Ok just started the Medifast Diet?

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First of all Ok just started the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... HAPPY SATURDAY.


For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1;.

People just entering transition;.

And those who have been on maintenance for a while..



Wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Good morning everyone!.

Welcome to the weekend!.

It was a pretty quiet day on the thread yesterday. There were a few posts in the late afternoon/early evening. You can find them at:.

Nevan's IEP went well yesterday. He starts "school" on Tuesday. He is very excited. It was a much better process this year. He went to this same program last year, but I took him out when the H1N1 was going around. He was born with underdeveloped lungs, since he was born at 28 weeks.

When I registered him (last year), it was basically a bunch of parents in a room, completing paperwork and a VERY brief introduction to the teachers and a peek into the classroom. This time, it was just me; the director; and a speech therapist. They explained in great detail all of the resources available for Nev. We should all have a better experience this year..

Darlene ~ I know we're all anxious to hear how the testing went for Timmy..

Ang ~ How are you feeling? I would guess "not so great" since it just came on. I hate for you to be sick all weekend. YUCK!.

I hope everyone has a great day..

Bye for now...

Comment #2

Good Morning Lauri!.

Yeah, I feel crappy unfortunately, but there is a lot of stuff that has to get done today too. Olivia is having a gf sleep over for extra fun, lol. She also made her first 15.00 raking my neighbor's yard...she's so excited..

Today, I have to mow the lawn (can't wait until that is done for the winter) and clean out the radiators b/c it's starting to get really cold at night here...went down to 35 last night..

And I'm carving a cool pumpkin today if it kills me. I'll post pics later!..

Comment #3

Ang ~ I was afraid of that. Sorry. The weather sure changed quickly, didn't it? I must be ahead of you on the lawns (or you lapped, cuz mine are done. It rained here last night. I think Summer (weather) may be officially over. Now...onto the battle of the leaves until Winter.

Olivia ~ Way to go on makin' the $$$! Good for you! That's hard work though. I have a leaf blower, so it's a little easier for me...except they fly everywhere AND I don't get to jump in any piles (like Charlie Brown). Have fun with your friend tonight. Be real quiet when it gets late...then maybe you can do it again, soon...

Comment #4

Good Morning Sexies...


Glad the IEP went well. II am agreeing with you for a BEST year for Nevan!!!.


, busy day ahead for you. How are you feeling? Hows the family feeling???.

AFM: Got up at 5:45...went for a morning bike ride..went back to bed for a little BCBC.

Picking up my girls this morning and we are headed to a friends for a BBQ and horseshoes...All the fresh grouper, chicken and I am bringing cole slaw...everyone is bringing a dish...then at 4:00 off to a a big Halloween Bash at the County park on Marco Island. Games, costumes, Pumpkins and I am meeting an old friend there who also has two granddaughters that I never met. She has met my oldest as I ran into her once at Walmart...but for the most part we really havnt hung out since before I met Paul. She is still single and I am married so we kinda grew apart.

But, now we have been back in touch since we have a common bond again: Grandbabies.

Everyone have a wonderful day...going for some coffee now, bbl.


Comment #5

Where did everybody go??.

OK, I will go take a shower.....

Comment #6

Sorry Jo. lol.

Have a GREAT time today. Sounds very busy, but all enjoyable! Gotta love them grandbabies..

I don't know if you read back to the link I left on #3 this a.m. or not. If not, check it out. I was telling you all how many weeks worth of food I purchased through and how it worked...

Comment #7

Happy Weekend Everyone,.

Hope everyone has fun plans and/or relaxing ones. I don't really have any planslol. Lauri, I was catching up on last nights posts and had a questions regarding the Angel Ministries: do you think it helps them if everyone orders or is it really geared to those in need (whether temporary, etc.). I kinda feel guilty ordering there cuz it's not a necessity for us (thank the Lord). I feel my dtr. and her family would benefit but I'm hesitating cuz I would never want to take away for those that really need it.

