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Quick question: Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, or LA Weightloss ? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: Okay... my food arrived today. I selected the foods instead of getting the favorites sent and I'm slightly disappointed..


1) I didn't order pancakes or eggs because I'm generally on the road and not able to cook breakfast foods..

2) I hate chocolate, and have enough chocolate to make Willie Wonka nervous..

I honestly would much rather have them say we'll send you what we have....


Will that box really feed me for a month?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

My first shipment came in with exactly what I ordered. My wife's had 5 substitutions - some of which were included in my box. Go figure. Yes, I horse traded some items...

Comment #2

Bob is right. They send you an extra week of free foods that they choose so hopefully the rest is all selections you made. That said this time of year with so many new years resolutions they tend to get swamped and run short on items and substitute (happened to me last Feb). You can always call and ask for an exchange. Its a minor pain but hopefully it wont happen again...

Comment #3

And yes, after you add in your fruits, veggies, low GI carbs, dairy/protein and salads, it is indeed enough food for a month. You may be hungry the first couple of days but this will abate rather quickly...

Comment #4

My first three orders were flawless. Every order was customized, and everything I ordered, I got exactly the right amount of. The free week was kind of random but that's how that works, so that was fine..

My most recent order was horribly wrong. I never order more than 4 of the same meal and usually only 2-3 of anything. I got nineteen (yes 19) of the pasta parmesan with brocolli, which I hate and never ordered again after the first time. That's over two weeks worth, so it wasn't just the free week. I also ordered only 3 pizzas and got 15, only ordered 4 of the homestyle beef with mashed and got 8, etc. Got a six of the sweetened O's cereal (ordered none) and eight of the chocoloate granola bars (ordered none) and NONE of the pastries or muffins I ordered for breakfast.

I was ... not calm ... for the first half hour as I was unpacking the box. I triple checked the name on the box and the invoice, both of them were 100% correct, just the contents of the box didn't resemble anything like what the invoice said. Customer service was very good about it, walked me through everything I needed to do to exchange them for the foods I wanted, very thorough / professional..

Since my first 3 orders were flawless, and everyone else here seems happy with it, I'm kinda writing that one off to a software/machine problem with whatever robotics they probably have dispensing food for each box. Something probably got stuck, so instead of dispensiing the proper amount from each bin, I got the same thing over and over and over again. The post office also does an amazing job on a percentage basis if you consider the sheer volume of mail they handle every day, but every so often one of thier machines will get caught and eat and mangle a letter too..

I imagine it'll be just fine next month...

Comment #5

My new BBB arrived today also, have yet to open. Wonder what kind of surprises I will have. I am not real picky, but hope I don't have 15 of one particular item!! Unless it is the mint chocolate cookie or other chocolate item..

Comment #6

The new thin mint crisp bar is fantastic. It taste just like the girl scout thin mints..

I shouldn't have said that since now everyone will order them endangering my supply...

Comment #7

If they send me 15 of anything I will not be a happy camper! I am still working on my first order. I coustomized it from the start and it was exactly what I ordered. My only gripe is that there seems to be a lot of candy-like items. I don't like muffins very much nor do I care for choclate that much. Oh well, I'll know better next order..

I will say however that, other than the candy (personal dislike), the food is generally quite good. E-..

Comment #8

Quality control must have been hung over or out for a smoke when you got 15 of each is Pennsyltucky tho (winks at gordo).

Gotta agree, no problems here except the 5th week stuff that, well, some got fed to the dog and some to the squirrels/birds - and that's ok because I did give them a try and found I liked a few things I would never have ordered.

To the Nutrisystem moderator - I love PA and most of my famiy is there, don's spit on my bluberry muffin please!..

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