On the Medifast Diet, how many points is Kool Aid?

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First question I have is On the Medifast Diet, how many points is Kool Aid? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: Morning girls!!.

Wow, look how this month is flying by!! Is that crazy or what?!.

Got everything accomplished plus a bit more that I set out to do yesterday. Rob is almost finished laying the pavers for the little bit of area close to the deck, he worked like a dog on that yesterday. Come to find out it's 'peer pressure' that is getting that done. With his BIL constructing the new building seems a bit of male 'jabbing' was said last week, guess he thought he needs to 'show them'. Doesn't matter. This was all his idea anyway, he asks for my input as a courtesy but never incorporates my ideas or thoughts.

Ok Ali - let's do this. 5&1 today, me and you. We're going to get through this one day at a time. Let's 'blitz' as they call it. My shakes lately are 'shake cakes' as I don't care to have a cold drink. So here is what I'm doing today note that the 'L' part of the L&G is blank, as I haven't decided it yet but rest assured, it will be either chicken, tuna or shrimp.

Exceeding the 64oz. of water is never an issue for me but be sure to drink up!!.


Hot coco.

Chicken noodle soup with 1 wedge of LC cheese.

Shake cake (either made with dutch chocolate or the swiss chocolate).

L&G will be salad with 'L' to be determined.

Shake cake (either made with dutch chocolate or the swiss chocolate).

Water water water.

Tell me Ali what will you have? We WILL do this......seriously!!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Morning Girls!.

Charly...YES we can do this! I didn't even jump on the scale this morning, was afraid..

I do so well during the day, night is killing me. And that family party didn't help either but it's my own fault. I used to tell people NO, now I'm just caving. At least this time I realized where this was headed and I am stopping it today. Thank goodness I just got my new order in last week..

Food for today...hmmmm....


Cappuccino (It's cold out today, I'll heat it up).

Chicken Noodle Soup with some extra chicken bouillon.

Honey Mustard Pretzels with a LC wedge..sorta lovin those tomato basil ones.

Chicken breast on the grill with salad.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

Water is never an issue, I drink tons of it but the last few days, I have NOT done that. I just have to get my head out of my fanny with this and keep on going..


Thank Buddy for the pep talk, I needed it..

Shout out's to Monica, Patti, NA and Sandy. Hope you all had a great weekend..

Talk to you all later!..

Comment #2

Morning ladies.

Woke up with the headache from hades this am, beginning to think I have a sinus problem going on or I'm trying to get sick. Spent my weekend being a bum playing computer games LOL.

Charly I get what your saying about BC athletic body is much harder to maintain too..

Guess I'll join you and Ali in hitting it hard, I'm up about 7 since I switched my HRT from cream to pills and it's not going away.

I have enough food for about 2 months, will see where that leaves me. I'll be mixing Medifast and NLS (new life style they are close, not as good as Medifast just different foods) since I already got the headache LOL.

Lets see today I will.


Pretzel sticks.

Sloopy joe NLS.

Cucumbers and a shake or puddig.

LG no idea what.


Ali hope your not to frozen this am, supposed to get colder here sometime, but holding with some nice temps no heater yet surprisingly enough. Did turn it on at work the other day but mainly because they had the air set at 68?????? crazy.

Patti your days wear me out LOL Glad your back is doing better..

OK time to get moving laters..

Comment #3

WOOHOO I love this!! Partnerships on the 5&1 blitz can only mean total success for all of us. I'm having my hot coco now, LOVE THAT STUFF. And the decision for my 'L' is pork tenderloin, pulled it out of the freezer and is thawing now. Will grill, Rob will eat it as well............

I tell ya, this can ONLY mean sucess for all of us!! I'll be checking back after work. I'm 64 oz of water into the day........rock'm on SISTERS!!!..

Comment #4

LOL Charly your too much BUT I have to admit, deciding this AM to go back on the 5&1 I do feel pretty good. Even so far as thinking I might really get down more LOL well can hope anyway at most I should get back down to where I was and have been for the last 2 years..

