On the Medifast Diet how many points would I eat a day?

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First of all On the Medifast Diet how many points would I eat a day? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' THURSDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (86)

I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Sandy ~ I am finally getting caught up on yesterday's posts. I wonder if the being hungry has to do with the change of seasons. It seems like from reading other blogs, others who have been going at it for awhile, are having the same sort of feeling. I totally agree with you about feeling hungry. I know I'm not doing well when I don't feel that way. There is a very short window for me, however.

I've always been that way. I hope you enjoyed your slow day. I'm glad you had a good chat with mom. You go to see her on Friday, right? Way to go on the elliptical! When I can, that is my preferred exercise. It's true that you can burn 2x the calories in the same amount of time.

Miss Lara ~ How was our Barbie yesterday? I forgot to tell you yesterday...I had a boss once (a man), who had a pink t-shirt that said I hate Barbie, the B has everything. Only B was spelled out. It was pretty funny. Yes, you read it right...he was a man, who had a pink shirt with Barbie on it. Don't judge..

LOL. Do you have pictures of the whole cast of Toy Story from work? I'd love to see them. The glass blowing trip sounds cool. We have one of those places here, too. I'd love to see the pumpkin!.

Darlene ~ I hope Timmy had a good day (all day). What are the tests for next week? I hope it's not a do over from last week. Nate has his surgery on Friday morning at 7:30 (to remove the tail bone cyst...I can't spell the actual name of it). He'll be home that afternoon. It's not going to be fun around here. He has a hypersensitivity to pain..

Kori ~ Hey girlie! I hope work is going probably is as the weekend is near. Lol Sorry 'bout the gas.

...perhaps the chili? Lol I'm sorry you have to work so many hours. You need to rest once in awhile. I love your dedication to your work though. It's for a good cause. Thanks for the re-do of the chili recipe. That was nice of you to take the time to do it again all nice and purty (and detailed).

Thanks for that! Question you take the Beano before or after?.


Ang ~ The cold seems to hang on FOREVER. Is the rest of the family recovered yet? Mine is STILL hanging on. It sucks!.

Lori ~ I'm sorry 'bout the stomach ache. Same ol shitz or something different? I wish the doc could help you. I hate that you are in pain all the time. I love it when you miss me. I am still feeling like shitz myself. The cold, I'm getting used to.

I don't want to go back to the doctor...all he ever says is that's fibromyalgia alright. Oh, and $300 please. Even though I was hurting like a Mfer, I steam cleaned the carpet in the family room and cleaned the couch. The floor took FOREVER! I didn't notice until AFTER I was almost done that the soap wasn't coming I had to fix that and start over. Good exercise though..

Andi ~ Whatcha been up to? Haven't seen you around much lately. No more princess shifts for you?.

This: I'm sure my last snack wasn't OP... When shall I expect you? :-) made me laugh out loud for reals..

Jo ~ I hope your day was good and that you were tipped like never before!.

Barb ~ What's new with you? I think we got the wind that you were supposed to get. I'm typing this in a word processing program and keep saving every few words so I don't lose it if/when the power goes out. I'm hoping that the wind will blow ALL the leaves off the trees so I don't have to deal with them all season. Yeah right! Lol.

I was just finishing up here and realized...WHERE THE H3LL is Andrea? if I had more smiley's available...there would be a confused on here..

It's nearing 1 am and I'm starting to fade quickly. I hope I didn't miss anyone above. I can't remember if I told you guys how it went with the boys and their events on Tuesday. Nev did GREAT. He remembered his classroom and where everything was located. He DIDN'T remove all of his clothing to go pee! He can't wait to go back.

That makes me a bad/good mom. Lol Nev's school is Tuesday and Friday of each week..

Nate fit in VERY well with his group. He did an awesome pumpkin carving (IMO). Actually, it took me a little while to realize what it was...hubby told me it was a witch...then I could see it and I don't know how I missed it. I have signed Nate up for every event from now until the end of the year. It amounts to 2 events per week. His next one is bowling...if he can do it with the stitches.

Nate is known for throwing the ball into the lane next to him. Lol.

Ok...I should try to get some sleep..

Much love to all of you!!!..

Comment #2

Lots of people limit their possibilities by giving up easily. Never tell yourself this is too much for me. It's no use. I can't go on. If you do you're defeated, and by your own thinking too. Keep believing and keep on keeping on...

Comment #3

Just reading back from last year. I do that a lot b/c it's fun reading with me all getting pumped up to go to Toronto for Halloween to meet Toni. Then I see on 11/7/09, the thread had.



We need energy..

ESPECIALLY with the holidays coming up...

