Nutrisystem? Weight Watchers? Nutrisystem? Which is best?

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My question is Nutrisystem? Weight Watchers? Nutrisystem? Which is best? Looking forward for any answer. My other question... I was a sleek 185 when I got married. My now ex-wife, I am sure, was trying to murdalize me. She would cook in a really southern fashion with HUGE portions, always have a fattening desert and was willing to run to Burger King at 10pm every night in order to buy me a bacon double cheeseburger, giant fry and 32oz of soda..

When we filed for divorce I decided that I was going to SHOW HER by losing all the weight that I had gained during the marriage. During the.

2 1/2.

Years we spent in divorce court I spent most of it working out and eating healthy..

I went from 285 down to 223..

Then I started travelling for work. It's hard to eat properly while being on the road... for about the last 3 years I've been floating between 227 and 235..

This time, for me, I decided that I am ready to do this for me. 185 here I come!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

I like that... take ownership..

I guess my ex wasn't shoving burgers down my throat.....

Comment #2

When I played football in College I weighed 218 pounds, after college I slowly crept up to 230 pounds. Lost the weight once and bounced right back up. Then injuries occurred (back and shoulder) which knocked me out of sports. VERY, and I mean Very quickly I went up to 248 pounds. Last year I decided enough is enough. Nutrisystems came to mind because of all of the Football players who lost weighed.

In April I finally said "what the hell," and I dove in. In four months I was back down to college weight. I want to now go for high school weight...

Comment #3

HS weight - I was fat in HS too...Center/Linebacker - Center in college.....

My freshman 15 (ok 20) weight got me to 225 - so I am below that now.....

Comment #4

The link to my story is in my signature...

Comment #5

I guess I could have just cut and pasted!.

But I figured that was about as summarized as you could get. Anyway, why waste all of NS's hard work?..

Comment #6

Ok I'll buy that. My story is still a "work in progress" with the end yet to be written.....

Comment #7

I dont even have to look, I bet you ate too much (of the wrong things) and didn't exercise enough...but I did read your story before...great accomplishment Larry..

Comment #8

Thanks Bob!.

I just wish I could get into another commercial shoot. It was a lot of fun getting the star treatment...

Comment #9

Nothing special here. Usual story. Fit, lean, muscular 185 in HS ('73), football, track, etc, etc, like so many of us here. Over 300 most of the 2000's. Lots of overeating. NO exercise (I figured I was still a healthy strong jock despite all evidence to the contrary, so why exercise?).

'08. Started the gym at the same time. Hit goal of 200 July '09. Been maintaining w/some additional losses since then. Ticker shows it all..

Overall, lost about 100 on Nutrisystem and my fitness and energy levels are through the roof!! Feels like a whole new life. Close to a 30 year rollback in many ways. Lost most of my 20's to an alcaholic fog. 30's-40's got too fat to care. Now mid 50's, I'm ready to GO again!! Simply amazing!.


Comment #10

I quit smoking and over the course of 15 yrs I put on 50 lbs...

Comment #11

I've always had a weight issue. As a kid, mom was buying me 'huskies' for school pants. (Are they still sized that way?) Any way, Naval Academy and a few years at sea kept things under control. Out of the service and back to the farm (dairy, poultry and grain) kept things under control but years of overeating, drinking my fair share and lack of physical labor has taken it's toll. Steadily increasing over the past 10 years. I've gained and lost a few pounds but never seriously until now. This one is for keeps...

Comment #12

I was always a big kid. Didn't like vegetables and loved french fries and pizza. In high school I found popularity and a use for my big size on the offensive line. From there I moved onto college where I was in control of my diet and made horrible choices. Then last year I saw the pictures from my 30th birthday at my peak of 407+ lbs. I knew I wasn't that guy.

Oh and now I actually like eating leafy greens...

Comment #13

Yes, I wore husky as a kid and the tag on my son's clothes says "husky".

I gotta change his eating patterns! not as easy at it sounds.....