Comment #5

HEY we will do this again...we did it before, didn't we? My cappuccino was a COLD one, forgot about warming it and added ice to it. Wasn't bad, I make mine with cold coffee..

WE ARE COMMITTED!! I know I'll feel better as soon as these next 2 days are over. I just have to keep thinking to myself that I did this before and let it get so out of hand and I promised myself I wouldn't do it again. Hell, none of my clothes fit after the last time..

So...we will ROCK ON!!.

Ewwww pork tenderloin sounds wonderful. I'm thinking tomorrow if the cold wave keeps up, I'm going to make some kind of meat I can do in the oven...pork sound like a great idea..Off to Costco!.


Comment #6

See! See! Infectious!! It's already working it's MOXIE MOJO on us. Me back to watching the clock again....21mins to soup (ROFLMAO).

Round'm up sisters and tell everybody to get the helloutta our way........we're on the move!!..

Comment #7

LMAO I have 1:40 to go.

May have to pull out the cucumbers.

Should never post what I think I"m going to have very seldom what I end up with.

Cappy (you made it sound so good Ali).

Carmel nut bar.

3rd meal will probably stay the sloppy joe mix need something warm..

Comment #8

OMG! You both are killing me! Round'm up? What a hoot!!!.

Just downed the soup! It was yummy! Three meals down!.

Ok here's a dumb brunette moment. The ice cream packages and the brownie packs are the same flippen, burgandy color. Without looking this morning, thinking I had a brownie pack..put three tbls of coffee in it, stirred it up really well, threw it in the microwave and YUCKO!!! It was peanut butter ice cream mix. Guess I need to pay more attention to the packets. LOL.

Ok, that's my dumb moment for the day! Yeah right!!..

Comment #9

ORRRRRRRR perhaps be more awake (ROFL).

I'm 3 in for the day as well. Monica - SJ mix sounds yummy and warm..

Soup was good, Charlie licked the bowl then proceeded to carry the bowl into his Charlie bed and nap with it..

Comment #10

It's not to bad and I need something I can eat since I still can not eat Medifast soups except as bread or chips. Nothing beats Medifast but I so needed to change up and NLSD gives me some change up. I'm not a sweets person most of the time, so shakes, shake cakes, puddings, ice cream and brownies just ain't doing it, so don't have much choice but to sub out some of the meals..

Plus they have a sour cream and onion cheerio type snack that counts as a meal and is da bomb LOL..

Comment #11








!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Vegetarian sloppy joe.

Calories 90, Protein 12g, Carbs 12g, Fat 0.5g, Sugar 3g, Sodium 500mg.

Not nearly the vitamins Medifast has..

Comment #12

Bottom line, carbs are my evil. I know that and still at times insist on not paying attention to them..

I'm with you Ali I won't get on the scale cause it won't make a difference. I need a different body composition without totally letting go of all the toning I've got now....PITA (pain in the a&&) 100%. Once I work thru some of the Medifast I may venture to the place you went to Monica, give it a spin. Ok, outta here to run to the base to pick up a script...

Comment #13

Carbs (for me) aren't bad unless I"m MFin of course LOL but I'm finding I'm watching the carbs more then the calories and fats. Just have to watch where they come from LOL at least I didn't make the black bean brownies this weekend like I had planned, major healthy alternative and surprisingly good too. Brownies are one of my big downfalls but Medifast ones just don't even do it for me, I have 6 of the one box I bought. The ice cream I will probably do as a shake, I love the mango just don't do ice cream...

Comment #14

CARBS??? HELLO that's what got me to the size I am/was. Hi my name is Ali and I'm a carboholic! OMG, that's me. That's why I gain weight..not from eating too much protein, it's the bread, chips, cakes and candy. That is why WWatchers isn't working for me at this stage of my life...too many carb choices to make..

Now the Honey Mustard pretzels and the ice cream...YUM! The only soups I eat are the tomato, I make it into these mini bread things that I put Laughing Cow on and the chicken noodle..can't do any of the other ones..

