Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem ?Is it affortable ?

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My question is Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem ?Is it affortable ? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I suspect that I am not the only one who has had to field this question (seemingly repeatedly)....."Can't you just do exactly what you are doing and eat like Healthy choice or Healthsmart meals instead, and have the same results?".

I have been doing Nutrisystem now for 3 1/2 weeks (down 24 pounds as of 2/17, woo hoo!) and I swear it never fails that for every three people I tell about NS, I get this same question. They also argue with me that it is not cheaper to do Nutrisystem in the end, even though I have done the math and quote it to them. What do you say in response to this? In theory it is correct, because if you follow the Nutrisystem program as far as vegetable and fruit portions, etc, but substitute Healthy Choice meals instead for the main entree, it seems like it would work. However I just know that it doesn't. I finally have just resorted to telling people who disagree with me that Nutrisystem is just the right fit for me, although I don't know what to state to them to prove that Nutrisystem food is better than store bought "helthy meals.".

Has anyone else ever been faced with this question from others, and what is the proper response to prove that Nutrisystem is cheaper and is made differently to encourage weight loss, moreso than forzen meals at Kroger and the like?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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They're right. You can. You could also just eat less and lose weight. But you don't. It's the structure of the program that tells you exactly what to eat that works. Nutrisystem tries to be consistent about the protein/fiber/sugar ratios etc., but there's really nothing magic about the Nutrisystem food..

In the end, it comes down to the only valid response is "it works for me"...

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There does seem to be something to this "low glycemic index" thing that drives the nutrisystem program...

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First, I think people should.


! If you've lost 24# in 3.5 weeks this is working for you and people should just be supportive. Many people are just jealous and want to put a damper on your success because they just don't understand how you did it..

Next, look at the.


On the Healthy Choice, etc. frozen dinners. I don't think they are too concerned with keeping the protein count high and the carb low glycemic, which I think is the "trick" with NS. I think they're more about low fat, low sodium. Even Lean Cuisine and WW dinners aren't that low-cal, high protein compared with NS..

Then there's the.


I really enjoy the majority of the Nutrisystem foods and there's so much variety. The.


Per Nutrisystem item isn't that much different that the frozen dinners and they're frozen, where Nutrisystem is.




! Hey, we get a dessert/snack each and every day (I think you men get two). That alone makes it worth it for me!.

Like some others have said above... yes, you can lose weight on anything IF you can do it and continue doing it for the long run. Some people have been following the Nutrisystem food plan (with or without the Nutrisystem entrees) for over 5 years! This works because you're learning a lifestyle change. Eating 6x/day, drinking the water, eating LOW GI carbs and higher protein foods and then there's the fantastic support from others..

What more can I say?.

Like Gabbar Singh said above ... "It works for me."..

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When I reach my goal I'm thinking of calling McDonalds and telling them I lost 90lbs eating 3 egg mcmuffins, two double cheeseburgers and 12 mcnuggets and fries every day for a year. Maybe I'll get on TV like the genius who said he lost all that weight eating Subway!..

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Great points by all of you, and as I said, I dno't mind just telling people it works for me so they will move along. You are right about how you can technically lose weight by eating many things, so long as you are excercising, but Nutrisystem is just made for this, more than anything out there. I don't know wy more people can't just be positive and say "wow, congrats on losing" instead of always going for the you are wasting money front. I say fuhget about 'em! It's working and I feel better than I have in years. It just is crazy to me how often I hear the same thing from folks...

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Lol, that's true too, my problem with the supposed Taco Bell "diet" is even if I did order their healthier options, in my not too far in the past days I would still order 5-7 of those "healthier" tacos and be eating too many of them, so the effects would be null. Man my portions used to be ridiculously out of control. I was one of those guys who used to go to Taco Bell with other friends who would get out of there for less than 5 bucks due to the 79, 89, 99 cent menu, yet I still always spent 12 bucks or more each visit. I need a Delorean to go back in time and slap myself in the back of the head...

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Yea, I find portions too big now myself at restaurants....

My wife and I were on vacation with the kids and we stayed an extra day - so we ran out of food. anyhow, we brought the kids out to breakfast and we had egg beaters omlettes with veggies - we both could not eat the whole omlette - not even close.

Usually I would eat the omlette, a few sausages, a lb of potatos, the kids leftovers...blah blah you do learn portion control..

Is there a Hooters diet?..

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Have you seen dorky Jared's Subway diet? Not healthy..

Breakfast was a small bowl of cereal using skim milk and a black coffee for a drink. Lunch was the first of the Subway sandwiches - a 6 inch turkey sandwich on wheat bread and a diet soda. No cheese or sauces. Dinner was a vegetarian sandwich with a water. In between meals the snacks consisted of a piece of fruit such as apple or orange and water..

