Nutrisystem is too expensive, anyone ever tried a lean cuisine diet?

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First question I got is Nutrisystem is too expensive, anyone ever tried a lean cuisine diet? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Just had a DR's appointment. I got off my last diabetes med! Woo HOO!!!.

Doctor was so emotional about it he hugged me (in a manly sort of way)..

Gotta love NS...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Way to go DUDE, you've lost pounds, lost meds, and added years. Not a bad deal...

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Wow! Totally off Type II meds, John? That's happy dance stuff! I'd hug you too if you were around (in a manly sort of way). I'm going to show Sweet Nancy your post. She's half-way to goal and also half-way off her panapoly of diabetes meds. Not sure if she'll ever be able to dump 'em all, but if she could kick Byetta to the curb next, it would be a happy day around here..


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Great job - That's what it's all about. Congrats!!.

*slowly backs out of the Men's Room...*..

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It's probably a cost issue, but if I were her I would want Byetta and metformin (if she's on it, just a guess) to be the last to go, because both help with weight loss...

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That's terrific John. You should give your doctor a framed before / after photo, so he can sell his other patients on losing weight...

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CONGRATULATIONS! You've done a great job - but most importantly you've taken it all the way down - and you're holding. I'll be there over the long hall - I'll never let myself go higher again!.

Disco, glad to see you're back and determined!..

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Cool Beans, Disco 2.0!! We're on the same page. Still doing Metformin. Not sweating the Byetta cost so much since we've got pretty good coverage, but injecting herself twice/day is no fun. She just got off the Avandia. That was wreaking havoc that we did not even realize! Stalled her wt loss and affected her energy level, mood, everything. We did not realize how nasty Avandia was until she got off it.

That's the greatest NSV she's had yet. Made us happy!!.


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I had an uncle who was type 2..

My mom felt she was close to diabetic...but she refuses to go to doctors*. She is down to only about 20 over though...and actually doing a little Nutrisystem on her own. She would never do prepared food...but loves the meal planner and the idea of all the foods...much better than WW she says..

I also had a few blood sugar tests that were a tad high a few years ago. I'm sure I was at risk for it...or even had it...for all I know..

Not sure why sharing this but since Disco is in the house....

*Has literally not done so for 15 years now. Ever since she was diagnosed with absolute certainty terminal cancer and beat it by praying and fasting. Weirdest thing. I am such a rationalist...I still can't beleive it. I even talked to the head of oncology at Bethesda (an O-6) and he told me before she got well that she had less than a chance in 10,000 to just cure herself. She has free health care but refuses to use it...since they require her to be in cancer monitoring to use it...

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These are the bonuses of a healthy lifestyle. Congrats to all and especially to you Tom!..

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Very Nice John! You success is a real inspriation to me!..

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It's odd the places where we discover medicines. Byetta is synthetic Gila monster saliva..

I just got my lab results back and my A1c dropped from 8.2 to 7.5 since starting the program. It probably would have been better if I didn't go off the program for two weeks at Walt Disney World but still, it's an improvement and I've got a long way to go...

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I've been teasing Nancy about injecting lizard spit since she started..

Since A1C is a long-term cumulative indicator, dropping to 7.5 after only 2 months on Nutrisystem is fantastic, Max! I'm convinced that NS-D should be the FIRST prescription Dr's should hand out to new type II patients. I guess it's just easier to push pills and let insurance pay for it while the disorder gets progressivly worse.......

These A1C results are the BEST NSVs ever!.


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I find it is usually easier to get some one to take a pill than change a life times worth of Bad Behavior and Habits...

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Yeah. I unfairly dissed Dr.s in my post above. Patients bear most of the responsibility. But if Dr.s could.


NS D, it might have a better result than telling them "you need to exercise and lose weight". I know, it's a pipe dream. I just wish there were some way to get the medical community as a whole to buy into it as a real treatment plan and present it to their type II's in that light. To that end, on the request of a physician friend who was impressed with what Nancy and I are accomplishing, I put together a Word document that detailed my experience with Nutrisystem so he could hand it out to his patients..

I'm glad to see Nutrisystem targeting this more in the advertisements and believe this is a HUGE opportunity for Nutrisystem and for Type II patients alike. I just wish there were some way I could.


Them to listen..


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Congratulations to you John. With your strength and commitment you've cured yourself. Don't.


Forget the cure..

I hope to share your celebration someday myself...

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Gordon, When I was first diagnosed my DR recommended I see a dietician. My wife is a dietician so I did not think that would add anything to my tool kit. I found NutriSystem via a web search and after looking over some of the success stories I took the plunge, and never looked back..

My DR is overweight and has a couple of times asked about NS. I have even given him a buddy bucks email. However he has not pulled the trigger yet. I needed a life changing revelation to trigger me into action...

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This sums up the entire situation in a nut shell. Sadly it really does take a.

"life changing revelation".

To prompt most of us to action and realize we are not.


I also agree that education is the.


My goal has always been to have my patients know as much as possible about their disease, it's complications, how it usually occurs, and (most importantly) what they can do to change and fix things..

I often tease that ".

I am lazy and the more you Know about your condition... the less work I have to do.


But seriously, I too wish there was a way to get the patient more actively involved in attacking their disease and more imprtantly; I wish we could get the "Health Care Community" more into educating patients on their various maladies. Looks like we all have our work cut out for us...

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I always crammed for tests. That never changed. I need something to shock me into losing weight. When my back went out! When my blood pressure went up! When I hurt for no Reason! When I saw my fat belly in my avatar photo! I finally decided, that is not me. Look at how long it took me though!..

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Both your running results in your sig and your getting completely off meds are incredible testimonials!.

I wonder if there would be a way for more of us to put these testimonials into our own success stories and distribute them to our doctors and friends? A simple Word .doc with a couple before/after pics and a text description of our journey? Just like the Nutrisystem success stories, but homespun so folks see it's a REAL solution for REAL people, not some marketing campaign. Maybe collect them into a collection of .docs we can pass around via email? I've been handing mine out to anyone who wants one. A few have pulled the trigger, but I don't do Buddy Bucks, so I'm not really sure how many have taken the leap. Just thinking out loud here.......


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, Let me take a crack at it...I may have some time this weekend while I am waiting to see if I won the lottery to buy Montreal Canadiens tickets this year. You have to go on line, register, then wait 1 hour to see if you are selected in a random draw. I'll post it and you can critique it...

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Cool! John, see PM. If we exchange emails, I'll send you what I did too..


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I think that if we were somehow able to shift our focus from getting well after we get sick to living well in the first place it would go a long way toward solving many of the health issues that we face in this country. The whole health care debate roils around how to fix what we're doing now when the real solution is a complete overhaul of the way we live our lives. Proper nutrition and exercise are key to avoiding many of the chronic diseases that suck so much of the resources out of our health care system. If insurance emphasized (and paid for) well care, exercise programs and good nutrition programs it would save us lots of money in the long run. Then again, if we were able to maintain our health on our own, we wouldn't need the insurance to pay for it. So, education would be playing the leading role.

So, maybe our eating patterns would change the way they do business. Hmmm... What a conundrum...

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Hey Robert!.

Time for a new avatar, man. Get a shot like John's or Dicks. Use the crop tool to make the photo skinny (like you) before you upload it. I was just scrolling over this thread and thought how cool the current real photo avatars are. Before/after would be even better so newbies can see 'em, but don't want to take up excess bandwidth on every post or look like even more of an attention hog than I am now..


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