Well, I have Medifast meal number 4 in and it was darn good too! Pretzels with LC tomato basil cheese to dip them in. LOL.

SCALE?? OH HE&& NO! I ain't even looking at that thing for another few weeks...Charly you are so right, it won't make any difference what it says, I know how my clothes are fitting..

March on girls....we are 1/2 through with this day!.

And to make matters worse..I'm sitting here watching Barefoot Contessa making these Sticky Bun things from puff pastry..AHHHHH!!!..

Comment #15

Oh HELLNO, turn that DAMM thing off Ali , I agree with Monica!!.

Ok, grill is heating for the pork and I've changed my mind, will have steamed broccoli.......yummy from one of those steamable bags. AND I have 1 moe packet for later while watching TV.........

THIS IS FUNNNNNNNNNNN!! WOOHOO - great job Ali &'s true what they say, MISERY LOVES COMPANY!!!..

Comment #16

One more to go and then it will be DAY DONE and we ROCKED IT!!!..

Comment #17

I'm still open on my L&G need to go see whats in the freezer, mmmmmm I have some teriyaki steel head trout and salad. Probably to much salt but boy it's really good.

OK made myself hungry LOL then a bar for the last one...

Comment #18

Morning Morning!!.

I'm a creature of habit so my meals won't change today except the L&G. I'll have a salad with steak strips (out of the bag) when I return from BC. Yesterday I fixed my oatmeal and got into such a work groove that it was an hour later when I remembered it was sitting on the counter. Zapped it for some heat and ate it anyway!!.

Let's DO IT AGAIN today girls, can't wait for that 'crappy feeling' to hit soon so it can get here and go away (ROFL)..

Comment #19

Good Morning Ladies.

Nothing much going on here. just need to shower and get moving..

I'll make an oatmeal muffin this am, then toss in a variety of packets and see what trips my trigger later for my meals. I'll also throw in my cucumbers, some lot fat cheese and some roasted chicken, that will give me the options I need if I start feeling like I'm going to starve to death LOL.

What I really need to do is up my water, getting enough but could do much better..

Time to get moving Laters..

Comment #20

Morning Girls....

Like Charly, I'm a creature of habit so it'll be a brownie, shake, soup, pretzels and ice cream. Had a chicken chili lime burger with my salad last night. Love those things from Trader Joe's. Today I'll bake some chicken breasts for the much easier that way. Got through yesterday easier than I thought I would. Have to run and buy more water, thought I had another case in the pantry..none there.

Coffee pot just peeped..time for the first one..

Talk to you all later....

Comment #21

Ali - funny you should mention the cl burgers from TJ. I was thinking of that yesterday. Haven't ever tried them but have seen a few peeps on Medifast that talk about them. We don't have a TJ near us but a trip to the 'city' (Columbus) and I know where there is one could be on my list of travels this weekend. Have to go to Dad's to see that all is ok there this weekend but could still manage a trip to Columbus to keep me positive and looking forward to something new..

Monica - good idea, throw in variety and then you have a choice to suit the mood of the moment when the clock hits 'FOOD TIME' (LOL).

Pondering an issue regarding my Dad and his money. He doesn't have as much as he thinks he does and I know he's calling me this morning regarding changes he's made in his funeral arrangements which will cost more money. I'm expecting that to be a couple thousand more and he also has his insurance coming due next month and that's $2k so informing him of what he truly has money wise and what he needs isn't going to be pretty. I'm sure I can work an arrangement with the funeral home to make payments on the additional costs but Dad will throw a fit about that and my heart just isn't into listening to the fit today. Welcome to my life............makes me sign heavy at times...

Comment #22

Charly don't go into Trader Joe's just for those burgers...they are out of them most of the time. It's a hit or miss type of thing, same as Costco and Sam's. I try to find different things in there to eat, just can't justify the amount of money they charge for stuff. When I was eating "everything" cost didn't seem to matter, but now that I can't have most of that stuff, I run in to see if they have burgers and I'm out the door. Ewwww, another thing to look for, they have the peppers, red, yellow and green bell peppers strips. $1.69 a bag for 16oz.

