On the Medifast Diet, dont you get extra eating points for doing exercise?

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Quick question... On the Medifast Diet, dont you get extra eating points for doing exercise? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. Morning!!.

I don't understand....I 'fired' Monday last week and I'll be danged if it didn't show back up! Can it not get the message?!.

Aw, well heck! Here we are, at least Ali is back.

My plan for the day is gonna look like a rerun (LOL):.

Oatmeal or pancak.

Hot Coco.

Chicken soup.

2 shake cakes.

L&G will be salad and probably grilled chicken......or a buffalo burger..

I did go to the buffalo ranch last weekend and picked up a package of 6 burgers. That was the smallest pkg they had. HOWEVER, they are pretty pricey, cost me $16.66 so this isn't something I'll have very often cause they are so expensive and Rob isn't interested in them at all. Did walk back to the field to see the herd, darned impressive they were!.

Ok - let's rock this thing. Get your MOJO and your attitude girls!!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Morning Girls! Firing??? What did I miss? Did you fire yourself but it didn't take? LOL OMG, what a hoot!.

Well jumped on the scale this morning and it was UGLY! Not changing the ticker either. I'm up 2.6 pounds from the last time I weighed...weeks ago! I hate this. I think I'm doing so well until weigh in day. I tried to be so good in CA when I was there but without the food and winging it, I thought I had it all in hand. NOT!.

Well today is another day. I found a box of pancakes and shakes hidden on the shelf along with the brownies and ice cream so I'm gonna make those for breakfast today and then shake it until my afternoon snack when I'll have a brownie and then ice cream for evening snack. Dinner will be grilled chicken and salad..normal for me..

ARRRRGGGG, I am just so mad at myself for this gain and I thought I was doing so well. Oh well, another day, another meal! LOL.

Have a great day's freezing here!..

Comment #2

Monica - no on the albertson's here. I'll have to look at the pkg to see what the price per pound is. Never had elk or deer and not sure I could but then again never thought I would do buffalo either (LOL).

Ali - come on!! 2 up is not much, it will go away, same with you Monica. My weigh last Wednesday was the same, no up/no we'll see this week..

Ho hum.......danged work days, I could be doing so many other things or doing nothing but guess that won't pay the mortgage!..

Comment #3

Ali up 2.6 after weeks, heck I do that in one day and it takes all week or more for it to finally go away again..

Charly elk is a lot like buffalo very lean even close to the same flavor most of the time, depending on what it's been eating. Flavor can differ just like wild caught and farm raised fish can..

Off and running here at work fun catching up after being sick 2 days..

Comment #4

Ok girls : 100+oz of water down, 1 packet left and heading to spinning soon. Work day is done. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel more like working (LOL)..

Comment #5

Well it's almost 7pm...don't have my afternoon, L/G or my evening snack in. Long day! Did get in a ton of water but the food part of the day was a bust..

Will be going to bed early tonight..worked harder at my nephews house then I do at my own..

Have a great night ladies, I'm off to watch Hawaii 5-0!..

Comment #6


Ali - how is your nephew feeling?.

Tuesday....I've nothing much of value to write......I know I need to get a better attitude. I swear it feels like cybil is in this house. I thought I had it under control last night but I didn't. Maybe I'll do better tonite, for whatever reason and I don't really care to analyze what the reason is, Rob is irritating me terribly. It's not PMS that much I do know........

Oh well, here's to a better day. Medifast wise it was good yesterday, I'll attempt a repeat performance of that today..

Have a good one!..

Comment #7

Good Morning.

Charly I'm blaming the dark, I really hate it's dark before I get home, definetly affects my mood. I've even started taking some D just to help, hopefully it does. I should get one of those lights, I saw a little portable one on Amazon I may get after my bank accounts recover from last weekend sheesh can't believe I went that crazy LOL..

OK scale is going the right way for a it hope it keeps doing that for weigh in friday, Medifast doing well with my added food so am going to keep it at this range for a bit..

Ali glad your able to help out your nephew, hope you got some rest last night, in your bed not the couch LOL ..

OK off and running, didn't make much headway yesterday, hard coming back after 2 days of not working. Thanksgiving snuck up on me I've got to get to Sam's this week and get turkeys and cards for Christmas, just love that job LOL.

