Nutrisystem, weight watchers, or nutrisystem?

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My question is Nutrisystem, weight watchers, or nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... Im a huge hockey fan ( go ducks ).

Any one want to join in on a fantasy league?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

What !!!! a Flyers fan??? You better smoke the Rangers tomorrow!!!..

Comment #2

Sarah Palin is dropping the puck tomorrow night to start the season. No joke! Still not sure if that is a good sign or a bad one. Either way I am sure the Secret Service will have their hands full with the "passionate" philly fans..

Here's hoping Mike Richards season last year was no fluke......................

Comment #3

Lol... I faced dissapointment last night as my guys lost 4-1 to San Jose.... I will admit San Jose looked really strong. But we gave up 6 pp and they scored all 4 goals in those...

Comment #4

I am going to our home opener here on Sunday... Got AMAZING SEATS right on the Redline..

Comment #5

Yeah, looking forward to the game myself!.

We're up in 419..

Been there a few years with a four pack of season seats..

Drop by the Ducks Fan Forum sometime and say hello there, it's linked off of their website. (I'm Bigjt there too.)..

Comment #6

HEY Bigjt! Will do I'm sitting in 433 row A which in my opinion is the best seat in the house!!! ( Glass seats excluded )..

Comment #7

FINALLY! More hockey fans. I just came back from an AHL game - Marlies vs. Senators. Monday I'm at the Leafs/Blues game. Leafs tickets are always sold out but Marlies and OHL matches are affordable, available, and entertaining..

One of the things I'm keeping my eye on this season is the wealth of rookies..

Flyers? I've had a grudge against them since Clarke injured Kharlamov. The only Flyers I could ever cheer on were Zezel and Sittler..

I'd be up for a fantasy pool...

Comment #8

Lets see if we can get a few more people..

Comment #9

've started two other hockey threads and they dropped off the page. In hockey terms, they didn't just go to the AHL - they were bumped down to house league...

Comment #10

Lol ouch... I don't know why... Hockey is THE best sport...

Comment #11

You and I will get along just fine. I've been to three games since last night, and one more on Monday. Do you play? California actually has a long hockey history...

Comment #12

I used to play roller... Then I out grew my skates... it's rather hard to find skates in a 13.5..

Comment #13

I used to skate often then got tubby. When I laced 'em up agian, I never gounf my new centre of balance. I still skate - the beluga on skates! - but get dizzy...

Comment #14

I was a wicked D man in High school... I've thought about joining an adult leauge if I could find skates... but they are.

A. Expensive.

B. I cant afford to get hurt and miss work..

Comment #15

Check out skate exchanges. Here we have places called Play It Again Sports, S'il Vous Play, and independent places. Often you can buy last year's luxury skate for under $100.00..

Comment #16

After the disgrace of "America's Favorite Hockey Mom" dropping the ceremonial first puck. The Flyers came out flat and not ready to play in the first period. That was their mo last year as well, they sucked every first period. I know it is only one game, but there is a pattern with Coach Stevens that he can't get them ready to play out of the gate..

Saw a bit of the Sharks game on Center Ice package last night. They looked good...

Comment #17

Philly is in a quagmire on D with Jones, Parent, Hatcher, and Rathje. Jones' injured hip is worse than originally though and he won't be back until January at the earliest. That's too much to put on the young shoulder's on Sbisa and Coburn..

The Leafs problem, well one of many, is collapsing in the third. I really like some of the Sharks young guns...

Comment #18

Hey guys, hows everybody doin? I know we're probably not on your radar but Im sitting decent with the Florida Panthers 1-1 after opening weekend. Ill tell ya though weve got a brand new team this year. They're all young and fast. The 3-2 OT win over atlanta last night was one of the better games Ive seen them play and it was pretty fast paced. Hope to talk to you guys a little more as the season goes on...

Comment #19

Your Panthers won't find better development coaches than Peter DeBoer and Mike Hulton - both had solid OHL coaching careers. I saw Shawn Matthias play a few games last year with Belleville - just wait until he grows into his frame...

Comment #20

Try the Ducks team sale that they have at Anaheim Ice every summer. They sell off tons of team used gear and I see a lot of folks who play stocking up..