They are in the freezer section...Melange `a Trois...LOL And if you eat fish..they have these great Mahi Mahi Burgers...ewwwwww they are yum! Ok that constitutes my shopping tips for the day..

Now for your Dad..wouldn't want to be in your shoes with that one. Thankful that my Mom has all that stuff already in order..plot is bought and paid for next to my Dad but as far as the other stuff is concerned, she knows how much can be spent and she has lists in her desk, her will is done so she has a good handle on it. Good Luck with your Dad today..

Ate my brownie, shake and my soup are "soaking." LOL.

Talk to you all later.....

Comment #23

Ali - thanks for the advice on the shopping @ TJ and the other ideas.....I like all the peppers except the green ones, they just make my tummy angry..

Dad doesn't seem to have a concept of what he spends, kills me. High dollar items have to come through me (anything over $200) so I can normally keep it in check. He has his funeral planned/paid for and has been for 3 years. Yesterday he decides he wants to 'change some things' up. He's gone away from his cremation to not cremation which now adds extra costs of a casket and a vault. Plots/headstones have been done for many years.

Don't mind, his decision but it's all money...

Comment #24

Charly don't envy you the talk with your Dad, funeral thing isn't something you can change back either. Hope is goes well..

I was so looking forward to those burgers when I finally found them at TJ and I didn't care for them at all, think is was the chicken burger part, have a problem with chicken that way for some reason. I can do turkey burgers but not ground chicken. I can't do my fish in burgers either LOL even the minced fish sticks just gross me out and I love fish. I like getting the packages that have the fillets individually packaged, so easy to grab one and toss it in the toaster oven. Bag of veggie in the micro and dinner in 20 or less..

Ok guess I have to work, not going to stress, keep telling myself that..

Comment #25

Monica - I'm with you, nothing but turkey for me in a burger format, not shredded chicken or anything like that weird fro my brain (LOL)..

Comment #26

Ok - I'm headed to make 2 shake cakes with my remaining 2 packets of the day. One to eat on the way to BC and one ready for later this evening..

Not looking foward to BC but heck with only 2 weeks left (6 sessions) I can hang. Feeling pretty good but curious to see how my body reacts after being sick last week. Think I'll take my tissue box and put it beside me during the workout (LOL).

Got the additional dollar amount on the gig with my Dad now I just have to figure out how to pay it...

Comment #27

Hi Friends - I'll get caught up soon, but wanted to drop in and say hi and how are you?.

We have been to Lassen National Park for a week and then we visited relatives in Sparks, NV. Today we toured Virginia City, NV - - an old mining town. We will take a steam train ride tomorrow and then head to Merced, where Roger's brother lives..

We are having trouble with our motor home heater, so we won't probably take it to Yosemite National Park. The park is only an hour from where Lloyd lives, so we will just do a couple of day trips. It will be really cold there and without the heater we would be miserable..

Having a great time and seeing wonderful things. NA..

Comment #28

OH OH it's an NA sighting!! (LOL).

NA - stay safe and watch out for those bears!!.

Morning girls!!.

Ali - how did you do yesterday?.

Monica - how 'bout you,all good?.

Pattishakes - where are you?.

All is well here. BC wasn't nearly as torturous as I had expected, I even got hugs from people, thought that was interesting. A bit of labored breathing but all in all I was able to command the body to do the craziness needed..

5&1 100% again yesterday, I can't believe how much better I feel mentally since I know I'm doing as I should. I don't think I was off track badly but enough to make me mentally unstable and hating my body. Clothes still fit, nothing snug just a mindframe I guess, ONWARD with the blitzing though, if it makes me feel better mentally then hellisn't that what matters?.

Interesting what missing 1 week at the gym does to me mentally. I'll be back..yep, that's a promise and a threat (ROFL)..

Comment #29

Morning Girls! A "NA" sighting...this is wonderful!.