Check back later..

Comment #8

Morning Girls!.

Crap day to start! Nothing is going right this morning. Cut a huge chunk of skin out of my index finger this morning, it was nasty, that started at 5am. Bandaged that up and went to dump the coffee grounds in the garbage to clean out the pot and the filter thingie slipped out of my hand and went all over the wood floor..another mess. Let's see....had some chicken breast defrosting in the fridge to bake today, put them in the oven and forgot to turn the dang thing on for almost a half hour. Where in the he L L is my brain this morning?.

Charly, Monica could be right, might be seasonal affective disorder syndrome (SADS) from the dark. The minute the clocks change and it's dark at 4pm, I start thinking of snow and ice! YUCK! I just looked up the symptoms..Holy Moly I think I have it..

Especially the weight gain part!.

Fall and winter seasonal affective disorder (winter depression).

Winter-onset seasonal affective disorder symptoms include:.

* Depression.

* Hopelessness.

* Anxiety.

* Loss of energy.

* Social withdrawal.

* Oversleeping.

* Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed.

* Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates.

* Weight gain.

* Difficulty concentrating and processing information.

Hey you guys have a great day..I'm off to help the nephew again. Taking him to WalMart for some food...roommate is gone for 4 months on a job assignment and we have to move some furniture around so that he can get around without too much trouble on the crutches. His bedroom is downstairs with his tv and the family room and bath with shower but the kitchen and cooking is up two flights of stairs. Going to move my little microwave over there and fix him a mini kitchen in the family room..

Medical update on him: Dr. said he's doing great...only a few more weeks on the crutches and he should be able to walk without them.. PRAISE JESUS!.

Catch you girls later......

Comment #9

Carp got to work and it snowed here, a light dusting but snow none the less yuck, unless it snows enough I can stay home then it's OK LOL.

Ali hope your day gets better, really quick LOL..

Comment #10


Ali - did your day smooth out? (LOL) it was rough huh?!.

Monica - snow? oh gosh, I so hate to see that happen here!.

Not much rolling here. Trying to wrap my head around the 'tastefully simple, thirty-one' party I am having Saturday. 18 rsvps for attendance and I KNOW most of those are for curiousity of where I live/how I live (LOL). I'll be serving up tuna/chicken salad sandwiches, veggie tray, pretzels and water/iced tea. Sort of excited but more nervous really. For the tastefully simple piece I will be baking and stirring up dips and such Friday evening.

Rob will entertain Charlie on Saturday so I don't have to worry about that. Not crazy about the food portion of the party but hey, just cause it's here doesn't mean I have to eat it. Veggie tray will save me..

Last evening was much better than Sunday/Monday so hopefully I'm getting 'Cybil' in check (LOL)..

MF'n going good......surprisingly :-)..

Comment #11


Just looked up Tastefully simple never heard of it before, hope it's a great party.

Well my mac bite the dust and needs a new motherboard.

It would be cheaper to buy a new one. So am on the hunt for a new computer (this is a small notebook, ok as a side but not so good as the main dish LOL) I think I'll get a laptop instead of a desk one. I really like being able to sit on the couch rather then at the desk, not to mention getting rid of the desk will give me some more room in the dining room. So the search is on..

Ali hope today is a better day.

I'm off and running I hope LOL boss is gone for the next 3 days..

Comment #12

Morning Girls! The rest of my day wasn't any better. I am actually typing/correcting with band-aids on 3 fingers now. Stabbed the other two with the phillips screwdriver removing those nasty mini blinds in my nephews bedroom. Didn't think the first one was bleeding that bad until I saw red on the dust rag I was using to get the dust bunny's off the wall. Guys live like pigs! LOL Got home at 11pm and my back was killing me. It was funny, I laid down on his bed while I was waiting for some clothes to dry and I fell of his friends came in..female and all I heard him say was "are you kidding me..this isn't a flop Aunt just cleaned this and it's staying this way, find somewhere else to hang out." LOL Too funny! When I got up he said, that girl eats all the food and makes a mess..I don't want her here! To be young again!.