I don't, so I just buy some of the stuff because it's fun to own. I have a stack of game/practice used sticks from guys like Moen and Marchant. When the logo changed it was amazing...I walked away with an equipment bag full of jerseys in the old logo for 15 bucks each. I still wear them to the games quite often....although the goalie cuts are suddenly starting to get a little baggy (as they should be, thanks NS!)..

But to the point, they always have a ton of skates, pads and and used of each..

I don't know what they stock exactly, but Hockey Giant is right off the 5 fwy and Katella as well...been there to look at jerseys once and they had a ton of stuff in stock..

Well, a couple hours until game time..

Hopefully we won't take the 2nd period off today..


Comment #21

Hey Pez,.

I am in Rochester, Ny the Amerks are the the sole farm team of the Panthers. They are off to a slow start, but look like the have some young talent...

Comment #22

Yeah, if I'm not mistaken the panthers only picked up (started?) the farm team this year but if it goes well it should prove to help the team in the long run...

Comment #23

I got tickets to see the Canadians and the Sabers on 11/29 at the Bell Center. I understand it is an outstanding Hockey venue.....

Comment #24

Sharks fan to a good start, but lately they always have a great regular season & choke in the 2nd round. Ron Wilson's legacy!.

Hopefully McLellan can turn it around.....

Comment #25

Outstanding is an understatement. The Montreal papers have 7-8 pages per day on the Habs. Which team are you supporting?.

I watched the Leafs/Blues game at ACC today. Entertaining except for Hollweg's costly boarding major...

Comment #26

Just an amusing side hockey note....

I'm sitting here at my desk, damn sick with a cold that hit me just before the Ducks game last night...(then made worse by the team's play.).

Anyway, I'm freezing and I needed something warm to put on...the only thing in my car...a ducks jersey..

So, here I sit all day wearing a hockey jersey at my desk...I'm sure everyone now thinks I'm some sort of nut. (This is only my 5th week here.).


Comment #27

Flyers go into another 3rd period shell and lose to the Habs 5-3. This year is starting off like last year. UGH!! At this rate my ulcer should be in full swing by Halloween...

Comment #28

Bigjt I was there Sunday... Glad I was there but really pissed at the Ref's that game... Im not one to jump on the anti ref band wagon but what the hell!!! The refs were obviously watching the ducks so hard they let the Coyotes slip on a BUNCH of interference calls Including that gloatender interference in the second leading to a goal ( I'm pretty sure standing behind the goaltender in the crease is GI. On the bright side Carter looks really strong... And I was shocked to see Parros score a goal... I was there for his goal last season and this goal was a BEAUT!..

Comment #29

Parros appears to have worked on his game. He's one of those sleeper fantasy picks. I watched the Hollweg debacle live at ACC - what a boneheaded play. Tonight it's me, the telly, and the Avalanche...

Comment #30

One of my friends I share the seats with is a huge Red Wings fan. He lost a bet when Parros scored a goal in 07 and had to buy and wear a Parros jersey during the playoffs...we have the photos....

Of course the guys behind us had to don Wings Jerseys for the game Sunday in homage to Larry and the Detroit cup win. (I was smart enough not to bet...).

We have a fun group up there in 419..

And, yes the ref's made some horrible calls (and non-calls)...But, Getz (for one example) has to learn to control his temper. It seems like he gets a ton of calls where the ref misses one and he retaliates and gets a roughing or a cross check. Tough is fine, stupid and tough isn't....

And Huskins...he had about the worst game I've ever seen him play including a couple dumb penalties and going for a hit that set up the 2-1 where they got their 2nd goal..

If they don't beat the Kings tonight...I wouldn't want to be any one of them showing up to skate on Wednesday morning..

You going on Wednesday night? It's the return of Penner along with "Kevin Lowe" night? Maybe he and Burke can drop 'em at center ice between periods.....

Comment #31

Parros has worked his butt off...he's not Teemu, but he skates a lot better and seems to have earned a bit more ice time out of the coach. When he got here he could pretty much punch he seems to have a chemistry going with May and Sutherby...they make a good energy line...won't score much, but at least they are a threat to do more that start a fight..

Good to see a guy improve his game and get rewarded...he's become a big fan favorite in Anaheim...

Comment #32

He's pretty popular in Anaheim...(hey man, thanks for the cup!).

I know that in other places not so much....

