One those diet commercials like Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is One those diet commercials like Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... I may have already posted something about this, but I just can't remember..

Anyway, one of the best things that has happened to me being on Nutrisystem has been the unexpected sobriety that has become a part of my new lifestyle..

Before NS, I was a daily drinker...heavy too. Then when reading all the posts in here and talking to counselors, I realized to take full advantage of this plan, I needed to abstain from alcholol. It was only going to slow my weight loss down. So, being that it significant investment, I decided I would quit for a while. At first I thought I would quit for just a week, then it turned into a month and so on..

Well, it's been over 5 months now without a drop of alchohol.

I can say right now, that I have now intention of ever drinking again. I have done enough damage to my body already..

In the beginning it was tough, had to avoid most party's and situations where drinking would be involved. Now it's just part of who I am. I can go into any situation where alchohol is and not have any temptation to drink. Just like I can go into a buffet or wedding and not be tempted to put on the old feed bag.

Honestly I don't know how I've done it. I thought for sure I would never be able to quit drinking without some kind of help. But it turns out I have the strength to do it. I may still hit some rough patches ahead and I may even need to have a some professional help at some point. But for now, I feel in control and pretty damn great.

I owe Nutrisystem and so many of you guys here in the mens room so much for helping me totally change my life..

Thank You All..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Ron: I was an (almost) daily wine drinker (with dinner, after work, watching TV, out with friends) for over 30 years...not heavy, just consistent. Over 3 years without a drop now, and don't miss it a bit! I'm right there with you, buddy. I sometimes ask my husband which he thinks is the most amazing: my losing over 100 pounds, my giving up wine, or my walking mania. He always says, without fail: "NEVER thought you'd give up your wine...NEVER!"..

Comment #2

I believe I averaged one pound a week loss due to the absents of booz..

That just as a cal count. I assumed that lasted for the first 3-5 months. Now every blue moon, I'll have one double and I'm trashed! (My wife calls me a cheap drunk)..

I enjoy it and only drink the good stuff now. Far and few between. And yes, according to any standards, I was a (none meeting) alcoholic...

Comment #3

Grats Mule-dude... well done !.

Clean and sober for 22 years (drugs and alcohol).

Clean and sober for 18 years (cigarettes).

Working on the food addiction problem currently...

Comment #4


What is even more amazing is that you were able to give up wine while being located in close proximity to all those fine wineries practically in your backyard!..

Comment #5

You are the main Mule dude!!.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I mean you did both at the same time!.

That is GREAT..

Comment #6

GREAT post, Ron. Very inspiring. I've been sober 11 years next week. Welcome to the club! I expect my weight loss will be another long-term victory. It's so great you've hit BOTH big life changes at once. You Rock, Mule!!.


Comment #7

Doesn't it feel to be in relative control of your life as compared to where many of us were only a few months ago? Many of us do possess the strength. It's the motivation to apply that willpower that is often missing. Well done, Ron...

Comment #8

Congrats on the weight loss and sobriety. I have been sober 12 years and turned to food. I was not over weight when I quit drinking but turned to food for the comfort I got from drinking. That got me an extra 40 pounds. I need to realize I have a problem with food and do something about it. "One day at a time"..

Comment #9

I was recommended to read your post by a male Nutrisystem friend. I didn't know what I'd find, coming here, but wow!.

+1 as the boys say..

Today 6/6/09 is 1 month sober for me. I had a "moment of clarity" on 5/6/09, and well, you've said it perfectly..

Thank you...

Comment #10

Thanks for the kind words means alot to me...

Comment #11

Hey. I drink 2-4 gin an tonics a night. Except every other weekend at my mom's house. Think the diet stuff will naturally preclude that. Heck my plan is to have the owrkout bag on the seat next to me (packed at the door every night) then just stop at the Y. Avoiding the beer and burger joints.

Think it will work similar to you. Let's hope so. I just signed up today...

Comment #12

Thank you Ron, for your post. I've only been on Nutrisystem for 3 days, but in addition to life happening, I can attribute alot of my weight gain to alcohol and know in my heart that in order to get the most out of this program and my investment into it and into me, I need to give it up, as well...

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