On the Medifast Diet what are the points for each food?

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Question I have... On the Medifast Diet what are the points for each food? Looking forward for any answer. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstances..


Picture yourself in your minds eye as having already achieved this goal. See yourself doing the things you'll be doing when you've reached your goal..


That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well..


All great achievements require time...

Comment #2

I got back online last night and typed up a post and realized this morning that I never hit 'submit reply'..

Le Sigh..

Anyway - decided on Essie's "Over the Top" this time. I'm feeling it...

Comment #3

Good Morning!.

I wish I was feeling something other than butt pain...i'm tired of whining...

Comment #4

See if you can find OPI's "Glove you so Much"..

It's my favorite...

Comment #5

Morning Lori and Ang..

Ang- I feel like I've been whining a lot lately too..

I apologize for not being around much. I've been so super busy and stressed that I just crash at night before coming here. Not sure how much time I'll have today or the weekend for that matter. I love that I have a few minutes in the morning to at least come check in..

Know that I love ya all...

Comment #6

Morning Lara - have a good day at work..

Comment #7

I'll try- I have an employee that left the nursing staff and email that she would not be seeing her kids today because she would not be at work. Why didn't I know this? (I am the boss) She hadn't asked off and she's on the schedule. So, guess who will be covering her kiddos? You got it- me! Can't be out of MD orders, so I'm the only one there to do it today. Gotta love employees. Oh and I have another one that had planned vaction next week without ever asking for it off. She finally turned in the paperwork yesterday after the admin assist asked her about it.

But I AM going on vcaction." Needless to say they are all getting a lecture from the big boss man at our next therapy meeting! OK now I'm officially running late...

Comment #8

Last sessions of ED skills day are here - YAY!!! so glad to be done with the sessions - now on to the make-up work. was thnking of being a hardazz about it but now I'm not certain I care - if they don't care enough to come - should I care enough to track them down? haven't fully committee to a decision either way... UG! Glad I'm not the boss man..

Comment #9

Good morning all....

Hey lara... I hear ya on the work drama. I love it when employees do their own thing and think it's no big deal. ugh! being the boss really stinks sometime. the big boss yesterday let people go early cause of holiday, but he, I and other administrators had to stay. well, hope today goes fast for you and hope we can chat.

Hi andi... work drama for you too, huh? hope all gets better and you can have an ok day..

Hi lori... I love how you chose your mani color by your mood. hope things are settling down in your crazy life and you have a great day..

Hey ang... remind me not to fall on my butt. cant beleive you are still in pain. totally sucks. least it's friday!.

Im going to get caught up from yesterday and then come back before my first appt gets here!..

Comment #10

This made me laugh out loud..

I made the girl who does my nails pick between "Over the Top" and "Wicked"!..

Comment #11

Ok, the only thing I missed was shammies saying goodnight. I am in a great mood today for some unknown reason... not going to question it!..

Comment #12

Mmmmmmmm, did you go for "Wicked", Lori?? Sounds shamtastic!.

Andi - hope the decision become easy sooner rather than later..

Andrea - sounds like you have an amazing boss - bleach! My husband had off yesterday, and I took off actually works out b/c he got a ton of errands run yesterday, and now I'm doing my errands. I hope the day flies by for you so you can enjoy your weekend!!.

Lara keep it real - you're super mommy and you know it!.

Ang - hope the butt pain goes away soon and that hubby takes great care of you!..

Comment #13

Happy Friday to all the shams,.

How's everyone doing today? Hopefully this is the start to a fun, relaxing weekend for all. I'm going shopping tomorrow to the "big city" (up here anywaylol) with my dtr. Of course we're stopping by one of my fave casinos first but only for a short time cuz she really needs to get some shopping done for the boys. That's ok cuz next Tues. my twin and I are getting a room for the night at one of the other casinos near me for a girls night out. Hopefully I won't lose all the money I recently won. Hubby's going for PT so I want to say goodbye and I'll check back later...

Comment #14

Okay short update:.

20 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow, and feeling HUGE (though I've only gained 10 lbs, what's recommended, but that focused weight is HEAVY!!). I feel great, though, and my school just got me an amazing maternity substitute (which I am super psyched about b/c I can encourage my students & parents honestly)..

Hubby & I are super psyched, we'll find out the gender this Thursday together, then start to register and plan out the nursery, etc. We've visited our families (in Alabama & California) and shared the news. It's all coming together!.

I'll see Kat tomorrow at my husband's birthday party. I took today off to go through my closet, put away my new wardrobe of size 6's, and pull out my pre-MF clothes to wear as maternity clothes. Oh, and I'm starting to feel the baby kick!.

