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Quick question: Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem, or Weight Watchers? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... During my life have always tailored down, never up or back, so getting clothes tailored does not tempt me to get fat againI'm forced to buy new clothes regardless. However, I do have a fair amount of medium priced slacks and suitwear and stuff that is tailored to thin for me (but not for long)..

Was just wondering if anyone knows all of how it works. I will ask tailor next time I'm in Men's WH.*.

1. I know that minor (say up to 3 inches in/out) changes can be made in the waistline by just changing the center seam. Have had that done before with 36's to 33s (a while ago)..

2. Also know that if you get much more than that, you need to move pockets and the like. Still not sure if the pants really look right with large changes like that..

3. Have heard that the bottom hems also change with weight loss (not sure if pants have to be hemmed longer or shorter though!).

4. Have not had jackets hemmed, but wonder if I should. I had a 38" chest in college. Now I'm a 42 or 44. Will that go down as well?.

P.s. Search titles showed no threads with tailor or tailer in title.

*I find that is pretty quick and convenient and reasonable look when getting their top brand. My mom thinks I should buy a few work clothes that are more upscale. But I have not bothered until I get thin and also invest the learning time to understand quality/cost features...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Makes sense. plus I have a lot of 36es and 33s in slacks wainting for me. That should handle the road down to 30. There are some 30s waiting too for when I get there!.

Mybe I should just chuck the 40s and 36es. I find that I'm aweful hard on clothes. That or the stictching on MWH is subpar. Always have pockets start fraying and the like...

Comment #2

Maybe a 40. I did gain muscle and even a little height from 18 to 22. No way that my current 44 is muscle though. That's fat...

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I am sort of in a hard spot.... since I began working as a veterans rep for the state, I have to wear business attire, though not a jacket except for very rare times..

I've been wearing jeans and tshirts and steel toe boots/sneakers for about 10 years. All of a sudden I had to get my dress clothes and shoes and ties out of the downstairs closet where they got relegated to a decade ago..

Almost all the slacks are 4" too big in the waist, and so I only have maybe 4 pair I can wear, and they are still 2" too large. And all of them had to be hemmed at least an inch shorter..

So now, I guess I am going to have to take the slacks to a tailor, because for a while I'm not going to be able to afford to buy all new suits..

Irritating ......

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Most of the new dress shirts that I've bought that weren't "trim fit" I've taken to the tailors and had them take them in. I still wear a 16" neck size (large) but I usually wear medium sport shirts. I just can't stand to wear a dress shirt that is balooning out at the waist. I worked too long and too hard to get to where I am to look like I'm fat!..

Comment #5

I was lucky, I had dress shirts (stayed collars, not button down - hate button down with a passion) from 15+ years ago which had been washed with a gentle detergent and then hung dry and put in plastic and stored in a cedar closet. These are tailored and fitted, and fit well enough now, only a bit too big at the waist. I'm bigger in the shoulders and arms than I was then though - thats what I get for lifting weights..

I just had to send them out for light starch and pressing to start wearing them again. Those are the ones a Hong Kong tailor made for me in San Francisco - says worlds about the quality of work the old man did..

Like many of us, I just don't want to spend a lot of money right now for clothes I won't be wearing in 6 months. Jeans I don't mind, dress slacks and shirts I do, they cost too much...

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Yeah, Privateer. Same thing. I'm in transition. Will probably need to put the 40 khaki shorts which were tight before in trash soon as they are still wearable, but in a couple weeks will be silly..

I really wear the same size dress shirt regardless of fatness. I was having some issues with them pulling out or such when I was super fat, so when I'm thin that will be fixed. But really doubt any will be too big..

Also, just give yourself a military shirt tuck. Show off the V...

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