Comment #4

Good morning lori and lauri.... sorry I was MIA yesterday. no good reason, just craziness at work and then out to see BF..

Love the shout outs, lauri. so glad nevan and nate did ok. I'm going to try to catch up from other day and then be back.....

Comment #5

Hey! You sayin' I'm boring? Just kidding. 542 posts in one day??? That's a full-time job. WOW!.

Still no sleep for me...had to fight with DD first. I need strength for that child...

Comment #6

Good Morning..

Hi ya Lori~.

Lauri - you are the fricking queen of shout outs. And the first time we took Kaitlyn bowling (she's also special needs) she ran down the lane following the ball, lol. We were afraid she was going to be pinned up...

Comment #7

Morning Andi!.

AFM, I have to track down a witness today at a bank about 5 towns over for me from a will from 10 years ago...field Trip time. And tonight, Samantha has her first regular speech therapy appointment. They will be weekly from now on..

Finally, it's off to my mega thrift store after that to try and find Olivia a coat..

And, help if anyone has a recipe, I am going to try and make a eggbeaters quiche for my dinner tonight as I promised cheeseburger pie to the family...

Comment #8

OM gosh! That's an even better story. It's always an adventure, isn't it?.

When I mentioned that Nev kept his clothes on when he went to the guys were probably thinking "so?". At home, when he goes pee, ALL clothes come off. When he's done he comes running out of the bathroom in all his glory..

Nate did the SAME thing and did it until he was 6 or 7. He couldn't button or zip his pants, so he'd just take them off. He came out of the porta potty at Relay for Life once. I was 1/2 around the track and here he all his glory. lol FYI: he has grown out of it now...

Comment #9

LOL. When Olivia was little, naked time was regular occurrence in our house...

Comment #10

Ang ~ What size does Olivia wear? I believe I have several coats of Natalie's that are in really good shape. I could even overnight them to you...

Comment #11

KORI - don't sweat your little uplift on the's probably TOM. That, for me, was the worse part, once you get skinny, you really see the water weight gain for your period...

Comment #12

Morning Lauri, Lori and Andrea.

Lauri- I'm so glad the boys did so well. Barbie's feet has many blisters this morning- guess thats the price you pay to be beautiful-lol. I forgot my camera but I'll see if someone will email me the pix of everyone, it was cute. I'l post pox of pumpkin when we get it back. She said she did hers red with a purple stem. All I could think of was the red hat club (you know those crazy women with the purple and red) We;ll see..

Lori- I agree we need some energy around here! Maybe the challenge will get us going..

Andrea- I understand craziness- that is my life, but I love it. As DH said this mornng- you love every minute of it. he then asked what we'll do when we retire in which I answered lay on a beach and finally relax!.

Have a great OP day ladies. I have a super busy one at work as we are having a Grand opening of 5 new buildings on our campus. I somehow am showing the radiology suite, which I really don't know anything about. oh well I'll act like I do...

Comment #13

Olivia is a girls size 16 or a juniors' medium..

Comment #14

Morning Ang- posting at the same time..

Love all the kiddos stories- they are too funny...

Comment #15

I think the pumpkin sounds cool...even if it is like an old lady's hat..

Wear the Barbie costume one will give a rats azz about the radiology department..

When I worked, I was always complaining about working so hard; being stressed; etc., but I wouldn't have had it any other way...

Comment #16

Hey lauri... great story about nate! good for nevan keepin those clothes on..

Ang... morning! hope that field trip is successful. yesterday I drove two hours for one on my clients to visit a new program. spent 2 hours there, then 2 driving back. ugh! hoping the store shines on you and you find a coat. are you feeling any better..

Lori... sorry to read about the meltdown. let me know how we can help..

Lara... love the couch and barbie outfit. must have been a fun day at work..

Jo.. sorry to read about the family stuff going on for you. thats gotta be so hard on you and them. hang in there....

Sandy... you are halfway there, sistah! thats awsome!.

Hi darlene... hope you have a good today...

Hi barb... did you watch glee the other night? I heart glee..

I gotta get in the shower and get to work on time today... see yall later from work...

Comment #17

The bowling story was the funniest. Especially b/c we all suck at bowling in my house except for my husband who is a bowling master. Seriously, my hubby was a professional bowler when he was young...he was even on the PBA tour and has the shirts to prove it..

Ari has special shoes, his own balls, etc. And I have about a 70 average, lol. Drives the poor man nuts..

Comment #18

Hi lara.. have a great day at work... bye lara...

Comment #19

Wow ang... married to a pro-bowler. very cool. my dad used to be on a bowling league. my kids crack up when he comes out with the bag, shoes, ball... for some dumb boy reason, they think it's funny..