Ewwww, Tastefully Simple..YUM but you're right..veggies are the only way to go. I remember the one my niece had..only ate veggies. Love food demos but my body doesn't..

Monica I went laptop only and it's great. I really have no need for a desktop any longer and the laptop sits on the kitchen table and then moves downstairs with me at night. I have it hooked to a wireless promo from Apple when I bought it so that works out well.. When I need to print photos on my Kodak printer I just plug it in. I still have my desk downstairs, but it's one of those smaller ones that I got from Ikea a few years ago so it doesn't take up that much's actually a piece of furniture in an already barren room. (The thought of moving made me do that) LOL.

Snow???? Oh HE L L no! It's cold enough out but I'm really not looking forward to that..

Another day on MF, didn't do well yesterday, missed 3 meals including my L/G. When I'm out of the house and busy, I just couldn't be bothered..

Have a great day back later!..

Comment #13

Ali - I think you need to go back on vacation, it's safer for you (ROFL)..

Comment #14

LOL Ali that's one of the first things I did on my new house take down all the mini blinds, I hate those things. One thing to say Power tools LMAO I love to play with my power drill..

Got all the turkeys for everyone and a few hundred other odds and ends for the shop. now just have to finish payroll and hopefully get some filing in..

Best get crackin..

Comment #15

The cordless drill at his house wasn't charged...go figure! LOL.

Hey did either of you see the article on the professor that lost 27 pounds on the Twinkie Diet..interesting reading. Boils down to calories in/out. So my problem must be too many calories in the carbs that I'm shoving in my face. LOL Something I always knew..

Here's the link to the article on CNN....


Talk to you in a little while..

Comment #16

Morning Moxie girls!!.

Ok, twinkie diet, that's just damm wierd and thats all there is to it. I think that as long as I'll live I'll never truly understand this calorie in/out thing. My trainer at the gym says that 1 spin class at a minimum burns 500 that's a helluva a lot of calories. If that's true then at the end of 1 spin class anything I have consumed for the day is gone!! But what is so frustrating is that to get a good fat burn you need to push your muscles so that means weight training. It's a mish/mash and I have all the respect in the world of trainers but come ON we aren't all that way..

Rant done, stepping down off diamond encrusted soap box (LOL).

I have a girly drill, but alas not too many chances to use it around here (LOL). Hey good news, Cybil wasn't here again last night, that's 2 nites in a row WOOHOO..

Mom and Dad will be coming here for thanksgiving dinner. It will only be us four. Which is sad but it is what it is. My older sister is 1/2 nuts so she stays away, has for almost 2 years, my younger sister and her husband just like to stay home, my brother thinks he is above driving home (he's 5 hours away now) for the weekend. As I say and will always say, I'll always spend the holidays with my parents until the day comes that they are not here to spend them with. I guess for me it all comes down to knowing you did what you had to do and can live with yourself and sleep at night..

Thursday, grocery shopping for my party and I'd like to stop in and get a manicure and my nails polished, but we'll see. Tomorrow after work is a salon appointment. Good-bye gray, trim and put some texture back into the cut and then hello sassiness (ROFL).. it's best!! (ROFLMAO)..

Comment #17

Morning Girls!.

Charly you are way too funny in the morning! I could never understand the calories in/out thing either but my sister-in-law always does it that way and loses. She's a junk food junkie, so when she diets that all she eats, like the Twinkie guy and she always loses. I don't know I just found it interesting that someone could lose that amount of weight eating crap for two months. HE LL we eat 1/2 the calories in a day that he did and look how we struggle and you exercise over 1/2 that caloric amount away. Something ain't right. Niece is down another 2 pounds to 56 now....

, which just doesn't seem fair. Oh well off the box for a day or so..

So glad that you are doing better at night! I bought a new brand of melatonin with some stress stuff in it, seemed to work last night. Took it and went to BED at 9:30, woke up at 5am..

Thanksgiving, let's see. My nasty sister has it but I go to my older brother's house. My younger brother and his wife go to her Mom's. My Mom goes to my sister's so I won't see her all day. I'll go over on Crazy Friday while everyone else is hitting the malls...not happening with me this year. Internet shopping and the UPS dude, that's me.

Freezing outside this morning..burrrrr! Time to put the electric blanket back on the bed!.

