On the strictest Medifast Diet how many points are you aloud a day?

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Got a question... On the strictest Medifast Diet how many points are you aloud a day? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Morning!.

Can't see outside so it's too dark to tell where we are in the snow fall. I know that schools are on a 2 hr. delay but those were issued last night. I ventured out to the dollar store yesterday to get some nuts for the fudge I was making. Had to be careful but it wasn't horrible.....4 wheel drive and go..

Last week of work before Christmas break (2 weeks) and I'm ready. The 1st week will be a wash cause of the holiday but after Christmas time becomes my own so that's ok..

Nothing else for the moment........have a good day, stay safe if bad weather, stay warm if cold, if warm where you are, oh well, Ohio is home and I'm making the best of it!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Nothing much going on here and I seem to have a "mood" this am LOL just another day..

The weather is nice here and the wind isn't supposed to be as bad as yesterday, but hey the weather ,am just said we might get some snow by mid week.

OK time to get ready BBL..

Comment #2

Well went outside to snowblow the drifts away and the "DA MN" snowblower won't start..why is it when there is barely any snow it starts without fail but the minute I have 3 foot drifts, it just moans? LOL Well it's now sitting in my nice, warm utility room thawing out. I think the gas line is frozen. Got some great exercise shoveling but I am not shoveling out those drifts..I'll be there forever and it's freezing outside..

Be back later.....

Comment #3

Ahhhh, snowblower started after thawing out..Woo Hoo! It is absolutely freezing outside. Streets are clear but there is ice under the snow from all the rain we had before it started snowing. Have to make my way to the shed for the ice melt salt. LOL.


Comment #4

Brrr - I am cold just reading your post Ali, glad you got the snow blower going!.

It was in the 30's here today, went and rode Peanut when it was 49, the wind.

Was terrible though, my ears were stinging with a hat on and scarf..

Stay safe and warm all - I am off to NYC in the morning. It is supposed to be in.

The 20's there, but we will make the most of it and have fun...

Comment #5

ALI - There is an additive you can add to the fuel that will keep the line from freezing. Ask them at the snow blower shop..

PATTI - I cannot believe how cold it is in Florida. There goes the wonderful Oranges..

CHARLY - Goodness, why do you get up so early now, do you still go to the gym before dawn?.

MONICA - No snow yet? Home is supposed to get another foot in the next three days. But sometimes, like most of the time, the weather man does not get it right..

I am safe in a motel in Portland, OR. The pass over the Cascade Mountains was pouring rain and warm temps. However there is lots of flooding in WA, so I might have to hunt for ways to get to Seattle tomorrow. There are a couple of areas on I-5 that flood when they have this much rain. It is all an adventure..

I'll talk to you again tomorrow night, from another motel. LOL Hugs, NA..

Comment #6


Pattishakes - enjoy your trip, be safe and I hope you are packing your 'winter gear' you will need it!.

NA - enjoy your adventure! I get up early out of habit (it's 5:00a est) here, or near that plus it's really the only time during my day that I spend on the internet and goofying around here. Plus I have a stretching DVD that I have been doing, it limbers me up and makes my back feel better. I get out my big exercise ball and bring myself to life (LOL).

Ali - whats the road situation there? Are you trapped again today? Another sliding on the roads issue for me last night, glad I didn't go far..

Monica - what are you doing?.

It's Tuesday which means 3 more days after this one then I'm on vacation. Lots to do those first few days. Dinner for Christmas will be @ my brothers so I intend to do my grocery shopping for that and take all those groceries there so as not to haul that on Christmas day. I'll also take all the Christmas packages early so they will already be there. I get Evan and Conley the evening of the 22-Dec and they will stay until late afternoon of Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve afternoon I will host my parents, my sister and her entire family here as my sister and her family stay home on Christmas.

Hope to take Evan and Conley to the zoo on Thursday nite 23-Dec for the lights but the weather will determine that. I am taking them to the buffalo ranch on Friday morning (they only take visitors Friday that weekend) so they can see the huge buffalo..

I'd make a list of what I need to do but I already have lists of lists (LOL). At some point it becomes a 'winging' it thing (LOL)..

I talked to Red. Ryan will return Afghanland before Christmas. She told me that when they are deployed for 270 days they get 2 weeks home. He has to go back and finish his tour. She says all is going well and they are having a great time. Ryan has taken Natty to school, seen her get an award for a coloring contest, has had breakfast with her at school.


Comment #7

Miss P Have a wonderful trip and hope you don't freeze to death.

