On 123, when one is putting together a website, ...?

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My question is On 123, when one is putting together a website, ...? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Alright... after reviewing the sales from TRAFFIC, (thanks to DNJournal) I came across this domain, and couldnt quite grasp my mind around it. I did some investigating into this name....

The only thing that could have pushed it's value up, was due to a large adult site on - it's alexa ranking is about 15,000 which means it gets excellent traffic, but a "typo" of that site going for 100k+.

Can someone else shed some light on this one?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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That, my friend, is a good question..

Was on DNJournal I believe...

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I may have made an assumption. This was a Moniker sale that was listed today - My Appologies..

Perhaps, but the combination of "Wife Lover" in google search results only yielded 200,000 or so......

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T.r.a.f.f.i.c - probably because the OVT with extension for is 1545.

( is 103673.

- it must be good !).


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So you believe this was due solely because of typo traffic for an Adult site? Anyone else think that still seems excessive?..

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I dont think that any typo traffic worth $100,000 only if we talking about typo for Yahoo or Google ( While this will never happen too ) , but may be some end-users were very interesting in that made the price skyrocket..

No alexa rank .. so that mean 1 - 50 maximum daily visitors for !..

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Yes I do but that does'nt mean I'm right.

Any other suggestions ? .


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Am I the only ones having a problem understanding where this sale came from?.

So... Potential for this sale are as follows (as suggest by NPers).

1) EndUser Magic.

2) Adult Typo Traffic.

Any other reason for the big dollars?..

Comment #8

Agree Justin. Perhaps it was bought by the owner of They'd probably have the money...

Comment #9

I was thinking maybe picked it up, but the whois has two different people..

1.) I say it's due to the traffic..

2.) or picked it up...

Comment #10 swopping is getting alot more popular??.

I was more suprised at a hyphen one going for $82,390.

Comment #11

So.... now were throwing the into the mix. I had considered that, but would it make sense (considering the site) to purchase a 100,000 + dollar HostGator name? Couldnt that capital be used to clean up the site a bit?.

So.... the 3 possible sales reasons:.

1) EndUser Magic.

2) Adult Typo Traffic.

3) Purchase by

Comment #12

If someone has a plan to develop it, this HostGator will make the money back..

So it is possible a end user..

We could just wait a few month to see what site will be displayed...

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I am eager to see what happens with this domain..... I have one VERY VERY similar to it..


Comment #14

I'm always amazed at what other people's domains sell for..

Comment #15

Amen Stub.

I wondered about this HostGator as well. It would not make sense to me to put a similar site to wifelovers<.>com on the HostGator - both domains would leak traffic like crazy. There isn't an affiliate program (although tarcash<.>com is registered by the same person as wifelovers<.>com.

Wifelover<.>com must make money from that parked page - it's all sponsor links...

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So guys - how does the HostGator name compare to Ironically, it was a TDNAM capture that was just moved into my account this morning. Which is my main reason for being so curious as to why sold for so much..


Comment #17

MILF would have been better in a perfect world..

But it's a great capture..

When I see wife - I think of swingers - and cheating..

When I see mom - I think of (my eyes my eyes) - just a woman of a certain age, who has kids - but of course is still sexy (ha ha)..

Comment #18

Agreed on the "MILF" vs "Mom" keyword - however using "Mom" gives the HostGator functionality to be either Adult or Mainstream.... but I am curious who purchased and why.... I suppose the parking may be an indicator, however unsure of the HostGator has technically changed hands yet......

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.