Have a great day, Charly and to you later!..

Comment #18

Morning Ali and Charly.

I got nothin today LOL just getting through it..

New computer comes tomorrow so will have to play with that.

Have a great day.

I don't get cal in and out either, my scale went up again, hope it goes down by tomorrow..

Comment #19


You know how your hair will look really good that day before or the day of a salon appointment and then you sort of think 'maybe I could cancel and wait a bit longer, it looks so nice'. Well that DID NOT happen so I'll be keeping my appointment this evening!! (ROFLMAO).

All is well here. Funny how I seem to do better foodwise when I don't pay as close attention, why is that?!..

Comment #20

Morning Girls!.

Oh I never cancel those hair appointments only because I wait too long to begin with when making one. I have to get my hair cut every 4 weeks because it grows so fast..well believe me unless I'm going on a vacation or something, it doesn't get cut every 4 weeks.LOL I can normally tell when I can't blow dry the top of my hair the right way, the rest of it just air dries..I have naturally curly/waves..

Charly when I pay no attention to what I'm doing, I normally don't eat the required 5/1. If I'm busy I skip's all in my laziness not wanting to stop what I'm doing. I just wish I could eat three normal meals a day and lose weight but do we really know what "normal" is? LOL.

Monica hope you have a great to you girls later..

NA have a fun time out there!.

Hey what's going on with Patti and Sandy?..

Comment #21

Morning Ladies.

LOL Ali I'm with you on the waiting too long, I usually get my hair cut maybe twice a year. Even my hair dresser says every time I come in it's a project not a hair cut. It's usually 3 weeks hate it 1 week love it till I just can't stand it any more. I should get it cut again but probably won't, it's almost right in my eyes now so will hate it for awhile..

I do better too when I'm a bit relaxed about food, but then it doesn't take much to get too relaxed and defeat the whole purpose. At least the scale was down a bit today, down almost 2#'s from last weeks WI but only .6 down from the week before so in 2 weeks I've lost half a pound.

Just love this stuff. Well maybe tomorrow I'll get down to 183 again like last week, I really hate losing the sames pounds over and over again..

Ok am going to try and leave a little early today so I maybe can be home when my new computer arrives. Am kind of interested in see how Windows 7 is full bore, my notebook has it but just a starter version not all the bell and whistles..

Have a GRAND day all.

Huggs to Patti and Sandy too.

NA hope your trip is going well..

Comment #22

Hey Girls!.

Long, long day! Worked in the yard all day and it was freezing out there. Had to get the lawn cut for the last time, pulled some more things up and raked the idiots leaves from next door off my lawn..

I'm dragging!.

Didn't eat well at all today! Wanted soup so bad with the cold that I opened a can of Healthy Choice vegetable and ate the entire thing. Don't really care either. Noticed today that the pants are starting to get snug in the waist..not a good sign. The holiday depression is setting in early this year. This isn't a good time of year for me and it's worse this year with the "child" gone. Oh well!.

Have a good night! Talk to you all in the morning!..

Comment #23


Ali - hardworker yard girl. I think I'd have to dump the leaves on their doorstep....'nuf said. I too like the comfort foods but seriously perhaps it's water retention, don't get depressed about it. I doubt you blew the world up with one can of soup, sounds dammed yummy. I made beef/noodles for Rob this week and didn't indulge but it sure was tempting. Those are the types of foods that go with this type of weather..

Monica - hows the new PC ? I'd like to have a new one but as long as this one keeps chugging, I won't..

Salon appt went well. I'm a definite every 6 weeks girl, I've been that way for many many years. 8 weeks is the max. I'm wondering if I have a dental issue. The last root canal done on me was always a little questionable (done at beginning of the year) and though everything shows good on an xray I feel discomfort in the gum line and up into the sinus. No noteable swelling but certainly is mindful of that type of thing.

The good part is that when I do go to the dentist I bring it to their attention. When I was in there recently they did an xray of it and assured me the xray was clean. He did say however that once in a while (not very often) that a completed root canal can have an issue. It will be my luck that I'm that person.......that won't make me happy. I always ask what type of warranty comes with it because I paid cash (in excess of $1500) and that there had better be some warranty paragraph somewhere.