Have a great trip and hope that heater doesn't give you anymore problems. You are missed when you aren't here with us daily..

Oh yeah, I was 100% yesterday also. Do I feel better? NOPE! My body must be getting used to this stuff. No headache, no nothing. Went to my brother's house and the sister-in-law made this pork roast in the "set it and forget it" cooker. Hey that thing is a pretty neat invention. Roast was good, had broccoli while they were all eating garlic roasted potatoes but I didn't even want any of those.

Anywho, I guess I'm just tired of this, that's all. I won't go off like I did the last time, it's just it's never the same 7 months down the road as when you first get on MF. The excitement is gone. You've become used to that smaller you, the smaller clothes and your mindset wonders. I'm not giving up, just don't seem to be as "in to it" as I was..

March forward to today! Brownie, shake, soup, brownie and ice cream! Made 5 chicken breasts yesterday in the oven so I can have those all week on salad. My favorite..

Have a great day, will check in later....IT'S FREEZING HERE! Current temp...39 degrees!.

Toodles for now!..

Comment #30

Ali - I so GET what you are saying. Boredom, no excitement, same 'ol same in the game. Wonder why it happens like that? After I ran the 10k at the base I didn't have the same euphoric feeling as I did last year doing the 5k, tried to get there but never did. All I could think was 'glad it's over and wth made me think I needed to do that in the 1st place?".

Today is Oatmeal, hot coco, chick soup, 2 shake cakes and L&G not sure. Salad for the G part most likely. way of knowing at this moment..

Hugs and smoochies girlfriends!..

Comment #31

Changed the menu!! LOL Forgot I had pancakes "soaking" since yesterday! Duh! Nice change of pace...had a bar for the morning snack, which I shouldn't have done because they don't seem to hold me for a long period of time..

Charly you are so right...boredom has set in. I'll feel better in a week or so, hopefully!.


Comment #32

On course here too, well sort of LOL lacking in food though, I had drum practice last night so didn't get a full L&G. Had about 4 ozs of chicken and probably only 1 veggie serving maybe 1 1/2. Think it kind of even out as I had a pickle and some cheese as a snack. I only had about half an hour at home before I had drums then had to stop at wally's and still had a Medifast meal the get down at home. Not getting all my meals in has always been a problem..

I"m starving and hour before a meal so I distract myself next thing I know I'm an hour late eating. What did I have yesterday oatmeal muffin, NLD bar, NLD cheesy mac, NLD bar, little bit of chicken and some cucumbers, then an Medifast pudding..

Today so far a shake cake and eating some nacho puffs now, I brought some greek yogurt and cucks probably have a loaded cappy for a mid. If I eat the yogurt for lunch that's a full lean (which will put me over on my lean didn't have egg beater for the shake cake so used an egg) so will have my G as broc maybe with a bit of cheese on it, with a NLD shake then probably if I can eat a NLD pudding they have a cheese cake one that's really good and smaller portion..

I totally get the no excitement thing, I am amazed at how easy it is for me to get back on MF, I procrastinate like heck before starting, usually because I just bought goodies that I don't want to go bad, but once I do start it like why I was I stalling so bad, then I stall in the losses department and wonder why am I bothering LOL.

I've also decided this will be the last time, I will use up all my food (may order a little bit more NLD to get me to the end of my MF, but no more MF) That should be about 2 months with a month of transition. I know I can maintain just can't seem to get as low as I want too, now if I"m losing at the end of 2 month I may stay with NLD for another month but that will be it. Wonder if the boss still has his Southbeach book LOL.

OK need to do something constructive Laters.

NA wonderful seeing you enjoy your trip miss you.

Ali NA snet this to me and I emailed it to Charly and Patti, but don't have yours it's tres kewl.


Comment #33

I'm with you Monica, when this is gone, it's gone. Only great thing about it for me is that I don't have to think about lunch/breakfast/snacks so the Medifast really helps me there. I do/did pretty good but those evil carbs like to mock me and it freaks me out..

