On a Medifast Diet....what are the rules?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... On a Medifast Diet....what are the rules? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SUNDAY.


For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while..

An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I LOVED this so much that I thought I'd post it again. Thank you Captain!.

No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals...

Comment #2

Lori ~ Happy Anniversary Baby!!! I just went back and read your "94 pounds lost - maintaining for over a year" thread. It inspires me each and every time I read it. The pictures, to me, are absolutely amazing..

I am:.

* So proud of you and all that you have accomplished;.

* So proud to be a part of your team;.

* So proud to have the privelege to have you as a friend..

Thank you for all you do for us!.

Love ya!..

Comment #3

Andi ~ Congrats on the new car. I had to look it up to see exactly what is looks like. WAY COOL!!! Did he find SHAMROCK green?.

How was the landlord's DH's party?..

Comment #4

Barb ~ How was football yesterday? Any more snow? Have fun watching the little ones today...

Comment #5

Miss Lara ~ I hope we get to see more of you soon. NOT "more of you", as in like the airport scanners...more chatting on the thread. lol..

Comment #6

Kori ~ I hope you are having a blast with BF in TX! I miss you already!!!..

Comment #7

Darlene ~ I hope you survived the rain stormish errand running yesterday. Didn't sound like fun. I'm sure you made the best of it though...

Comment #8

Andrea ~ How is BF? I hope you had a nice evening. It'll be nice to have you back home chattin' with us...

Comment #9

Ang ~ You have got to be exhausted. I was thinking I was doing pretty well keeping up...I finished all the leaves in the front yard...6 or 7 bags (1/2 of them mulched or it would have been more); kitchen cleaned; and laundry caught up...THEN you had to mention the tub. YIKES! Everytime I do some sort of chore, I think "this is my least favorite thing to do". I swear, I say it about everything: yard work; cleaning; laundry (the real deal); cooking; etc. lol.

I hope you can rest when your company actually arrives...

Comment #10

Dawn ~ I'm glad you took your son to the doc. so soon, so he could get the antibiotics going. Poor kid...he sounds miserable. Those chest things hurt...but only when you breathe..

Had you seen Toy Story 3 already? If anyone hasn't seen it should. My favorite parts are always at the very end...too cute!..

Comment #11

Sandy ~ I'm glad you had fun at your golf thingy and VERY proud that you stayed OP (although I had NO DOUBTS)..

Aren't people funny (strange)? They ask you a question and then move on before you answer. I have done that (but mind is mush), but when I get home, I'd be thinking back and would say to myself "Hey, I asked Sandy how she'd lost all that weight, but I don't think I got an answer". I know it's hard to keep any lengthy conversation going with a lot of people around though, too..

I will see you shortly on the Challenge thread. Fingers are crossed. I just KNOW we've done better than last week...

Comment #12

Ok, enough about you...let's talk about me..

I never did make it to mom's to work on the quads, but I absolutely MUST do it today. There is someone coming to look at them, so I'm going to get over there early. It's only 2:48 A.M., so I may wait until I can actually see. I hope that I found enough information on the Internet that I can actually make them GO..

I did get the leaves in the yard (front only) done and sent the bags to Ang's house. lol The good news...I burned over 800 calories! YEAH!.

Other than that, I slept off and on all day. It was nice..

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I will check in later..

Much love to y'all!..

Comment #13

I haven't been able to stop laughing about this for two days....


Comment #14

Lori ~ Thank you for sharing that! It IS WAY too much fun! Did you try it with Darla; Kitty; and Sparky?..

Comment #15

Ohhhh!!!!! I dont' know if they have animal videos! I need to check!!!!..

Comment #16

Morning Lori and Lauri (and all her identities)lol. Thanks for updating us on everything and where everyone is. Sorry to say that U of M lost but Mich. State won and are still in 1st place in the Big 10. That was a really exciting game. Going to go get the rugrats in about half an hour so I guess I should start child-proofing my house.

Hope everyone has a great day...

Comment #17

Morning Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin Shamrockers!!.

Good to see ya'll again..


, I did check out your dancing elves on FB. My daughter did one of those last year with her, her hubby and her dog and was hilarious!!!.


