, 123 reg, Locodomain, or better?

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My question is, 123 reg, Locodomain, or better? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... I've found a really good niche that has some great HostGator names left. However, most of the .coms are taken but there are still some great .net .us .org and domains left..

Have you had any success reselling these domains or holding them for traffic?.

Which ones, in your personal opinion, are the best. Hopefully this thread can help all of us make more informed decisions...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

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That didn't really help. Do you mind elaborating on your ........

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I think he is trying to show me that more then just churches own .ORG domains, but I just used churches as an example...

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Same here, but when I tell this, other called me geek..

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Just curious but why do you say

I'm just trying to understand everyone's motivations so that we get the best info...

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I did some quick research, by checking out Spade's site - HostGator name sales history, and was able to do some basic ranking based on sales and avg. price. I don't think that this info has the final say in regards to which is the best secondary tld but it can help. Especially if you are just looking to flip the domain..

However, I'm more interested in long term traffic performance and sales conversions and resell value combined..

Total HostGator Sales.

1 .net.

2 .org.

3. info.

4 .us.


Avg HostGator Sales price.

1 .Co.Uk 3,591.

2 .Net 3,079.

3 .Org 2,709.

4 .Info 1,556.

4 .Us 1,375.

Interesting how the one with the least amount of sales has the highest avg sale price. That would probably come down as the volume went up but it shows there are some opportunities there...

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I went .org ...Most of the time when I find a nice .com that is regged, The .net is regged aswell, If .org is available, and the name fits the .org extension, I will take it. Any nice generic dot US, I will reg...

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What do you guys think about .info, .biz, .mobi or .tv Are any of these tlds worth a damn?..

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Spend some time on and draw your own conclusions.

.infos: I regged a ton for $0.99 each, plugged them into PPC and broke even the first day they went live.

.biz: to see the biggest ROI, should fit the business name or industry to a T.

.mobi: at this point, already developed or good development potential only and keep focus on mobile device use. Time + development + public awareness + the race against technology are all wild cards that bring dotmobi a lot of scrutiny (and flame wars too!).

.tv: premiums are megabucks that the little guys can't afford and it doesn't make sense to load up your portfolio with .tv in hopes of flipping them, plus when renewal fees hit it's the dollar equivalent of several .com/.us/.net/.org..

Diversification of assets is a good idea for all kinds of investments, HostGator names are no exception..

Best of luck!..

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Great advice. However, just as in a stock portfolio, don't go ultra conservative or ultra speculative even while being diversified. Whatever you invest in, scope out the market and know what works and what hasn't worked before investing in that sector..

BTW, I picked .us. Not because of sales in general, but I think the timing is right to prosper. NET is good, but It seems to be a dot-com "also ran". ORG to me is too restricting, as most for-profit business wouldn't use .org due to it's non-profit type history and original meaning. If I were in the UK market, I might picke the,but I'm not and prefer the country I know the most about...

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Good point but how do you know what works and what doesn't without buying in?..

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There are plenty of stories here and other places on the Internet to see what's working before just hopping in. Let others make the mistakes and learn from them. However, take anything you read skeptically. For every great story told, there are many more disasters not told, hoped to be forgotten. Probably 75% of my portfolio is domains previously registered and dropped or expired by someone else who either didn't have the patience, didn't price them right, or timed the market wrong...

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.CO.UK for me. I have one myself and love the extention..

1) very very cheap and no restrictions at all.

2) the extention is known far outside Britain due to the many bands and cultural events from the UK that have fans and followers outside of their own country.

3) hijacking a HostGator is almost impossible due to the fact that ownership transfers require paperworks.

So I go for .co.ukVery enthousiast about it. Otherwise go for .net.

I would not spend money on .US domains and I am not that enthousiast about .org neither unless it is a great keyword...

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.net hands down! unless maybe you live in the UK, then you might pick for me, def. has to be .NET!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.