Im behind on water today so I'm gulping away, will be caught up shortly.......

Ali - how you doing today??..

Comment #34

Well Girls..I'm with you on this one..when it's gone, it's gone. I'm done ordering! I have about 2-2 1/2 months left so hopefully I will be down a few more pound by then. I can't keep this up much longer, cost wise is killing me now. I'll have to learn to do this without Medifast and learn to keep my carbs in check!.

Today has been a good day so far...haven't gotten in enough water though..

I'll be back later.....

Comment #35

Oh I know what I wanted to say...have you seen Alton Brown from the Food Network? I thought he was sick, he's so thin. Seems he went on low carb and dropped 50+ pounds. He needs to gain a little back, he's too skinny. Now if I could just stop watching that dang channel. LOL Hey I downloaded Belly Fat Cure to my iPad, interesting reading, endorsed by Dr. Oz...

Comment #36

Hey Ladies,.

You are all doing so well with your plans, love the upbeat mood!.

NA- Your travel sound like fun and a lot to see. Enjoy and take pictures!.

It has been busy here, Monica already knows this as I answered her email - Sparky the 15 yr. old doxie had surgery today, abscess tooth broke off, he 1/2 way swallowed it had to be knocked out and have the tooth pulled. He finally woke up, ate a plate of shredded chicken with broth and now is back to sleep, sounds like my husband! LOL.

It's still warm here in the afternoon, but mornings are cool..

I am wiped out so I will get ready for bed and wish you all a good evenng!..

Comment #37


Ali - I have seen him and did figure it was a weight loss but agree that he needs to bring his weight up a bit more..

Pattishakes - poor sparky, glad he was able to eat, bless his heart. Pop in often so we know what you're up to..

Missed my last evening packet, I wasn't hungry and bed was more appealing. Did get all that water in that I was behind on. Today, which is below is another 'habit' day :-).


Hot coco (i love this stuff).

Chicky soup.

Shake cake.

L&G will be steak strips in salad (my go to meal after bc).

Shake cake.

Water water water.

And attitude (LOL)..

Comment #38

Morning Girls! Yesterday was a total flop, today is another day though. Have two cups of coffee in me already, working on number 3..

Creature of habit meals for the day:.





Ice Cream.

L/G will most likely be grilled chicken salad since I grilled all the breasts the other day..

Not that ambitious today...was looking at college courses to take. Considering going back for something in the medical field. At least they will always be needed. Nothing in the "blood field"..thinking pharmacy tech..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #39

Ali - pharm tech would be AWESOME, I'd like to do that job. How much schooling does that take???..

Comment #40

Charly who knew that you would have to go to school to be a pharm tech? Years ago you could start at Walgreens and they trained you!.

The school I was looking at is a 15 month course but at least when I got done I would have a new occupation..

It's a private school, about 5 miles from my house. The community college in my district has a program also but it's not in the best of areas and I really don't feel like traveling on the tollway to get there in the winter snow. Of course the community college my daughter went to in my Mom's district doesn't have the program. I could have used my Mom's address for the in-district tuition...only figures..

I have to look down the road, what is a "needed" occupation, cuz the one I had just isn't working out any longer. There are a ton of graphic designers unemployed!.

Well, breakfast and morning snack are done....I need to get my car into the emission testing center. Just realized I can't buy my new license tag that expires next week until I pass the dumb emission test. ARRRGGHH!!.

Be back later.....

Comment #41

Well back from emission testing, passed that. Went to the DMV and got my new sticker for my plates. What a rip off...$112 for a license plate sticker..

When I was pulling into the emission testing some guy decided to cut ahead of me while we were lining I went to a different lane....I was out of the testing area before he even pulled his car in. LOL Jokes on him!.

Well, I'm off and running again! Talk to you all later!..

Comment #42

Man I'm a busy beaver today and not getting anything accomplished, but what else is new LOL At least I have enough money at work to cover some of the most pressing bills so my first thought when I wake up in the morning isn't about where to find money. It about time for some of my AR money to start showing up so I may squeak by another month. The boss knows and will loan the comp some money but that doesn't take care of the cash flow problem..

