Pls do you kno any iPage web hosting servers?

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First question I got is Pls do you kno any iPage web hosting servers? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Please someone look at the source code of this page I am building and tell me how to div the page..I would like to keep the nav bar on the left and move text to center..or to the right of the nav bar running the length of nav bar..I have figured out how to put text and pics together but cannot get the text to align next to the nav bar..HELP!!!been at it for 2days and eyes are starting to crossI know it is simple ..but well I am a blonde..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Thanks a million..but I still need to div the page correctly..someone please help!!!.


Please Look at.


And HELP!!!..

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There are numerous open tags without closing tags..

You keep saying Div page, are you talking about CSS Style Divisions?.

Unless I missed it I did not see any style tags in your code...

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<TD WIDTH=The width of your margin VALIGN=TOP>.

Margin goes here <.



>The rest of your Web page stuff goes here.





That will give you a margin and main body for content...

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I place that code on the page...It got the text to the right and the nav bar top left...but I would like to have the text start top line next to CONTACT US do I do that...I do not know what to set margin at?? would that fix it...?.

Maybe I am talking about css...I just want two colums to work with one for nav bar and other for text/pics....

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Start with a margin width of 200 or 20%. (experiment with sizes).

The search function of these forums is very helpful..

Spend some time looking at the results of the examples of questions that you ask in the search..

Look behind the curtain of other websites that you are trying to get a simular layout like..

That is the best way to sort it out..

If you want the top line to start at the same level as "contact" it may be as simple as using a couple <br> tags...

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Well finally I managed to fix it..with LOTS OF HELP from everyone..and most Thanks goes to KWJAMS...THANKS A MILLION!!!.

Please look and see what you think now....

I had two pages set up to work on:.

The one WE FIXED is at.


Let me know what you think so far..I am not done yet..lots of content to add and more pages to link to and build for the nav bar links but I think I have it on the right the way this page is replacing....


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Before you get to much content, take your basic blank layout and run the code through a validator to locate any errors that can be fixed now..


Click the single page tab..

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The page at.



29 errors.

In the code..



Page still has some.


One of which is that the.




Be the very first line of the file...

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The pages listed above are some of the pages that I was using to work on so I could keep index in place..I have finished most of the site..the correct url to look at is.


I know there is some mistakes on them..I am working on that..if you find any please let me know exactly where they are cause my eyes are old and mind is is blonde and my fingers hurt after 3 days and nights at this..Thanks to all who have helped and that will continue to help. I have a links page for Boating if anyone wishes to submit there iPage site (Boat Related) I will gladly do that in exchange for a return link..also I will be adding a On the Web page tonight that is where I will put everything are welcome to submit links for that page also.. submit by email to.

And place Link Submit in subject line..once again Thanks to ALL!.

I have another question now? Since I have split up the iPage site into several pages now..and I am listed at Yahoo, Aol, and Google do I have to re-submit all of the pages or will the spiders pick-up the extra pages???..

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Spiders usually pick up new content within a month or two. Make sure that the page(s) that are listed on SERPs do contain pointers to the other pages to make this happen..

Google will see keywords like.


As keyword spamming. Don't repeat the words. Use phrases rather than single comma-separated words..

The script on the first line hides the.


If that is added by the server, then it really ought not to be the very first line of the file. That is reserved for the.


, which.


Be the very first line..

This makes.

Error checking.


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