Comment #14

I was always big and during the Navy had to weigh in every 6 months to keep my flight status...after I got out, I didn't step on a scale except in a DR's office for 25 years. At 54 my weight/habits and genetics caught up with me and my blood chemistry (sugar/lipids/etc) went south. I started Nutrisystem in April 2008 and lost 115 pounds to get back to the weight I was when I graduated high school. I have been bouncing off the bottom for the last few months...up a few, down a few but I did gain about 15 between Thanksgiving, a Vegas Vacation and Christmas....working that off now. The ticker tells the story. Maintenance is hard, but I won't ever go back to the undisciplined eater I was. I want to lead a long, healthy life and make my retirement plan really pay off...

Comment #15

Nobody else like me?.

Fat all my life, 4F for the military due to weight, never played sports and lost 100 pound 5 (yes five) times..

No medical reason for being fat, Lost weight on any diet I tried and stuck to and I did them all. Was continually told no medical issues but they would surface if I didn't lose weight..

I'm now 61 years old, still considered obese and could gain back my weight back in a second. I have never reached my second goal of 180..

I'm strong willed, obsessive compulsive and believe mind over matter can win in any situation..

Good luck to all! Thanks for reading my ramblings...

Comment #16

This is my story as well. I always have been overweight and my mother side of the family is overweight. My body was much like her's was. I was always slow in sports. When I went to college I found the taste of beer. The freshman 15 became the freshman 30 for me.

About 5 years ago I lost 60#'s. I put all but 10 of it back on. I kind of just gave into my gene's telling myself I am just designed to be heavy..

What turn me around was a trip I took Dec 2008 to San Diego for business. I had to use the extension on the seat belts. Most flight attendants would normally be pretty quite about it. But it seemed on these flights the attendants we very obxnious about. Also, I was tired of not being able to have the window seat and getting beat up with the carts going up and down the isle. I also have two daughters with the youngest about to head to college I decided if I wanted to see my grandkids (whenever they might come) I need to do something..

Sorry Acoustic I know I went longer then you wanted...

Comment #17

Same here with my kid. Quite a battle even when you set the example...

Comment #18

Good story, Rick....

I'm like you. Right now I'm overweight and can still half way play (ultimate frisbee, basketball) with my oldest son who's 18 and his friends - although I'm sure they're taking it easy on the old guy..

My twins are 14. I want to be able to do the same with them when they are his age. Of course, I'm going to be older... gotta start getting in shape now because they are both trash talkers....

Nothing worse than being called a fatty by your kids... as they hug you and grab rolls of flab...

Comment #19

My son told me, "At least you don't have to worry about needing a life preserver or floatation device."..

Comment #20

I've always been a little chunky my whole life. It didnt really get bad until I graduated college. Its been steady uphill ever since then. I've never been very atheletic and I've never really tried to control my eating. Several things came together to put me on NS. I have a 11 month old son now.

My blood pressure is starting to get high. And shopping for clothes had become difficult. I want to look good of course, but I believe I'm at the point now where my life is in my hands... or rather what my hands put in my mouth. I dont want to have a heart attack, or stroke, or lose a foot when I am 50 or 60...

Comment #21

Was very lean as a child and ate a lot without gaining up until early 20s. Came from fat stock though. With less exercise and more age, gained. Also seems that when I am more work busy or stressed, I eat worse, drink more alcohol and exercise less. Was around 230, the last few years. And am only 5-8..

Was (am) bummed about some old athletic injuries that were never fixed right and limit my ability to do things. Decided to exercise anyhow, as best I could. Careful, but consistent (not missing) lifting and cardio..

And that there is no excuse not to diet...can do it in a wheelchair. Followed the plan (didn't cheat) and lost about 70 pounds in 6 months..

One month into maintenance am finding it pretty easy to stay on track, maintaining in the low 160s. Still avoid fatty "bad" foods, avoid sweets, avoid alcohol. Otherwise finding that I need to add a fair amount of calories to my diet to stop from going to low in weight..