Ali have you checked into any grants or scholarships, I know they have some here for older peeps going back to work and such. Well my older age peeps LOL, just realized I have no idea how old you are or if I did it's gone now LOL.

Am almost on track today a bit late on my second meal, by 2 hours LOL, ate a carmel nut bar so think I will have my next meal on time. The bars just don't do it for me, I always fell hungrier after I eat one, so save those mostly for my last meal..

OK now to get some of my real work done..


Comment #43


Monica - you sound good, that makes me happy!.

Fell off yesterday, on today, I promise............


Comment #44

Morning Girls! Oh I FELL OFF BIG TIME yesterday! Won't even talk about is a different day! I think I might end of finding a job at night or on the afternoon shift where I can't get my hands on food. From 6pm on, I'm in trouble here...have to get a grip on it..

Monica like the new avatar!.

Well, I have to sit around and wait for UPS to get there today with a package I have to sign for...hate when they do that..

Frost on the ground this morning and it's cold outside. Furnace has been on and off all night..

Have a great day girls..check back in later!.


L/G today most likely will be....grilled chicken and salad...what a surprise! LOL.


Comment #45

So I"m the only good girl yesterday LOL.

Wouldn't be if I had any money. Ran an errand for the boss after work so was late getting home and kept trying to think of some place to stop and get dinner. limited funds and nothing sounding really good saved me. So just went home and had fish and green beans..

Probably be off tonight though but a good off, going for all you can eat crab, no doubt will go over on the butter (fat serving) and the crab (I can eat a LOT of crab LOL) but will also have a good salad, they usually only have corn and green beans on the buffet and both are canned so not for me. Everything will be Medifast today straight from the packet and trying for only a pickle for an extra, if I need it and go as easy as I can on the butter tonight. Should be not to far off and not going to worry about it to much either..

We are doing a team challenge on the Pinks, I had no intention of being a part of it, when I started monday LOL but they were uneven so said I would. It all works out I guess LOL.

OK work to do TGIF even if I have to clean carpets this weekend LOL..

Comment #46

Monica - what's the challenge? can we intrude, would it help us?.

Ali - my fall wasn't terrible but more a disappointment..

So far so good today - water, water, oatmeal, hot coco, water, chicky soup, water, shake cake coming, shake cake coming, salad and steak strips, water, water, water........

Should check the TP supply in the house (ROFLMAO)..

Comment #47

Would be nice if you could Charly.

We divided up the team into light and dark pinks, total weight of each team and the team that loses the most percentage wise, after a month wins..

Unfortunately Pink is a closed team, I'm not real happy about that, but some of the people on there I love dearly. So I'll suck it up for now..

Comment #48

No worries Monica, I'm really the only challenge I need..

Comment #49

LOL Charly.

I was ready to quit because of that, but what can you do.

The challenge will be fun, but I think I"m more psyched about this being the last time I'll do the 5&1. I'm so ready to get rid of all the boxes I have, taking up space and for some reason I feel this time I will lose, not the dang up and down I've done the last few times I went on the 5&1. If I don't......well at least I haven't wasted the money I spent I actually used it..

Time to start shutting it down, I'm ready for some CRAB everything I eat should be OP just no way to measure amounts.

LOL I wonder just how much crab would be 7 oz without the shells that could be a pretty big pile. Probably not big enough though LOL.

Laters Lovelies..

Comment #50

Enjoy Monica - sounds good..

Wrapping this day up as a success as I KNOW Ms. Ali will too!!!!! Won't you Ms. Ali?!..

Comment #51

Yes, I wrapped up the day a SUCCESS! Praise Jesus, I stayed OP all day long. Just walked in the door from my brothers house and I'm eating a last Medifast meal of the day. Drank all my water and more today. Yep, need to stop at the Super Walmart for some more tp. Was running low!.