I so hate dentists..........

Heading to pilates and then spinning and then back here to put the final touches on the party. I have a confirmed 13. I wish someone else would show up to have an 'even number' it looks/sounds better (ROFL)..

Hugs to ya!!..

Comment #24

Morning Girls!.

Ahhh Charly I wish it were that easy for me at this time of the year. Ever since my husband died, the Holidays just aren't the same and this year it will be worse because the child won't be here either. My family is here, but it's not the same as having your only child spend it with you. Most likely I'll be home, alone but that's fine with me. I like being by myself. I might also jump on a plane and go somewhere warm too, never know what December will bring..

Have had some feelers out for a new job, not in the graphics end like I was trained but something in the medical field. I have been looking at schools for pharmacy tech, 15 month program. They are building a new hospital by me so it might be something I would like to do. Not sure exactly what I want to do..

Charly funny you should mention dental...woke this morning with an ache on my gum line for a tooth that hasn't a root canal. Would only figure right before the holidays but then again my endodontist looks like Carter from ER. It's worth the trip. LOL Will see what happens later today. It might be from the "ice cream" I had last night as my last Medifast meal. I have sensitive teeth, always have and the ice cream kills me but it's good going down.

Monica hope the new "puter" is working out well. I had Vista on my laptop but when I had the hard drive replaced and gave it to my daughter, I had Windows 7 installed also....too many Vista issues. My daughter really likes it, says it's a lot easier than Vista..

Charly hope your demo tonight is a success. Always love those things. Hey if you're looking for number 14, both my nieces are in in Columbus and the other in Cleveland at some football thing with their sons. I could have them drop down. LOL Just kidding..the one niece is the 56 pounder loss on that shake stuff. The other niece has only been over her 120 pounds with her 3 pregnancies.


Have a great day girls..stay warm it's cold out there! Burrrr! Frost on the ground this morning...

Comment #25


New puter is great but what a PITA getting it set up without being able to pull stuff off my old one. Windows 7 is the only reason I got an HP otherwise I would have gone totally into debt getting another mac, Vista is why I got a mac to start with LOL I DESPISE it.

Hot soup is easy on Medifast Charly, I got some low sodium broth and added zucc and broccoli slaw, portabella mushrooms, lots of chicken and beef. nummers may have to pull some out, froze some. Then I add cabbage to it after it's hot for crunch just awesome..

I don't really do Holidays, occasionally I'll go to my sis's but usually just spend the day at home just like any other day off. With the exception of Christmas and I've made a tradition of going to visit my folks' grave that day. Since my Dad's Bday was 12/24 and my Mom's was 1/1 I decorate their grave with Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas..

Charly have a great time with your party 13 is the only odd number I really like LOL.

Ok back to work on this thing, have to remember all my bookmarks this could be a long day LOL..

Comment #26

CHARLY TRUMP - So you didn't get any respect from Monday? You are just going to have to take fireing lessons from the man himself. LOL On second thought, please don't. I can't stand him. LOL NA..

Comment #27

Morning Girls!.

NA so nice to see you post...hope all is going well on the trip? Be safe!.

Charly hope the demos went well?.

It's gloomy, cloudy and dark here, looking like snow, winter weather everyday now..

Nothing new to report from this end of the US..boring!.

Have a great day's the last race of the NASCAR season so I'll be glued to the TV..

Talk to you all later......

Comment #28


The day was a total success and how darn fun! Who cares that when all the girls left I had to vaccum and mop up after them? It was total chaos, laughter and just plain good fun. What a wonderful time was had. I tell ya, I thought women didn't eat much, I know I don't but these gals ATE and ATE and ATE!! I had a total of 18 including me. I was exhausted. Put my jammies on and was on the sofa covered up @ 8:30, slept there until 10 and then went to bed and slept until 7a!!.

Today is a bit of laundry and my grocery shopping for TG dinner here. Prefer to do that today and not be in the store in the evenings this week..

Ali - Rob too will be tied to the TV today for the race and he should be. I know he's tired as well..

Still some discomfort achiness for this possible tooth issue but aspirin does seem to help, I'm suxing it up (replace 'x' in that word with 'ck' and you get the picture..


Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.