Charly I am doing nothing, winter blahs have hit me bad, the only thing I'm holding on to is the first day of winter.

Days start getting longer. I am so ehh about everything, I can't stand it..

Ali Hope your warm and toasty.

NA take care out there, I'm so excited for you and Kelly.

Yea and Sage too LOL.

Nope no snow windy today and maybe a chance of snow tomorrow but definitely more wind ugg no wonder I'm so cranky..

Comment #8

Morning Girls! Woo Hoo it's a heatwave...7 degrees! LOL Roads are fine, they were salting like crazy but that stuff only works till a certain temperature. I haven't ventured out onto the main streets but my street is completely clear from my front windows..

Charly your coming week is jammed packed. Hope the roads clear for you to make your traveling easier. It's just nasty out!.

Patti NY is getting all the snow that we got. Make sure to dress for the cold/snow, it's gonna be an adventure. Burrrr! Have fun and be safe!.

NA you are an adventurous one, aren't you? Hope you are finding the roads better today. The east coast has horrible weather now, hopefully it will be gone by the time you get to Boston. Be safe!.

Monica, what are you doing down New Mexico way? Want some of my snow/cold? I can send it..LOL Hope things are better for you this morning..

So glad Ryan is home, especially at this time of year. What a wonderful Christmas present he was..

Well everyone have a great day..stay warm, stay safe! Talk to you all later!..

Comment #9

Thank for the well wishes! It's colder in FL than in parts of NY, go figure!.

Off to the airport in Orlando soon..

So glad Red is doing well, thanks for the update Charly..

NA, be careful and have fun!.

Ali, stay inside! LOL.

Monica - you and my DH, he gets really "blah-ish" from now til after the holidays..

We love you and want you to be happy! Rent some good movies, funny movies.

And have a chuckle, I swear it helps!.

Stay warm eveyone and carry on.....Santa is coming soon!..

Comment #10

CHARLY - I want to be your Niece. You do such fun things with the kids. I am glad you are getting two weeks will need that last one to rest up from the first one. LOL..

Comment #11

MONICA - I really think you should invest in two of those 'winter blah' for home and one for work. I'll bet you would find a world of difference in your winter moods. It sounds like you have seasonal disorder more than most and it is taking all the fun out of your life. NA..

Comment #12

ALI - I drove to Seattle today in rain almost all the way, but that is not a problem. I just get in the slow lane, drive a sensible speed and let the idiots drive so fast they cannot see from the spray on their windshields. LOL Traffic was not very heavy either, so that was good. I just cannot believe the rain this year...but both Oregon and Washington need it very much, so we are not complaining. Home should be white again by tomorrow morning..

In another Super 8 Motel and have reservations here for the night I get back too. So I can just play and relax...the last relaxing time I will have until puppy is a year old. LOL NA..

Comment #13

Morning Girls!.

It's a heat wave this morning...20 degrees! LOL More snow on the way! At least it will be a white Christmas..

NA, I thought you were flying to Boston to pick up the puppy! My mind was wondering, I guess. Glad you are doing well with the driving and yes, those idiots fly by doing 90mph in the rain..haven't they ever heard of hydroplaning? Be safe on your travels and get home before it snows again..

Well, other than the weather, nothing new around here! They had my nephew walking in a pool on Monday. He said it felt good just to be able to walk without the crutches and knowing that if something happened, he wouldn't get hurt falling. Crazy kid!.

Have a great day with you all later...

Comment #14


NA - sounds like the trip is going well, I'm glad the rain isn't causing a travel issue. You can be my niece. I'm the type of Aunt that knows when to lay low and let you do your thing but also know when to jump in and give you something different to do! (LOL).

Ali - The wind is barely blowing right now and that's nice. We've a new dusting of snow but hopefully that's it. The pool therapy for your nephew sounds good, glad it took away the anxiety of falling..

Anxious to get OUT of the house and to the gym tonite. What they say is true, once working out is in your routine it's there. I feel a bit edgy and need to get this edginess wore off with a good work out..

Nothing much to report from here, same ol same...

Comment #15

NA I am seriously thinking about getting one of those lights at least for home, at work I have a big window and that does help, but once I get home I have no energy at all. It's not really that bad, just want to whine a lot lately LOL but I do want to hibernate..

Patti Have a wonderful trip.

Ali enjoy your White Christmas, we MIGHT get a bit of participation tonight into tomorrow, but for sure we are getting more wind 60 to 65 mph yuck..

Charly send me some of your energy LOL I need it, although I have been busy this am, crazy I do more in the first hour I'm up then I do all night after I get home..