Give me my Nutrisystem over that!.

Linda and I will leave now...

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I use to consistantly spend around 20 dollars when I went to Taco Bell, I can't imagine doing that now, it's nuts, so don't feel bad about your 12. Heh...

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I've found that using the frozen store-bought meals (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, etc.) have worked like a charm for maintenance. I've been on maintenance for about 7 months and I've stayed within 5 pounds of my goal weight in that time by following the Nutrisystem plan and subbing those meals for Nutrisystem meals. It's worked for me so far as a way to maintain my loss, but I agree with most that it wouldn't be a good option if you're still in the "losing it" portion of your program...

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I think that any low cal diet will slim you down. I think the advantage of a structured plan (and Nutrisystem is probably the best of the structured ones) is that it helps adherance...

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I've lost weight with Healthy Choice in the past but it's never been as easy as it has been on NS. Actually, about 3 years ago, I dropped 60 pounds on Healthy Choice and the same exercises that I'm currently doing on NS. The only difference is that is took me 6 or 7 months and I was starving for those 6 or 7 months. Also, once I stopped eating the Healthy Choice meals, I had no guideline to go by and ballooned right back up..

I think there is something about the entire Nutrisystem plan. The food, the portions, the guidelines, the water. It all works together and is well worth the price...

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I always tell 'em that Nutrisystem is free! If you do the math you'll spend less on Nutrisystem than otherwise..

Linda and gabar really layed out what makes Nutrisystem work. The ones who are dismissive are ones who don't.


To try and are trying to justify their decision to stay fat. They ARE watching you! Your success will speak more volumes than any attempt to convince them..


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Back when I stopped ordering the BBBs, I did some research into the frozen meals so I could keep "doing Nutrisystem" at work for breakfast & lunch. Basically, they need to meet ALL of the following criteria: under 200 calories, under 4g of fat, under 1g of sat, under 30g carb, and over 10g of protein..

Breakfast was easy; Total is almost a clone of the NutriFlakes cereal..

For lunch entrees, I only found ONE that was comparable to Nutrisystem lunches:.

WW SmartOnes Chicken Santa Fe: (140cal, 2.5g fat, 0g sat, 11g carb, 20g protein).

Compared to:.

NS Pasta with Beef: (170 cal, 4g fat, 1.5 sat, 21g carb, 11g protein).

NS Tomato Corn Chowder: (160 cal, 1g fat, 0g sat, 29g carb, 9g protein).

NS Noodles w/chick & veg: (140 cal, 1.5g fat, 0g sat, 21g carb, 10g protein).

I swear, I read every label in the frozen entree aisle & that was the ONLY ONE that met all the criteria. Even then, it's kind of high in sodium (800mg compared to 400-600 for NS), but it's worked for me..

I don't eat one every day (thank god for Big Lots, you can still find the Nutrisystem Nourish lunch cups most of the time), but I have about one a week & it's really good; full of chicken & vegetables...

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This. I told myself for years that it was moronic to need to buy special diet food. Anyone with three brain cells to rub together could just eat less and exercise, I mean it's not a hard concept. And yet, I kept needing to buy bigger belts, bigger pants, bigger shirts....

But the desserts do have way healthier stats than anything I ever found in the grocery store. And the fact that none of the entrees need refridgeration is realllly convienent. And I do think the portions are smaller, more structured for weight.


, as opposed to the healthy choice, etcs which seem to be more structured for weight.



Comment #16

This is also something I get from my friends and others, the fact that the food doesn't need refrigeration and include meat in the entrees. especially the hamburger. I have some friends who are even bigger than me, and they don't want to eat Nutrisystem food becaus ethey say it can't be healthy due t the amount of preservatives that must be in it to keep the shelf life so long. So they are doing their own thing, because they want to lose weight too. The sheer amount of excuses people use on this program has mondboggled me over the month that I have been on it. So many negatvie attitudes toward something that clearly works and has been around for 35 years with is crazy!..

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I guess that the people serving in the military shouldn't eat MREs either. They are packaged and preserved with the same soft canning methods...

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You can't worry about what other people say!! there's always going to be the negative ones out there but let them do it there way and let your results speak for you!!..

Comment #19

Comer- that should be a motivation for you to lose weight. When you lose 30 pounds (results not typical) in two months and they have lost nothing you should say "so, hows that frozen food working for you."..

Comment #20

This is the truth. You know why I chose Nutrisystem? Because my aunt lost 100 lbs on it..

In the 80s...

Comment #21

Yep I started nutrisystem after watching my 60 year old father lose 110 lbs in a year! It works...

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The reason the other meals don't work is they are not Low Glycemic Index..

See my long-winded reply in this thread if you have the time to kill, and want more info on Low Glycemic and how it works:.


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