I will say this, I've sent him an e-mail twice and gotten an answer from him directly within a few hours. I can't think of any other executive in a major sport who I could do that with..

He's gruff and never going to being warm and fuzzy. And, he pulls no punches when he talks..

But, he does seem to really want to build the fanbase in our "non-traditional" market...

Comment #33

Burke is kind of like Pronger .... If he is ON your team you love him... Otherwise he is not appreciated. Just remember other teams would KILL to get a hold of him as their GM..

Comment #34

" Bigjt WHAT HAPPENED!! ".

I missed the whole game last night..

I saw we were ahead 2-1 on an on-line update, and then basically got so busy I never made it back to watch any of the game...sort of glad I didn't....

Well, the Kings always play us tough....

..and right now we suck..

(Based on what I have seen and read.).

Too many penalties, no production out of our top 6 forwards. Guys like Scotty look completely out of their games and the frustration is boiling over into stupid penalties..

We've already spotted San Jose 8 points for any sort of division title, and unless they turn the boat around pretty quickly we'll be part of the scramble just to slip into the playoffs...and there are a LOT of quality teams in the west that we'll be up against..

It could be another long season to be a Ducks fan......

Comment #35

So close last year, after a historic late season run....


Gonna try to stubhub some good tix for 11/19 in Anaheim...

Comment #36

I was lucky anough to catch a couple Caps games last season. Even before Boudreau showed up I was amazed by Green. Ovechkin is another in my long line of Russian hockey favourites..

For Ducks tickets, there are plenty at ticketmaster. I envy people who have tickets readily available...

Comment #37

Oh well I guess there Rangers will not go undefeated this season after all...

Comment #38

If any of you come to an Anaheim game, I'm at 80% of them. (100% last season!).

We have four seats up in 419 Row J..

The hot tip for seats is the ticket exchange where season seat holders sell off their extras. Sometimes you can get a real bargain on there. Also, on the Ducks message board there is a spot where people sometimes offer up extras for free to other fans..

The good thing about 0-4 starts is the "bandwagon fans" left over from the cup win should have emptied out soon and left the actual fans to keep showing up. The sellout streak came to an end last night after about 80 games..

If you have any other questions about the Ponda (Our name for the Honda Center), I'm always glad to help....or drop by the Ducks board and say hello there. (Yes, there are actual hockey fans here in So Cal...)..

Comment #39

LOL Good point about the bandwagon fans jt... Very sad that we ended the sellout streak but I think it will send a big message to the management... Not like the team probably isn't already scrubbing urinals with toothbrushes...

Comment #40

I thought the men's room looked cleaner last night....

They actually played much better last night, but we couldn't buy a break. Garon made some excellent saves, there were a couple shots off the crossbar, etc. Compared to the Sunday debacle there was some improvement..

But, the biggest thing right now is our top 6 can't buy a goal. we're just not generating any threats. It seems like they are always taking one pass too many and turning the puck over instead of crashing the net. (Getz is a prime example.) They just seem to keep looking for the perfect shot or steup instead of just pounding the goalie and looking for a rebound to tip in. (Although, addimttedly they improved this area a little bit last night over Sunday.).

In my opinion the hardest working guys on the ice have been the 4th line, Marchant, May and Parros (and Sutherby previously). I'd actually give them (and Hiller) a pass on the scrubbing party today...

Comment #41

Just peeking in to say....


*sneaking back out of the Men's Room.*..

Comment #42

Go Sabres!! They beat the undefeated Rangers last night to stay undefeated themselves! Vanek with his 2nd shorthanded goal in two games!.


Comment #43

The Sabres will always have a soft spot in my heart for bringing Alexander Mogilny to North America..

Weirdlilwoman, no need to apologise when you're a fan of such an outstanding franchise from top to bottom. Have you read the new Jimmy Devillano bio?..

Comment #44

You bet. I'll be trying to get out for the 11/19 game..

NFL, I've been a big Giants fan for as long as I can remember, but my NHL path has been rocky..

Here's the story if anyone thinks it's as strange as I do looking back. This is the hockey thread so I'll grab the mike for a sec:.

1. I grew up in NJ, but the Devils didn't exist until I was in college, so never been a fan..

2. My family's full of Rangers fans, but I never got into that team for some reason..

3. Lived in CT for a while and I totally got into the Hartford Whalers for a few years early 90s, until they split town. So easy to get good seats up until game time because they never could seem to fill the arena even halfway. Unless the Bruins or Rangers were in town, and I just avoided those games..