Think that exercise helped my loss rate be a couple months faster and perhaps built some "metabolism", but that the diet (performed and learned) was the more important thing..

Within diet, avoiding all cheating and drinking worked better for me, than allowing myself small deviations. (I am kinda all or nothing.) Also that eating huge amounts of veggies (especially salads, including one late at night) helped me never feel hungry..

I blew off the water requirement and don't think this slowed me down (I won the BL5 loss rate competition.)..

Comment #22

ApolytonGP, I'm also starting at about 230 and am 5' 8". Your story gives me some powerful incentive. Thanks!..

Comment #23

Wow great stories!.

Here is mine. I am 38 yrs old. Weigh 295 at 6'3"..

I was always in good shape played a ton of sports, always active, had kids activities slowed down, drinking and eating sped up.......

I have a 13 yr old and 11 yr old both outstanding athletes and students..

And they have a big fat guy dad. I thought I was just a "big guy" it has worked for me for so long and had it's benefits. Until I saw pictures of me on my boat and was shocked. tried atkins, tried monitoring. always fell off the wagon real easy..

My goal is to look good naked again! and be able to run around with my grandkids one day!.

I will tell you from reaidng these posts, Gordaon you are an inspiration to us all..

Thank you Gordon!.

Thank you all!..

Comment #24

We're all losers here! Many have stories much better than mine. I just tend to lay it out more (too much?). It's part of my Maintenance plan - continue to hang around. Keeps me accountable. So, I'm gaining just as much benefit here as y'all..

Your screen name threw me for a bit. There's a guy on the boards "coachmark" who is... well... not you!.


Comment #25

As long as you don't run around naked WITH the grandkids.....

Comment #26

I don't have much of an story, been fat most all of my life, even when I played little league. It never really bothered me at all, I've gotten use to the aches and pains, ankles going out at times or extremely sore after being on my feet for hours at a time. College was one of the worse areas of my life since I ordered a pizza practically every night for food, they delivered to on campus..

I never really tried to lose weight since I didn't think anything would work for me, I don't really like much any veggies. My mom tried to get me to work out, but I never really went along with it or lied to her about doing it. My dad never really tried to get me to work out, but that's probably cause he is fairly overweight himself as well..

It never really occurred to me to try and get healthy either until a couple of months or so before I started the program when my back suddenly went out one day from just bending over. I spent the next few days taking it as easy as I could because I could hardly move, didn't want to go to the doctors either. But the main reason I started Nutrisystem was because of my father, he decided to join and was doing quite well, so I decided to try it out and before I knew it, I was losing a lot of weight..

Now my goal is to not only get my body healthy, but to try and get my mind healthy as well. Everyday before I wouldn't have minded if I suddenly dropped dead, and I still don't kinda mind it now either, but I'd love to get there one day where I would mind it and be confident about myself...

Comment #27

Hey Bartle! You're closing in on the century mark! FanTasTic!! You're ROCKING the program! Personally, I don't care if I kick off any time either, but since the Nutrisystem Life Makeover, I'm enjoying every minute I've got more than I had in years!.


Comment #28

Thanks Gordon, I appreciate it. That's definitely great to hear as well that you are enjoying every minute more...

Comment #29

I dont think I have much of a story. Ive always been bigger than all the other kids. I weighed 233 as a freshman in high school and it didnt make it any better I was about 5'6. I gained weight and height throughout high school and became a football star. Went onto college and a completely broken ankle and torn acl ended my college career. Suprisingly I didnt gain much weight after that.

Not exactly sure of my weight now but my scale comes in the mail tomorrow and I will find out then. I have a very good amount of muscle mass on my body and where as I'm not particularly concerned with my weight number as I am with my mass I would like to possible get back down to my freshman high school weight of 233 but this time I'm 6'2 so I'm sure it will look alot different lol. Ive read alot of stories and I'm very inspired to stick with the program. I hope to be under 300 by the summer..

Comment #30

ATC, If you stick to the program, you could be there by spring...

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