Hope everyone is sleeping soundly? Chat in the morning..Nighty nite!..

Comment #52

Morning girls!!.

Great job Ali!! I knew you would do it..

I'm headed to my Dad's today, the financial talk and some inventory recording of some new 'weapons' he's purchased. (photos and serial numbers,etc). Not looking forward to the financial talk but at least have figured out how to pay these 2 large bills so I feel good about my decision on how to handle it. And a stern scolding to him about the money he's spending, it should work out ok. The earlier I get there the better his 'frame of mind' will be and therefore will be easier on me. Weather supposed to be 70's so Rob is staying here to get somethings done outside and will be on Charlie patrol..

Will pack my shake cakes for the trip so I won't come up short...

Comment #53

Morning Girls!.

Good Luck Charly with the "talk"...I just get so aggravated when I go to my Mom's but I have to keep telling myself that she's old and her memory is fading fast. Had to stop there again 3 more times this week and "fix" the tv's. ARRGGHHH!! Wish she could just get regular TV with the antenna on the rooftop would make it so much easier but what else does she have to do all day but to watch TV..

Dark and gloomy here today, looks like rain and it's chilly..

Fall is upon us!.

Well, that's about it from here for now. Meals for the day..brownie, shake, soup, brownie and ice cream. L/G grilled chicken salad with asparagus..


Comment #54

Tough day Ali, I'm wiped out. Emotions ran high but I still love Dad and he loves me. At least once that part was over we were able to continue with a good visit. Stopped at Mom's as well and got her on task for what I needed for her as well..

Tired and sad that I had to do what I had to do but that's what I do.....does that make sense. Not on plan and that means haven't eaten since oatmeal this morning. Tummy in no mood for food but have drank all water, get dry mouth when the nerves act up (LOL)..


Comment #55

My Christmas Puppy was born today. I'll have Monica post pictures. I am floating. LOL NA..

Comment #56

Congrats NA!.

I'm putting away summer clothes today and pulling out the other stuff. Cleaning/laundry/paperwork for Dad, stuff for me.........yada yada yada........


Comment #57

Morning Girls!.

Congrats NA on the new arrival! Can't wait to see the pictures!.

Charly you did what needed to be done, but why does it always fall on our shoulders? Always make me the "bad one.".

Summer clothes/winter clothes..He&& as long as they fit, I'm wearing whatever. LOL No seriously, I've been wearing long sleeved shirts for a few weeks already. When I was going to put the house on the market, I put all the winter stuff into those underbed plastic Rubbermaid bins and lined the closets floors with them. Why do they say under a bed anyway? They never fit under there, beds are so low to the ground now with the thicker mattresses. LOL.

It's not too chilly out this morning, had a nice rain storm yesterday. Leaves are all falling from the trees..making Halloween even more spooky with the bare branches..

Well, have a great day everyone, I'm off to make my brownie for breakfast. Us creatures don't fall far from the tree..


Comment #58

OK here's NA puppies and the note she wrote me.

Monica, can you post this picture to the gals for me. Puppies born today. 1 Male, 4 Females. No idea which will be mine. They are two days early so underweight, but are healthy. Thanks, NA.

Doing well here, didn't over do it with the crab either, cauliflower pizza last night and tonight, so am pretty solid this weekend. I'll do one more week of just packages then see about making some Medifast bread. I have some Medifast eggs I need to use up and bread is the only way I'll eat them.

Back to more cleaning having a good weekend Hope you all are too..

Comment #59

Summer clothes???? don't put them away, just wear my flannel shirts over them LOL.

The only thing I put away are my heavy duty sweats..

Comment #60

Summer clothes here = shorts/short sleeve t-s.......that what it consists of for me..

CUTE baby love love them!..

Comment #61

Almost bedtime..rain, rain and more rain! It's been thundering and lightening for the last few hours. Satellite lost connection, of course right when the conclusion of Undercover Boss was about over..ARRGGHHH! At least I haven't lost my internet connection!.

Nighty nite girls! See you in the morning!..

Comment #62

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