I thank Medifast & you girls daily as I roll out of bed and am so thankful I could lose the weight before getting pregnant. I feel so healthy & I'm so grateful to you Shams!..

Comment #15

Glad to hear that you are doing so well!..

Comment #16

Here is the link for the challenge..

You can post your results for week 2 any time Friday through Sunday. I am going to do the analysis Sunday night. I am predicting week 2 is going to be great with a lot of stars earned. The template for posting week 2 is the same as week 1 minus the photo and measurement item...

Comment #17

Back from thrift luck. they had a cute maternity black work-dress with the tags still on for $90 originally and $40 in the thrift store, but I know they have 25% and sometimes 50% off we'll see if that dress is still there later..

Alright, back to changing the wardrobe and cleaning for tomorrow's party for my husband!..

Comment #18

Angela - sorry to hear the butt is still a pain..

Lara - I hope you are taking care of you and making you a priority..

Valerie - glad to hear about the pregnancy..

Lori - thanks for the color idea. I will go research. I have coupons for both Sally's and Ulta..

Andi - hope you have a good day..

Barb - sounds like you have some fun coming up..

Lauri - how is your OP week going?.

Andrea - glad you are "singing" today..

I am going to walk and try my earpiece for my daily chat with Mom. 2 birds. Last time I tried I kept cutting out..

We have our Christmas plan, we leave for Colorado on Dec. 22nd to see kids and grandkids. I will not have my scale for the Dec. 26th weigh in but will be able to post my other stuff and do the analysis for the challenge..

Hope everyone has a good day...

Comment #19

Drive by from work....

Hi val... so glad you and baby are doing well..

Hey barb... have a great time this weekend..

Ugh... gotta do stuff at work. have to leave early to take little ds for a physical. BORING! I'll be back later......

Comment #20

I am sorry my butt still hurts too, lol..

Apparently b/c it is still as bad as it was when I did it on Sunday, it may actually be a fracture of my coccyx bone?? Going to the doctor tomorrow morning..

Comment #21

DOH!!! I hate when that happens..

Glad you are feeling the mani this time!..

Comment #22

Angela - glad you have a doc appointment..

Just got back from 4 mile walk and daily chat with Mom. Lauri, thanks for the suggestion to do them at the same time..

Time to go have a shake and then practice piano...

Comment #23

Val, glad to hear things are going well with the pregnancy. Be sure to share the sex (if you feel like it). Have fun at hubbys party...

Comment #24

Another check in from work. Finally got everyone else's jobs done so I'm tired and not doing anything else for the day. (only about 30 min).

Val- great to see you here today. WTG on only 10 lbs. I'm with Brb- share the sex when you find out..

Sandy- I'll have to say I'm not doing so well on the taking care of myself this week..

Barb- Have fun at the casino and shopping. I need to get started on the shopping thing myself..

Ang- I hope you didn't break your butt. You'll have a lovely donut to carry around and sit on if you did. Let us know..

Lori- How's your day going?.

Will try to get back on later but can't promise anything. Another busy night...

Comment #25

Angsure hope it's not broken but just badly bruised. From dtrs. experience, I know it hurts like the devil so hang in there and take care of yourself. Love ya...

Comment #26

Thanks sweetie! How is week 2 treating you OP?..

Comment #27

Morning Lara! Glad you can stop by anytime it is, little or a lot! Have a great day and weekend if you are not able to stop in...

Comment #28

That totally sucks! It amazes me still, everyday how unprofessional people can be at their jobs...

Comment #29

Where is the problem with this?I think those are compliments! Fo'Sho'!..

Comment #30

I think it is leftover from the late night BCBC and because it's Friday...

Comment #31

My DH is playing is a golf tournament and today the ladies are invited to join them for dinner. I am picking up another lady and we are heading across town. I do not know what the menu is but I am sure I can eat the protein and veggie/salad..

See you guys tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good night...

Comment #32

Checking in from work..

Have the dentist after work..

Then going to the gym, to get my 5 days in this week..

School all day tomorrow. Booo!!!.

Will try to get back on later...

Comment #33

Just got back from going out to dinner and got a new Il Divo CD/DVD so I'm going to go watch it. Have a good night all...

Comment #34

A quick hi, missing regular check ins and regular life. Tim is doing ok today, just really busy getting all the ducks in a row for all the new medical stuff to come. Dinner is being bought for me tonight yeah, but not sure what it will be. Trying to be good, but not going to add stress to myself right now if the plan is tweeked. I have my rsvp in for a walk time tomorrow, important for me to have a break from my boy and to get some fresh air too. I will post tomarrow on challenge, good/bad or ugly.

Happy Friday Night to all you shammies.


Comment #35

Barb - Hope you enjoy your evening..

Darlene - YAY for time for your self tomorrow. It is sooo important...

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.