4. Came to SoCal as the Ducks were getting started, and couldn't bring myself at the time to jump into a team named after a kids movie. Don't pelt me guys, just sayin'. I know different now, but I don't like bandwagoning either, especially if it would be me doing it..

5. The Kings used to play at the Great Western Forum, and I never liked driving down into that neighborhood. Not being from the area, I wasn't LA street smart yet..

6. My longtime.


Friend is a die hard Caps fan, so I sorta inherited it from her. She used to work at the old Cap Center..

So that's how this SoCal livin Jersey boy is a Washington Capitals fan. We try to catch a game when we're back in DC in the wintertime..

Hey Bigjt.

: I'm checking out the ticket exchange on the ducks site..


For the tip on that. Looks like a much better selection than stubhub..

"Ponda", never heard that. That's a good one...

Comment #45

No, I haven't. I lived in Detroit for about 10 months, and was lucky enough to go to four (yes, I said four) Red Wings games at the Joe while I was there. It was phenomenal!..

Comment #46

The Caps actualy have a very colourful history. They had some hotshot players back in the day - Langway, Jarvis, Gartner, Bondra, Gonchar, Hunter, and a young Scott Stevens(speak of the Devils!).

I saw them over Christmas break last year and was stunned at how affordable and available the tickets were. Shortly after, Gabby came in and the team went on a tear making it tougher to get tickets. I freaked upon seeing my seats - two rows behind the visitors bench! And that was right from ticketmaster!.

This weekend I'm watching my son play house league and the Marlies/Wolfpack live...

Comment #47

C'mon Ducks... Lets start a comeback buy land locking the Sharks..

Comment #48

Won't happen wihtout Bobby Ryan. I kid, I kid but Ryan deserves a regular roster spot..

Any thoughts on Peca's suspension being cut in half? I'm not surprised. It's not like Peca has a reputation for gooning it up with refs..

As usual the ice is poor at MSG. After a quiet first period the Rags and Buds have become rather chippy. Naslund and Steen just had a tussle by the Leafs net..

The other game I'm watching is Mississauga and Brampton. Hodgson is on a power boost after a solid showing at Canucks camp...

Comment #49

The whole Ryan thing has been greatly dissected by Ducks fans...many are quite annoyed he's not here..

It's purely a cap issue...however, if we keep playing like doo doo...i could see Burke creating some space by sending a few underperforming vets away..

If we can clear cap space, Ryan will be up in a heartbeat..

In a twisted way, it's partially Scott N's fault....

His flirting with retirement after the Cup win caused us to sign Schnider (plus Penner leaving led to the Burtuzzi signing as well)...and then we had to trade Andy MacDonald to clear room for Scott to return...It's been a chain reaction ever since trying to "fix" the cap issues that mess created..

I love Scotty and he's a lock HOF, fun to watch and class guy...but, he really tied Burke's hands for the past two seasons..

I'm actually missing my first Ducks home game since Feb. 2006 tonight...So, maybe me being gone will help snap the loss streak..

You want to see poor ice....come out to Anaheim where it's in the 80's today.....

Comment #50

I finally got NHL Center Ice this year and finally am able to watch my team, Buffalo from sunny phoenix, arizona. They are kickin butt this year...

Comment #51

The Sabres Slavic contingent had a solid night notching 9-of-12 points..

Traumadiver, the highlights from the game are crazy? 3 pairs of fighting majors in under 10 minutes? Thornton and Marleau are faceoff beasts. Setoguchi and Boyle have over a third of SJ's SOG. The final 20 could feel like an eternity to the Ducks...

Comment #52

YEAH BABY!!! WE DID IT! I just got home from work where I listened to the game last night where I got to listen to everything but the first 5 minutes and the first 10 of the 3rd. My partner and I were both yelling in our ambulance drawing quite of bit curiosity from our patient (I work on an ambulance). We were ridiculously excited. I know it was far from a perfect game but thats what the Ducks do. Im just hoping it takes some wind from the Sharks Sail and adds some to the Ducks.