Want to go catch up on this mornings posts so bbl...

Comment #8

Good morning Barb,.

I understand what you mean on the food, BUT...the impression I get from reading it; hearing about it; reading it again (lol), it really isn't intended for just the needy. In fact, when I placed my order, they had the following message:.

"We would like to inform everyone that our orders have continued to decrease the last several months. We will be using the month of October as our determining factor as to whether or not the Angel Food program will be able to continue in the Rogue Valley. We will still be placing orders throughout the month of October and we will hold our last distribution on the 30th unless we see a significant increase in orders, this will be our last month. We would like to thank everyone for the continued support in our program and ask that everyone please SPREAD THE WORD about Angel Food Ministries!".

I also think that if they wanted it for strictly the needy, they would list some sort of requirement (even if they didn't verify it)..

I would do it if I were you...without guilt. I hope I'm making sense..



Comment #9

If I didn't already mention it, I think the cutoff for Angelfoodministries is Sunday, if you were going to least it is here, so you may want to check it out and have the kids do it, if they can...

Comment #10

Friday, October 22, 2010.

Sponsor a Soldier's Family.

Share your blessings this holiday season by sponsoring a family of a deployed soldier..

Place an order now..

Comment #11

So glad Nevan's IEP went well. Sounds like you are in for a much better experience this year with school. That's wonderful...

Comment #12

I so don't envy you Ang. That is downright freakin' cold! Awesome about Olivia making some money!.

Can't wait to see the pics of your cool pumpkin!..

Comment #13

I kind of miss the neverending leaves. Living here in S. California, our neighborhood is really still too "Young" to have any good trees that drop leaves. Plus our Fall season is like a week, if we are lucky when the few trees change colors...

Comment #14

Sounds like you have an awesome day planned JoJo! Have fun at the BBQ and the Halloween Bash!..

Comment #15

Will have to go back and re-read this afternoon. Thanks Lauri!..

Comment #16

Hi Kori and Barb..

Lauri - glad to hear Nevan's news..

Jo - have fun with friend..

Angela - Shammie Saturday wish is for you to take care of yourself today..

(_\_) (_/_) (_|_) (_\_) (_|_) (_/_) This is my Saturday butt dance.... have a great weekend everyone (_\_) (_|_) (_/_)..

Comment #17

I don't think it's like that at all Barb. I think that it's definitely a good opportunity for anyone watching their budget or who shops conciously. It's not like there is a minimum income requirement or anything. These places may be run out of churches but really it's a business, they order things in large bulk lots and split them into the boxes but they have to be making some money somewhere. I say go for it...

Comment #18

That's awesome! I love when companies do things like this. My neices Girl Scout troops have begun doing something similar to this when they do cookies and stuff. That way I can support without having the food around and it goes to a wonderful group of people...our soldiers and their families...

Comment #19

Very slow morning on here. Have to get up and get going..

Fall festival went great last night. I think my mom's class made over $200!.

Have to get up and take my Dad somewhere. Not sure where yet, I know he wants me to take him to breakfast. Then he needs to be driven somewhere. He so doesn't like going places by himself anymore. Guess I will be gone awhile playing chauffer!.

Will check back in later hookahs..

Enjoy your Saturday!.

Mucho love...

Comment #20

Oh Sweetie, have I got a deal for you! Send me your address and I can mail you bunches and bunches of leaves.

Your neighbors will LOVE it (and be a bit

Comment #21

That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!..

Comment #22

Hi everyone.

I just got to see all the great quotes from our jail cell game. thanks for playing!!..

Yesterday and last night was a tough one, to say it mildly..