Well best get moving, have a great day ladies..

Comment #16

ALI - We are flying to Boston, from Seattle on Friday. I drive to Seattle early to miss a bad snow storm over the mountains I had to traverse to get here...

Comment #17

Monica - it IS the early darkness in the evenings, I'm suffering it badly as well. I went to bed @ 8:20p last night as I just couldn't stand to be up any longer and could barely keep my eyes open.I do next to nothing in the evenings except on my gym nights. The thought of going somewhere after work and being out after dark makes me cringe. Most evenings (and I would never tell Rob this) I hate to see him come home and would prefer to be here by myself with no one else around. He could take Charlie and I'd be happy to be left to my self..

But tonight I'll go spin my a&& off and stop @ walmart afterward. Which means a total change of clothes before going outside after spin cause when spin is done I look like I just walked out of the shower and it's too cold outside to go out like that!!..

Comment #18

Yuppers Charly that's just like me, except once in bed I do read for a little while, but the evening is just gone it seems once I get home...

Comment #19

It's snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

May even get as much as a foot of snow at work, here to roads closed tomorrow so I don't have to come to work.

Might get a little at home, but not much, at least the wind isn't going to blow today. I'm loving the gray snowy day, I can do this LOL..

Ok lots to do as I may have to leave early too. lost internet at home for some reason need to go check that out too..


Comment #20

Morning Girls! Woo Hoo Monica has snow! You can keep it! Big storm we were supposed to get overnight....PASSED BY! YAHOOOOO! LOL Have fun with it..

I'm with Charly today...nothing to say...been up way to early..3am! Actually thought I posted on here early this morning..DUH!.

Be back later!.

NA..have a safe trip to Boston!..

Comment #21

It's the last working day of the year for me............WOOHOO!!!!!!..

Comment #22

WOOOHOOOO go Charly I'm staying home today myself, we got about 6 to 8 inches at my house..

My poor niece got rear ended last noght on her way home and hit the car in front of her, I'm pretty sure her car is totalled. Going to take some more pics so her Dad can see it, at least it wasn't her fault..

You can almost see that her trunk won't close..

Her's my only decorations LOL I live for Christmas lights.

Ok I take lousy pics LOL can you tell it snowed LMAO..

Comment #23

Morning Girls!.

Ewww Monica love the lights! They always look so pretty the darker the night gets. I have none up, first year for that. Oh well! Sorry about the niece's car, just glad she's alright. Only figures the first major snowstorm and whammm. You have more snow than I do. LOL It did snow here yesterday, just enough to make the sidewalks and driveways miserable.

Dang, I'll have to shovel. LOL.

Charly are you counting down the hours yet? LOL Who wants to bet by the Monday after Christmas she will be bored and not know what to do with herself? I'm putting in $5, whose with me? LOL.

Have a great day girls...going to take the nephew to WalMart, will be back later...

Comment #24

(LOL) you girls are funny placing your bets!!.

Monica - love the lights and sorry ashell to hear about the car accident, thank heaven she is okay, poor thing!!.

Ali - How's your nephew feeling? Did he scream at all the dorks in Walmart (LOL)).


Comment #25

Walmart was a no go! He got out of therapy and his hip was killing him so we'll have a go at it tomorrow if he feels better..

IT'S FREEZING OUTSIDE! BURRRR! That temp sure did dip from this morning. Got some exercise with face was red from the cold. LOL.

Have a great to you all in the morning!..

Comment #26


Ali - I don't blame you for taking him, he didn't need the hassle of shopping while being in pain, poor guy! Good for you on that shoveling just be careful of your back!!.

Monica - it's funny recently you wanted our snow now you have your own (LOL)!.

I'm headed to pilates then back here and today's organized list kicks in. I'll be heading to my brothers (where my Dad is) and will take all the gifts there, put up the tree and decorate it. Drop a gift to my cousin from my Dad and me (she does his cleaning and pedicures) take my Dad cookies/fudge. Take my cousins and aunt their orders from the Tastefully Simple Party and 31 Party. Lots to do today and all as a solo act! Oh Dad told me last night he would like me to take the battery out of his truck and go get him a new one, so I'll be putting on my mechanics hat and his carharts to get that job done (ROFL)..

I've a plan for all the madness, wish me luck that it all goes as it should!..

Comment #27

Morning Girls!.

