Nutrisystem food? Does it come Frozen?

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Got a quick question: Nutrisystem food? Does it come Frozen? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... I have seen several people here talk about shooting, burning or otherwise destroying clothes that have gotten too big as a result of Nutrisystem sucess. I like the idea of being rid of my outgrown BIG clothes to banish the temptation of growing back into them, but was brought up to deplore waste. It seems to me that if someone has clothes that are too big, someone else may just be losing their way into that very size. I for one am not too proud to wear someone else's castoffs, as long as there is a respectable amount of wear left in them.

Jeans and cotton chinos, cotton button shirts, polos and t-shirts.

It should go without saying that the clothes you offer will be sanitary and recently laundered. Make offers only of available clothes in this thread, then contact the offerer by private message to make arrangements for transfer (address, postage, etc). Edit your offer to note when the clothes are gone. Not sure how many here will buy into this kind of idea, but clothes are not cheap these days, and times are tight for some of us...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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I know I started off a little (well maybe a lot) fatter than some folks here, but maybe there is another feller out there that can put these to good use..

Drop me a private message if you can use any of this stuff, and are willing to send me the postage up front..

1 pair 58x33 Kingsize slate canvas jeans.

2 pair 56x33 Kingsize blue denim "ghetto" jeans (big back pockets).

2 pair 56x32 Key indigo dungarees (carpenter jeans), used but wear left.

1 pair 54 waist Carhartt brown canvas carpenter shorts.

1 pair 54x33 Penneys stone (off-white) heavy denim jeans.

About 20 cotton button shirts, sizes 5XL-Tall and 4XL-Tall, enquire for details..

Comment #2

It's a great idea..

*grey wool slacks, 40" waist, hemmed to 30" full break...

Comment #3

Took all my 3xl and 2xl up to the Vet hospital. (over 30 shirts).

The guys were taking them off the hangars as I was walking in..

It was a an NSV I'll never forget...

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I would be glad to donate to anyone, here. Will pay the shipping. Only have a little ready now, but will have a lot as I diet and when I finish. Glad to ship as I lose too..

It is all clean, pressed, good shape. About half 100% cotton khackis, half 100% wool slacks. Varied colors. Top brand MWH or Brooks Brothers (not super fancy, but not cheap). Fine for casual office or with a tie and coat. Hemmed to 30" full break, but most have material to let longer.

Right now, I just have the 40" to release (am a 37" now), but will be done with my diet about mid December. Would be glad to ship then or as I lose. This time, I am not going to hem stuff in, but buy all new when I get to 30" (other than suits)..


40": 1, ready now.

38": 3, ready soon.

36": 6.

34": 6 (many brought in from 36).

32": 6 (many brought in from 36).

30": 8 (brought in from 34).


36-30: 2.

34-30: 2.

Shorts, khacki, with belt loops:.

40: 1 (ready now).

38: 1.

Swimtrunks, Bermuda style.

Large: 2, ready soon.

Everything else is either stuff that I would keep or not nice enough to bother donating...

Comment #5

Great move, Steve!.

All mine went to Goodwill. No turning back!!.


Comment #6

All my 5X stuff went to Goodwill. In a month or two, I plan on casting off the 4X stuff.....

Comment #7

I made donations to different charities 3 or 4 times during my weight loss. I don't have room in my closet for clothes that don't fit. It's packed pretty tight...

Comment #8

Sup Larry? I figured you got buried in the cash4clunkerpaloosa...

Comment #9

Nah. Not too many clunkers being traded for Acuras. Just been lurking and not posting...

Comment #10

Sent all my 4X and 3X shirts and size 54 pants to the local goodwill. Feels awesome to donate the old stuff. Of course I felt bad for whoever was getting them. May they leave the 4X and 3X as rapidly as I did...

Comment #11


1 pair 58x33 Kingsize slate canvas jeans.

2 pair 56x33 Kingsize blue denim "ghetto" jeans (big back pockets).

2 pair 56x32 Key indigo dungarees (carpenter jeans), used but wear left.

1 pair 54 waist Carhartt brown canvas carpenter shorts.

1 pair 54x33 Penneys stone (off-white) heavy denim jeans.

Ahhh.... If someone knows how to sew, you have the makings for some sails!..

Comment #12

With all the extra energy I have had, I cleaned out my closets and drawers the weekend before last. I contemplated what to do about the clothes that didn't fit, and giggled with glee about the old clothes that I couldn't button before, but now hang on me..

I decided to donate them to goodwill. I did keep one pair of size 50 pants to guage my weigh-loss when I reach my goal. I also had some shirts I had bought when I was still gaining weight, pre-NS, that had the tags on them. I took them back to the store, and used the money to buy some smaller pants I needed..

I plan to continue donating my clothes that don't fit, since there are plenty of people who need them...

Comment #13

No old fat clothes for me. Nothing will be left of the old fat guy...

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Jos A Bank is having 50% off everything in the store tomorrow and saturday - oct 30/31 - you just have to be a "corporate member" - which really means you give them your email address..

Anyhow, they have good clothes that fit big guys - I got some fat clothes there and have not been disappointed. you may get a really good deal on a fall suit now too - in case you need something for work - yes it is more expensive than target or kohls still - but you don't look like you are wearing a kohls suit/pants/shirt, know what I mean....

And some of us who are losing now can probably use something new (altho I did pull out a pear of 10 year old khaki's from the closet and my co-workers thought it was new - then again, they were expensive pants at the time).

Aaaaand - celebrate success, you can get yourself something that's not food or drink......

Comment #15

I think I will redo most of the wardrobe. Most of my 30" pants were tailored down from 34's and are 15 years old. From back when I had to wear a tie to work. This whole process of going through the old skinny clothes, gettind rid of fat ones, has also shown me how old all my stuff is...

Comment #16

I hear ya..

By the way they have gibbous (normal) size clothes there too ;-)..

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