Timmy is ok and we are back home. He was a big boy and hero for his MRI, doing the best he could. He was not sedated because they need him to be able to take and hold his breath during the scan. He had a contrast IV(hates), the scanner is large and really loud and startling( highly sensitive hearing),had to take off his glasses(very poor eyesight, kept calling for me because he couldn't see me), had to be strapped into a holding bracket( his g-tube area and belly is very sensitive). The images require holding perfectly still while taking these breaths in and out. We will see what the docs say, but plan B is to put him under general anesthesia to get ideal images.

He was a true rockstar dealing with his fear, pain and above and still hugging the techs and thanking them when it was over..

The worst of yesterday-Friday night dinner is always at our house for dad in law and my family. I got a call while driving back. My DH went to pick up his Dad for dinner at first couldn't find him, found him on floor next to bed. He had fallen getting out of bed.


Hours before and couldnt get up. He was hurting, scared, can imagine. Parametics came didn't think he broke anything. DH got him all cleaned up and somewhat comfortable. We spent the night fussing and lecturing him. He has a medic alert..he wont wear, he has a cane and walker, he wont use.

My sis in law lives across the street from Dad, but didnt get to check on him yesterday..

Long story, pretty good outcome for now. Planning a nice day today for myself. Hope to go to the nursery to buy fall plants and read a great book and check in on FIL and hug my Timmy and DH and suppose to go to a Halloween party tonight but might blow it off, and and....BBL hugs to all...

Comment #23


I have been thinking of you. Thanks for letting us know what is going on. I have you have some time for yourself today. Sorry to hear about father in law. When do you hear on Timmy's tests? Hope they got what they needed..

Ok, I am going to do my Elliptical. Chat later...

Comment #24

Darlene ~ Thank you for the update. My goodness, you did have quite the day. I'm sorry. As Sandy said, I hope they got what they needed from Timmy so he won't have to go through that again. Those machines are scary enough without having sensitive hearing; not so good eyesight; and being strapped down. I can't imagine how he was feeling.

Poor baby. I hope FIL only has his pride hurt. Thanks again for letting us know the scoop...

Comment #25

Sandy ~ You continue to rock the exercise plan. I'm very impressed!!!.

I got the funniest e-mail from Big Crumbs, who, by the way, no longer has Medifast as one of their retailers. I've never seen anything so clever from a corporation before. They inadvertently sent an e-mail the day before and didn't set up the mail merge properly. Thus, the letter read: Dear {name} instead of Dear Lauri. This was there follow up letter:.

Hello Again,.

Apparently, we've been putting in too much overtime here at the Ol' Crumb Factory. The e-mail that went out earlier contained an error. What we have learned after much analysis is that none of our members are actually named "*.



While such an error seems impersonal, we hope that you know just how much we love you. In fact, this apology e-mail was hand-written on papyrus with a home-made stylus, and using ink containing the combined saliva of each ********* employee..

For delivery, we have quantum-digitized our employees in order to transmit them personally over the Internet to you. This is a patented technology that ********* developed for just such an occasion, and while considered impossible by many so-called "elite" scientists, thus far we have only "misplaced" one digitized employee..

So, we do sincerely hope that you can forgive our error..

Yours Truly,.




Comment #26

Hey Hookers... Hope all is well with everyone!!! I am needing to work on packing/cleaning so we can move into our new house on Friday but wanted to say hi here first. I wish I had more time to check in with you guys but am just too swamped. Love you guys!!..

Comment #27

Hi all...just driving by but need to say:.

Lauri - you just make me happy.


Darlene - I;m sorry timmy had to go through that yesterday. My stepdaughter is special needs and need a brain MRI about a year ago...thankfully they sedated her. Also, I'm not sure how it works in SoCal, but here in PA when my father was dying he had no desire for help so while I worked during the day the Visiting Nurse Association had volunteers that would swing by 2-3 times a day just to check in on him...make sure he had help to go to the bathroom, etc. It may be worth checking into..

Hi ya Mel! Congratulations on moving into the new house and when are you getting married?.

Kori - I will be more than happy to mail you my leaves also...

Comment #28

HI Mel - yay on move. Take care of your back with all the moving..

