotten sloppy, was picking at things here and there, and had been stuck in the 240's for quite a while. Now I'm moving again and headed for the 230's! Will use this thread to keep me on track. Thank you sir, may I have another....





Comment #10

Huge: You are so close. And so good at this. Looking forward to your final victory. (then the campaign of maintenance...but still the victory is a victory.)..

Comment #11

Im up for a sticking to the plan special. I warn you though as a financially struggling college student who spends most of his disposable income on Nutrisystem foods and the accompanying fruits and veggies I'll be tough a competitor to best! Temptation is easy to avoid when you cant afford it.

Also this kind of reminds me of the contest on Seinfeld... only less perverse...

Comment #12

Hah! You're right mesturge, this one's probably easier to stick to too!.

Thanks Apolyton. I will believe it when I see it.....

Comment #13

STICK to plan and you WILL get to goal. Let's go. 6 points..

And Mesturge...I'm going to take you. Some trashtalking competition is like steroids to my willpower...

Comment #14

I have been off-plan for over a year. During that span of time, I had my Brother passed away, got audited by the IRS, and had my Mother pass away. These are not good excuses to over eat and or too much drink beer, they are what they arechallenges..

I decided that after my family vacation I would pull my head out of my backside and get back on the Nutrisystem train. I started on Monday and have been 100% good. This program worked great for me, and I wish I had been able to deal better, but I am ready and focused.. so the challenge is accepted!.


Comment #15

Welcome back Mike! There is always plenty of room on the Nutrisystem wagon. We can do this, we have done this, we can do this again..

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." -Margaret Thatcher..

Comment #16

There should be some definitive report in structure. Like not reporting in is the same as reporting non-compliance. Make it daily or weekly or whatever people need...

Comment #17

Hey! I'm going to horn in on this even though I'm on maintenance. I just got back from my vacation and need to re-establish my eating and drinking (water) regimen. The good news is that I go back to work on Friday so I will be in the groove again so that will help...

Comment #18

Yesterday was another shinning 100% perfect program day, thats two in a row for me. I even made it comfortably through the evening and thats the witching hours for me. I woke this morning and the first thing I said was Im going for it again. My daily tracker sits face open with a pen on it all day and I use it. Believe it or not, every day and every meal, we decide to follow or not..

Welcome back Mark. There are several of us players that have had a season or so off and are now back on board to tighten the belt so to speak...

Comment #19

LOL, I fixed it, I must of had a brain fart..

On topic, I was not 100% yesterday, but in the opposite direction. I was running around yesterday with a friend of mine, He wanted Subway, so I got a salad(no meat, no cheese). Didn't even eat it until 8:00pm last night. All I had all day was breakfast and 1st snack, then nothing until the salad. I'm just not hungry. I know this is a bad thing that could slam me into starvation mode and disrupt my very dependable BM schedule. Back on plan today...

Comment #20

I was 98% yesterday. I had a sweet tooth yesterday, so instead of my desert I ate grapes!..

Comment #21

I was 100% yesterday, in fact my 100%ness goes back to Monday!.





Comment #22

Fantastic! That would be HUGE, Bear!.

Mini-Goals are GREAT! Help keep us on track..


Comment #23

For the most part I was on track yesterday. The two exceptions were these two onion rolls that I had, so good but yet so bad. (why-o-why did I buy them).

Note to self: no more rolls..

Comment #24

Well, I'm off target already. Forgot that yesterday was my company picnic. Started off ok, just grabbing some salad and grilled veggies. But pretty soon they ran out of diet coke and I didn't see the bottled water, so I naturally switched over to beer.....

Comment #25

Well let's see, sugared soda has sugar, beer has complex carbohydrates. Looks like beer's the winner - hand's down!..

Comment #26

I'm still holding my torch. 100% yesterday, food, water + exercise. Nothing questionable and no deviation. I.


Going to do it again today. Remember, we.


Have a choice...

