Please help me with iPage web hosting site!?

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First question I have is Please help me with iPage web hosting site!? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. For some reason when I attempt to make changes to various pages either through FrontPage Express or in the Notepad HTML (ie, say adding keywords or changing the body text) the images which, when clicked on, no longer bring up the pop up window which contain a larger image..

I have had this problem before when I inserted a new table and could only get around it by adding sections of the table bit by bit. But, now, no matter how small a change I make the pop up windows no longer work..

Thanks in anticipation...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Rather than sending the whole html. One example can be seen at.


I have had the same problem in several of the pages on this site. However, for example with this page, I had initially cut and paste the table at the top of the page and this had affect the pop up windows so I had to put the table in bit by bit, ie split an existing table and then add in each of the buttons individually..

Then I was able to type in the name of the company at the top of the page and this did not affect the pop up images..

However, now I would like to add in and change some keywords and this IS stopping the pop up windows from working..

Thank you in anticipation...

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Well, do what you are going to do and let us see if they still work. for right now they seem to be working fine. and by the way you should keep the fullscreen function in between the head tags...

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I have amended the text in the title tag and uploaded the amended document. The windows are now no longer coming up. Thanks in anticipation...

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Ok what ever you did it made the javascript function all one line. move the function inbetween the head tags and make it so it is no one line...

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I thank you Scoutt for your assistance. I made the function appear like it was in the original notepad document and was able to change my title and add in keywords without affecting the pop up windows..

I have had this problem with several of the pages and tried to get an answer in another forum and from a couple of people with more knowledge on HTML than myself! For some reason, when changes are made (not in coding but in the likes of changing the title as the same one was used on every page) the notepad document quite often re-arranges as you saw. Sometimes this would affect the webpage (pop up windows usually) and sometimes not. Do you know why notepad should re-arrange this way (word wrap is switched on)?.

I am very unfamiliar with HTML, this iPage website having been created by webdesigners originally. I am fine tuning it (or attempting to!) and having to teach myself as I go along. I did not therefore move the code between the head tags as you suggested due to the fact that I am not sure from which point to which point I would need to move to between the head tags..

Thanks again and I shall try the other pages and hopefully shall be able to make changes successfully...

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Yeah notepad can be a little freaky. you will find that there are a lot of notpade wannabes that are very similiar but give you more power. like editplus or context to name a few. but this is all you need in the head tag that I said to move..


<script language="JavaScript">.


Function fullScreen(theURL) {., '', 'height=400, width=242, left=10, top=10, resizable=no, scrollbars=no');.


Function fullScreen2(theURL) {., '', 'height=345, width=500, left=10, top=10, resizable=no, scrollbars=no');.





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