Nutrisystem verses nutisystem anyone tried both?

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First question I got is Nutrisystem verses nutisystem anyone tried both? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Well I met my 230 lb goal weight. Thought that'd be all the weight I'd want to lose because I like being "big" (my wife likes it too - I kid her about being a "chubby chaser" or liking 'em "big and stupid") and I want to keep the muscle I've worked my a$$ off for over these past 15-20 years (fat powerlifter here ... HA!.

Nice, Radsdad. Calling us out?!!!).

Anyway .... with Nutrisystem and the help I've recieved from guys like fixbones, mesturge, gordon55, nyctfl , etc ... I've made my goal weight (lost over 27 lbs. as of this AM in only 6 weeks) AND .... I've kept my muscle!!! ALL OF IT!!Holy Cow!! I can't believe it and neither can my wife!.

I can see veins in my arms, a split in my pecs and a pretty damn decent start to what may (some day) be a set of abs??!!! How in the hell did this happen???! On freakin'.


Why didn't I do this sooner? This program is so simple..

Well I'm lowering my goal to 220. I think that may be a good weight and my wife thinks the same now that she has seen what Nutrisystem has done. Still a little chub in the midsection, etc ....

If ANY of you guys that are in here trolling are former college football players or powerlifters wondering if you can do this program (in lieu of the brown rice and broiled chicken plan you think you may need to trim down) DO IT!.

This program WORKS WONDERS!.

Dammit!! I wish I took a "before" pic!.

Didn't think Nutrisystem would work ... I was so wrong..


PS - who gives a sh*t if you can bench press a volkswagon if you look like a fata$$??!! I'm done with that crap...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Right on Sean! It'll be interesting to hear what you think once you drop to 219, I'm betting you'll go for 210. How tall are you anyways?..

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6 weeks, that is great! No matter what, you have to watch out for gaining it all back! Be strong!..

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Great job,I know you where looking for male response but Iam a female and I always did the grilled chix, broc, bodybuilding diet, but even myself folllowing this Nutrisystem plan, I got real lean eating there food veins in my arms and legs leaner than ever, because it's so structured are you still eating the Nutrisystem food..

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GREAT POST, Sean!! Seriously. Way to do it, Man!.


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Congratulations Sean! Feels good doesn't it?.

I did the same, arbitrarily set my initial goal for 225, then lowered to 215. I'm actually getting ready to see if I can get to 200 starting March 1st, (assuming I hit my weight room goals by then). I never thought I would see the day, it's unreal...

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Congrats on reaching your first goal. Looking forward to watching you reach your new goal. With your determination, it should not be a problem...

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Way to rock it Sean! You should be down to 220 in no time..

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I never dreamed I would reach 218 (college weight) Now that I am below that I also had to readjust to 205 (below high school weight). It is taking a long time to get this last ten pounds off, but if it take me a life time who cares. It keeps me diligent!..

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I'm really glad to have "met" you all and I'm kinda glad in a way to lower my goal - just so I can keep cracking wise and breaking balls in here!.

Oh yeah ... the food's good too! love the variety. My weekly menu before Nutrisystem consisted of subs, burritos, pound after pound of salmon (wife got on a "fish kick) and a sh*t-ton of Miller Lite!.

She was laughing (marvelling really) at the breakfast taco I made yesterday morning. It was a hybrid of mfrazzz' (Sausage McFrazzz?) creation - using 1/2 a crumbled turkey sausage and 1/4 cup of egg beaters (cooked omelette style) wrapped with a Nutrisystem blueberry pancake topped with some light syrup - damn good eatin'!!..

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You might want to get your body fat % measured so you can figure out the right "goal weight". I got to the pec, arm, ab point you describe and did this. Turns out that my goal weight needed to be higher than I thought..

Turns out, you can bench press a VW and look ripped..

Great job...

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That's a great idea. Thanks - I think they do this at my gym...

Comment #12

Well put Sean. Way to go, and congrats. Good luck toward your next goal!.


Comment #13

Oh, that sounds like a great variant... I'll be trying the Seanaco tomorrow!.

Keep pounding away. And even when you reach goal, we expect you to hang out here, kick our butts, and keep cracking on the glitter that shows up...

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You did the work. Congrats man. Have no doubt that you will lose the further amount that you are looking to lose. And good job on keeping your impressive physique and making it look better by stripping off the fat...

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That's really great sean! good job! 6'4 230 sounds good if you are are muscular - but yea, get ripped..

Where's the pics of your wife ;-)..

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