Comment #20

I have, in my hot little man hands, a very cute, pink plaid coat with a hood (with faux fur around the hood)...buttons and zippers, size Large (kids)...I can get it on, but couldn't zip it. I also have several hoodies...Hurley; Fox; etc. If you want 'em, say the word and PM me your address again. It's on me...I owe ya and it would be my pleasure!..

Comment #21

It just doesn't stop..

Every two freakin' weeks..

I can't deal.....

Comment #22

Andrea - I bust my hubby's chops about his "Bowling" stuff all the time...he takes it so seriously. It's a shame he didn't stick with it b/c I think he really could have gone far. But it's really expensive for years until you get sponsors and his first wife didn't want him doing it...

Comment #23

Ang ~ Please read post #21 later and tell me if you think it's funny..

That is way cool about hubby and bowling. Too bad he didn't pursue it. My biological father was a bowler. I know what you mean about the cost...there was many months that he blew the house payment on I've been told...

Comment #24

Lauri - you are awesome. I just pm'd you my address. Thank you so much again!..

Comment #25

Okay, I'm off to go get ready for work. I'll check in from there..

Comment #26

You are so damn cute! My doggie and kitty have been sleeping on him. I'll have to take a picture of it. I didn't realize the cat had been sleeping on top of the moose...until...yesterday, it was lying on it's side and I picked it up and the cat went flying. Scared the shitz out of both of us. lol..

Comment #27

PERFECT! I will give you the tracking # as soon as I get it. I'm so happy they will be going to a good home..

What size pants does she wear...if I come across any of those..

What size does Kaitlyn where?..

Comment #28

Kaitlyn wears girls size 8 and 10...she's itty bitty..

Olivia is wearing girls size 16 give or take..

Comment #29

Ang ~ I don't know if I have any...but I'll look...what size shoes do the girls wear? Natalie has so many things that I've bought her throughout the years...some of them still have tags on them. I don't know what she's done with her shoes...but I'll look...

Comment #30

I really have to get ready for work now, lol...

Comment #31

Lauri - your my fairy godmother, lol..

My kids have HUGE feet, lol. Kaitlyn wears kid size 4 and Olivia is in adult size 6..

Comment #32

Ok kids, I'm to try to get some sleep. See ya in a few minutes. lol..

Comment #33

But before I go (I just realized Craig will be getting up in 15 minutes)....

Lori ~ I wish there was something I could do for you. Does the doctor offer anything at all? I feel so badly for you. You don't deserve this. I'm sorry...

Comment #34

Jo ~ You have Ninja's in your State? Real ones? I just saw on the news that 2 Ninja's robbed a convenience store. They said it like it was very normal. Wait a minute...I know Barb's a Ninja...isn't Toni one, too?..

Comment #35

Yeah...I'm SO not going to work today..

I feel like a s s..

Already showered..

Going to Target..

Going to throw some laundry in, read magazines, and SLEEP...

Comment #36

Take care Lori. Try to rest and REALLY try not to stress. It's so bad for you. I hope you can sleep. I wish I had a magic pill to make you feel better. I gotz lots o pills, but they don't work no magic, that's fo sho!..

Comment #37

Lori ~ By the way, I loved the quote this a.m..

Ok...DH leaving to sleep I go. Nev was up until after midnight, so he should sleep for a bit..

I'll catch you all later...

Comment #38

Hi-Ho,'s off to bed I go..

Much love to ya'll!..

Comment #39 could be worse..

Way worse..

And I probably deserve this and then some anyway..

I'm going to call my doctor's office later...

Comment #40

Feel better lori. hope the dr can help..

Sweet dreams lauri....

Hi jo and ang....

Gotta work....

Comment #41

YAY for Mental Health Days!!!!.

I haven't had one of them in a long time. Hi from work all!..

Comment #42 was a nice little exercise in trying to sleep. lol.

Nev woke up WAY before he should have..


Comment #43

I am glad he has his own balls and what about his nuts????..

Comment #44

Sexy Shamrocks are like bras..

They are close to my heart and all about support...

Comment #45

Sexy Shamrock Challenge starts Sunday October 31. It is the ROCKSTAR Challenge. We will award stars. Who is going to be our ROCKSTAR?.

We are going to help several Shammies lose those last 25 pounds and get to goal..

Our Shammies at goal will get through the holidays and stay in their weight range..

One of our Shammies is going to have a great transition during our challenge..

We are going to get through the Holiday season on Plan..

The Challenge will run through January 2nd..

So get ready to post your weight by Sunday and take your measurements..