As far as Ryan goes... JT is spot on as far as it's purely a cap issue. But if we don't start to generate more offense I wouldn't be surprised to see Burke shake things up to bring him over...

Comment #53

Not looking forward to my last place Flyers "Home & Home" series with the Sharks and the the Devils. I at least hope they are competitive!..

Comment #54

The sharks look strong... but I wouldn't count the Flyers out yet..

Comment #55

Sorry Italian.... Sounds like Philly played a sound game against the Sharks... at least they pulled one point..

Comment #56

It was almost like a playoff atmosphere. Philly had the lead 3 times and SJ came back. The problem is the Flyers didn't really address any of their issues over the summer. It is inexcusable to be outshot 45-17! I wonder how "the rematch" will play out on Wednesday. When the Flyers are struggling they seem to struggle even more at home in front of the "passionate" Philly fans, so it will be anyones guess how they play..

Congrats to the Sharks for their effort and determination. It was also good to see JR get a point. You gotta love some Roenick...

Comment #57

The Sharks new coach wants them to create a shooting gallery.... They way out shot us the other night... but there were a lot of sharp angles and just flinging in the puck looking for a rebound..

Comment #58

Arrrggg.... On the lighter side it sounded like a better played game... We out shot them. Perry, Getzlaf and Kunitz just cant seem to find the twine and they seem to be frustrated and they are trying to hard..

Comment #59

We've had some pretty bad luck, not a single break last night..

One example that stands out in my mind...the puck laying motionless behind the goalie about two inches short of the line before he turned around to smother it. Or, Pronger winding up for a PP shot and snapping his stick....arrguh..

But, honestly...our top six are just not playing up to expectations. Teemu missed a couple shots he would have made 99 times out of a 100 in previous years...Getz just looks lost some of the time. The guys who look decent are the checking and 4th lines. Those guys are doing their jobs..

On the def side, Pronger is not really playing up to his level, Huskins and Montador both were out of position at times. Beauch at least looks like he shook off last year's somewhat subpar performance and is back up to par..

But, as a team they are just not in sync. If this continues another week or two, I'd expect Burke to make some serious changes...maybe even coaching? I like RC, but when a team is seriously under-performing the GM has to do something...and like they say, you can't fire the whole team..

Road now, maybe they'll focus...if not, the next home game will be the Wings on the 29th...that could be a really ugly night if we're not back on track on this trip...

Comment #60

Ducks start their road trip tonight... Hope the can shake off the Carolina game and get back on track..

Comment #61

Yeah!!! Ducks with a win by SO I will take it!..

Comment #62

Ugly win...but the ugly one's still count just the same...

Comment #63

Thats the honest truth... I am impressed we pulled it off with out any shots in the last almost 30 minutes..

Comment #64

The players don't care if the game had a bag over it's head - two points is a thing of beauty! The Toronto Marlies had my heart on a string tonight - up 2-0 against the unbeaten Bulldogs, then the puppies woke up to lead 3-2. Marlies tied the game, then won it with 46 seconds left in OT. Thank God there was no shootout...

Comment #65

Pens fan checking in here. Glad hockey season has started!..

Comment #66

And the Ducks sweep their for game road trip!!!..

Comment #67

Going tomorrow night vs. the Red Wings....those are always "playoff intense"...even in October..

Of course it doesn't help that one of the four of us who own Ducks seats together is a hardcore Wings fan......

Comment #68

Jt if I wasn't working id say to put him as a healthy scratch and swap him out with another .....

Comment #69

Why would a Wings fan spend so much on the Ducks?.

Any thoughts on Minnesota being the only remaining team undefeated in regulation?..

Comment #70

If Dallas doesn't upset them (i give about a 60% chance) then I think the Habs will..

Comment #71

Because he's a hard core hockey fan and has been all his life. He owns about 70 jerseys. Some of the folks around us call him the "Russian Hockey Jersey Guy"...since he wears a different one to each game...he swore the only Ducks jersey he'd wear was a red, I found a practice red one at the team sale and made him wear it to one game..

He did also lose a bet and have to wear a Parros jersey to a game after Parros scored his first goal with the Ducks..

Plus, we also have the cheap seats, all four cost less than half of what my two Angels baseball seats cost per/season.....California hockey is cheap to attend compared to places like Vancouver or Toronto...