, glad to see you keeping the Shammy thread busy. Good thing it's not left up to me..

My life has been a serious roller coaster emotionally. Between my children and my mother...I am sad/mad/happy/content all within 24 hours...and that happens daily..

My wieght is maintaining around 145 which makes me feel good, as I have not been to careful on the eating habits, nor have I been logging...not a good way to do it..

I need to be more accountable. However, as for excercise, I have been really doing well. Lifting everyday except Sunday. I alternate upper and lower body as not to overwork the muscles. And, I have been jogging every morning and bike riding every evening. Not to forget waitressing 5 days a week...that is alot of calories burned..

Well, off to check out the Melters thread and enjoy my day off....TTFN..

Comment #18

Good Morning.



Hopefully you will get a chance to get back on here before the babies get for child-proofing house, I bought noodles (swimming pool) at the dollar store and cut them like subway sandwiches bread...and taped them on all my hard corners/edges on my furniture. I actuially bought the colors that match the rooms~~~LOL.

Whenever someone comes over to visit, they are so impressed with the idea. It has saved many a bumps on the head for my two grandbabies!!!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #19

Lauri - what a great start to the day. Love to see you on the challenge. I am thinking week 3 is going to be great..

Lori - love the videos. I want an elf outfit..

Barb - have fun with kiddos..

Jo Jo - hope you enjoy your day off and congrats on the exercise..

We are cleaning the house and then having two couples over for dinner and diminoes tonight. I will be caught up on my entertaining except for one couple..

Hope everyone has a great day and remember to post your results on the challenge page so I can do the week 3 analysis. Thank you...

Comment #20

Here is the link and we have 5 people's results so far...

Comment #21

Morning Shammies. I'm feeling in a much better place now and I'm ready to be back with all you great gals. I ought to start by saying....

Hi my name is Lara and I'm addicted to food. This is the truth and I'm having to learn to deal with that fact. I have been trying to do the 5/1 plan but have felt deprived and so I was coming home (after being good all day at work) and eating everything in site. I finally came to this realization and so I had to stop it in it's tracks. I have decided to do "regular" food full time for maintanence so that I wouldn't feel so deprived. So I have done that the last couple of days and have felt much better and much more in control of my eating.

So I'm back and hopefully can contribute to the good of everyone here. Thanks for understanding..

The lesson here is that this is a never ending journey that is difficult every day. For those that have maintaned for long periods, like our awesome Capt., congrats you ROCK and it's well deserved. It gives me the knowledge and hope that I too will maintain...

Comment #22

This sh!tz ain't you know..

Well said, Lara..

Thanks for putting it out there...

Comment #23

Lara - thanks for sharing and letting us know what is going on with you. We are here to listen and help in any way we can. It sounds like you learned a lot recently...

Comment #24

Super Sunday Sexy Shammies!.



Have I told you lately that I love you ;-}.

Insert rod stewart singing here... You are a wonderful wake up read for our post starts. Decorate those Quads like a Christmas gift and post on Craigslist..slightly loved and ready to roll..

Capt sexy pants.

My own nickname for you..I wish Medifast would do a TV commercial with you as the proof of our Medifast pudding! Amazing,inspiring,wonderous, but oh so honest, human and easy to relate to. You are the real deal. Congrats this well deserved anniversary. Thank you for all you do for us..


- I love imagining and living retirement Sandy Style. You have it so down and speaking of down look at your numbers. You rock Medifast with your grace and routine..


-I still have to read twice your ticker that shows your amazing wt loss story and your sexy avi that looks like you are naked =>. Everyday is a new day and you sure know how this thing works..


-I always love when you can let us know how you are holding up along with your family at this most difficult times. Strength must be pumping through you..


-isnt college football the bomb?! Our family=sports nuts.

I know I missed some gal pals-but mad hugs to all. I am off the farmers market again now. I hope it still is set up since we have been raining. How horrible is sweet corn for me? I think it is one step down from choc cake on the no-no list..I had 1/2 ear 2 nights in a row. NO BUTTER, just mrs dash and pepper. Ambrosia..