Favorite jeans/pants. One of us suggested that we note our pant size. So let's take a picture in our favorite jeans/pants for our challenge start photo..

We are going to start with the normals:.


OP days.



Then we will have a special. A focus item to improve your success. For me it is my spacing of meals and water. This will run for four weeks. It takes 21 days to make something a habit. And as the Captain says something about mistakes yield experience.

We will have other extra items throughout the challenge..

I will have the thread up and running by Saturday..

I have noted several of you that have said you are in so that helps me get the spreadsheet up and ready...

Comment #46

Today is my Thursday golf group. I have not played with them for several weeks so it will be fun to see everyone. I think I have a step counter so I might take it for giggles..

Lauri - great job with the shout outs..

Lori - hope you have a good recovery day. Any good books?.

Hope everyone finds thing to make them laugh today. I can always laugh at myself...

Comment #47

We are going to COSTCO tomorrow. I am going to stop at a second hand store. I need some pants for golf. All my golf pants are size 18. Not good to golf in the winter with your pants at your ankles. I do not like spending money on clothes I am not going to wear for long but sometimes a gal has to do what a gal has to do...

Comment #48

OK, I am chatting with myself but maybe I will get this page to myself...

Comment #49

Nope still on page 6 and I need coffee. See you later...

Comment #50

Does anyone know how many posts to a page? This is like getting to 100 posts...

Comment #51

Kori - thanks for the recipe. I just went and read last nights posts. Have you made it with ground turkey?.

Ok, I am like Lauri off to nap. I am really off to get some coffee...

Comment #52

Hey sand I'm here, but gotta go. love all what you are doing. Im in! enjoy the coffee and ttyl!..

Comment #53

Thank you Sandy for all the smiles this morning! Funny all!.

I tried to write much earlier but had to do big cha cha for Timmy. Left the computer on with a post half written. Lost it.

Wanted to say yeah to Lauries boys good school days. SMiles from that. Timmy also came back to class naked back in first grade.He announced to his new class that he tooted but no pooh. Wrong placement for him, they put him a class with real desks in lines,books and regular bell schedule..

Thoughts and best wishes for the cyst surgery. Ask for the best IV starter-no interns for our kids, ask for pain reliever on board as he wakes up, hydrate him really well today that really helps!.

Lori- I hate your pain, can feel it clear across the country and across the internet..

Will do a bit more reading back and bbl..


Comment #54

Hi darlene.. hope you are having a good day. I went home for lunch to find a workman in my bathroom. landlord finally got someone to do something with leaky faucet. and dont get excited ladies, he was nothing fun to look at. I just realized that I will be MIA from here from Fri-Sun night...

Comment #55

Hi slores!.

Wanted to stop in and tell sandy that I gave myself a halloween mani last night! not the best i've ever done, but still fun! too bad I couldn't have a real mani.

Hope everyone is doing well!..

Comment #56

Ang ~ The box is on it's way. I PM'd you the UPS Tracking #..

I need to sleep now..

Hugs to all...

Comment #57

Quick fly-by from work..

Kids are co-operating..

We are making fun Halloween treats..

Good times by all...

Comment #58

YOU made me laugh! Awesome start on the challenge!..

Comment #59

Thanks for the advice Darlene. I'll start him on the fluids STAT!.

I have a different opinion from most people, I've learned, about putting special needs kids in 'mainstream' school. I think we should have a choice. It doesn't matter how nice they make the "sunshine room" know what it is and are so cruel. Nate's teachers used to complain because it took him 20 minutes to get out a piece of paper and pencil...oh, don't get me started. lol It's over now...

Comment #60

Ya gonna be with the plumber? Hmmm. Can't get enough butt crack! Way under utilized...

Comment #61

I did that night before last...then cleaned carpet...then had to remove chipped polish. I redid it in the wee hours last night/this a.m. Much better so far...

Comment #62

Hi all. Driving by before we meet the speech therapist..

I'll try and scoot back on later but if not have a great night all..

And I made the quiche....WAY To much. Only ate 1/2...

Comment #63

Hi all,.

This is almost unheard of these one posting since 2:30. I did take a nap/sleep when Craig got home at 2:30. It was a pretty quiet day here today. I worked so hard yesterday (cleaning the carpet and couch) that I felt entitled to sit on my ars all day. lol.

OM Gosh! I'm at a loss for words. Me???.

Perhaps something will come to me later..

Much love y'all!..

Comment #64

Yay on the manis..

I almost had a hole in one today. Just inches away. Walked 9205 steps...

Comment #65

Hey lauri... you, no words? cmon. you must be tired. sorry I missed you guys earlier. no will not be hanging with the plumber guy. just and BF dressed as hamsters.