Comment #72

Man I wish the Flyers could play Atlanta every game. 7 to 0 and they could have scored 10. That makes 11 in a row now. Antero Niittimakyi has never lost a head to head match-up with Kari Lethonen (including AHL). I wish they could all be that easy..

Watch the Flyers now go out and get pasted by the Islanders tomorrow..........

Comment #73

Gagne's 7th goal of the season last night ties his total from last year's injury shortened season..

If they stay healthy, they'll come around..

And not to hijack the thread, but if we can just get the Phils to strike early and often tonight.....

Comment #74

Sorry guys I snuck in!! HUGE flyers fan here =) and all I can say is FINALLY. I knew they were going to pull it together eventually. our vets are putting on a show, richie is proving he's worthy of the captaincy, and that kid sbisa is incredibly impressive for only being much poise and composure..

Not only has Lethonen not beaten Nitty in the AHL or NHL...he hasn't beaten him since he was 15!! crazy...

Comment #75

Do the refs suck more than ever this year?.

The Ducks vs Detroit game last night had all of us shaking our heads for most of the game..

It was an entertaining and intense game, almost ruined by a bunch of puzzling calls on both sides of the ice...

Comment #76

Has anyone seen any ECHL games? I'll be in Las Vegas next week and wonder if the Wranglers are worth checking out...

Comment #77

I saw one there back in January...I bought walk up glass seats for $35.00..

Lots of action, plenty of was fun...

Comment #78

Was it more fight than hockey? I'm not into hockey fights too much...

Comment #79

Man, I remember as a kid going to Whalers games, and LOVED it. Then I moved to college football country, the Whalers disapeared and so did my interest in hockey. I still enjoy going to the local minor league games, but it will never be the same...

Comment #80

No, but it was a pretty chippy game as I recall. Part of it was that it was late season and the two teams seemed to have built up some history already during the year..

It was quite exciting hockey much of the time (not as skilled as NHL, but fun). The Wranglers had a come from behind shoot out win the night I went...

Comment #81

Awesome my boys are on roll right now... beats the rough start we had at the beginning of the season... I was at the game last night and it was awesome!!! Hope we do well against the Stars tonight!..

Comment #82

We were there last night too..

They are looking better, but Dallas game will be a bigger test than St Louis was. The Blues are really hurting now on D and in goal..

I think I'll have to miss the Stars game however due to a friend being in town from Vegas..

(And congrats on the loss on your ticker so far...good job!)..

Comment #83

Ducks vs. Preds tonight....Hoping my boys will pull thru. You going JT? Im going to the Kings game on Sunday...

Comment #84

Yeah, I'm going tonight to try and take my mind off the worst week in a long time..

I have to miss Sunday..wish I didn't since the Kings games are always fun..

I'll be back on the 24th to see the Avs..

What about the whole "Burke thing"? I'm a bit mixed on my feelings about it and I've had too much going on in the rest of my life to really sit down and analyze it...

Comment #85

I think it will be fine... Burke did alot of great things. And a few not so great but He did bring us a cup... I think his reasons for going are justified.....

Comment #86

Being in Toronto the city is on Burke Watch: 2008. One of the most interesting comments from Burke was that his wife cannot work in the US only in Canada. Being a broadcaster, Toronto would be the best place for her to get a job..

Burke wants to be closer to his older children, who live in Boston. Poile might be a better fit for the Leafs but you have to hire the available guy...which happens to be Brian Burke..

He does have a down side - there are people in Toronto and Vancouver who are still upset with him over the Zezel trade...

Comment #87

Burkie is a good guy and I think is an asset to any club. Being a GM means some times you have to gamble. But thats part of the job...

Comment #88

It's official - Burke is Toronto's President and GM..

Tonight I saw Bobby Orr's junior team retire his number - what an experience...

Comment #89

Yeah that would be a neat thing to see...

Comment #90

Hi guys. I have tickets for tomorrow night for Montreal-Buffalo at the Bell Centre. I will let you know tomorrow about the expereince. JT..

Comment #91

Great game, Habs 3, Sabers 2. No fights to speak of, just good passing and quick direction changes. Neither team could score on their power plays. Montreal even had a 5 on 3 and could not score. Bell Centre is a great barn. Really rocking and no obstructed views.


Comment #92

Is the Avery incident getting much press in the US?..

Comment #93

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