Angela - thanks for the award and no leaves here. I had my share when we were in Colorado. They were pretty. My Mom's leaves in Mn were great this year. I remember the maples in particular..

Lauri - thanks for the comment on my exercise. I enjoy the elliptical alot more that the treadmill but I still have to plan my exercise. Years ago it was just part of my routine and I am waiting for that again. Not there yet..

OK, off to shower and have my L&G. Maui Maui burger and salad..

Chat later...

Comment #29

I hope everyone is out having fun!.

Me...oven scrubbed, laundry most of the way done and front yard raked..

Dinner for me is left over grilled chix from last night and cucumber and tomato salad. Kids are having spaghetti..

Comment #30

Shammie challenge. I am thinking Oct. 31 to Jan 2. That would be 9 weeks. Angela, did you say you would help with a banner. I think something about Rockstar through the Holidays.

Weight loss or stayed in M range.


Eating on plan (could be weight loss or T or M).


Special (for me the first month special would be spacing; I do not eat by meals or drink my water on 2 -3 hour intervals. I end up eating and drinking at night to get everything in) I think this category each challenger would declare and then report how they did against their personal challenge. For some it might be measure..

I also thought we would measure on the 31Oct and again on 2 Jan and report out inches lost. I would award stars in this category as well..

I know we will all be stars..

Comments? Help with spreadsheets or whatever aids others have, please..

I hope someone gets close to the 25 lb. loss during the challenge if we do it. I hope all of our Shammies at goal will M through the Holidaysl..

Comment #31

If you decide that you miss the leaves, too...just say the word and Ang and I are all over it!.

Your L & G sounds yummy!..

Comment #32

Wow! You've been busy..

What is this "oven" you speak of?..

Comment #33

Angela - you are so busy. I wish I had your energy..

I am thinking about ordering the calorie burners next month. I do not drink any caffeine right now. So I am not sure how many to order...

Comment #34

Lauri - it is funny that we had the same reaction...

Comment #35

Angela, my friend, oven cleaning messes up your manicure. I would suggest that you do one today but I am not sure you sit still long enough for the polish to dry...

Comment #36

LOL. My nails are always a mess..

I will absolutely make a banner for your Rockstar Challenge. I may have the old spreadsheet from the one of the other challenges but Andi or Lara would be your better bet. Here is the link to one of the old challenges on the challenge board that may give you an idea of how people posted.....

If you search the challenge thread by "shamrock" a few of the old challenges come up..

Comment #37

Angela, - thanks. I hope I am not in over my head...

Comment #38

Sandy, The only hard part of doing the challenge is getting people to post and taking the time to tally and keep track every week...that and coming up with ideas for weekly challenges, lol..

It took me approximately 1-2 hours per week of commitment time. I would do it, but between the kids school stuff, my husband's court date for custody modification of my stepdaughter, and a bunch of evaluations for my small fry coming up (developmental pediatrician, evaluation for entrance into the intermediate unit, speech and ot sessions) plus me having to work AND take dictation on the's just really nutty for me right now..

You are awesome for putting this together...I will have a banner code together for you by next Sunday for sure...

Comment #39

Sandy, sorry I can't help but spreadsheets are not my thing and I've never started a challenge, etc. However, I think I will join this one. I've been so hit and miss lately that it's ridiculous and maybe this will help. It sure can't hurt. I just can't seem to get my mind totally on track. I continue to try though.

Enjoy yourself tonight. Very lazy day here with nonstop rain. I may have to jump in the hot tub to feel warm due to the dampness. Gotta go figure something out for dinner so hope everyone has a good night and I'll try to be back later. Mel, miss you kiddo but glad the move will be over before you know it...

Comment #40

Hi Ang, everyone is doing good. Thank goodness my cold is just about gonejust a scratchy throat in the morning and an occasional cough. Seems like it took forever this time. Hopefully I'll now be able to get out and get my flu shot. Hope everything is going good with you. Miss ya hooker...