Comment #27

On plan another day. Forgot to weigh myself because I had a meeting this morning at 6:15. C'est la Vie!..

Comment #28

This is a good's amazing what happens when you can string together a few weeks of dedication and commitment..

Taking it one day at a thing you know you will have 30 days on the books...then 60...then 90...woohoo!!.

Good luck guys...

Comment #29

100% again yesterday. This thread may be the thing that saves me from pigging out at my father-in-law's birthday party tomorrow too!.





Comment #30

I was dead on yesterday, 100%. Feels good when I get up knowing I have something to build on. When I'm off plan, the next day is always filled with regret. It's nice to get up in a good mood...

Comment #31

There you go Damon. Each day you choose to stay on track, you gain the confidence and will to continue...

Comment #32

Good job Damon. I agree that success can be a virtuous circle. Flex that will power muscle!.

I'm compliant yesterday as well..

Working on today (need to eat all, rather than resist too much)...

Comment #33

My nemesis has been Friday and Saturday indulgences - last night I wanted a martini in the WORST way - I didn't have it. Tonight my wife comes home - staying away from the alcohol is my goal this evening. I also did plenty of outside work last night instead of laying in front of the boob tube - I'm on track - if not on plan. To get back to goal I'll have to get rid of some of the extras - I'm not in a hurry - I want to make sure I get a long term lifestyle in place that I enjoy enough to stick too..

I've recognized for me that my "hurry" was because I wanted to get back to at least once a week martini's - that attitude has definitely got to go. I'm at a point that my weight is not a problem (as long as I do not ever go up again). I'll report in here on how I'm doing with my discipline..

Congrats to all of you that are on track and in the grove. Thanks Damon for getting this going...

Comment #34

I posted this to the wrong thread, so here it is again..

100% yesterday food & water wise, however I gotta get back to walking. The last couple of weeks I have been slack. Tom's post about regaining that healthy feeling when he walks really inspires me to get off my fat ass and get it in gear..

All I have to do is take that first step. I wish I had someone to drop me off 3 miles from home then I would have no option but to walk...

Comment #35

Followed the program too. My hayterz were after me because I did catchup at the end and ate a mound of celery root as veggies. But I filled the circles...

Comment #36

I was 100% again yesterday, but it was not comfortable at all. Im finding that the day after a hard workout (20 mile bike ride) that I just get hungry. Its really hard not to get over enthusiastic when starting or in my case getting back to a routine like this. Im finally starting to feel better, so I worked all the harder, which translates to state of continuous over hungry for me the following day..

I feel better (excessive hunger is gone) this morning and Im going make it another 100% day. Exercise wise, Im taking a recovery day today and going surfing for an hour or so Sunday morning. Surfing, it's good for body and soul, even for an old ho-daddy like me..

Im looking forward to my weigh-in on Monday...

Comment #37

Talk to your counselor, Jeff, about extra add-ins. I have been following their advice and using them. helps to keep program sustainable and is more healthy...

Comment #38

Yesterday was hard, but I stayed ON Plan. Lost 0.5 pounds and now 0.4 from goal! Keep on Trucking everyone!..

Comment #39

Congrats man. You are going to have to hang out with the maintainers now...

Comment #40

Yesterday on plan 100% with my food, my timing was off, but everything else is great!..

Comment #41

Good job Damo. Feel the virtue making you stronger...

Comment #42

I stayed my course another day! Tomorrow the scale, then begins another week of vigilance..

It's working, my fasting glucose reading was 93 this morning. Down from 130s just a few weeks ago...

Comment #43

Wow, Jeff, That is the real reason right there to be doing this! Great job!..

Comment #44

Still on course. No deviations. I even went to go see District 9 today and enjoyed a $2 bottled water with my afternoon Nutrisystem snack that I sneaked in...

Comment #45

My problem tends to be eating all the food. I get it done...but it is hard..

I need to get in 3 carbs, a dairy, and a fat before I go to bed. And I just had dinner..

And I'm full of water from rehydrating after a day in the sun and a workout..

