Nutrisystem or Weight watchers? help really appreciated!!! pls!?

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First of all Nutrisystem or Weight watchers? help really appreciated!!! pls!? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... My husband has decided to join me on Nutrisystem and we just ordered through Costco. While we are waiting for it to arrive, could some give me the daily breakdown? I found the Daily Diary Page on the website, but not sure if it is correct:.


I have enough food to share until his stuff gets here but want to make sure it is correct..

Here's what the online diary shows for Men's Basic:.


NS Breakfast Entree.

Diary or Protein Serving.

Fruit Serving.

Low GI Carb Serving.

Morning Snack:.

Dairy or Protein Serving.

Fruit Serving.


NS Lunch Entree.

Salad Serving.

2 tbsp. FF Dressing (if desired).

Afternoon Snack:.

NS Dessert Entree.


NS Dinner Entree.

Vegetable Serving.

Salad or Fruit Serving.

2 tbsp. FF Dressing (if desired).

Fat Serving.

Low GI Carb Serving.


NS Dessert Entree.

Thanks for your help guys!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Good luck. my wife and I are on the plan as well and it really helps to do it together...drink lots of water!.

Search the threads. Most of the time, any question you ask has already been answered 100 times - I know that from experience.....

Drink all your water!..

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Hit it hard. Support each other. Eat big salads!..

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Thanks for confirming that is indeed the Men's Plan. I've already been on the Women's Plan for 5 weeks, so hopefully I've got a few tricks to help him out as he starts his Nutrisystem journey!..

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Make sure he reads the Bellavita tips. Eggwhite scrambles filled with free veggies are like a MEAL!..

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You know that you can both set up Nutrisystem web pages without having "official" sanction, don't you? The online Diary made a huge difference for me in knowing when, what and how much to eat. I used it religiously for seven months. Now, I feel like I know when I'm eating properly but check in occasionally to keep myself honest. The team work (husband/wife) is key...

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I'm on the men's plan and it has an additional vegetable serving for dinner from what you listed above. You can have three vegetables, or two vegetables and a fruit. Did they recently update the plan?..

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I think the "salad" is intended to be two veggies, worth. It would still be slightly different, though, as the fruit option is not listed...

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Yeah, mine doesn't say salad anywhere. For lunch it says two vegetables. For dinner it has three vegetables, or two vegetables and a fruit. This is for the weekdays..

Oddly enough, on the weekend pages (I'm on the Flex plan), it only lists two vegetables, or one vegetable and a fruit, for dinner. I think this is because you are likely to have more calories in this meal since you are providing all of the dinner servings from non-NS items on the weekends...

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Yeah...I've seen that about flex as well. The dietician said I could have an extra veggie if I wanted..

The older menus on the website do not gibe perfectly with the newer printed ones. No biggie...

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My husband has just asked me to order him some Nutrisystem food!! He is not "overweight" but is seeing my results and needs to drop his semi-small belly. He easily loses in the summer as he gets more active but winter is tough on him....

My question...are the "mens' entrees larger portions vs the womens? If not...maybe I should share my stash first to make sure that he is serious about this...I am not opposed to even getting a months' worth of food for him either but I am concerned about him sticking and "doing" the plan correctly...since I started in October..he has started to eat more veggies and salads w/his dinner....

Glad to have found this thread but like someone said..they have all been said before!.

Sandy in IL..

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All of the entrees are the same. They are not designated men or womens. The only difference is the add-ins in the meal planner...

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Congrats, Sandygirl! It's really a lot more fun, and easier, to do it together. If he's only got 20 lbs or less, 1 -2 months should do it - if he sticks to plan!.

Entre's are the same. Just more add-ins and extra dessert/snack to take the Men's plan from the 1200 cal womens to the 1500 cal men's..


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I signed up on Tuesday and adapted my diet right away. I've already lost 7.5 lbs. (Must be all the water) The food just arrived and I'm trying to find places for it all..

This is my first attempt to lose weight by diet control. I got injured in July and have gained 30 lbs. I'm still not able to exercise so the diet is my only option..

Looking for all te support I can get...

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