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First of all Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... First, IE 8 sucks. That is all. I guess it's probably great on a fast dual- or quad- core machine, but on my one machine with just a 4.2 Ghz P4 (single-core) processor, it is slow to close when you exit it (the hourglass lingers for a good 3-4 seconds) and it does some strange stuff in scrolling text input boxes like when you submit a bug report and have to type in a bunch of information and it starts to scroll.... IE 8 keeps moving the line you are typing on just below the bottom of the input box..

Like this input box, once I get to where it needs to scroll, IE 8 will start getting squirlley. Also, it keeps hourglassing the pointer while you type. No need for that, MS.

Second, I bypassed Vista completely because the cost-benefit didn't add up. It and the processor/motherboard/memory technology needed to run it well cost more than it's worth. The business world roundly snubbed Vista, as did gamers, which is why MS first said support for XP would end on a <specific date> and then later said they would continue to support XP and even issued SP3. Rumor says SP4 is in the works. Well, Windows 7 is cruising fast to joining Vista on the bypass list for me..

If you have any version of XP, you have to do a clean install of Windows 7 and then re-install everything from scratch application-wise. Though at least MS has specifically said you can clean install Win7 on a new machine and hook it up to your old XP machine, and migrate all the applications, once you download the XP Virtual Machine software for Win7. So MS knows there are like 100 times as many XP machines as their are Vista machines..

Sigh... I guess I'm going to end up sacrificing the one machine I have which can really run Win7 (but is XP) and just lose everything on it, then once Win7 is on it, migrate this machine over to it. I hope Win7 will network with XP, lol.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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I fell in love with Mozilla Firefox. So, I have nothing of value to add to this thread but being the post ***** that I am, I couldn't resist posting something..


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Google Chrome FTW..

Better than Safari, Firefox, and IE all rolled into one...

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I have nothing to add....(this message written from my Mac....


Comment #4

Heh. I like Macs, expecially now that I can get one with an Intel processor in it..

And still, Apple has less than 5% of the market, if that. Considering how well they do what they do, why do you think that is?..

Comment #5

I run Vista and have no complaints, our company is rolling out vista to our machines that can run it world wide (1500+ users) and no complaints so I don't have any problems with Vista, I don't know about Windows 7 however..

As for IE8, not worth switching to. I do find it faster than IE7, however, it doesn't even compete with Firefox...

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I find that IE 8 has actually improved my productivity. Since installing IE 8 surfing sucks so much I'm actually spending time at work working! My machine at there is a 64 bit quad core 2.5GHz Xeon with 9Gigs of ram... IE 8 is just inherently slow. Vista 64, on the other hand, has been pretty darn nice..

My standing advice for IE 8 is to hold off until IE 9!..

Comment #7

I suspect it's because of gaming. More games for PC's....

For example, Warhammer was only for PC, as was Age of Conan. It's a circle, developers don't port to Mac because they perceive there is no market. But, because games aren't available less people switch. (I know you can run bootcamp or parallels, but I haven't found them too good for gaming and the demands that get placed on a machine.).

Plus, the price issue...frankly, they do cost more and folks aren't always willing to pay, even for better overall performance..

(Really I was just messing with ya....

I have both on my desk and a laptop of each flavor as well...The laptop PC is work issued.).

I use each for different tasks and reasons. But, I've stayed away from upgrading the PC to the new IE and Windows which lets Microsoft break it again like they did with Windows THAT was a dog of an OS...

Comment #8

For the most part there's still no overriding reason for the general public to go over to Windows 7. I'm doing a beta test of it, but that's mostly because I wanted to go to a 64-bit system running 4 Gigs of RAM. I've had one recurring issue (I've got a RAID 0 array split up into multiple volumes and one volume seems to keep insisting on setting a read-only flag), but otherwise, it's been very very good to me...

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I thought about downloading the beta. I've been MSDN for .... ever, and they email me stuff like that with links from time to time. I ignored IE8 beta, now I wish I had ignored IE8 final too..

The desktops of the world roundly shunned Vista. Sure, they sold more Vista copies pre-installed on machines than Apple sells Macs in a decade, but still it was an abject disaster..

What I can tell, from not running it yet, they've just refined Vista and improved some of the new technology in it which Vista had not done well or fully. Will that be enough to sell 200,000,000 copies worldwide in the first year ? Not sure..

I think as far as memory goes, Win7 will shine once you start getting to around 8Gb of memory. To do that, folks will need the very latest motherboards..

I run XP with 2TB of Raid0 and 4GB of memory. Interesting tidbit.... pre-SP2, XP could see 4GB of memory if the motherboard could. After SP2, XP could not see more than 2.5GB roughly. It is my belief this happened because Vista was on the way out, and MS wanted to differentiate Vista from XP by touting it's ability to use 4GB+ of memory..

I will eventually do Win7, but not until I can afford a state-of-the-art machine. I'll probably have my friend Kevin at build it for me. I knonw I could buy one from Dell a little cheaper (given what I want) but I've known Kevin since dos Mechwarrior 2 days and he rocks. Besides, I don't want to build another machine for a while. I've got 2 of them in my room right now in varying stages of completion/refurbishment..

Can you say nerd ?

Comment #10

I blame Vista and my constantly crashing PC for my recent weight gain...

Comment #11

I work in IT and run every version of OS's available..

We have about 2000 windows-based PCs and we are staying on XP as long as we can..

The cost to move and re-educate users, who tend not to be computer people to start, is challenging to say the least..

I perfer the Mac OS, just because it is rock solid, but being locked into the Mac hardware is spendy. I love my iPhone, which is basically the Mac OS..

I have played with Ubuntu enough to feel OK about it, but I don't see it being big in business until most apps are browser based..

I always tell people to stay about from Microsoft products until hear how it works for other people..

Microsoft is losing the browser war to Google, Firefox and Apple. It's about time!.


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I've heard that Mac are better than PCs, but... PCs are much less costly and there is a wider variety of software for the PC than Macs. Also with Macs, you're tied into Apples product line. There's little, if any, 3rd party products for Macs..

If I can buy a PC for about half the cost of a Mac, then it become a bit of a no brainer...

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Meh, I like Macs a lot, and they are great at some things. The rest of it they aren't so great at..

PCs come in thousands of flavors, at really low prices often, and worlds and worlds of software runs on them..

I'm into online gaming, though not as much as a few years ago. High end graphics and super-performance systems are mandatory..

This means SLI nVidia C295s or better, 4GB 1600Mhz memory (or more), 1TB (or more) RAID0 disk space, a gaming-optimized network card, and 7-channel + sound. And then it has to run Win32 software native..

If I could do that with a Mac, I would...

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I had an update today that updated the IE7 to IE8. I never use the IE since Firefox added the IE tab and page plug-in. I went ahead and updated. I'll try it out later tonight..

I run Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba A135 Satellite (cheap laptop) and as long as I keep up with updates, run spyware doctor and disk clean-up/defrag regularly and I have no problems at all. And I download, burn and delete eight 4.36gb movies a week...

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Go to tools > internet options and uncheck the box beside "Delete browsing history on exit"..

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