First...Good Luck Charly..sounds like a fun filled day in the making! Did the tree and decorations at my Mom's the other day...spent 5 hours on it, wasn't that bad and it made her happy. Couldn't believe my sister did nothing as far as putting her stuff up. Although while taking the stuff out to put up I realized that my brother in law must have put all the stuff away after last Christmas. All my Mom's glass things weren't bubble wrapped up. ARRRGGHHH!! Chips all over her nativity set that I made her over 20 years ago in ceramic class. I was not happy! Broken ornaments! It was a mess! He ended up showing up after he got off work and I just told him not to take any of it down this year, I would do it.

He shouldn't have been taking that stuff down, my lazy butt sister should have..

Other than that, that's all I have for the day! I have some sewing to do, might just move it downstairs, can watch TV then. LOL.

Have a great day girls! Monica stay safe in the snow! Talk to you all later!..

Comment #28


I'm crazy exhuasted from yesterday. What a day!! You know how you start out with a 'plan' then 8 million other things get tossed in, that was my day. Rob asked me when I got home if I felt good about my day and I told him to ask me that tomorrow (which is today). So ok, yea I guess I feel good about it but I'm tired. Shoveled snow for 2 hours which seemed to make my cousin and mom more upset then me. They were fired up that no one had shovled out my Dad, I just kept shoveling :-).

Tree is up there and it looks very cute. Packages under the tree, did Dad's laundry, did a grocery store run for him, etc..

I'll go back tomorrow to clean my brothers house, take the Christmas dinner groceries etc. Guess we're supposed to get some weather on Tuesday which is why I will ahve to go tomorrow..

Today is laundry here, vaccuming and the grocery shopping........Oh the joys of the season (LOL).


Comment #29

Morning Girls! Whew..Charly that was a day! My Mom does the same thing about me shoveling...I just ignore her and move on. LOL What aggravates me the most is she has younger couples on both sides of her who have snowblowers and you would think they could just go another 50 foot with the thing to get her...but no, they stop right at their property line. It just makes me so mad. She's an old lady for God's sake...when I would take my snowblower over there, I would do their sidewalks...I'm the better person, I guess. They are just rude! Geez I snowblow all the sidewalks by me just so the rotten kids don't have to walk in the snow to get to the bus stop..

Took the nephew to WalMart.....OMG, those people are crazy! Did notice that really no one was buying items other than carts weren't fill with junk..

Let's see..bottom tooth was aching to the point of cold water killing me. Got up and looked in the mirror and it's a tooth that is under my bridge. Arrrrgghhh! Already had a root canal under it so not sure what that's about. Although if I have to go to the endodontist...HELLO DR.CARTER!.

OMG, he's so cute!.

Anywho nothing really going on here. Have to run to a friends and fix something on their computer..some message that won't go off the screen. Good thing they only live a mile away..

So, have a great day is going to turn bad again. They are saying Thursday night, we are going to get socked again. Good thing I didn't plan on going to London for Christmas like a bunch of us were going to do...Heathrow Airport is under ice and snow. Burrrr!.

Toodles for now, check back later!..

Comment #30

Morning Ladies.

I'm ready for a day of relaxation LOL I plugged in my earphones and cleaned all day yesterday. Got ALL the laundry AND ironing done, kitchen deep cleaned, it was great. I usually get distracted by the tv or the computer, but listening to my book I just kept going and going. I'm really liking this audio book stuff LOL.

Charly sound like you need some R&R today too.

Ali sorry about the ornaments glad you got your Mom's stuff put up for her..

Miss P How is NY treating you?.

NA How is Sage doing? You bonded yet LOL.

Ok time to get moving, going to see if I can find another book, finish listening to my current book while I see what other things I can get done..

Later ladies..

Comment #31

Hey Ladies!.

Back from the Big Apple, I am bone tired. Had a wonderful trip, I mean I couldn't have improved anything. We walked for hours for 4 days, thought I would be a size 2 when it was over!.

We split every meal, watched the budget and had a blast. Saw DS and DIL, they were adorable! So in love and sweet and funny....hated to leave them..

Saw Regis and Kelly, the Rockettes, a broadway play, went to Strawberry Fields in Central Park, saw the tree, etc..

Charly - Come clean my house!! You have more energy than the bunny!.

SIL is due in in 3 days and I am so not ready for anyone/anything..

Rode Peanut today, I really missed her..

Monica - Hope you are less stressed and all is going well!.

Ali - That sister is a "piece of work" - you are a saint!.

Hugs to all, I will post pics when I have the energy! LOL.

I am not sending out Christmas cards so please don't think I am being.

Rude. Time just slipped away with the NY trip and company on the way..

Sleep well and stay warm!..

Comment #32

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