Comment #41

Angela - I do not know how you do all that you do. I have the time and I think it will great for us Shammies to have a challenge...

Comment #42

Barb - glad you are starting to feel better.

Comment #43

I'm alive!-lol. Had an aquatics conference today. Had to be there by 7am and didn't get home until about 6. I was so tired I took a nap on the couch, then had to go pick up dd from a bday party. So now I finally have time to get on the board. ok going to catch up from the day. bb in a minuto...

Comment #44

Lauri- Glad Nevan's IEP went well- sending good school year vibes his way..

Ang- Hope your feeling better. You sure did a lot around the house today for feeling so crappy. I usually use feeling crappy as a good way to get out of doing any housework..

Darlene- Timmy is such a trooper. Hopefully they will get what they need so that he doesn't have to have anesthetic and all the risk that go with that. Hope FIL listened to some of your butt chewing. Its hard for the elderly to give up the independence they've had and to admit when they need help..

Sandy- Loved the Butt dance- too cute. You are a rockstar. I'm defintaly in for a challenge as I'm going back 5/1 on Monday. I'll probably change from lossing to maintenance again during the challenge. Talling the challenge stats each week really isn't too bad. See you PM about the spreadsheet..

Mel- Glad everything is going well for you. we do miss you so keep checking in when you get the chance..

Anyone know were capt is today?.

I have training again tomorrow, so I'll be late getting on again. Sweet dreams...

Comment #45

Lara - capt had a girls weekend. I think she will be back for Monday. You had one busy day. I will go check my PM. Thanks..

Comment #46

Lara - This is the message for the capt:.

It was supposed to be my usual crew (see below). However, only 3 of us can make it. Myself, Maggie, and Karen. Which is why I'm saying (hoping) (kidding myself) it will be more chill..

My friend Maggie has a beautiful house on the water in Ocean City, NJ. We all went together just over 2 years ago while I was still MFing. I love the house and am excited just to hang there. Otherwise, we have absolutely ZERO plans at all. We're just going to wing it. Somtimes that winds up being the most fun anyway..

The "crew"...from left to right:.

Cathy (who was just at Borgata with Ang and me), Robyn, me, Michele, Karen, Maggie..

Comment #47

Hi all... sorry I have been mia. just got home from a super long day with kids and friends. no BF tonight...

Comment #48

Hi all... I'm all caught up and missed you guys today. is it ok if I say "ditto" to lara's shout outs??? she said them all really well..

Sandy.. whats a maui burger?.

Ang... feel better soon.

Barb... glad grandkids are doing well.

Darlene... so sorry timmy and you had to go through all that. and your FIL stuff too. keep us updated.

Lauri.. your oven comment... seroulsy you are so funny. and yea for nevan and school!.

Sandy.. thanks for conisdering the challnage. if with ya all the way..

Kori.. my leaves can easily be mailed too.

Jo... your day sounds so wonderful. hope you had a great time..

Lara.. I felt as busy as yout today!.

Im going to catch up on my tv and meals. went out to dinner with BFF tonight. had grilled scallops and shrimp and mega amounts of broccoli!..

Comment #49

Andrea - funny thing about Maui burger. It should have said Mahi Mahi burger. You get them at Trader Joes. I guess I am ready for the beach...

Comment #50

Hey Shammies!.

Thanks for all the offers to send me your Fall leaves! Makes me feel love.

Busy day for me..

Chauffering Dad around all morning but got to hit an organic market which was fun. Picked up some almonds & walnuts to bake with. Some great produce and some gingerbread tea. Yum!.

Wedding reception for a friend of ours..

Quick come home and change.

First official hockey game of the season. We lost in overtime that went to a shoot out.

Home and finally in bed at 11:15 pm..

Whew! I am pooped. Have a bunch to do tomorrow. The weekends are never long enough...

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.