I'm at my mom's flexing and it gets harder to comply since you have more addins. And then I have extra required addins from the counselor. Will get it done...but am so fagged I don't feel like barely even enjoying my nightly survey of the community.....

Comment #46

Damon, Bro', I appreciate your honesty, and all the other guys too. I lost 7 lbs my first week and can't believe it. I'm afraid to go off program. I've disappointed myself so many times, I just don't want to do it again. Nobody has said anything to me about the 7 pounds. I'm waiting for that first person to say, "Jabba, are you loosing weight?" or "Jabba, what different about you." That will be my Super Bowl victory.

May the Force be with you all, Jabba..

Comment #47

I think this thing is way easier, if you just decide to be 100% than allow yourself and expect yourself to falter...

Comment #48

Stick to it Jabba and you'll do fine. This afternoon I was waiting to pick up some stuff at a theatre loading dock when two theatre techs I had worked with many times but hadn't seen for over a year walked by. They both looked at me quizzically but I don't think they recognized me. I didn't say anything, just gloated internally...

Comment #49

Keep it up Jabba! 7 is an excellent first week. I've lost 92 lbs so far and was a little freaked out when my neighbor who's a Minister came over today to ask if I was sick because of my sizeable weight loss..

Its a NSV but a strange one..

Comment #50

Well, it is back on track starting last evening (I work nights, so breakfast is around 5pm)..

My problem has been the egg mcmuffins on the way home. I have completely cut out all other off system food but that and occasional handfuls of movie popcorn. but I am recommitting myself because I want to get my weight down. It feels good when I see someone I haven't seen in awhile and they notice the 30lbs off. It has been especially difficult to get the exercise in but I am just going to have to do it..

Today is a new day...

Comment #51

First week weigh-in in about 1 hour. I worked hard to stay on plan, and may have not been able to eat all the foods this last weekend due to a couple of youth sproting events (multi-day Soccer tournaments can be very full days). Drank more water this week verses in the last month combined, and no beer or food cheats, so all in all I am very positive. Keep up the good everyone!..

Comment #52

I would say that I was 80% for the weekend, but that was purposeful and not a loss of will power. I was very good at my Father-In-Law's birthday cookout Saturday, but treated myself with chinese food and part of my wife's ice cream cone on Sunday. I figure there's no rush and I've got to live a little too!.

The great news is that I made my mini-goal, (by the smallest of margins). This morning I joined the 230's club, at 239.8!.

I also got in a 20 mile bike ride before work, and wished I had time for more. I am looking for a big week, all on plan. I want to see 237 next Monday....





Comment #53

Last night I went to a Japanese restaurant and got some sushi. I used the low sodium soy sauce, but it is still loaded. I did not gain, but did not lose. Flushing with water this morning. I lost 1.1 pounds over the weekend. I am in the 2 teens for good..

PS. I stole one of my wife's pancake mixes this morning because I was out. shh! don't tell her! LOL..

Comment #54

Don't worry. Those females know to respect our male sanctuary. They will keep their pryin eyes elsewhere. Like a shoes thread or something......

Comment #55

Another 100% on plan day Sunday!.

I had a real battle last night. I wanted a WW crust Pizza from Pizza Hut but my will/want power was strong enough to fight it off. I feel really good this morning..

One day at a time, one meal at a time..

Trigonometry is hard, what you eat is simply a decision...

Comment #56

Good job man. No sines or cosines. Just keep Y=1.0..

Huge salad, huge salad, huge salad.....

Comment #57

Day 4,5, and 6.

Had to go out of town for the weekend but managed to keep everything on track with eating; however, my exercise did suffer...

Comment #58

Trigonometry isn't hard, using Partial Differential Equations to solve Harmonic Functions - now you're talking real math!..

Comment #59

Stayed 100% on plan yesterday, but I probably should have eaten more. I went for a bike ride after work and got pretty dizzy at the top of one of the hills. I drank some water and sat down for a few minutes and was ok, but it was a little scary for a moment...