Hi erin. mani sounds cute..

Hey kori... kids excited about halloween?.

Lori.. hope the couch helps..

Ang... mmmm yummy quiche. I made beef and broccoli for dinner. so good together. kids say it's the best thing I make..

Hope the therapy session went well..

Hi sandy and darlene....hope you guys are havin a good night..

I think my personal goal for the challange will be to not eat after a certain time. going to pick a time...

Comment #66

Hi sandy... good for you. that hole in one almost and all those steps. you rock!..

Comment #67

Thanks Ang! I am not sweating it. I had already mentally prepared myself that as I get closer to goal, that the losses would be slower and that there was possibilities to go back and forth up and down. I know it will be gone next week. Fo'Sho'!..

Comment #68

I thought for sure we would make it to #100 posts today. I got so busy at work this afternoon. took ds to ortho and a haircut, did dinner, homework, etc. now I'm on laundry and dishes. kids are still up watching soccer. so much for my quiet time at night!..

Comment #69

Love the attitude Kori... I'm going with ya on that one. I know it does all even out!..

Comment #70

I have not made it with ground turkey but I am sure it is just as good. I made it with ground beef so my Dad would eat it also. He gets all pissy about ground turkey being too "healthy" Whatever!..

Comment #71

You know what I just realized... for about 4 weeks now, there has been 6 big bags of candy in my pantry. good kind and stuff I like. we get a lot of kids in my neighborhood and I never have enough. maybe that was because in the past, I would have eaten some by now. my kids broke in a took a few pieces.

Sugar no longer possess me and controls me. dont get more wrong, my brain still wants some, and it does look good, but it's not calling to me. what a free feeling to have somthing nearby but not feel drawn to it. I'm really proud of me.....

Thanks for listening... much love...

Comment #72

I can longer tell the diff btwn the two. my kids cant either. same with egg beaters. I do worry that at a resturant when I order egg beaters, that they are giving me real eggs instead...

Comment #73

YAYYYYY!!!!! Awesome! I have had a huge bag of candy corn at work that has just sat there which is completely unheard of for me. I love candy corn. I could eat it til my teeth hurt. But now, I am content just to bake with it for fun activities with the kids...

Comment #74

I had a bunch of shout outs but I have forgotten them already..

Just had L&G. Need to get to the store...again...need eggs so that I can make banana bread for staff breakfast tomorrow..

Then gym appointment with the trainer tonight..

I think I am going to take Monday off. Hmmmm....happy thought..

Comment #75

Hi Andrea; Kori; and Sandy!.

Sand ~ Way to go on the steps! WOWZA!!!.

Kori ~ Somehow your job is like two full time jobs. Bless you! I had to laugh about dad and the turkey. My dad is like that, too..

Andrea ~ Whatever you say on the plumber dude. lol Just sayin' come home at "lunch" and dude is in your bathroom...and...I love ya and I'm glad you take all the shitz I fling your way...

Comment #76

Andrea - that is huge. I am proud of you. I am not sure how I would react but not testing it...

Comment #77

Kori - way to go on the candy corn. I have some dried fall flowers. I put them in a vase and put candy corn around the stem. sorta like people do with rocks and marbles. They look pretty cool. anyway, that candy corn is about 5 years old so it does not tempt me...

Comment #78

I agree on both counts....

1) Super proud of Andrea!.

2) Wouldn't want to test myself either...just in case..

The neighbor kids will probably hate me, but we'll be getting the candy I don't like. It'll be worth the eggs being splattered at my house. Just kidding...

Comment #79

Lauri - how did your day go? I had salmon burger and asparagus for my L&G. How about you? My legs are a little sore tonight. I did my weight routine before golf so I sorta over did it today...

Comment #80

Yes, you did over do it. My goodness. I love salmon burgers. I haven't eaten yet. For doing nothing...I'm sure tired...

Comment #81

I had fun going through Natalie's old clothes to send to Olivia...

Comment #82

I think I have good taste in clothes, but my DD very seldom wears anything I get her. However, today I had a new shirt on which she likes. I got it for $7 at Kohls. Gotta love their clearance racks!..

Comment #83

Nate's surgery is at 8:15 in the a.m., so I hope Nevan goes to sleep at a decent hour tonight...

Comment #84

Lauri - you are a great giving, caring person. I am going to go play a little piano and then get ready for bed. Chat with you in the morning...

Comment #85

Lauri - hope surgery goes smooth. Obviously, we want to hear when you can...

Comment #86

I'll let you guys know as soon as I can. You all are like family to me..


Comment #87

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.