I hope to see my beautiful daughter today for a late munch...oh lunch. Really, I love sushi almost more than Michael Buble, and am going for shashimi-fish only no rice and edamami and salad l&g early today..

I hope to check back later for a shammie fix.


Comment #25

It's more of a forest green but YUP = it's green!!! and best is he loves it!.

And party was great. He was so surprised and it was a lot of fun. carried a diet on the rocks all night and did really well avoiding all the temptations!..

Comment #26

Hubbie working today early - I got up with him for about an hour and putzed around the house while he got ready then read for an hour after he left then napped again. I LOVE DAYS OFF!..

Comment #27

Lara - thanks for shring AND for being honest with yourself! not easy. but please don't hide..

When you least want to be here is when you most need it!.

And as a re-run - let me say that I didn't really learn my triggers until after goal when I was headed down a slippery slope. I now know simple carbs are like CRACK to me - I DO lose willpower but if I just avoid - not an issue. or as part of a balanced meal - like a lean, lots of veggies sub sandwich - I can control. and I'm in the PB club - none for me - makes me stupid. I think I can rationalize my choices but the truth is on the scale..

My point - think NOW while on 5/1 about cravings and what yours are telling you and learn to LISTEN to them by avoiding those you have trouble controlling..

Like Lori "said" - we don't have TIME to do all the learning we need.......

Comment #28

And with that - off to IKEA for the very first time - but with a VERY short list..

Comment #29

Dd is in the er. Abdominal pain. Been here since 4am...

Comment #30

Just wanted to check in quickly. Made it to BF's house. He has a terrible toothache in his wisdom tooth that is supposed to be extracted on Monday. He was in so much pain last night I though I was going to need to take him to the er. So no BCBC for me but I had some of the best sleep in a long time being here with him. I always get way caught up on my sleep when I am here since I am not running around like I do at home.

Have to rest up for all the Black Friday shopping I plan on doing next week..

Mucho love...

Comment #31

Darlene - hope you have fun with DD.

Andi - Yay on day off and car..

Kori - sorry about BF toothache but YAY for rest..

Hose is cleaned. Time to do weight routine. Then we are going to a fitness center open house. We have 4 in our community and then just finished the remodel of one - all the latest equipment is being demoed today..


Comment #32

Big hugs for you. Let's know what you learn when you can...

Comment #33

Thanks for the support girls!.

Andi- understand your comments totally. *** on party last night..

Lauri- hope dd is ok keep us updated.

Darlene- hope farmers market is open.

Kori- glad you got in safe. Hope bf toothache feels better after mon. I can't wait till black fri shopping. I love it!..

Comment #34

Hi e'one...feeling way blah and have been sleeping a lot..

Lauri - I hope e'thing is okay...

Comment #35

Lori - sorry about BLAH. Go away blah, NOW...

Comment #36

Sorry you are feeling blah..

Bf took me to a street fair and I think I will do like you and get a little sleep...

Comment #37

Sandy - enjoy the fitness center open house..

Lara - sounds like you have a plan now. Mow make it work. Any specials you are hoping to hit on black Friday or just general craziness?.

Lauri - hope dd is ok. Hugs girlfriend..

Andi - love the new car for hubby. Hope you are enjoying your day off..

Afm - I am sure I missed some shout outs but o am going to catch a nap..

Mucho love...

Comment #38

Kori~BF's tooth must be better today if you guys made it to a street fair...glad to hear it!.

Sandy -Hope you have fun at the fitness center open house..

Lori -Hope you are not coming down with something...enjoy your sleep though!.

Lara - Glad you are back and posted what was going on. This is a battle, that for me, never ends!!.

Lauri - YIKES!! I hope your dd is ok. I took DS to the dr. fairly quick this time because whopping cough is going around school and I didn't want to take any chances with his cough!.

Andi - Glad you guys had a good time last night!.

Jo~Good to see you! Miss you when you aren't around, but totally understand! Woohoo for the exercise - you go girl!. some of teh decorations up today...was just in the mood. Have a BIG pot of vegetable beef soup cooking! Mmmm...the house smells delish!..

