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Got a question... On 123 they try to upsell you to premium service? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. I think there is a thin line between Domaining and Gambling. Both hobbies are certainly addicting. What do you think?.

Which hobby would you rather have and why?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Although not a perfect fit, domaining is more like horse racing to me...thrills, chills and spills...why and how people choose which horse to bet on...lots going for longshots, with one winning once in while...niche races....most horses not memorable..

The Triple Crown winners like, that are sure winners but cost a fortune. You gotta bet way more to win anything because the odds are in their favor..

The thrill of the race is like a negotiation...winning and losing, strategies and bloodlines..

And most of the time the horses are parked in a stall or pasture, eating resources without giving much back...

Comment #2

I think Gambling gives you more of an immediate rush. Domaining is more like betting on the stock market to me...

Comment #3

Gambling is all about taking chances, normally in a casino you have about40-45% chances of winning while having a 60-55% of loosing, but in domaining all is about knowledge and timing so you have a more reasonable opportunity to succeed if you apply yourself...

Comment #4

LMAO....True indeed, imo aswell.

I definitely will take domaining, You have something to show for your money alot more consistently than gambling, imo..

Comment #5

I liken domaining to Mining. Sometimes you find Fools gold - something that looks good, but isnt worth anything and sometimes you find a diamond in the rubble. Games of chance are very different then domaining. In domaining, the more you know, longer youve been doing it, the better your chances of producing a nice sale. Its no longer "chance" when you do it consistently...

Comment #6

Thats the best example so far..

In no way do I see it like gambling. Its my main business, and has been for many years..

I think of it a lot like real estate, although it's becoming harder and harder to find prime land..

And then building on the land (developing a site)..

Comment #7

I think both domaining and gambling go hand in least for me anyway. I'm an addict of both!..

Comment #8

I hate gambling, and I really hope that the majority (especially outsiders) dont think, that domaining has too much in common with it. Domaining is a serious business that can be fun, gambling is big fun that can be seriously benefiting...

Comment #9

I can see a bit of all of the things mentioned above in Domains... Gambling; you often spend more than you should and take some chances with little guarantees. The stock-market; you can analyze, be strategic, buy & sell when markets and stocks are hot or cheap... Mining; you do find the odd gem and often many useless ones but these can be worked to become valuable.. The Real Estate Market; that is similar with buying properties that can be sold quickly for a small profit or sold in a few years when the value rises or best of all the property can be developed into something worth a lot more and that brings in a regular income... At least with domains, you have a year usually to decide what you will do with it!..

Comment #10

For me domaining and gambling both have a different entity of it's own. Both are certainly addictive but I think domaining is more interesting and also one cannot ruin it's life in it as what I have seen with many gamblers...

Comment #11

Domaining is not like Gambling..

In gambling, you lose more often and win less often..

In domaining, you win more often and lose less often..

Expected Value of gambling over the long term = negative cashflow.

Expected Value of domaining over the long term = positive cashflow..

Comment #12

As long as you're careful, domaining isn't really gambling (example: purchasing LLL.coms, premium dictionary words,...). But if you start putting your retirement savings in bad letter LLLL.coms, investing boatloads in .tv or .mobi, most cctlds,... Then I'd say you're gambling just the same..

Comment #13

First, I've seen a few HostGator portfolios that were so bad the owner would probably be better off if they'd gambled..

Gambling almost always favors the house. In a way, the registrars and registries are the house, because even if crap is registered and dropped, they still profit. However, gambling by definition is a game of chance. With domains, knowledge, research, hard work, and some marketing effort can make it a game of skill rather than pure chance..

I do like the analogy of mining. Just like the old gold rushes, the vast majority spend more than they ever made because they didn't have training, knowledge, experience, financial resources to do it right, or the right tools. Those who did their homework, and a few who just happened to be in the right place at the right time did well; and a few even got rich and built business empires. Sounds a whole lot like domaining to me..

Hey, maybe we're not.


Ers, but do.



Comment #14

Yeah right if you are taking it in that sense then domaining might be like gambling for you but I guess people who do such kinds of investments have either less or no knowledge about what they are doing and as for any gambler they know what they are up to and the most important factor which they rely on is the luck factor which has very less significance in domaining...

Comment #15

For me buying domains isn't gambling. I buy them to develop them. If I sell some once in a while, fine. If not, no problem..

Even if the developed name don't make much money, it will look good on my portfolio..

Comment #16

I think this is a fair assessment - In holdem/poker and domaining you must manage your bankroll correctly, be very knowledgeable about what it is you are doing, understand when to take a loss or to hang in there. Both poker and domaining and the people who do them correctly are in it for "long run" value and profits...

As far as "gambling" on games of chance, etc.. that is for the birds but you can get lucky and strike it rich in domaining too no matter your experience, knowledge...

Comment #17

Domaining can also be a bit like farming if you have a large portfolio.. you buy stock, feed & take care of them & when you have prepared the young ones you put them out to graze... then you need to analyze and watch the stock, see how they perform & weed out the ones that are not doing so well & replace the non perfomers with new stock.....

Comment #18

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