Comment #60

I have had some head rushes (very occasional...but some) also. Complied last night. I do add extra add-ins, per counselor recco...

Comment #61

100% again Monday(yesterday) I just wish the scale would move. I've been stuck at 324 for long enough...

Comment #62

I need a ruling. I ran out of breakfast this morning so I substituted a small bowl whole grain cheerios for the Nutriflakes..

New BBB should be here today or tomorrow..

Comment #63

I'm still holding my feet to the fire and sticking to the plan 100%. Yesterday was pot roast in the crock pot all day long. It's sure smelled great, but I have no idea what it tasted like. I had the Nutrisystem Chicken and a big salad instead. Someday I'll be able to make my wife's meals work with my plan in the correct portions, but I ain't going to sway now..

Gib, I try to have my protein/dairy + fruit 1/2 hour or so before my bike rides, then dinner after. You might give that a try if it fits your schedule. An extra fruit won't likely kill your momentum if you are working hard and can give you the little boost to work all the harder..

Damon, your scale is looking for 7 solid days of work from you. It's watching!.

Guys, I think this is getting a little easier. I've not even considered cheating myself since weve been posting here over the past week...

Comment #64

Sounds to me like you know exactly what you are doing. I vote that you are on plan today. Now if you'd panic and dash out to I-HOP.

That might be a problem...

Comment #65

Are you on any Meds??.

I was having the same problems a while back...turned out I needed to stop using my blood pressure meds...

Comment #66

I messed up today for lunch! No excuses, just real!..

Comment #67

No, I'm not currently taking any meds. I realize I should have had some kind of protein before going, but I forgot to throw an extra snack in my bag that morning. It also didn't help that it was one of the hottest days of the year so far, even though I went after it cooled off a bit in the evening. I thought I would be ok just having the extra snack afterwards, but lesson learned...

Comment #68

When I was starting my diet I had the light headed dizzy spells to from time to time. They went away after two weeks though..

My BBB has arrived complete with 80 lb bear (of course I qualified for 90 lb bear 2 day post ship date) so I have breakfast again. Im back in the game 110%..

Comment #69

I got a 20 pounder already earned and coming with next BBB on 28th. Am 6 pounds away from a 30 pounder so should earn that a few days after next BBB ships. I think one bear per box is a good incentive. A bear a box, keeps Poly buyin' NS...

Comment #70

Congrats on your 80 lb bear, Met!! You're doing amazingly well!!.


Comment #71

Ditto on that. I stopped mine 1 week into nutrisystem because I was getting light headed...

Comment #72

Yesterday was a great day. 100% on plan. Just had a great BM, ready to get this day started..

<raises coffee cup>.

Here's to another great day.

</put it down>..

Comment #73

Good job Damo. You are the heritage and active vet of this board. Glad to see you persevering with the program. It will surely pay you great dividends to lighten the ruck...

Comment #74

How about (for me) assume that I am on plan unless indicated otherwise? I'm not the type to skulk away. If I sofa king up, promise to put my peepee on the desk and receive my ruler bashing...

Comment #75

Dude, just keep it tucked away. Nuns aren't allowed in this forum and I don't think anyone else is willing to pick up the ruler..

In other news, 100% yesterday...

Comment #76

After my bad lunch yesterday, I had a salad for dinner. Kept the losing weight train going!..

Comment #77

Not so good today. I've found my kryptonite, Utz sour cream and onion potato chips. They are so good it's ridiculous. I'm working from home today and have been grabbing a few every time I walk past the pantry. The good news is they're gone now, the bad news is that it's because I ate them all! I'm skipping my afternoon snack and gonna cut the fat and carb from my dinner to compensate. The flesh is weak....





Comment #78

Come on Bill, knock it off! Regardless of how they flavor them, they are not a food item...

Comment #79

Get them out of the house. Have a cucumber salad instead. Actually have one now as punishment...

Comment #80

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