Comment #39

Well, kids are gone and slowly putting house back together. Great idea on the noodles for the furniture Jo but remember, this is northern MI and they're selling sleds and ski boots right nowlol. I'll mention this to dtr. though cuz I think she has from her pool. Lauri, hope DD is on her way home and feeling better. Kori, hope BF's tooth is good tonight till he sees the dentist tomorrow.

DH is finally get his back injection and needs a driver...

Comment #40

Hi ya honey! I filled up....count them....25 of the big paper leave bags...

Comment #41

Oh My. Please send us an update soon...prayers headed to Oregon for you!..

Comment #42

Lara, glad you are back...I am totally relating where you are now..

Hi to Kori, Barb, Sandy, Dawn and WTHeck is Andrea?!.

I have been a super busy crazy person today, but in a good way. Started putting up the lights but we need more, there are definitely not enough..

My vow this week is to be better on the boards if it kills me...

Comment #43

Angela - holy cow. 25 bags. My back would be killing me...

Comment #44

Well with the butt injury...,lol. I'm getting ready to vegetate in front of my tv...we have 9 million things dvr'ed but never watch them...

Comment #45

Dawn - mmmmm. Vegetable beef soup sounds good. My dad makes a killer soup like that with pearl barley in it. Yum! Making my mouth water..

Ang - you have been a busy girl! Great job doing all those leaves with your butt injury..

Barb - enjoy the grandkids tomorrow..

Had a great little nap but woke up starving. So I had an iced coffee that I had put in the freezer to cool down before I went to sleep and it was frosty goodness! Now off to make some dinner...

Comment #46

Evening lovelies!.

Lauri - how is Natalie?.

Lori - Blahs fading yet?.

Ang - WOW - 25 bags... amazing. I'm a "wait for the wind" kind of leaf person....

Snowing in Seattle. Kind of neat. went out and stood in it for a few minutes. doens't have staying power yet. morning drive is going to STINK! will get going a bit early....

IKEA is icky. so big - lots of people - not lots of what I want or need..... did get what I went for thoa nd I like it - it's for hubbie tho so we'll see what he thinks..

Applebees for dinner. Tilapia with double veggies (won't eat the carrots) and a salad for me - my own WF dressing cuz I did cheese for lunch as my fat... YUMMY!.

Hope you are all doing GREAT!.

Rest Well - lots to do tomorrow to fight the Manic Mondays - we need our ENERGY!..

Comment #47

Hi all,.

I am dead butt tired (that's really tired). We spent 15 hours in the E.R. and they still aren't exactly sure what's wrong with Nat. They said her right ovary is quite a bit larger than the left one, possible cyst, but not abnormal and/OR an early appendecitis(sp). They tested EVERYTHING...blood; urine; catheter(sp) for another urine test because the other one was inconclusive and/or contaminated; pap smear (never had one of those before); ultrasound (never had one of those before either); CT Scan (never had one of those before); IV x2 to rehydrate her. I can't remember what else...oh yeah, 2 doses of morphine and some vicodin for the road.

Her blood pressure was really high and then lowered 40 points really quickly..

Poor kid...she thought the Dr. was a jerk (he was actually very nice, but very professional) and she sure as heck didn't want him poking around where no man has gone before...anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion we will be going back tonight or tomorrow since she wasn't really "treated" for anything..

I will catch up with you all soon..

I hope everyone had a great day!.

Much love,..

Comment #48

Hi all.. so sorry I missed a whole day here..

Lauri... least I got to read about poor natalie. keep us posted..

No time to catch up completely... will try to be here tomm but cant in the morning- I have court at 9 am. I should be here later in the day so dont mark me absent, only late!.

Love to all......

Comment #49

Hye lauri... thanks for saying hi to me, even though I have been gone all day. BF had fun. went out to dinner (yummy salmon) then to a local bar to hear a co-worker of his play in a band. BF had a job interveiew today at a lumber place. please send good thought that he gets a call back..

Love ya lots!..

Comment #50

Lauri - thanks for the update..

Andrea - fingers crossed for job interview..

Night night all..

See you in the morning...

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.