Nutrisystem?neutrasystem? do tv diets really work?

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Question I have... Nutrisystem?neutrasystem? do tv diets really work? Many thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... I now officially have a 31" waist for the first time in over 20 years!!.

I really can't believe it, I'd have never predicted I'd get this slim. I bought 2 separate pairs of 31s today that fit well. The couple of 32 jeans I've bought over the last few weeks were seeming a bit loose, but I'd written that off as denim stretching. Thank you NS!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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At 240 I was barely fitting into my 38s, and I mean barely. It was time for a diet or to buy 40s which I just couldn't bare to do. I can remember wearing 28s and 30s in HS, weighing 160-165. In college I moved onto 32s for a few years and into 34s about 20 years ago. At that point I started gaining 2-3 pounds per year for 20 years, going from 190 to 240. It just slowly creeps up on a person. This time I will not let it back in!!!!!!!..

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It really does creep! I just wish Id gotten the idea to do this diet before I crept into the 50's pant size. The 50's are history now. Congrats on the big drop Rad. If I ever made it down to 31's Id never wanna put them on, Id just streak with pride...

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Mike, going from 407 to 266 is incredible, you too have a lot to be proud of! What waist size are you at 266?..

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That depends on which manufacturer you believe the variation is staggering. Seems Im a 42 in slacks and a 44 in jeans. Bought my first pair off the rack in a real store this weekend and it felt great. Big and Tall never again! Just for comparison I was a 54 to 56 when I started the program nearly a year ago..

Pretty sure I can make it down to 38's and maybe 36's when I finish the losing and get to maintaining...

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Good job, Bill. I hope to to get into 32's someday. Well done...

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I didn't even know they made size 31 pants. Really I never even considered that pants could be under a size 32. Also didn't know there was such a thing as odd numbered sizes (I'm being serious)..


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Great job. For me it was the best NSV, I could finally fit into my high school pant size!..

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Wow Congrads to all you guys.............. these are great accomplishments..

I think this is more important than the numbers on a scale!..

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Nice job, man! Pant size is one of the best NSV's there is!..

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31's? Really? I never heard of 31's? Then again I only shop at high end retailers like Walmart and Target. I started on Nutrisystem wearing 46 inch pants and they were getting a bit snug. I was hoping maybe someday I could get back down into a pair of 34's like I wore in my 20's. I'm happy to report I've been wearing 32's for almost 7 months now and maintaining my weight. I never ever thought I'd be wearing 32's in my wildest of dreams..

I know how you feel, it's a great feeling. Congrats to you...

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I've never seen a odd numbered size before. It would be great because I think when I get to my goal weight I'd be a 33..

My goal is 170 lbs. I started 3 weeks ago at 227 and lost 8 lbs the first 2 weeks with my weight in day being Thursdays. We'll what tomorrow brings. It should be down a couple more pounds from last week..

I can remember when 36 was my "fat" pant. Now I wear a 40 stretch waist that is fully stretched. I can't stand myself, ugh!!. I would love to see 34 again, let alone a 32. If I remember correctly a 32 waist is somewhere in the mid 160's. In HS I weighted in the 150's when I graduated. In 10th grade I was wrestling at 127lb, but really struggled to stay there, my normal weight was in the 130's..

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Interesting that most haven't seen odd sized pants. I've been a Ralph Lauren brand fan, Polo specifically, and they've always had odd numbers below 36, but not above...

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Dude, that's freaking awesome!!.

I'm determined to get back to the 32's I touched briefly before Christmas when I dipped below 185. Getting closer!... Not sure if it's long-term sustainable for me, I was a bit emaciated looking, even with some really stubborn spots of fat (loose skin?) hanging on, but I did like it. I had to lose muscle that time to get that low.... I'm actually bulking up again while staying on-plan and want to see if I can retain the muscle and still get back down there this time. We'll see!.


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